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My Friend Terri Pt3

Aunt Kate met us at the door, She ushered Terri off to her bedroom and me to the den. She had made up the sofa bed. She kissed me goodnight and closed the door saying, " if you get up don't be surprised if you see me, I haven't been sleeping much since all this happened." She had only been gone a few minutes when the door opened and in walked Terri, she had a bathrobe on when she opened it she wore a see through nightie. She locked the door behind her and sat spread-eagled on the bed beside me. She reached under the covers and found I was sleeping in the buff. "Hmm," she whispered, "I was gonna ask if you missed me, but I can see you did." She flipped the covers back and stroked my hard- on. "You are a real nympho, you know that," I said. "Not really," she said, "just trying to make up for lost time." "I'm glad I was here to help," I answered. I pulled her down on the pillows with me, kissed her our tongues darting, and untied the string that held the top of her nightie together. I caressed her breasts paying lots of attention to each of her nipples. I kissed her neck and moved down to kiss and suck on her tits, my hand moving down inside her panties.

My middle finger up and down her slit, stopping to gently rub her clit, she was so wet, my finger slid in her hole as I continued kissing and licking downward. I tongued her navel and on down her inner thigh, bypassing her bush on down to her knee, then the back of her knee. Then starting up the other leg, back up to her dripping wet pussy. I pulled the leg band of her panties aside and licked the full length of her slit. She almost exploded when I tongued her clit. She raised her ass to allow me to remove her soaked panties. I went back to work on her clit. She came on my face and in my mouth, it was sweet. She wanted to suck me, but I wouldn't let her. I wanted to fuck her in every position imaginable. I rolled her over, she raised her ass and spread her legs, and I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy teasing her. "Please," she whispered," please fuck me. I want it, I want you deep inside me." I found the hole and slid 8 1/2 inches of meat inside. I fucked her slowly, I wanted it to last. She rocked back and forth on the sofa bed, keeping perfect rhythm with each thrust.

I pulled out before I came and rolled her on her back, lifted her legs over my shoulders and fucked her some more. She raised her ass and again met every stroke. I let her legs off my shoulders and increased the tempo as I felt the cum welling inside. Ten or fifteen more strokes as fast as I could and we both came simultaneously. I collapsed beside my beautiful friend, I finally caught my breath and whispered," was it as good for you as it was for me?" She kissed me, slipping me some tongue, curled up with her head on my shoulder and answered, "the best, absolutely the best. Now tell me about that girlfriend of yours, Sheila, isn't that her name?" "Yeah", I answered, "that's her name, but I don't want to spoil what we have going here." Terri assured me, " I promise not to get jealous, in fact the thought of it kind of turns me on." So I continued, "The first time I saw her up close was when I took her daughters home from my house.

As we pulled into their drive Sheila came out onto the small porch at the back of the house. Sheila could have easily passed for their slightly older sister rather than their Mother. The late afternoon sun was behind her and her silhouette was clearly visible through her thin summer dress. It was one of those flowered ones that buttoned down the front and I couldn't tell if she had anything on underneath, it was kind of sexy. I guess I had never really looked that closely before. The few times I had seen her had been at a distance and we had never really been introduced. She walked out to my car barefoot and as she got closer, I could see that she had enough buttons unbuttoned to show some nice cleavage. Not too large, but not tiny either, about a double mouthful. She walked over to the drivers side of the car, and when she saw the girls still inside, she leaned in my window. I couldn't help but peek, she had a white lacy bra on, but it was for sure she had a nice pair of tits. She told the girls to get inside and change into their work clothes, because they had chores to do. Then she introduced herself to me and invited me to dinner the next night, Sunday.

Sunday evening, I showered and put on my best dress slacks and shirt. I pulled up in their drive and started for the door. Just as my weight hit the top step, it broke and I came down with all my weight on my left ankle. I heard it pop and felt a sharp pain, the door flew open as I was tumbling over backward. Mr. Miller came running and helped me into the house and onto the sofa. My ankle was swelling, but I had sprained it before and I knew some ice and a day or so off my feet and it would be fine. I sat on the sofa with two gorgeous girls and their beautiful Mother fussing over me. I took full advantage of the situation. The girls in their mini-skirts were sitting on either side of me holding me between them, their arms around me, I could feel their firm breasts pressing against me. Their beautiful Mother had propped my leg upon a footstool and was kneeling at my feet gently placing an ice pack on my swollen ankle. Her skirt had ridden up and her legs were slightly parted. At least enough to see that she was wearing a garter belt and stockings. I told them I would be fine that it had happened before and I just needed to stay off it for a few days.

The Millers insisted I stay the night. Mr. Miller was going leave to go to work the midnight shift, but Sheila would be there to take care of me. I had visions of taking care of her, even though I was in some pain. My ankle was slightly swollen, but the pain was already starting to subside and I decided to make the most of the situation and hope for the best. It could prove to be an interesting night." At that point Terri interrupted, "You naughty boy, I'll bet you did." I kissed her and asked again if she wanted to hear the story. "Hell yes" she said, "I'm getting hot thinking about it. You tell a pretty good story." So I continued, " the girls were fawning over me, serving me dinner, changing the ice pack on my ankle and taking turns hugging an kissing me. Finally, Mr. Miller left for his job and Sheila told the girls to go to bed and not to be bothering me during the night.

