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The Neighbors Girl

Several years ago, I ended up moving into a small town for a job offer, fresh out of college. Not knowing many people, I didn't have much to do, but drink after I got off work. I couldn't find many women at the bars, so I was really desperate for some female attention. One night after work, I decided to stay home, and drink outside since it was a nice summer evening. Little did I know it was about to get much nicer.

I hadn't really gotten to know my next-door neighbors, since they were all older than me, and didn't really have much in common. Just next door, however the neighbors had a cute daughter who was a senior in high school. She was the star of the basketball and volleyball teams and looked the part. She was about 5'10 and slim and tan, with almost platinum blonde hair.

She really worked hard to be good at sports, and would practice shooting hoops a lot in their driveway. I had taken a couple of glances, but didn't look terribly close, trying to lay low.

That night I watched as her parents left to go to a baseball game, leaving her all alone. About a half hour after that I heard the basketball bouncing down the sidewalk to the driveway. It was a hot night, and she had on shorts that didn't cover much, and just a sports bra and tank top. I peered through my sunglasses and watched as she started her practice. Before long she started getting hot, and slipped off her tank top, leaving her in a tight sports bra. I couldn't take my eyes off of her amazing body. I pretended to be reading a magazine, but I wasn't getting far.

All of the sudden, her basketball bounced off of the rim, and rolled right across their yard right next to me. She came running over chasing it. I told her she better not work too hard, or she might kill herself in the heat. She stopped and looked at my beer and said she needed to cool down, could she have one? I opened the cooler, and told her that if she stole one, I wouldn't complain. She winked, and sat down next to me, and took a large drink from her beer. Fortunately where we were sitting, no one passing by could see us.

We started making small talk. I started sneaking in comments about how great she looked, and she started warming up. She started her second beer, and I made my move, and went and started massaging her shoulders. She let out a light moan, and I started massaging down her back. She leaned back into me, and she must have felt my hard cock pressing into her back, because she leaned back and winked at me. I knew I had to make my move, and I leaned down and kissed her, and she rolled over so we were face to face.

My cock was throbbing like it was going to burst when she pushed me onto my back, and climbed on top of me. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she rubbed it against my cock, I moved my hands to her breasts, and started kneading them while she sucked on my neck. I moved my hands down to her ass, which was the tightest ass I had ever felt in my lift. She stopped and sat up, and pulled her sports bra off, giving me the most spectacular view I have ever seen. While her breasts weren't large at all, they were the most perfectly shaped any man could imagine, with nipples that were just inviting me to suck on them. I took one nipple in my mouth, the other in my hand. She let out a long moan as my tongue hit her nipple.

She started rocking her hips so her pussy was rubbing up against my hard cock. She started going faster and faster, until I felt her shake. She got up and pulled my shorts off of me, letting my cock spring free to feel the outside air, but only for a short time. She quickly wrapped a hand around the base of my cock, and started sucking on the head. She obviously had experience. She slowly tried to go down farther on my cock. She managed about half of my cock in her mouth, with the other half in her hand, she managed the most wonderful rhythm between the two, so I couldn't tell where her mouth ended and her hand began. I only lasted for few minutes before I could tell my cock was ready to shoot. I warned her, but she didn't even slow down. I must have had a big load saved up, because I could feel wave after wave of cum shoot in her mouth. She ended up with my cum drooling out of her mouth, but she quickly sucked it up, and sucked my cock dry.

Normally a blowjob like that would have killed me for the night, but with her body in front of me, I wanted to take full advantage. I laid her down on her back, and slid her shorts and panties off of her. I spread her legs to see a beautifully trimmed pussy with the finest blonde hair I have ever seen. I kissed up her thighs, trying to tease her, but she pulled my head down, and told me to get right on her clit. I could taste the most wonderful juices from her, mixed with her sweat. I kept right at her clit, occasionally stopping to stick my tongue into her pussy. Each time I stuck my tongue in, she would let out a moan that I was afraid the neighbors would hear. I went back to her clit, and eased a finger into her pussy, finding her g-spot. I ran my finger over it, and felt her raise her hips. I started finger fucking her and sucking her clit until I felt her tense up. I didn't stop as she pulled my head down into her clit, and started bucking. She started almost screaming as she came, and I felt her pussy instantly get wet, and the taste got even better. She didn't quite squirt, but she had let go a lot of cum.

I pulled myself up, and she looked at me with this look that said she wanted fucked right then and there. I rubbed my cock across her clit, and she looked about ready to explode. I started the tip of my cock into her wet pussy, and she pushed back, wanting more. I started slowly rocking in and out to get it all in. She started to wince as the thickest part of my cock entered her. One more push, and I slid the rest of the way in. She had the tightest pussy I had ever been in, and I had to stop to keep from cumming again right there.

She wrapped her legs around me, and started rocking her hips, as I started thrusting into her. I bent down to suck on her nipples, and felt her pussy quiver as she started to cum. As I fucked her, her entire body became almost rigid, and she pulled me in so hard, I had to fight to keep fucking her. My cock almost felt like it was stuck inside her. As she came down from her orgasm, she loosened back up, and I began to fuck like a madman. I had the hottest girl I had ever seen naked with her pussy wrapped around my cock. I just couldn't contain myself, and felt the cum building up again. She knew I was ready to cum, and started working her pussy to make it even tighter. She started to orgasm again, and as she was starting to really get into it, I felt the first blast shoot inside her. She squeezed down again with so much force on my dick; I thought I'd never be able to pull out. She then started to work her pussy to milk the cum out of my dick. In all my life I've never felt that before, or since. I felt my balls drain of all the cum they had, and I fell on top of her.

We were both covered in sweat and cum, and we headed inside to the shower, where we enjoyed the water over us. We went outside afterwards, and got dressed, and had another beer. She gave me a kiss, and headed home, leaving me exhausted, but looking forward to the next night.

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