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The Librarian Pt1

I dreaded the project assigned me. It was one I knew relatively nothing about and quickly realized that it would take countless hours of research, research of which I knew not where to begin. After hours of pondering where to start my quest, I decided on the place I least wanted to visit, the public library. The library where I live is a beautiful old stone building of Victorian architecture. Inside, all the huge bookcases, trim, and mouldings are all rich oak. It has high ceilings, at least 14 feet I would guess. The bookcases in every aisle reach to the ceiling with ladders mounted on rollers to reach the volumes in even the remotest of areas. I assumed that was where I would find the data I was searching.

As I walked into the library, I was greeted with a shy, quiet hello from the lone librarian behind the massive oak desk. She was exactly as I had pictured a typical librarian to be. Although she was quite attractive, she hid behind her prim and proper attire. She had a warm glow about her soft, friendly face and it was obvious from her greeting that she was very shy and demure. In fact, I got the feeling she probably would have been too shy to utter a sound if it wasn’t her job. “Can I help you find something?” the librarian shyly asked.

“Yes, yes you can.” I replied, relieved that I would receive immediate help with my near impossible task. At least it seemed impossible to me, but perhaps my helper would know exactly where to lead me. I explained to the librarian the research I was attempting to perform and she responded by telling me I’d find what was I looking for on the second floor. Not knowing my way around the library, I probably had the look of a lost puppy. The librarian obviously knew this look very well and offered to show me where to go. As she stepped out from behind the counter, I got a better look at what she had worn today. She had on a knee length, black skirt with a matching jacket. Underneath her jacket she wore a plain white blouse, buttoned to the top. Above her modest, sensible shoes I could see she had on black hose; I assumed pantyhose. Although she looked the typical librarian she had a very graceful walk. I had a very difficult keeping my gaze on where we were going instead of watching her hips move gently from side to side with each step. I followed closely behind, but not too close as I was very much enjoying watching the librarian’s every move. I was beginning to forget what brought me to the library as I found myself becoming extremely attracted to my helper. As we began the climb up the wide staircase, my eyes were transfixed on the librarian’s shapely hips. I especially loved the way her luscious, round ass pulled the material of her skirt snugly to her with each step. I could feel myself becoming instantly aroused. The librarian glanced over her shoulder occasionally on our journey, making sure I was still following her. I prayed she hadn’t noticed me staring at her ass as we made our way up the long staircase. It mattered not however, no matter how hard I tried, I could not look elsewhere. I was emphatically hypnotized by the gentle swaying of the librarian’s smooth hips traversing the stairs. “I’m afraid what you’re looking for is probably on the top shelf.” The librarian informed me. As she spoke to me, I couldn’t help but notice that she was having some difficulty maintaining eye contact with me. At first I thought it was her shyness, but soon realized she had noticed the rather large bulge in the front of my pants. “Maybe you could show me which books I need to get started.” I pleaded. “I could spend hours in here chasing my tail and you seem to know exactly what it is I need.” “OK….you really are lost aren’t you?” the librarian replied as she pulled the ladder to the area of the seamless endless row of books. “Will you hold the ladder for me? I don’t trust these things.” “Gladly” I replied, enthused about the idea of getting a much better look at my helper. As the librarian climbed the ladder with me holding it firmly, her scrumptious ass passed right in front of my face. I could smell her light perfume and even the odor her fabric softener left behind. When she reached the top shelf her shapely calves were directly in front of me. I longed to release my hold of the ladder and massage them, to feel the softness of her skin hiding behind the thin layer of nylon covering her legs. Reluctantly, I looked up, trying to be careful of not being caught at looking up the librarian’s skirt. I could not see nearly as much as I would have liked to, but I was amazed that instead of the pantyhose as I had earlier assumed, she had on elegant thigh high stockings. Attached to the lace tops of her stockings were garters. My longing to run my hands up the librarian’s legs was racing out of control. I was oblivious to the librarian’s search of my data and instead was mesmerized by the shapely legs perched on the ladder in front of me. “This book may be just what….” The librarian began and stopped mid-sentence realizing I was unashamedly staring at her lovely legs. “…You’re looking for…” “Sure…ok…..” I muttered, slightly embarrassed by the situation. “Let’s have a look.” The librarian began her slow dissent from the rickety ladder. She looked over her shoulder at me the entire way down. The look in her eyes was much different than it had been. Her face was