Before they left the room, they each kissed me and made sure to rub their titties against me. She helped me up from the sofa and I accidentally copped a feel of her tit. The sofa opened to make a full sized bed. When she bent over to make up the bed, I got a great look part way up her skirt. She caught me looking and just smiled. I apologized and told her sorry, but you have beautiful legs and I have a thing about stockings." She said she'd take that as a compliment and asked me what kind of hold I had on her daughters, since they don't usually share things they care about, but they both were all over me that evening and not one fight. I told her I really didn't know. She told me she intended to find out and warned me about going to their room.

I lay there for quite sometime, trying to sleep, finally I dozed off. I was having a wonderful dream, the twins were taking turns sucking my cock, when I came to and realized I wasn't dreaming. There was a hand stroking my dick and warm moist lips wrapped around my hard on. Her head was moving slowly, taking as much of me into her mouth as I suppose she could. I was like a dream, I reached out my hand to the back of her head, and the hair was too long to be Lana or Laura. My eyes finally focused in the dim light and I saw it was Sheila. As my hand touched her hair she released my cock and told me, now she knew why the girls were so fascinated with me and that she told me she would find the answer. She took me by the hand and I put my arm around her shoulder and hobbled to her room. She helped me to her bed and as I sat down she turned on the lamp on the night stand and walked back and closed the door."

By now Terri had one hand on my cock and the other fingering her pussy. She told me not to stop now, so I continued," Sheila was wearing a long white dress shirt and as she walked back to the bed, she unbuttoned the shirt. As the shirt parted, I could see the curves of her breasts. She was still wearing a garter belt and black stockings and see through white panties. I could make out a dark patch of hair between her between her legs. She walked up to me sitting there with my tongue hanging out and asked me if I liked what I saw. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her wispy panties and slowly lowered them, exposing her neatly trimmed bush only inches from my face. I pulled her onto the bed next to me and finished opening her shirt. Her breasts were almost perfect, larger than her daughters and with a firmness that belied her age. Her nipples were standing at attention as we kissed passionately. I began to massage her tits. Sheila moved her hand to the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down.

As I raised my ass off the bed, she slid them down my legs, allowing my cock to almost hit her in the chin. She lay back down beside me and fondled my dick while I kissed her neck and moved down to her tits I kissed her neck making sure I didn't leave any hickies and worked my way to those luscious tits. I kissed and sucked her nipples and my hand moved between her legs to her pussy. She slightly parted her legs to allow me access to her moist, sweet cunt. I sucked on her nipples, first one then the other she began to moan in a whisper. I started working my way across her stomach, which was as flat as either of her daughters. I worked on her belly button with my tongue and moved slowly toward my ultimate goal. She slightly raised her hips so I could finger her clit, I continued to kiss and lick her beautiful body. Her bush was neatly trimmed like her daughters and I used my middle finger to caress her clit as I continued back up to her tits. She was dripping wet and moaning louder when I whispered, "shh, we don't want to wake the girls." She quieted, but continued to squirm under my touch.

I wanted to taste her so I wasted no time in removing my finger from her box and replaced it with my tongue. She placed her hands on either side of my head and pulled me tighter, all the while she was bucking her hips up and down and moaning a deep throaty sound. She came on my face and in my mouth. I loved it, she tasted as sweet as I imagined she would. She must have continued to writhe in ecstasy for at least five minutes. When she settled down she pulled me up next to her and began kissing me passionately, burrowing her tongue in my mouth and no doubt tasting her own juices. She started moving her mouth slowly down my body, sucking my nipples and licking her way to my dick. She licked and sucked my balls while she stroked my hard-on then she put her mouth over the head and began to suck and lick around the head. This lady had been there before, not that I am complaining. It was fantastic, all the time she was licking and sucking my dick she was jacking me off she wanted to taste my cum and it didn't take long for me to oblige.

After a night that had left me hornier than a ten peckered Billy goat, I couldn't hold back and I didn't try. It felt as if I came buckets full and Sheila drank it all. She never released her grip on my semi rigid member and slid up next to me on her pillow, her head on my shoulder. She continued to stroke me as we kissed again and she told me she wanted me to fuck her, that she wanted to cum with my cock deep inside her." I felt Terri beside me begin to shudder, she was cumming. When she finally stopped she begged me to continue. So I did, "well, I slowly inched my hand down to her love nest and began tickling her clit. Then I slid my middle finger inside her wet hole and started to finger fuck her using my thumb to brush her clit as I did. She had held onto my cock and stroked it, but it didn't need any help getting hard, I was hard as a rock.

As I rolled on top of her she spread her legs wide and I started to rub my dick up and down her sopping slit. I slid my hard cock into her waiting pussy and slowly began moving in and out. She planted her feet on the bed and arched her back, raising her hips to meet every thrust of my hard cock. Man she was a lot tighter than I would have thought a woman with 2 kids would have been, as tight as Laura and Lana anyway. Her pussy seemed to be milking my cock. She pulled back and my dick slipped out, before I could react she turned over on her knees and offered her ass to me saying she liked it from behind, doggy style," she said, and reached between her legs and guided my hard cock into her waiting pussy. I held her hips as she moved forward and back, slowly at first then almost frenzied.

We came together, her face buried in a pillow and me buried deep inside her. When she relaxed from the throes of her orgasm, we collapsed on the pillows, me on my back with her cuddling next to me, her head on my shoulder, her arm draped across my chest, her leg thrown over mine and her warm wet bush rubbing on my thigh. We were both covered in our own and each other’s sweat and cum, she suggested we shower. It seemed like a good idea, so off we went." Terri said, "that’s enough for now, you can finish the story later, right now I just want to fuck your brains out." And she truly tried.

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