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A year ago I had a terrible fight with my husband and to help get over it; I went to stay with my friend Veronica for a while. She had a son named Duane who was 19 and simply gorgeous. My cunt oozed out its juices every time I looked at him.

I had no idea what a crafty mind he had. After I first arrived he went up to his room and put on his jean shorts, cut off just below he crotch and I would soon realize he had nothing on under them. Then he came downstairs and joined his mother and me in the living room. He sat across from me with his legs apart, and I couldn’t help but see what he had. He was letting me know he had something that could give me a lot of pleasure between then and when I had to go back home.

He purposely let his cock push its way out past the narrow crotch off his cutoffs. It was simply gorgeous and it looked as solid as a bar of steel. It was long reaching part way down his leg. I couldn’t miss seeing it. Veronica was facing me instead of her son, so she couldn’t know what was going on. My eyes focused on his crotch while he tried to appear unaware that his bone-hard cock had pushed its way out of his cutoffs. I guess he figured I would think it was accidental at first.

He watched me as I stared directly at his exposed cock. I tried not to be obvious about it so as not to make Veronica aware of what I was ogling. I didn’t want her to find out that something had captured my interest because if she ever realized what it was, she would quickly put an end to it. She might possibly put an end to her son as well!

Duane realized by then that I knew he was clearly putting on a show for me. I gazed directly into his eyes, letting him know I knew full well this was no accident, but I also went on gazing at his fully visible cock all the time I was sitting there talking to his mother.

Then Veronica got up and said she had to go to the store and get some things she needed for supper. Duane quickly covered his lap with a newspaper. She turned to him and told him to keep me entertained while she was gone. My heart started to beat faster when I heard her car pull out of the driveway.

I looked at Duane with a lewd smile and asked him right out if he was going to go around all day with his cock hanging out like that? With a sheepish grin he went upstairs to his room to put on a pair of slacks and a shirt. As soon as he took off his cutoffs and kicked them aside, he realized I had followed him into his room. I told him he didn’t have to put on any clothes on my account. I liked to look at his cock when it was fully hard, I quickly assured him.

The next thing he knew. I had my dress up around my waist and my panties off, showing him my very wet pussy. Then we got onto the bed and his lovely big cock pushed its way up into me. He fucked me like this was the one-and-only chance he would get to do it. He figured his mother would be gone for about an hour and he was going to make the most out of it. WOW, did it feel good! He touched my cunt walls like a pro and when he moved up and down inside of me, I felt my pussy go into spasms. I was hot and his huge cock felt like a big piece of heaven!

Duane buried his face in my big, bouncy breast. He couldn’t seem to get enough of them as he rhythmically pumped away with his cock inside my wet, tingling pussy. I loved the way he fucked me and I prayed that we wouldn’t be caught. My hands reached down and cupped his heavy balls and that did it! Duane shot off like there was no tomorrow! As his cum exploded inside me, I exploded too, my cunt clenching in one last frantic spasm.

I stayed there for a month and then finally had to go back home. Even now, it still amazes me how that kid fucked me everyday, without Veronica ever suspecting a thing. I can’t wait to have another fight with my husband so I can go back.

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