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Teresa & Patty

When I lived in the Bay Area, two Gals lived up on the hill just behind us and came around a lot. Teresa and I were 19, her friend Patty was 18 at the time, and we all hung out together during the summer. They had a pool and mostly wore long t-shirts over their bathing suits, even when out and about the neighborhood. The short fence between our homes was easy to climb and was just under the tree house on my side. Teresa was the bigger of the two and Patty was cute and pert. Teresa was certainly no BBW, but was chunky in just the right places. Patty was the one I was crazy about though, being about a year younger and so damn cute. I really didn't know Teresa until their family invited my sister and I on a camping trip to a lake. Teresa’s parents slept in the travel trailer, while we had a tarp out on the ground with our sleeping bags. Next thing I knew, their brother and my sister were making out and he had her tee off. We were all laughing and giggling, and it wasn't long before the Gals had theirs off also. Nothing really happened that night other than some heaving petting and boob touching, (though bathing suit tops), but I told that part of the story to set the mood.

About a week later, the Gals slipped over the fence knowing I was sleeping out in the tree house. It was about midnight and dark so I lit a lantern so we wouldn't step all over each other. They had their normal tee's on, but I could see right away there was no bathing suit tops on either of them. Teresa had huge nipples sticking out, but Patty did a good job of keeping her titties covered most of the time. She had snuggled into one of my blankets, but was sitting up and talking right along with Teresa and I. Teresa, doing a good job of teasing me, knowing full well that I could see her nips perfectly. She was stretching and yawning, reaching and almost sticking them in my face.

I finally got the nerve to ask her, "Where are your bikini tops?” "We weren't in the pool this late silly, we were in bed". Patty added, "We don't have the bottoms on either" showing a bit of a smile. It then occurred to me that it was panty lines I saw when they came in and were getting situated. Teresa stretched and yawned again and looked me right in the face, knowing exactly what I was staring at. She asked, "Would you like to feel them without the tops?" I looked at Patty; she was lowering the blanket that was up around her neck and smiling demurely. I could tell they had talked this out and made plans. Without a word, I moved between them on the blankets while Patty moved more pillows behind us as our backs were against the wall.

I put my right arm around Teresa and she said, "Kiss me like you did last week". I didn't have much experience, but had been told that I kissed nice by a couple of other girls. I kissed her and went straight for her tits. She put her right hand on the back of my neck and pulled me to her pretty hard, it kind of surprised me at first, but I got right into it. Her nipples were so hard and stuck out; her tits were soft and just absolutely huge. It wasn't long and Patty said, "I want a kiss too!" So I broke from Teresa and turned toward Patty. Her titties were smaller, but very nice to touch. As I was kissing her, she let out a little moan; more of a purring sound is how I'd describe it. I kissed her more deeply when she did that, and she just melted into me. She felt so nice to hold and fondle. Then I felt Teresa rubbing my back, kind of a massage. Patty and I were really getting hot into it, she felt so perfect in my arms, I didn't want to let go. Teresa said, "Remember Patty, we promised to share ... ”

At that comment I let go and kinda' shimmied down on my back. They both lay down on either side with heads on my chest. I had a hand on a hip on both sides of me. What more could a 19 year old boy ask for? I started trading kisses, first one then the other. My hands roaming over everything I could reach. While I was kissing Patty, I could feel Teresa setting up behind me. When I looked up, she was setting crossed legged facing me and had pulled her t-shirt off. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Her tits were huge! And she had red bikini cut panties on with her crotch looking right in my face. She just smiled and got on all fours, down toward me, on knees and elbows, leaning in for another kiss. I slipped my hand to the outside of her far thigh under her, and rubbed slowly up and down. She stayed like that, her boobs hanging below her and slurping on my lips and tongue.

Then I moved my hand between the legs, down toward her right knee and started moving it up and down her thigh. I was going as close to her panties as I dared, her skin felt hot. Then I felt Patty set up, releasing my left arm. I put it at the small of Teresa’s back. That’s when I got to her panties. She didn’t move, just knelt there as she was, so I started rubbing her pussy through her panties. I could feel her start to move with the rhythm. She broke the kiss, and put her head on my chest, breathing hard. I could smell her hair ... it smelled soooo good; her panties getting damp. That’s when I looked over at Patty, setting there in just white cotton panties, watching Teresa and I. With a smile at her, she leaned up to kiss me. I moved my left had to her boobies, but kept stroking Teresa’s pussy through her panties. Patty whispered to me, “Are you going to do that to me too Steve?” I smiled and moved my left hand straight to her panties. Her panties were as wet as a sponge, and hot to boot already.

Patty was still kissing me when I felt Teresa’s hand touch the back of mine. I could feel her moving my hand; directing me which way to go. Her head was still on my chest and she was now moaning almost to quiet to hear, but it was a definite sound to make your cock hard; as if mine wasn’t already! Imagine ... me with a pussy in each hand and listening to two beautiful Gals purring like kittens. Patty was sucking on my ear when I felt Teresa moving my hand up a bit, then down, inside her knickers.

