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Sex in the Neighbourhood Pt 2

The next week my neighbour calls and says she knows it was wrong but she can’t stop thinking about what happened and the size of my cock. She said her husband `s cock is only 5" and thin. She told me she only had sex with one other guy before she got married at 19 and he was about the same size. My neighbour Tammy is 5'-4" about 110 lbs and got implants that made her tits go from a 34B to a 36DD. She loves showing them off. Tammy has two daughters Wendy 19 and Carrie 18. Tammy also has a niece that lives next door to all of use her name is Kelly whose 18. I told my neighbour that I too enjoyed what we did but we had to be careful not to get caught. Tammy talked me into coming over there the next weekend. I went over Saturday morning and she told me that Kelly had been bugging her for a thong bikini. We got in there SUV and Wendy was driving.

We went to the beach and parked about three blocks from a bikini shop. We went in and her daughters said they also wanted bikinis. I was looking around and saw some G-string bikinis. My neighbour was wearing one last week at her pool in her yard. The others were wearing regular thongs. I told them I would buy everybody one if they got a G-string including Tammy. The sales girl came to help and told tammy she would have to get a big top that the one she had would be to small. She went in to change the other had already come out.

Tammy walked out and the top was just covering a little more then half her nipples. The bottom and side of her huge tits were spilling out of the top. The young sales girl said I’ll find another top. Tammy said this is fine I like them this way. Carrie said see I told you my sister and I are use to her showing her new boobs. Tammy changed and I paid and we walked out. She then said I’ll be right back and went back in the store. When she came out she was wearing the top of the bikini. As we walked down the street all the guys in passing cars were yelling at her. She seemed to love it. We got home and the girls changed into their new bikinis.

They came out and I was getting a little hard. They had these little tiny G-string that were nothing more then a piece of string going up their ass and around their waist with a tiny patch of material in front of their pussy. They all had to have had their pussys shaved because the front was just covering the slit. Last week we had trouble getting Kelly to take off a towel when she had a normal thong on. Now here she was nearly naked and not having a problem with it. She even came over and turned modeling her bikini for me saying how’s it look on me Larry. I told her it looked fine trying to conceal my growing cock. Tammy came out and damn she was almost naked.

She buys everything a size smaller. The patch was barely covering her slit. She walked over in front of us sitting in the lounge chairs and pulled up the sides and the front went right into the slit of her pussy you could see the lips on each side. She pulled it out and said so what do you think. I told her I need to go get a drink. I grabbed a towel and put it in front of my cock to hide the ragging hard on I had. I got inside and Tammy came in and said anything I can help you with there big boy. I had wrapped the towel around my waist but I was pitching a tent in the front. I took her by the arm and walked her into her daughter’s bedroom it looked out at the pool. I cracked the blinds just slightly so I could see out. I pulled Tammy close and kissed her. I put my hands on her big tits as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I pulled away and squatted down a little to take a nipple into my mouth.

Tammy stuck her hand inside the waistband of my swim trunks and grabbed my cock. She pulled it up and let it come out the top of my trunks and be held by the waistband. She then leaned down and started to lick my cock just what was exposed. I squeezed her big tits and rubbed her nipples. She then pulled my trunks down and released the rest of my cock. She took it in her hand and leaned back and said I’ve been waiting for this all week. Then she took it into her mouth and began sucking me off. I was looking out the window to make sure no one was coming into the house when I saw those girls my cock I think got harder. Damn I knew they were young but they were hot.

Kelly takes after her Mother Tammy's sister she’s already 6' tall and has a 34C bra. Wendy and Carrie are about their Mother size except they don’t have the huge tits. I got Tammy up and had her face out the window as I got behind her pulled her little G-string to the side. Then I took my cock in my hand and put it right on her pussy lips. I told her, "When you pulled that bottom up your pussy I almost came in my pants out there". I then ran the head of my cock up and down her pussy. Tammy turned and said don’t tease your neighbour anymore give me your big dick. I slid the head in and she pushed back on my cock until she had most of it in her pussy. She let out a moan and said this feels so good filling me up.

I grabbed her by the hips and pushed the rest of my cock in her. She had her hands on the windowsill and her head down lower then her hands. She was pushing her pussy back on my cock as I was pounding it into her. I was watching the girls to make sure we were OK. Tammy was saying come on fuck me good. She said you can cum inside me now I got birth control pills. I slammed my cock into her. I pulled her head up slowly by her hair so she could watch the girls and said I wonder if they have any idea what’s going on. Tammy, between panting and grunting said I don’t think so but if my two got in here they would probably want you to fuck them. I asked her what she was saying and she said they both have sex.

Wendy went on birth control at 16 and Carrie, I have found used condoms by the pool and even in the car once. Hearing that made me ready to cum. I told Tammy I was cumming and she said yes fill my pussy with your hot sticky cum fuck your neighbour's pussy and fill it up. I came hard, she said I can feel your cum shooting inside my pussy. I shot a lot of cum into Tammy’s pussy she stood and it ran down her leg. She got a towel and wiped it up.

When we walked out it was still a little running down the inside of her thigh. Tammy lay down on a chair on her stomach and untied the string to her top. A few minutes later Carrie poured water on her back causing her to jump up topless. The girls laughed as Carrie said Mom your neighbour sees your boobs. Wendy said the only thing he's seeing that he didn’t before are her nipples. Tammy got up topless and said I’m sure our neighbour has seen tits before and she turned on the hose and squirted the three girls. Wendy then said I’m taking off my top we only wear them when Larry is here. If your going to walk around showing him your tits then mine won’t bother him. She pulled off her top so did Carrie and Kelly. Tammy and I fucked again when the girls went to a movie that night. I left and she had the girls go outside to the car and she slipped her tongue into my mouth and said I’ll call you and you can come over next weekend. She said I’ll have all the girls lying out by the pool naked. Then maybe we can get you out of your trunks and they can see what a real cock looks like.

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