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Wife's Horny Cousin Pt 2

Thank God Lacy was drunk and didn't notice anything was going on. She did tell Natasha to quit getting spoiled and come sit with her though. I had to stall for time so Natasha could button her pants up so I said, "Wait a minute I've been rubbing for almost an hour I want to see some skin!" Lacy chimed in before Natasha could object and said, "Alright girl, strip it off for him so he'll leave us alone." Natasha put up an act of objecting but finally let herself get talked into it. Finally she downed her drink and pulled her shirt off and stood in front of me top less. Her tits were absolutely perfect. A 25-year-old woman who has naturally pert C cups with small pink nipples. I bragged on her and Lacy bragged on her and she said, one more deal I'll strip down to panties if you'll go make some more marguerites.

It was only around 1230 but these to were already feeling no pain and I figured what the hell. I went upstairs and had a new batch of marguerites in the pitcher, and a couple of cups when I heard tapping at the side door to our. One of our neighbors Karen was at the door smiling and waiving. I opened the door and she said “Just in time,” and took one of my glasses and started down the hallway. I remembered Lacy telling me she had invited Karen but she didn't think she'd make it. I followed Karen down the stairs. She is a petite girl with a stocky but absolutely no fat, well-proportioned body. Tonight she was wearing sleep pants and wife beater.

Unfortunately she had tits locked up tightly in a neon green bra. As I followed her down the stairs to the basement I could see her matching neon green thong poking out from the top of her pants. I was waiting to see what Karen would say when she got downstairs and found Natasha topless. All she said was “You started without me” drank half her marguerite in one long gulp then stripped down to her bra and panties. Lacy looked and me with a shit eating grin and said, "I'm so going to be a god to you tomorrow aren't I?"

The drinking and talking were wrapping up around 0200 with the girls very hammered, and me well the only pain I was feeling was a hard dick. I was starting to think I would get no relief as the wife was really over her limit and that's usually a mood killer for her. Karen paid for her drinks by flashing her tits for me and surprisingly enough she gave me an in your face pussy flash and even stuck a finger in to show me how wet she was. This was as she was getting ready to leave and we had started picking up cups, trash from the basement area. Natasha saw this and looked at Lacy. Lacy just smiled and asked if I was enjoying a night with the girls. I told her I thought I was very lucky to have a sexy wife who had sexy friends that would strip for me.

Karen left and Natasha started to make herself a pallet on the couch. Lacy told her no darling you can come sleep with us. My dick damned near exploded, apparently my gasp was enough to get Lacy's attention. No sweetheart, not this time she's my cousin so be good. Figuring I shouldn't push it anymore I just said ok and we went to the bedroom. I was brushing my teeth and noticed Lacy flop to the bed naked and almost immediately pass out. Natasha crawled in the middle still in her bra and panties, and once I got in spooned up next to me. I had a dick of steel at this point just trying to think of anything but those tits pressing into my back and her smooth hand resting on my stomach. Finally the alcohol kicked in and I fell asleep.

I woke up sometime later with a hand wrapped around my dick. I laid still and felt it start to slowly stroke me. I was dripping precum and the finger would occasionally rub it all over the head. I turned to Natasha and we immediately broke into a frenzy of kissing, feeling, and nibbling. I ran my hand down her panties and slipped a finger into her while I was sucking on one of those little nipples. She moaned LOUD. Fuck! I thought, Lacy is always joking about me "servicing her needy friends," but I'm not sure how she would feel to wake up and find me fucking her cousin in bed next to her. I slowly got out of bed, took Natasha by the hand and led her to the basement. She stopped in front of the couch and said, "Look, I'm horny as hell, I'm not sure what Lacy would say but I say we continue our fun in secret".

She shoved me back onto the couch and straddled my lap, we were kissing hard, I had handfuls of ass in each hand, bare tits rubbing on my chest and hot panty covered thong rubbing my dick. She lifted off me enough to push her panties down and I pulled my boxer briefs off. She was right back on top and straddled me taking half my dick in with the first plunge. She was so wet that on the second thrust I sank all the way inside of her and felt her juices running down my dick and onto my balls. Natasha immediately began shaking, digging her nails into my sides and biting my neck. She settled and started to ride me slowly, no more than three pumps and she started again this time riding me fast and hard, I felt myself start to boil and new I was ready to cum, but just seeing the effects of her having multiples made won't to keep going.

Just as I was ready she hopped off of me and sat down saying no more that's too much tonight with a hand covering her pussy. She saw the disbelief in my eyes and said Oh poor thing I will take care of that for you though as she grasp my hard dick. She got to her knees in the front of me and started sucking my dick fast with her fingers following her lips up and down. In no time I started to cum, She started to pull it out of her mouth but then stopped holding it just in front of her open mouth so I could see my cum squirt inside.

To be continued ...

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