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Adventures with Stunning Wife

My wife, Jean, and I met a few years ago as an "almost blind date". The reason I say "almost blind date" is that we went to high school together in different classes. She was a year back from me. In high school she had a red tint her hair and over time it has darkened to almost black. Her grandmother was Indian so I guess that’s the cause. When I saw a picture of her from high school I remembered her as being this cute redhead with a great body. I have weaknesses for redheads and black-haired women; so then or now I am attracted to her. We immediately hit it off and were constantly together.

Jean and I are both in our forties. She worries about being fat because after 2 c-sections she can appear bigger after eating something that disagrees with her. She is not fat but is curvy with great legs, ass and 40 D breasts. She is a shy conservative person but I reassured her about getting an all over tan.

I intend to tell about some of our experiences here.

As I said Jean is shy, she prefers not to be noticed, I see men looking at her because of her boobs and when she wears skirts her fit legs draw attention. Whenever we go somewhere I drive. If the is any length of time, she feels more comfortable riding with her feet propped up on the dash and seat slightly reclined. This often produces a good view for me of her large breast when her shirt gaps open. I truly love the times she wears skirts or dresses. She will relax and her hemline creeps back to show her beautiful tights and even panties. I don't tell her but I suspect other drivers enjoy seeing her legs too.

One Saturday afternoon we went to dinner in the next town, which means a forty-minute drive. Jean wore a button up shirt and a mid thigh Jean’s skirt with sandals. On the return trip the summer sun was beginning to fade but you could still see what was happening in the cars passing you. Jean got comfortable for the ride home as usual. I had a good view into her shirt of those D cup breasts in a shear purple bra.

As we drove her skirt slid back show matching shear purple panties. We always ride along holding hands or touching so I decided to teasingly slide my hand over her breasts. Since she seemed to enjoy the attention on her boobs, I used one hand to unbutton her shirt to her waist. One of Jean’s favorite things is to have her boobs played with. Driving down the interstate with cars passing on her side, I slipped her boobs out of bra and continued to caress her breast and nipples. I don't think she noticed other drivers were looking at her bare legs and boobs being rubbed as they passed us.

I decided to get even more daring and slid my fingers into panties and pulled them to the side so I could see my fingers rubbing her pussy lips and sliding into her. I should mention that when Jean gets aroused both her nipples and her pussy lips become full and long. We are now travelling down the interstate with her 40 D boobs on display with nipples the size of the end of my little finger and here legs on dash showing to her thighs for other cars. I also see her big pussy lips, as I am now fingering her and rubbing her clit. She is moaning and unaware of what’s around her.

Within a few minutes I feel her tense up and moisture on my fingers and the seat. I caress her pussy for a little longer and as she pulls herself together as we exit the interstate in our hometown. I tell her it’s my turn when we get home.


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