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Teresa & Patty Pt2

As I was telling in the first half of this story, my girlfriend Patty and her friend Teresa had slipped over the fence knowing I was out in the tree house by myself. I hadn’t yet had much sexual experience beyond kissing and some minor petting, and was by now getting in way over my head. I was flat on my back, Patty on my left, just having had an orgasm from me licking and playing with her pussy. Teresa was sliding up over me with the intention of impaling herself on my dick. Patty said, “I thought we weren’t going to do THAT!” “I know, but I want to so bad,” was Teresa’s reply. Patty sat bolt upright and turned toward us to watch as Teresa had a knee on both sides of my hips and took hold of my dick. She flicked it a couple times along the slipperiest, wettest thing I had ever felt in my life. I held on to the outside of her thighs as she settled down, taking me in completely with one smooth motion.

Patty put her hands on the floor in front of her, leaning closer as if to see better and asked, “How is it?” Teresa’s head was tilted all the way back, her hands on my chest, her eyes closed. All she said was, “God! ... Oh! ... Ohhh Ohhh it feels great!” I was doing a bit of muttering myself I think. Patty leaned in to kiss me, and then whispered, “I want to too, I’m next, after her!” So I reached back to her pussy and started rubbing it with my thumb. I wanted to get my fingers in, but was at an odd angle. She must have sensed it, ‘cause she got back on her elbows and knees next to me so I could reach. Her hinny was pouched up high and her head was low. When I got fingers inside she put her head down with her mouth right next to my ear, whimpering.

Teresa wasn’t moving up and down my shaft, but rather sliding forward and back. When a guy masturbates, he slides his hand up and down mostly, but this was the most intense feeling I’d ever had. She was grinding her pussy to me, rocking her hips without withdrawing an inch, which was just fine with me. Then she kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue and twirling hers around mine in the most erotic way. She looked at me, almost squinting her eyes and grunted, “I can still taste Patty”. That’s when I came! I put both hands on her ass and pulled her to me, thrusting upward as I came in the most mind-boggling orgasm I’d ever had. I guess she felt me squirting into her, ‘cause she came in unison, squealing as if in labor.

Teresa put both her arms around my neck, (I thought she’d break my neck) and kissed me again, tongues swirling, diving, and mixing up spit. Then she rolled off to my right onto her side, leaving her right arm across my chest. Patty’s left leg immediately replacing Teresa where she just vacated my midsection. She moved so sudden that my fingers slipped out of her but was still under her left thigh near her crotch. She grabbed my neck with her left hand, and said, “Do that to me too! What you just did to her”. I knew right then that I couldn’t, not right now. Again, Teresa came to the rescue, “Give me your hand Patty, right here, I’ll show you what to do”. I felt two hands on my dick, doing I don’t know what. Rubrics cube didn’t exist then, but in my current explanation, that what’s comes to mind.

They were twisting, turning and rubbing ... actually giggling a time or two and making comments like I wasn’t even there. Up until then I was enjoying every second. But I had to grab hold. I didn’t know that’s what it was then, but I didn’t think I could do anything yet. Everything had shrunk-up, and felt sticky. “Hey! Ya’ll mind if I’m part of this? Stop just a second” I said. (I’m sure it was words to that effect, or close.) They froze like deer caught in your car headlights! “Do you mind if I have a say in this?” I asked. “Oh nooooooo” Teresa busted out, giggling. She spoke right up saying “Patty is going to suck you”. Well, I shut the hell up then. Patty looked at Teresa with her eyes wide open for a second, but then moved straight down and took the head of my dick in her lips. They were both still holding me, my balls being rubbed by Teresa, and the shaft held by Patty. Teresa told Patty “Do it like in the film”. “What do you mean?” she sat up inquiring. I was already getting hard again when Teresa just said “Look”, and took me wholly in her mouth all the way to my balls. Her head started going up and down, her tongue swirling around the head on her up stroke. She did that about 8 or 10 times, then sat up and smacked her lips with a playful popping sound, then smiled at both of us.

Patty took over, and sucked my dick like she’d done it before. My fear of not being ready vaporized as my member came to full erection again. She kept stopping, backing her head up to look, as if proud of what she had done, but going back to work with little delay. Then Teresa announced, “He’s ready now, get on top and fuck him”. That’s the first time I ever heard a girl say that word, but it turned me on tremendously the way she said it. Patty had a worried look on her face, but that didn’t seem to affect her determination to get me inside of her. She slid her left knee across me and sat up, pushing herself erect with hands on my chest. Her pussy was just over my belly button and I could feel her hinny touching the tip of my cock. Then, raised up and slid her knees back until she felt me close to were I was supposed to be. I could feel Teresa take hold of my dick, Patty’s hands still on my chest, and she stroked it up and down along her slit. Patty had her bottom lip between her teeth and had her eyes closed, then suddenly a smile replaced the worry, and she moaned in a low tone. She moved her ass back and forth, getting into the rhythm Teresa had set as her guide.

I reached under her arms and started tweaking her nipples, amazed at how hard they were. “Put it in!” she told Teresa, then started lowering, cocking her ass toward the ceiling. I could feel her pussy lips surround the head of my dick, and she lowered a bit more. Teresa moved her hand down to my balls which made me jump slightly and Patty whimpered louder, putting her head down, looking at her progress. I moved my hands to her thighs and did a little pushing myself, getting impatient to be all the way in. She drew in a big breath through her clinched teeth, and saying “It burns!” “Just be still a minute,” Teresa told her. She rose up a bit, and I could feel her pussy contracting, almost a vibrating sensation around the tip of my cock, not knowing at the time what just happened. The vibrations hadn’t stopped as she started moving again, emitting more wines and whimpers. I held still as she slid up again, then lowered, tossing her head down, her hair brushing my chest.

Teresa was massaging my balls and Patty’s ass, with a reassuring pat once in a while. I moved my hands under my butt, palms down to raise myself up higher. That’s when she raised her head, looking straight into my eyes, smiling now, her eyes only half open. “Ohhh ... Ummm ... God this feels good”, she started moaning. She moved her hands to my hip bones between her legs, setting more erect, and started moving in earnest. She felt so tight but so very hot and wet, almost a steamy feeling. I think I was doing some moaning myself. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” Teresa asked her. “Yessss, Oh God Yessss!” she wined. She was moving up and down, sliding her knees back and forth. That’s when I noticed she was up on her toes, her arms straight down holding my hips, knees barely touching the blanket. She was still staring me in the eyes, looking so lovely and sexy. This is what I wanted for a long time too I thought.

She slid all the way down and started moving her hips in a circular motion, stroking back up between gyrations. “Ohhh Steve, this is ... Ohhh”, she moaned. “I’m going to cum! Ohhh God!” She started moving back and forth, up and down with shorter strokes. Teresa sat up “Kiss me while you cum Patty!!!!” That did it for me! They lip locked and Patty just pushed down. I could hear her moaning and growling into Teresa’s mouth. I was cupping my hands, trying to push up higher, fingers aching. Squirting up into her, she rocking her ass back.

As things wound down, she fell forward in a fetal position on my chest, me still half in her. I could feel her pussy still contracting in such a wonderful way. Teresa then kissed me, “You did well tonight Steve” she told me.

I never had another sexual experience with Teresa again, although we always kissed and hugged; ass pinching and flirting about. Patty on the other hand was always around, mostly with her friend Ann, but that’s a story I’ll post later ...

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