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My Sister In Law

Let me start off by describing the players in this story. I am 6 foot tall and I am about 190 pounds. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am blessed with a 7 ¾ inch circumcised dick and very thick with a large head. My wife is also 6-foot tall and about 180 pounds, brown hair and eyes, about a 38 C 28 38 figure. My sister in Law is 5’ 8” tall about 130 lbs with light brown hair and blue eyes with a 32 B 22 32 figure.

It was a Saturday morning when I woke up. My wife was not in bed so I thought she was downstairs watching TV or something, so I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I had to walk past my son’s room and didn’t notice that my wife and sister in law were in the middle of the room looking out the door as I passed. I did my thing and walked back and lay back down. I heard them whisper between each other then they went downstairs.

I finally got up about an hour later and put a robe on and went down to get some coffee. My wife then proceeded to tell me that I just flashed her and her sister and that her sister has never seen a penis so thick. I just brushed it off and said I was sorry. I didn’t even know that they were up there and if I knew. That I would have put on a robe before I left the room.

Now fast-forward to a few weeks later, my son was at a friend’s house and my wife went to work, so I slept late. I heard the front door open and close, so I thought my wife came home early, so I got up and just walked downstairs. What I found was my sister in law bringing in some laundry, her dryer had broken.

As soon as I saw her and she looked at me, I slowly got hard. I covered myself as best as I could and she said that it was ok, she has seen it before. She put her basket down and walked over to me and started to lick and kiss my chest as her hands replaced mine that were covering my hard on. She slowly stroked me as she kissed her way down. She started licking my head like an ice cream cone and then slowly rubbed my balls. She could hardly get her mouth around the head, and when she finally was able to, she slid down the shaft about half way. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes; her one hand wrapped around what was left, and her other hand massaging my nuts.

I started to tighten up and she knew I was about to blow my load only after a few minutes and I told her I was cumming, but she kept on going swallowing as much as she could, I could hear her gulping as she swallowed and then as I jerked on last time, some started to dribble out the sides of her mouth. She backed off and then scooped what was left and licked her fingers.

She told me that ever since she saw me the other day, she wanted some of what her sister was getting. She also told me her husband was 5” long and thinner than I was. I went up to her being that she was standing now and kissed her deeply. As we kissed, I started to unbutton her blouse and slide my hands inside. Her breasts were nice and supple. She just moaned while I started to kiss down her neck and then finally to her breasts. Her nipples were nice and hard. Dark brown and about a silver dollar wide and stuck out about an inch. I started sucking and kissing each nipple, taking them in my mouth sucking hard like a baby that hasn’t been fed in a while. She grabbed my hair and pushed me even harder into her. She started to moan and say I need you inside me, NOW. I stared to unbutton her jeans and slowly slide them down along with her panties in one swift motion. She kicked off her sneakers and her jeans and she was completely naked standing in front of me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had a little landing strip.

She took a few steps back and hopped up on the kitchen table. I loved seeing those B cups bounce when she did. I couldn’t help myself and dove right in between her legs. She leaned back on her elbows and slowly spread her legs. I kissed the inside of her thighs and started working upward. When I licked her clit, she squirmed a little then wrapped her legs around my head, she grabbed a handful of hair and started pushing me into her as I licked and sucked her nice long clit. She started humping my face and shuddered into one orgasm after another. When she relaxed a bit and I was able to get my face out of the vice grip between her thighs, she said that she needed my cock, and she needed it now.

I stood up and then started licking her breasts, just laying my dick on her pussy. She tried to reach down but I kept on mauling her tits. She was in heat and she wanted it bad. I finally pushed up and she finally grabbed me and pulled me to her. She was so wet I slid in easily. I looked down and watched as my head slide inside her, it was an amazing sight and feeling. She laid back and arched her back as I slowly fed her hungry pussy. With each thrust, I slid another ½ inch until I was all the way in, that’s when she shuddered again and came again with a low guttural moan. I stayed there for a few moments feeling her milking my cock, boy was she tight.

After those few moments, I started to move in and out slowly, regaling the feeling of her silky smooth walls of her pussy. She spread her legs even more and I started pumping harder into her feeling my heavy balls slapping her ass. It looked like she was a possessed woman, her arms flailing, her head being thrown from side to side, he facial expressions looking like she was in between troughs of pain and pleasure. She was screaming and moaning that she wanted it harder and faster.

She reached up and grabbed the back of my neck and wrapped her legs around me. She started to talk dirty saying things like shove that cock in me, and fuck my pussy. When she said this, I was at the point of no return, I told her I was Cumming and that’s when she said come with me. That set me off and as I started to cum, I could feel her tighten even more, so much I couldn’t even slide out of her. It was like I was stuck in a vice. She came so hard; she shook all over and then went limp. I was able to catch her before she hit the table and I laid her down softy, she had a smile on her face as she lay there trying to catch her breath.

While I stood there with my dick stuck inside her, I could feel that I was soaked. I didn’t realize that she came so hard; she squirted all over the place. My legs were soaked, the kitchen table was soaked, the floor was all wet and the room smelled of sex.

After a few minutes, she started to loosen up and I was able to slide out of her. As I did, she had another mini orgasm and shuddered again. As the head of my dick slid out, it came out with a pop and I watched as our mixed juices started to ooze out of her and then plop on the floor. I went and got a blanket and covered her up while I started to clean the floor and then myself up. I got up and then started to clean her up, I slid the blanket off her and then she woke up. I started to take a warm washcloth and clean up her pussy and it was a sight to behold. Her shaved lips all red and puffy, and sticking out. I cleaned her up as best as I could when she got down on her knees and tried to get me back to life. I couldn’t believe she wanted more. She did manage to get me hard one more time and when she saw that I was up to the task again; she took the blanket and laid it on the floor.

She then got on her hands and knees and arched her back with her ass up in the air. She looked over her shoulder and said I want it doggie style, hard and fast, you up to it? Who am I to argue, I was going to do my best. I got behind her and she opened her legs a bit, I felt her hand grab my dick and helped me slide in. I had her cheeks in my hands and then got on my feet bent over her as I started to pump into the velvety smooth pussy of hers. I would slide all the way to my head and then back in hard.

I swear my neighbors could probably hear our bodies slapping against each other as I pounded into her. I could feel her walls contracting again and as I pushed harder she clamped down on me again, I couldn’t even move. So with little movement, I tried to give her what she wanted. I have never had a woman’s pussy clamp down on me so hard that I was virtually stuck. She yelled out that she was cumming again and then laid down on her belly taking me with her. After a minute or two she finally let go of her grip and I was finally able to pull out while she lay there on my kitchen floor. I finally did get up and looked down at my sore semi hard dick. I was hurting and I ... To be continued ...

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