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Sex in the Neighbourhood Pt 1

I was trying to get all my fuck buddy's to move into my neighborhood so I don't have to go far for a fuck, but these neighbors were already here. Tammy has two girls aged 19 and 18 and next-door to her lives her sister and niece.

One day I was out in my front yard doing yard work and Tammy came over to see if I would help her move some furniture and after she would fix a Bar-B-Q. I told her sure it sounds great what time, she said is tomorrow good for you, I said sure I'll be over about 1: pm.... That night I told my step mom I was going over to the neighbors to help her out and my step mom told me Dotty and the neighbor both got their implants at the same time, and she got big ones too, bigger then Dotty's...

So the next day I went to their house. When I arrived the younger daughter Carrie was out in the front yard she said come on in and we went inside. Wendy the older daughter was watching TV. I asked were her mom was and she said out cleaning the pool. I walked out back to where my neighbor was. She had her back to me and was wearing a bikini top and pair of shorts. I called out hello and she turned around. The first thing I saw and you could not have missed them were a huge set of tits and I mean huge. Tammy is small and petite 5'-4" about 110 lbs. I couldn’t stop looking at them. Tammy said what do you think. I just looked and said Holy shit when did you get those monsters. She said I got them about four months ago you like them. I said they looked great We went in the house and I was looking at her tits bouncing up and down They were barely held in the top the sides were busting out. Wendy saw me looking at them and said yeah my mom got new boobs and she thinks everyone wants to see them.

Tammy offered me a drink the girls took their drink outside. Tammy then asked me if I wanted a margarita. I told her I wasn’t much of a drinker but what the hell why not. We had two drinks and the girls came in and asked if they and their cousin Kelly from next door could get in the pool. Tammy said sure. Kelly came into the house and went with Carrie to change. Wendy came over and put down her glass on the bar. Carrie came out of the room and asked for Wendy to help her. Wendy went into the bedroom with the other two. The three of them were in there a long time maybe thirty minutes. Wendy and Carrie came out first both wearing thong bikinis. Wendy went outside and Carrie went back in the bedroom and was saying its OK Kelly he didn’t say anything. They finally came out and Kelly was wearing a thong also. I didn’t say anything and they hurried out the door. You could tell Kelly was not comfortable she had put a towel around her waist.

Tammy fixed another drink and then we went to move the furniture after we did that we went out by the pool. Kelly was still wearing the towel as the other two were telling her to take it off. I have to tell you those two had some hot asses on them that’s for sure. Finally Tammy went over and said it's OK honey it seems a little weird at first but you get use to them. Kelly said its not that its him, I feel weird about it. I was feeling the effects of the drinks and said its OK sweetie I’ve seen lots of butt before. Tammy said look I take off my shorts. Tammy wiggled out of her shorts and had a very tiny not even thong it was a G-string just a very thin piece in the back. She said see he sees my ass. I almost died Tammy had the hottest body. I have to tell you she is 20 years older then me.

Well Kelly finally took it off and after an hour she was walking around like she was born in it. Later we barbecued some food and Tammy and I had more drinks. I’ll tell you sitting in the sun and drinking all day I was getting drunk. As it got dark we moved inside. I had left my drink out by the pool and went to get it. When I was coming back I tripped over a chair and fell into the pool. Everyone came running out and helped me out. I was pretty drunk now and Tammy said come and get out of those wet clothes. She led me to the laundry room and gave me a towel I removed my clothes and she came back in and put them in the drier. She said I’ll be right back and returned holding a pair of her husband shorts. Her husband is in Iraq working for Hali-burton driving a truck he’s been there almost a year. I told Tammy I was going to wait in her bedroom I wouldn’t feel right sitting in just a towel around the girls. I must have passed out in there.

I woke up and I was in Tammy bed and she was there too. We were lying on are sides in a spoon position with my one arm under here and the other over her. As I began to move around I could not help but notice I had a raging hard on and was no longer wearing the towel. My cock was rubbing up against her back and the top of her ass. I layed there thinking what to do. I decided to move my arm that was over her. When I did she grabbed my hand and pulled it back. Then it got weird I thought I felt her slightly push back on me. I laid very still almost not breathing. Then I felt it again and this time it was no mistake. Tammy pushed her ass back on me and squeezed my arm. I just laid very still and she started moving up and down on my hard cock. Neither one of us said anything. She slid up some and my cock was in the crack of her ass. Tammy started to slide on my cock and moved up some more.

I now realized she wasn’t wearing anything but a tee shirt. She was bare assed naked from the waist down. Tammy flexed her ass and squeezed my cock in her cheeks and slid up some more. Now the head of my cock was close to the opening of her pussy. She lifted her leg slightly and got my throbbing cock between her legs. She squeezed my cock between her legs. When she released it she leaned the top of her body forward some and my cock was at the opening of her pussy. I pushed my cock into that pussy and she let out just a little sigh. That was the first sound anyone made. Tammy pushed back on my cock and more of it slid into her.

I now started to push and begin a slow rhythm. We got going a little faster when She pulled off the blanket and pushed back hard enough that I moved back and when I did I was on my back and she was on top of me but facing away from me. She leaned forward and placed her hands on my legs and began to move up and down. I put my hands on her waist and started to slide them up her body. She sat upright and pulled her tee shirt over her head in one quick motion. She was now buck naked on top of my big cock. She began to moan as she bounced up and down on me.

After a few minutes she tensed up and started shaking. I knew she was having an orgasm. She started panting then she laid back on my chest and took my hand and placed them on her big tits. I squeezed those big beautiful tits and pumped my cock in to her. It wasn’t much longer and I knew I was going to cum. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her up. She must of known because she slid off my cock and reached down and took it in her hand and began jerking me off really fast. She had sat up and was close to my cock and I came all over her stomach and some hit her tit. Tammy squeezed all the cum out of my cock and quick got up and went into the bathroom. I laid there stunned. Tammy came out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen.

Later I went out and neither one of use said a word. Later the girls got up and Tammy told them they could go to the mall. Tammy then got in the shower and when she was done she walked out completely naked into the living room. She took my hand and pulled me up and led me towards the bedroom. She looked back and said, “Ready for round two big guy.” We got in the bedroom and she turned and said, “You have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen I don’t care if I am married.” She then unsnapped my pants and started to suck my cock. I got her on the bed and licked her sweet freshly shaved pussy and we fucked again. She then told me she had worn out four vibrators since her husband left for Iraq and they use to have sex almost daily.

After seeing her hot sexy body I could tell why. I spent the rest of the day their and Tammy kept coming up with things for the girls to do so we could just fuck. When I left Sunday night Tammy said, “Please don’t be such a stranger” and as the girls were outside she grabbed my cock and said “I’ve got just the place for this.”

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