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PC Help

I needed some help with my new apple computer. Making the change from to PC was going all right, but I needed some expert advise on some project transfers as well as confirmation on an efficient set up.

In our small community there is a free advertising flyer that is available at supermarkets and such. I noticed an ad seeking to help people with an apple computer. I called and spoke with Martha, the one who ran the ad, she seemed competent and charged $40 per hour. Since she was very close by she said she would only charge $35. We agreed to meet on Thursday at 1:00 pm, two days hence. (Quick note, I am an early retiree, 57 years old, my wife Helen is a gorgeous 50 and is every bit as sexually inclined as I am, we live alone in an upscale townhouse)

Imagine my surprise when I answered to door on Thursday to see a fine looking woman, in her 40s, in the most ordinary of dress but carrying a white stick used by the blind. I invited her in. She immediately folded the stick and said she had some condition (I can’t remember the name) that left her with severe tunnel vision. She lived at an assisted living center nearby and had been dropped off by a friend. I said my computer was upstairs and she replied that that was OK and she could follow me upstairs as long as I moved slowly.

My wife introduced herself and then Martha and I went up stairs (slowly). We made it to the room with the computer but I noticed that she needed help in orienting herself to the room and into the chair in front of the computer. I asked about her experience and she turned to her left side sharply, more then a 45-degree angle, to look at me in the face and tell me about her credentials. When I said let’s begin she turned her body to face to computer screen and began. I realized that all she could see was the computer screen and nothing else.

This gave me a chance to closely look over this woman without her seeing me do it. Although her clothes were not that stylish and sexy I did my best to investigate. I took a real good close look at her ass in the chair. Her buttocks looked full and round. I could see the outline of her underpants. No thong there. The middle of her back just showed the outline of her bra. I would have to be careful in sizing up her tits. Now knowing her peripheral sight zone gave me pause. I drew close and leaned up along side of her and asked a question about what she was setting up. She heard me move and I am sure recognized my voice was closer to her but I am sure she had no sight of me. I took this opportunity to look closely at her titties. They looked real good and I would say if she chose to bounce them up and down that would be one great sight. This examination was starting to get me aroused.

She was good at the computer. She explained several short cuts and then went into the basics of the software supplied by Apple. She also explained how I had moved my PC files to the apple in an inappropriate and dangerous manner. We were about 20 minutes into the session when it happened. She went to click on a PC transferred file of mine when I said a split second too late “not that one”.

Her click brought to the screen a picture of me, naked, hands on hips, smile on face and a hard cock for which I was justly proud. In the picture Helen laid on the bed next to me with her legs spread showing a large dark bush of pubic hair. Martha was flustered and in a frenzied apology clicked the wrong (maybe) key again. The next picture showed a profile of me with my hard dick-sticking straight out and Helen lying spread eagle on the bed, but his time with a smooth bald pussy. (It was planned that as part of the series I would shave her pubes)

I now apologized, saying we took these pictures as a turn on for us and never expected anyone else to see them. She had calmed down now a said something like, adults are free do what gives them “pleasure”! Wow! What an opening? I said what would give me “pleasure” right now would be for you to click to the next picture in the series. She gave a little, I know your type of laugh, and clicked. This next shot was a four picture collage, one with my face buried deep in that bald pussy, second, the face is up for air but the point of my tongue is circling the clit, third, has my big flat tongue in the process of giving a broad lick from the top of the asshole to the top of her slit, fourth, has my face removed, covered with love pussy and one wonderful cunt eating smile.

Now a very uneasy silence was present. I spoke first, apologizing again, but made a statement to the effect that one who works on computers, like herself, can’t really be shocked or surprised that people take sexual pictures of themselves. She said this was not the first time it has happened when she was working and that I should lighten up a little and not be so apologetic. She then did the big turn around for her and looked me in the eyes and said, she liked what she saw, especially the close ups of Helen’s smooth hairless pussy.

She said that she kept her pubes in a Brazilian wax. To which I replied that the spare bedroom was the next door and if she would show me hers I would show her mine. She stood up and began to move to the door. I said to her before you take another step be aware that we are going to do more then just show our selves. She smiled and said what about Helen downstairs. I said when Helen hears what’s going on, it will only be matter of seconds before she joins us.

Martha gave me a deep pleasurable dirty smile and said, “I am Bi”.

Holy shit I hit the jackpot!!!


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