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An Hour with My Masseuse

I get massages about once per month. When I first started going to the massage place, I would switch masseuses every time, just trying to get a feel for what I liked and find someone really great. At first I was way too shy to have a male masseuse, so I always requested a woman. They were all fine, but at the same time in my life I had been experimenting sexually - been married for 9 years and my husband and I recently began swinging with our best friends.

Both my husband and my boyfriend kept encouraging me to try out a man. So, one time when the receptionist asked me if I had a gender preference I found myself saying "male". The first guy, Jerry, was fine, but nothing great. He was older and probably gay so not a turn on, plus he just wasn’t any better than the women who I’d been assigned before. I decided to give it another try, but made sure I didn’t get Jerry again. The next time they gave me Sedric…

Sedric comes to get me from the waiting area. He introduces himself and offers a hand to help me out of the chair. At first, I think OK, he's black, not what I typically go for, but he's nice and he's good looking so let's just see how it goes…

Sedric has a very deep voice and magic hands. He takes me to the room and asks the standard questions about problem areas and then leaves to let me undress. I strip and neatly fold my clothes and lay them on the bench. In hopes of getting a masseuse that might turn me on, I have carefully selected nude colored lace see-through panties. Those I leave on, but everything else is off. I lay on the table on my stomach just before he knocks and re-enters the room.

The lights are low, and there is soft music playing. Sedric pushes the blankets down to my tailbone and begins to massage my back. I've got my arms at my sides but apart from my body so that he has access to my sides as well. His hands go down the center of my back and graze the sides of my large breasts as they go back up. I'm starting to get turned on and wonder if he can hear the almost inaudible moans and sighs. I’m becoming more and more relaxed with each passing moment.

Sedric starts to concentrate lower and lower on my back and then his hands go under my panties to massage my ass. No masseuse has done this before. I'm amazed and enormously turned on now. I can feel my pussy getting wet. Every time his hands go down my back, they go under the blanket and my panties onto my ass - and with each pass he gets lower. He works my back and ass for a while and then he works on my neck, shoulders and scalp.

Then, he pulls the blanket back up over my back and moves on to my arms. I love the way he laces the fingers of one hand between mine to hold my arm in place while he massages it with his other hand. This is very relaxing and sensual. He repeats this on the other arm and then moves on to my legs. I make sure that they are spread nice and wide so that he can get every inch.

Sedric arranges the blanket so that only one leg is out at a time. He starts with my left leg, rubbing my foot, then my calf, and then my thigh. He massages so far up my thigh I just know that he's going to brush his fingers over my pussy at any moment. As when he was working my back, he goes up under my panties to get my ass from this direction. Then, he moves to the right leg. Same as before - foot, calf, then thigh. He works every inch that is appropriate. Oh, how I wish he'd slip just once! Now, it's time to turn over. He holds the blanket up for me to flip - I wonder if he peeked. He works my legs again from the top. He again starts with the feet moving up to the calves and then thighs.

He goes all of the way up under my panties again to get my hips as well. He really massages my thighs wonderfully, getting as close as he can to my pussy without actually touching me there. I am so very wet I wonder if he can smell how turned on I am - or sense it from the faint moans or little smile on my face.

He starts up my thigh again, only this time his hands don't stop there. Sedric grazes my pussy through my panties with his magical fingers. I moan and smile softly, but my eyes are still closed. He can tell that not only did I not mind his "accidental" touch, but rather enjoyed it. This makes him a bit braver as his hands go up my thigh again. This time, it is no accident as he gently touches my pussy lips. I know he can tell how turned on I am now because my panties are soaked through. He pulls the blanket to the side so that he has access to both legs.

He runs his hands up both legs and grabs the waistband of my panties and slowly slides them down and off, revealing my freshly shaven pussy to him for the first time. Now, I open my eyes and smile at him. He smiles back as I bring my feet up a bit which opens my pussy up to him. He starts to massage my pussy lips slowly and then runs his fingers inside of my slit before plunging one into my aching hole. He then adds another finger and uses his thumb to massage my clit. I start to moan, but try to stay quiet so we don't draw any unwanted attention. He is gently running his free hand on my stomach while finger fucking me with the other. He shoves the blankets all of the way off now to reveal my large breasts to him. He reaches up with one hand then to grab one as he leans over to suck the nipple.

I discover that Sedric has a magic tongue too! I can't take much more of this. He switches to the other breast and inserts a third finger into my pussy. I start to cum now, and hard! My hips are twitching and I moan loudly as I climax. He pulls his fingers out and sucks them clean. I whisper "Thank you". Unfortunately, our hour is up, so Sedric has to go.

I get dressed, and as I come out of the room Sedric says "I hope to see you again soon." I reply "Absolutely - that was wonderful!" Next time, I'm sure we won't waste any time getting to the good part, and maybe I can get my hands on him! I make sure to leave a good tip as I leave completely satisfied.

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