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Wife's Horny Cousin Pt 1

This story takes place almost a year ago. My wife (Lacy) and I had been experimenting with different things to keep our sex life interesting and I encouraged her to flirt with other men/women whatever. She did just enough to realize she was sexy and it often caused her to come home horny (to my benefit). She began having her friends over to the house and often while drinking would tell me (in front of the friends) of their sexual frustrations and seductively suggest I take care of them for them. Of course this was all done as a joke and innocently enough, though I would have gladly serviced some of the hotties she brought home.

One day I came home to find her cousin Natasha and her kids with luggage sitting in our living room. Lacy told me that her cousin Natasha was having problems at home and was going to be staying with us over the weekend. I couldn't help to notice Natasha's large firm tits and long sexy legs. I played the part of the faithful husband and watched the kids that night while at the same time taking drink after drink to my wife and Natasha. They were catching up on old times, bitching about work, men, sex, and getting themselves thoroughly tanked.

Once the kids all crashed I poured myself a drink and went out onto the deck to join the two lushes. As I walked out I was asked for more drinks and saw Natasha rubbing her neck. I brought the drinks back and Lacy said, "Honey why don't you show her how good you are at rubbing backs?" I quickly agreed and walked around behind Natasha to start rubbing her neck. She was sitting in a Lawn chair and I had easy access to her neck but not her back. This was remedied when my wife suggested we move to the bar we had set up in our basement.

On the way downstairs I heard Natasha tell Lacy that she hadn't had this much attention from a man in a long time. Lacy just laughed and told her "He's great but it's not free your going to have to flash your tits to him before you leave as payment."

Natasha laughed and said, "Hell I'll get naked if it means he'll keep rubbing.”

“I'm sure he’d like that” Lacy said.

As we made our way into the den. I had Natasha sit on a stool at the bar while Lacy made herself comfortable on the couch on the other side of the bar. As the conversation and drinks continued I worked over Natasha's neck and back (noting in my perverted mind of minds) that she was not wearing a bra, and every time she leaned a certain way I had a clear view down her low cut shirt to her small pink nipples. It didn’t take long for my ministrations and the alcohol to have the desired effects. Natasha's nipples hardened and strained under her shirt. She seemed to push back against me as if pushing me lower when I worked over her lower back.

The two women’s conversation turned to sex. Their likes, dislikes turn ons and wild experiences. My wife bragged on my ability to eat pussy and Natasha turned to me and with a wicked smile said really. I just smiled and kept working my magic. Soon I had my hands under her shirt on her bareback and worked my way to the crack of her ass. She stood up quickly and I was afraid I had gone to far. Instead she moved the stool away and put her elbows on the bar giving me better access to her back and ass. As she kept up a conversation with my wife she would occasionally give me direction quietly so that only I could hear.

As I was rubbing just above the crack of her ass, she turned her head slightly and said, "lower". Aware that Lacy could not see what was going on I reached around and undid the buttons on Natasha's pants and pushed them down below her ass. When I moved back to work my magic I got the first view of a gorgeously tanned tight little ass, covered by a very sexy little black lace thong. I started rubbing her ass, one side, and then the other. I worked towards the front of her upper thighs and legs. She shifted slightly and pushed her ass back into me. My dick was about to pop out of my pants at this point and she began to slowly (not letting my wife know what was going on) grind her ass into my hard on. I reached around to the front and felt my way down her smooth stomach to the top of her thong. She quit moving and got very still. I slipped the fingers of my left hand down the top of her thong and felt the smoothest, wettest pussy I've ever been near. I began teasing and playing with her clit, occasionally slipping a finger into her cunt. Each time I did she would tense up and just barely audibly I could hear her sigh. Lacy got up and excused herself saying she had to go to the bathroom upstairs.

Just as soon as the door closed Natasha turned around and began pulling my cock out of my jeans. She all but ripped it out and dropped to her knees. Before I knew it she had my hard dick all the way into her mouth and was frantically bobbing her mouth up and down on it. She was moaning and sucking my dick and while it felt wonderful I was more interested in making sure my wife did not catch us. She stood up while continuing to stroke my cock and said I need you in me. What a situation. Hot sexy thing begging for my cock while I know my wife is only a few feet away and should be back any second. I decide to act. I turn her back around on the bar and she pushes her ass up at me. I quickly position the head of my dick behind her and plunge into her soaking hot little pussy.

She moans out loud (too damn loud for my comfort), and I start pumping like there is no tomorrow. Natasha reaches down and starts rubbing her clit while I fuck her from behind. Just as I'm getting close I hear the stairs creaking and quickly pull out. I have time to zip my pants back up as Natasha pulls her pants back up before Lacy walked back into the room ...

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