When I felt her pussy hair I almost came right then and there. Now I was breathing hard for the first time. She left her hand on the outside, ‘cause I could feel her hand directing me from outside her panties, what a feeling that was. She was leading one of my fingers directly onto her clit; I guessed that’s what it was, as it was hard and stuck out a half-inch or so, and was very slick. She moved her left knee away, making her legs spread quit a bit, which I noticed made her pussy slit open and my finger just naturally slid in, making her moan rather loudly. That’s when Patty raised her head, looked at Teresa and asked, “What are you getting that I’m not?” Teresa raised her head, looked to Patty and said, “God! You’ve got to feel this, it’s just wonderful!” (That’s how Gals spoke in the ‘60’s believe it or not). Patty started kissing me on the cheeks and saying, “Do it to me Stevie, please do it to me too”. Who was I to refuse her? But I started to get into this, and wanted to tease her some. “Do what?” I asked her. “You know, what you’re doing to her!” she demanded. “But I’m rubbing your pussy too,” I said, and made bigger circles on her panty crotch with all my fingers. She put her head down a bit, but I could still see her face. She was biting her lower lip and squinting her eyes.

Teresa was sucking on my right arm as I slipped my finger in farther, rubbing in and out. I started to feel bad for Patty when she didn’t say anything else, so I slid my hand up to the band on her knickers and then slid it inside. I started doing circles on her clitty right away, and she buried her head into my chest whimpering and purring. I couldn’t believe my luck, all this happing, and two Gals at once. I was having a hard time of it too ... Have you ever tried patting your head and rubbing circles on your tummy at the same time? This was almost as complicated, but MUCH More Fun! I was running my finger in and out of Teresa’s Pussy and circling Patty’s clitty.

Then Teresa let out a big exhale, as if in disgust, and rose up on her knees. I thought I’d done something wrong, but she put her hands on either side of her panties and slid them down and wiggled out of them. She then got right back where she was, on knees and one elbow right next to me and grabbed hold of my crotch, touching my dick through my shorts. Then she whispered, “Go back doing it like you were Steve, it feels so good!” Now I was getting into the play mode more, and asked her, “What feels so good?” She said; without hesitation, “With you putting your finger in me, in my pussy, inside it.” Patty had watched when Teresa took off her panties, and now did the same. She told Teresa, “He’s my boyfriend you know? I at least want what you’re getting”. “I know, we talked about that, but this feels so damn good!” Teresa replied.

At that comment, I worked a finger up and down Patty’s slit, trying to get inside. It was giving way very slowly, but surely. I wanted to touch both of their hinny holes too, I was so close, but was afraid I’d ruin everything. Patty reached over and unbuttoned my cut-offs and pulled the zipper down; Teresa letting go of my cock long enough for me to slip out of my shorts. When I laid back, Patty had flattened down on her belly while I was up. I whispered for her to get back like she was, and she got back on her knees and elbows immediately. I put both my hands back where the belonged, a finger in both pussies doing circles and wiggles like before. Teresa had reestablished her hold on my cock, and Patty was holding the back of her hand; fingers touching me here and there. I could feel them both touching me plane as day.

That’s when I started whispering, “How did you learn this?” Teresa answered with, “My Parents have some films we watch”, between pants and wiggles. (The feeling of them rubbing my cock was overwhelming ... hard to concentrate.) “What kind of films?” “You know, pornographic ones that show ... Mmmmm ... everything; like this”, Teresa purred. “I even kissed Patty’s pussy a few times”. Patty shot bolt upright at that, “You weren’t supposed to tell anybody!” “Its O.K. for him, he’s got fingers in there now silly!” Teresa reasoned. “Besides, I want Steve to do that to us too”. Patty went back to her position at that, and relaxed as best as she could, ‘cause I never let my finger leave where it was. She berried her head back into my chest. “Just what is it you want me to do?” I asked. Patty raised her head and blurted out, “I know, and I want to be first this time!”

At that, they both started moving about and changing the bedding, fluffing up pillows and arranging blankets. It seemed they were delaying things to me, but when they had made their nest, Patty laid down on her back, straight as a board. Teresa’s the one who took the lead again, and I was happy for it as I wasn’t sure where to go from here. Teresa pulled Patty’s right knee toward us and pushed me in that direction. She had hold of the back of my neck, at the top of my spine, pushing my head between Patty’s legs; giving hints and encouragement in a quiet voice. (I had seen films like that too, and knew what to do ... it just scared the hell out of me to be actually about to). Patty’s pussy hair looked neatly trimmed, but it was just that she didn’t have much down there. Very clean along where her legs started, and she smelled like musk.

First, I kissed her lips, and ran my tongue the full length of her slit, from bottom to top. She sped her legs fully right then, so I slipped my hands under her legs to her ass and held on. Teresa was massaging my back again, setting next to us; coaxing me with sexy words I don’t remember now, or was oblivious of. Patty tasted so good; I had dreamed and fantasized about this for months. Patty started making sounds, whimpering noises that told me I was doing things right. She had moved her hands to my head, and was pulling me into her pussy. I drove my tongue in as far as I could, and she shuttered and shaked with her orgasm. Teresa started rubbing my cock again as I sat up. Patty laid there with her hands covering her pussy, as if to hide it from view, but with a big smile on her lips and closed eyes. Teresa kissed me deeply then said, “Patty, I can taste you, just like when I did it”. Patty just smiled bigger. “Now it’s my turn Steve”. She pushed me onto my back and moved up with a knee on either side of me when Patty said, “I thought we weren’t going to do that!!!” “I know, but I want to so bad!” Teresa almost hollered.

To be continued ...

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