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Wife's Aunt Judy

My name is Martin and I have been married to my wife Cindy for 16 years now. I'm 43 and Cindy is 40. I'm sure everyone has a sexy, crazy Aunt somewhere in their family, and Cindy's Aunt Judy is the one in our family. She's 58 now and still looks great. She has gigantic boobs and very long nails, looks like she's in her early forties still. I had a little fling with her 12 years ago when I was 31 and she was 46. It lasted 11 months and was fantastic. Here's how it all started ...

As I stated Aunt Judy has real big tits, long nails and wore a lot of jewellery, her hair was black and curly and very wild looking and every time we had a gathering or family party she would always show up wearing open toed heels, a low cut top and was always the life of the party. No one thought she was slutty or a tramp because she was so much fun and always making everyone laugh. She was divorced and always had a new boyfriend every few months, some a lot younger than she was. One day at a family barbecue and many drinks later her and I flirted a little bit and she ended up grabbing my ass and giving it a good rub.

From then on whenever we had a birthday party or barbecue we flirted a little more heavily each time. I am 5'11" and used to work out then and was muscular and in good shape, my cock is not too shabby either at just a shade under 8 inches when hard. I think Aunt Judy started to anticipate our little flirting games, I sure know I did. I noticed that she started pushing her big tits into my back when she was standing behind me and the ass grabs became more frequent. I knew something was about to happen when one day my wife asked me if I could install a couple of ceiling fans for Aunt Judy. I think Judy knew Cindy would ask me and I couldn't wait to go there and "help" her. I sensed there would be a lot more than just flirting going on. I was right ...

Cindy was doing a 5-mile walk one Saturday with her friends giving me the perfect opportunity to go by Aunt Judy's alone. When she does these walks she's out just about all day. I called Aunt Judy and she was so happy I was coming over. I wore a loose pair of shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and left the house at 11am. I got there by 11:20 and just about got an instant hard on when Aunt Judy answered. She had a short pink and black robe on that was so open almost all of her huge tits were exposed, and some sexy white fuzzy slippers, she must have recently got a manicure and pedicure because her finger and toenails were perfectly painted a hot red. My cock started moving instantly. Aunt Judy poured me some coffee and we sat and talked for about a half hour and then I started to install the fans, one in the kitchen and of course one in her bedroom. I put the kitchen one in first, which took only 30 minutes and then went to the bedroom. She had a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom so I needed Aunt Judy's help to hand me tools and whatever while I was on the ladder.

Well, while I was several steps up the ladder Aunt Judy was holding my leg, one hand on the front and one on the back of my thigh. Needless to say my cock was getting harder by the minute. She made a comment that she "loved my cute ass" and then she slipped her hand under my shorts and squeezed it. I had no underwear on and she loved it. She goes "Ooooh you're all nice and bare under there" and we both laughed. She was a talker and a huge flirt. As I struggled getting the ceiling fan up she again placed her hand under my shorts and rubbed my leg and ass, this time getting very close to my balls. My cock was an iron rod now and if I turned around it would be bulging right through my shorts in full view of Aunt Judy.

I got the fan installed and took a couple of steps down the ladder and her left hand went right up my shorts and to my cock. She gripped it and said "My my it's so thick." She started stroking it and I took another step down the ladder and turned around. Aunt Judy without saying a word pulled my shorts down and went down on me right there on the ladder. I held the sides of the ladder and tried to stop my knees from buckling, she was giving my cock an expert sucking and licking. She was putting Cindy and any past girlfriends to shame. I could only look down and watch my cock going in and out of her mouth, barely able to keep my balance. She finally let me get down and only said " Get on the bed for me". I slipped my shirt off and stepped out of my shorts and shoes; now completely naked I laid down on the bed. Aunt Judy removed her robe and her big tits literally poured out. She got on the bed and climbed on top of me and kissed me deep.

After a nice long kiss I squeezed her tits and began sucking them and biting on her nipples. She was going crazy and I told her I wanted to taste her pussy. She got up so she was straddling my face with one foot on the bed and on one knee. Her pussy didn't have a hair on it and she had big puffy well-fucked pussy lips. The kind where you just know they've been fucked a lot. She was very wet and she rubbed her clit while I sucked those lips and stuck my tongue in her cunt. I lapped away licking up the juice and precum, which tasted so fucking good. She had enough and moved down to ride me, my cock easily slipping into her wet pussy. She leaned back with her hands on the bed and I held her hips as she starting bucking up and down my cock. Her tits were bouncing all over so I reached up and played with them pinching her nipples hard as she grinded down on my extremely hard cock.

We fucked for a good 7-8 minutes, Aunt Judy had already came once and I was about to explode. I grunted hard and yelled 'FUCK I'M GOING TO CUM!" She let out a scream as I unloaded the biggest load of cum ever deep in her pussy. She kept riding until my cock was drained and then got off of me. She bent over and sucked my sloppy cock clean.

She sucked me for at least 5 minutes until my cock started getting hard again, she didn't give me a minute to rest. I fingered her cunt while she blew me, pushing the cum even further into her pussy. When I was good and hard again I put my fingers to her mouth where she sucked them off. She got on her hands and knees and said "FUCK ME AGAIN" I kneeled behind her and my cock went right in to the hilt. I pounded her nice and steady with a good rhythm for ten minutes and she surprised me and said, " PUT IT IN MY ASS BABE". I figured she was wild and knew she was steadily getting fucked but didn't think I'd get that lucky. She grabbed a pillow and put her face into and lifted her ass even higher. I pressed my cock against her tight opening and eased it in.

Amazingly I worked every inch in her asshole and began to fuck her in earnest. I really pounded her good. I was sweating and she was moaning into the pillow saying all kinds of dirty things. I started saying over and over, "HERE I CUM HERE I CUM HERE I CUM AUNT JUDY!!" I shot 4 big blasts of cum deep in her asshole and she bucked hard against me when I came. I pulled my cock out, now well spent and softening and laid with her on the bed for another half hour.

We kissed several times and I washed up and left, but this was the beginning of a very torrid sexual relationship.

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