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My Wife's Doctor

My wife’s doctor, Fiona, went to Europe last year and asked our daughter to watch her cat. When Fiona and her husband returned from Europe they invited us over to their house for dinner. They have an old house with a pool and a few horses. I was hoping we would all go swimming and I could see Fiona in a bikini. I had been telling my wife how much I wanted to fuck Fiona. My wife just laughed and said she didn’t think Fiona would do that. She’s petite, about 5’4, and has dark curly hair and bronze-colored skin. The few times I had seen her she was at the hospital wearing scrubs. Although, I did notice that she doesn’t like to wear a bra under her scrubs.

When we arrived at her house she was wearing a knee-length blue skirt and a white sleeveless sweater with a plunging neckline. I could see the inside curves of her breasts and knew immediately that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She and her husband greeted us at the door and hugged my wife. We brought ice cream so Fiona showed me where the kitchen was. When she reached to put the ice cream in the freezer I got a full shot of her beautiful titties through the arm hole of her sweater. Her nipples were stiff from the cold. She rearranged a few things trying to get the ice cream in the freezer but it was too full. She asked me to hold a few things out of the way while she wedged it in and then we could close the door quickly. I leaned around her smelling her perfume and the vanilla scented lotion she had put on her arms and neck. My dick was aroused by the smell and pushing at my blue jeans. When she had the ice cream in the freezer she wiggled a little bit and her ass rubbed up against my hard cock. We both froze for a second and then she did it again a little more slowly.

While we were in the kitchen her husband was giving my wife a tour of their house. We could hear them laughing in another room down the hall. I put my hands on her hips and guided her back and forth across my groin as my dick got harder. Her husband’s deep voice calling from the other room interrupted the mood. Fiona and I stumbled apart and just stood looking at each other. Her husband said he and my wife were going out to see the barn and the horses.

Fiona’s voice cracked when she attempted to reply. “We’ll bring some wine out to the pool,” she said. After we heard the door close she narrowed her dark brown eyes and asked me to get some wine glasses out of the cabinet. While I did she moved a step stool across the room so she could reach the wine above the refrigerator. I turned around just in time to see her fully outstretched, her sweater rising slightly over her stomach and her delicious legs taut and straining. She looked over her should at me like a trapped animal. I approached her carefully and put one hand on her knee while I slowly slid the other hand up the back of her thigh and under her skirt. Her legs were trembling, but she didn’t move. I traced my finger along the hem of panties, following the curve of her ass and disappearing between her legs where I could feel the heat of her pussy. I slide my other hand over the top of her skirt and up over her stomach until I could feel the bottom of her bouncy breasts. She was holding her breath the whole time. I didn’t move. When I knew she couldn’t take it anymore I let go of her and took a few steps back and she nearly collapsed off the stool into my arms.

Her mouth was hot on my neck as she fumbled with my belt. I hiked her skirt up over her hips and gripped her ass, tearing at her panties. She couldn’t unbutton my tight jeans and cussed and then lifted my shirt and nibbled my nipples. I cupped her pussy and immediately felt her panties get wet. She finally got my pants undone and pulled out my throbbing cock and swallowed it standing right there. I mean she crammed the whole thing in her mouth and flicked her tongue over my balls. I let her suck me off for a minute and then I pulled her shirt completely off. Her juicy titties flopped out and I massaged them and then sucked on her big nipples, biting them while she whimpered.

Her legs were shaking so I turned her around and leaned her against the counter. She pulled her panties off and spread her big ass, which I slapped several times to watch it jiggle. She looked at me over her shoulder again, her eyes begging, but alert. Her husband was right outside with my wife. I squeezed her ass and felt along the smooth cleft of her pussy. It was soaking wet. She kept shaking her tail at me and finally I plunged in. I got a handful of her hair and pulled so she would arch her back. Then I rimmed her pussy with my cock. Each time she tried to slide down over my shaft I pulled away. “We have to do it now,” she said. “Hurry.”

She caught me off guard and reached around backwards grabbing my dick in her fist. She manoeuvred it inside her thick pussy where it just melted. She moaned a little, but otherwise we didn’t move. I could feel her pussy pulsing around the head of my dick. “Don’t move,” she said. “If you move I’ll cum.” I tried to stay perfectly still, but when I flinched her pussy clutched at my cock and locked on and her legs vibrated and she let out a little yelp and squeezed my dick so hard I came inside her pussy just like that. But even then she wouldn’t release. “Rub my titties and I’ll come again,” she said.

I reached around and took both of her titties in my hands and massaged them running my thumbs over her fat nipples. I dipped my index finger in her pussy juice and then tweaked her nipple and she squealed and bucked against me and sort of hopped on my dick a few times while she was cumming and I had to hold her up for a few minutes after that because her legs were so weak.

After we got dressed we took the wine out to the pool where our spouses were talking. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I couldn’t wait to tell my wife. But I wouldn’t have to wait long …

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