slightly blushed and the gleam in her eyes gave me the impression that she had rather enjoyed the idea of me getting aroused looking up her skirt. Her journey back down the ladder was much slower and deliberate than when she climbed it. I swear she intentionally stuck her ass out further with each step, almost rubbing my face with it. I quickly tried to dismiss this notion and concentrate on my task. The librarian had me in her spell, but there was no way the images in my mind were true. She was definitely too reserved to openly try to excite me. When the librarian reached the last few rungs, her ass lightly brushed against the bulge in the front of my pants. I thought I heard a soft moan, but quickly dismissed that as well. She turned to me and handed me my book. “I hope this will help.” She shyly said. “Did you see anything else of interest?” I had to quickly think of the proper response to that question before answering. I wasn’t quite sure of what to make of my helper. I thought to myself that maybe she was one of these women that deep down wanted to be noticed. Maybe she secretly wanted someone like myself to make advances towards her. She was very shy and reserved yet she was wearing stockings and garters under her conservative skirt. I decided to go out on a limb and grant my helper her wish, or at least I hoped it was her wish. I figured at the worst I would get kicked out of the library. “Actually, I did” I finally replied. “What was that may I ask?” the librarian inquired. “You” I answered. “You have beautiful legs.” “Really?” the librarian responded. “You like my legs?” “Absolutely. You have gorgeous legs as I’m sure the rest of you is equally gorgeous.” I continued. “I also think you enjoyed me looking at them while you were on the ladder. Did it excite you knowing I was looking under your skirt?” The librarian was dumbfounded by my openness. Her face blushed even more and the gleam in her eyes became brighter. She fidgeted for a bit, obviously searching for a response as I had. “Well, actually, it did.” She quietly said. “I noticed you’re wearing garters and stockings. Do you always dress that way to work in a library?” I brazenly asked. “I just like wearing nice things….” The librarian said. “…and they make me feel..well….kinda sexy.” “I can understand that.” I continued. “I’d really enjoy another look under your skirt. I think you should climb back on the ladder and raise your skirt for me.” “I can’t do that!” the librarian exclaimed. “What if someone comes up here!” “The place is like a ghost town.” I replied. “You know you want to. You knew I was watching you the first time and you enjoyed me watching you. I think the idea of putting on a little show for me right here in the library is getting you excited. Am I right?” “I don’t know about this….” My helper stammered. “What do you want me to do?” “Just climb up here on the second rung and slowly lift your skirt.” I ordered. The librarian reluctantly did as I requested. She climbed to the second rung, leaned forward against the ladder, and slowly began inching up the back of her skirt. I could feel my cock growing harder as more and more of the librarian’s sleek, slender legs were exposed to me. When she had raised her skirt just above the lace tops of her stockings and just a sliver of her creamy, white thighs peeked out at me, I slid my hand along the inside of her leg. The librarian looked back at me over her shoulder and at first was startled by my touch. Once I began gently massaging the inside of her thigh she relaxed and continued raising her skirt. She slid her legs apart a bit more when she felt my hand glide over the tops of her stocking and caress her bare skin. She looked back at me once again, her eyes glued to mine. I could feel her tremble as I inched my strong hand further up the inside of her thigh until the back of my hand lightly brushed across the crotch of her panties. Even with that light touch, I could feel they were damp from her excitement. The librarian continued to lift her skirt until it slid over her hips, revealing to me her succulent, round ass encased in silk black panties, outlined by her garter belt. The beautiful ass that I had earlier followed up the log staircase and had so desperately wanted to squeeze was now right in front of my face. It was even more spectacular than I had imagined while watching it undulate with each step on the stairway. Sliding my hands along the outside of the librarian’s thighs I clutched the librarian’s ass cheeks and kneaded the soft flesh. I watched as the flimsy material of the librarian’s panties began to disappear between the firm, spherical cheeks of her ass. I spread the librarian’s ass apart, affording myself a delicious view between her soft, creamy thighs. “Turn around.” I instructed my helper. “I want to see your pussy.” Now completely oblivious to her surroundings, and completely void of any concerns of being caught, the librarian carefully turned till she was facing me on the ladder. She hiked her skirt over her smooth, slender hips and pulled her black lace panties to the side. The fine, soft hair of the librarian’s pussy was matted down from her panties as well as the wetness of her mounting excitement. Peeking out from the soft hair I quickly noticed her clit ring. I looked up into the librarian’s eyes after making my discovery. She was watching my every move with fiery anticipation. The lust and passion within this beautiful woman was oozing out every pore of her being. Leaning forward, I gently licked around the edges of the librarian’s full labia. The scent of her pussy was exhilarating; the taste was of heavenly nectar. Her body shuddered at the feel of my tongue on her starved pussy. I ran my tongue between the librarian’s full pussy lips. They opened like the petals of a flower at morning’s light. When I gently flicked my tongue over the librarian’s clit her entire body trembled and she moaned loudly. Climbing onto the ladder, I slid up the librarian’s frame until we were face-to-face and staring intently into each other’s eyes. The librarian’s arms circled my neck as our lips met in a wet passionate kiss. The taste of her pussy on my lips and tongue furthered the librarian’s excitement. She rocked her pelvis back and forth, desperately trying to feel the huge bulge in the front of my pants against her pussy. The librarian slid one hand between us and grasped my cock though my pants. She again moaned finding that my excitement equalled her own. “Would you like to see my cock?” I asked, breaking our passionate kiss. “By the way, what is your name?” “Finola” the librarian quietly responded. “You can call me Finn…..and yes, I would.” “That’s a beautiful name.” I replied as I climbed off the ladder and stood against the bookshelf across the aisle from the ladder. “I’m Barney….call me Barn.” Finola’s gaze did not move from the huge bulge in the front of my pants. As she intently watched me slowly slide my zipper down, one hand slid under her jacket, the other between her soft thighs. It was a struggle to free my manhood from its’ confines, but when it finally sprang free, Finola immediately began to climb off the ladder, anxious to touch it, to taste it, to have it as her own. “Stay there!” I commanded before Finola could even move down one rung. Finola did as she was instructed. The look in her eyes was one of disappointment mixed with animated anticipation. I wrapped one hand around the base of my long, thick cock as it pointed directly towards Finola. As I slowly began to stroke the full length of my cock, Finola feverishly began rubbing her pussy and squeezing her breast under her jacket. “Take off your jacket.” I ordered my lovely helper. Finola again obediently complied. After fumbling with the buttons, Finola carefully leaned forward and slid the jacket over her shoulders and threw it to the floor alongside the ladder. Under her jacket, Finola wore an opaque white blouse. Visible through the transparent material was a black lace shelf bra. “My, you are a naughty little girl, aren’t you?” I suggestively asked. Finola did not answer. Her concentration was fixated on the long, hard shaft in my grasp. I continued stroking my cock as Finola leaned back against the ladder and again began rubbing her wet pussy while stimulating her small, hard nipple through the thin material of her blouse. The look in her eyes was simply incredible. The fact that she couldn’t have my cock right then and there was maddening to her. The lust and passion was raging within her as she stimulated herself while watching my hand slide along every inch of my fully erect cock. Finola’s eyes lit up when I extended my hand to her to help her off the ladder. She quickly took it and stepped off the ladder and into my arms, our bodies pressing tightly to each other. Finola wrapped one arm around my neck, the other went directly to the object of her desire. Our tongues duelled as we kissed long and passionately. Finola’s knees buckled when she took hold of my massive cock with her soft, delicate hand. Her kisses became much more intense as she squeezed my throbbing cock and imagined what it would feel like buried deep inside her pussy. Breaking our kiss, I turned Finola so her back was against me; my cock nestled between the soft cheeks of her round ass. I ran my hands along Finola’s tight body, starting at her shapely thighs, over the gentle curve of her hips until my hands came to rest on her firm, pert tits. I could feel her hard nipples brush the palms of my hands as I squeezed and fondled the delectable orbs. I hungrily began kissing and licking the nape of Finola’s neck and up to her ears. Finola moaned softly and pressed herself tighter to me, grinding her soft ass against my hard cock. I was tempted to bend Finola over and drive my cock deep inside of her, but resisted, as I wanted to savor every delicious minute with my beautiful librarian helper. My fingers fumbled with the buttons on Finola’s blouse as I ached to feel the soft skin of her tits. Once the last button was undone, I opened Finola’s blouse and began teasing her hard nipples all the while sending shivers through her body as I kissed her neck. “I want you to suck my cock.” I whispered in Finola’s ear as I turned her around so she once again faced me. I could see the hunger in Finola’s eyes as she slid down my body and knelt before me. She undid my belt buckle and my pants, and struggled to pull them down over my stiff cock. With great effort, Finola was able to pull the waistband of my boxers over my cock, which sprang free at full attention, ready for her willing mouth. She pulled my pants and boxers down till they lay in a heap around my ankles. Finola took hold of my massive cock with both hands and began swirling her tongue around its’ head, covering it with her saliva. Finola looked absolutely stunning with my cock in her warm, wet mouth, her blouse opened to reveal her small, perky breasts perched atop her shelf bra, her skirt bunched up around her waist. She opened her mouth wide and tried taking all of my cock in her mouth, gagging long before she reached the base of my manhood. “Mmmm….that feels incredible!” I moaned as I felt my cock brush the back of Finola’s throat. “Rub my cock on your tits.” Finola raised herself up a bit and held one firm tit with one hand while holding my cock with the other. She rubbed the head of my throbbing rod over one nipple, then the other, causing them to become even harder. My cock throbbed and twitched as she teased it and her nipples before finally wrapping her soft, full lips back around it. She voraciously fucked my cock with her mouth, the loud slurping noises echoing through the aisles of bookshelves of the second floor of the library. “Rub your pussy….while you….suck my cock.” I instructed. Finola submissively observed my request. She furiously rubbed her drenched pussy with one hand; with the other she began stroking my cock as she eagerly sucked the head of my cock. Finola’s muffled moans became much louder as did mine. Knowing I would not be able to hold back much longer, I pulled my cock out of the warm confines of Finola’s mouth and helped her to her feet. “Get back on the ladder.” I commanded to Finola as I kicked off my shoes and removed my pants from around my ankles. Finola climbed back up on the ladder facing me, her skirt still bunched up around her slim waist. I straddled the ladder and lifted Finola’s long, slender legs and placed them over my shoulders. Her soaked panties half covered her starving pussy. Pulling her panties aside I thrust my tongue between Finola’s waiting pussy lips, driving it as deep as I could inside her. Finola wrapped her fingers in my long, dark hair and moaned loudly as I began fucking her delicious pussy with my tongue. I could feel her pussy tighten around my tongue as she gently rocked her pelvis back and forth, trying desperately to force it deeper still. “Spread your pussy lips for me.” I requested of my helper. Finola released my hair from her clutches and spread her pussy lips open. I began licking the entire length of her scrumptious pussy, giving her clit a flick of my tongue each time until ultimately devoting all my attention to her most sensitive spot. As my tongue fluttered about her tiny, hard clit, I slid a finger inside of Finola’s pussy, revealing at how snug it felt. I could feel Finola’s legs begin to tremble and shake as my tongue moved faster and faster over her clit. When I felt her soft, creamy thighs tighten on my cheeks; I knew she was about to cum. I slid a second finger inside Finola’s incredibly tight pussy and began fucking her as my tongue kept up its’ assault on her clit. Letting out a long, low moan, Finola clamped her thighs tightly on my face as she climaxed. Her body shook and convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her. For several moments she held my face clamped between her luscious thighs until her orgasm finally subsided. My excitement had continued to intensify from the delicious meal of Finola’s pussy and her sweet nectar. I removed Finola’s shapely legs from my strong shoulders and helped her move down a couple of rungs on the ladder. Standing in between two of the rungs of the ladder, I spread Finola’s legs wide, opening her love canal to me. Taking hold of my powerful cock, I began rubbing it along Finola’s ravenous pussy. Our eyes met as the head of my cock found the tight opening of Finola’s pussy. As I began to ease the head of my cock inside Finola’s pussy, our gaze intensified. I could see in Finola’s eyes that she was ready for me to fill her pussy with my manhood. Our gaze drifted to between Finola’s lovely thighs as we both watched first the head, and then inch-by-inch of my massive cock disappear inside her glorious pussy. I felt as if I was going to rip Finola in two her pussy was so tight and my cock so rigid. Once completely inside Finola’s pussy she pressed herself towards me, treasuring the feeling of my cock filling her completely. Her arms went around my neck, pulling me towards her as our lips met. We kissed long and passionately as I ground my cock deep inside Finola’s insatiable pussy. Finola wrapped her smooth legs around my waist, holding me there as she furiously rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit against the base of my cock. I could feel the muscles inside of Finola’s pussy constrict around my cock. Our kisses became more passionate as I sensed Finola was about to cum again. Finola’s orgasm was even more intense than the first. She tightened her grip around my neck and around my waist as her body quivered and trembled. Before Finola’s orgasm had abated, I slowly eased my cock out of her tight, drenched pussy until only the head was nestled between her swollen pussy lips. I began slowly fucking Finola with just the head of my cock. Finola’s excitement began to rise rapidly as she intently watched the head of my cock go in and out of her wanton pussy. I reached down between us and began rubbing her clit as my thrusts began to go deeper and deeper. Finola clutched her firm tits, squeezing them tightly together as I fucked her. Leaning forward, I began flicking my tongue across Finola’s hard nipples, causing her to moan loudly. We had become totally unmindful of where we were as we were so immersed in the moment and with each other. The entire second floor of the library had become filled with the sounds of our breathing and moans as well as the enchanting aroma of our sex. Grabbing the bottom of my shirt, Finola pulled it up over my chest. She ran her hands over my chiselled abs before wrapping her arms back around my neck, pulling me to her. The feel of her erect nipples brushing against my chest with each stroke was heavenly. We kissed deeply, as the ladder creaked and shook with each long, deliberate thrust of my cock. Raising myself up, we both watched my cock slide in and out of Finola’s pussy. It glistened in the dim light of the library, completely covered with the sweet nectar emanating from Finola’s pussy. Sliding my hands under Finola’s ass I lifted her off the ladder, my cock still buried deep inside her. Finola wrapped her slender legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Squeezing her firm, round ass tightly, Finola ground herself against me and thrust her tongue inside my mouth. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest as I raised and lowered her on my cock. My cock was so hard and rigid, I think I could have supported the librarian without her holding on to me or me to her. With long, tantalizing strokes my cock slid in and out of Finola’s pussy. The sound of Finola’s graceful body slapping against mine with each stroke echoed through the library. The feeling of holding her beautiful ass, the ass that had mesmerized earlier on the stairway, was becoming too much to bear. “I want to fuck you from behind.” I whispered in Finola’s ear as I allowed her to slide off my cock. “Mmmmm….I’d like that.” Finola replied as she eagerly turned towards the ladder. She bent over at the waist and leaned against it. Finola looked utterly gorgeous in this position. Her perfectly shaped round ass protruded from the skirt bunched-up around her waist and was framed by the garters supporting her stockings. Finola spread her legs as I moved behind her, my hard cock in my hand. I slid my cock between Finola’s luscious thighs and along the length of her saturated pussy. Her pussy lips cradled it as it brushed along her clit, sending shivers through her body. “Fuck me…..please…..” Finola begged, unable to stand my teasing any longer. Surprised at hearing the librarian’s plea, I eased my long, thick cock inside of her. Finola arched her back and pressed her ass against me, my cock going deeper and deeper inside of her. I clutched her shapely hips and tried pulling her towards me even more. The feeling of Finola’s pussy clutching the entire length of my cock was exhilarating. I could feel her muscles contract around it, squeezing it, massaging it, and controlling it. With long strokes, I fucked my librarian helper. Her ass quivered each time it landed against my loins. Finola’s pussy was getting sore, but she didn’t care. The feeling of my massive rod, filling her completely overshadowed all of her senses. “Deeper!……Harder!.....Please…..don’t stop fucking me!’” Finola begged. “You like me fucking you like this, don’t you?” I asked as I began answering Finola’s request. “Yeeeesss….Please fuck…… harder!” Finola gasped. I began to increase the tempo and vigor of my strokes. Finola’s ass slapped hard against me as I thrust my cock deeper inside of her again and again. She shook her head from side to side, her long blonde hair flailing and whipping across her back. Her eyes rolled up into their sockets as she was approaching yet another orgasm. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock tighter and tighter with each thunderous thrust. My fingers dug into the soft cheeks of Finola’s ass as I fucked her at a furious pace. I could hold back no longer. My head reeled as I watched my cock continually disappear between Finola’s perfectly shaped ass. Finola began to climax, as did I as soon as I felt her muscles tightly contract around my cock. With my cock buried deep inside Finola’s pussy, her ass pulled tightly to me, I began shooting wave after wave of my warm cum inside of her. Finola moaned loudly when she felt the force of my orgasm deep within her. We stayed there, my cock deep inside her, for several moments until Finola squeezed every drop of cum from my cock. Finally, I withdrew my still hard cock from Finola’s drenched pussy. Spreading her ass, I watched as my cum slowly oozed out of her inflamed pussy and down her creamy thighs. Finola slid one hand between her thighs and felt the warm goo covering her, smearing it over her pussy and inner thighs. “That was incredible!” we both exclaimed simultaneously. Finola turned towards me and stepped into my waiting arms. She pressed herself tightly to me, my cock, still extremely hard and covered with our cum, pressed between us. We kissed passionately, savoring the afterglow of our climax. Realizing we were in the public library, we hurriedly picked up our clothes that were strewn about the floor between the bookshelves, and dressed. Even though Finola’s blonde hair was a mess and her skirt was badly wrinkled, she looked even more stunning now than when I first met her. “What time do you get off?” I asked Finola as we made our way to the stairway. “I think I need to do a lot more research.” “6:00 o’clock…..I think I’d like to research this subject much deeper also.” Finola enthusiastically replied.

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