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My Friend Terri Pt2

We jumped in the shower again, this time to clean up. I took my suit in Terri's room to get dressed, partly to watch her, but also to talk. I watched her put on a garter belt and black stockings, she left off the panties, and a black lace bra, that left nothing to the imagination. She pulled on a form fitting black dress, cut low enough to show some cleavage, but still modest enough to suit her Mother. As I dressed I remembered how when we were kids, we were best friends and next door neighbours, that is until my Mom died. God she was gorgeous, I just stared at first then I said, "damn you're hot." She walked over to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and said," you ain't so bad yourself."

We talked as we drove, first about when we were kids, then about her Dad. When we got on that subject, Terri started to cry. With tears running down her cheeks she sobbed, "I feel really terrible. I mean I feel bad for Mom, but I don't feel any real sorrow that he's dead. He treated Mom and me like shit and I feel like I should be grieving, but I'm not. I'm not even slightly sad he's dead at all, in fact I feel relieved. And that makes me a terrible person. Please promise never to tell anyone what I just told you."

"I promise," I said, "In fact I feel the same way, you know I love your Mom and you, but I hated him. He always treated me like I was dirt, like I wasn't fit to breathe the same air as him." I think I totally understood how she felt. By the time we arrived at our destination, Terri had composed herself. She had told me she knew she had to pretend to be the grieving daughter for her Mom. I was not surprised to see a sparse turnout, mostly relatives and neighbours and a few people he had worked with.

Everyone expressed their condolences to the widow and the daughter. A few of Terri's girlfriends arrived and they pulled her aside. I noticed they had stepped outside, but I could see them on the porch through the window. I felt trapped and was looking for a way out. I told 'Aunt Kate ' I needed some air and that I was going to step outside for a few minutes. When I reached Terri and her friends, Terri introduced me as her old friend who was all of three months younger. We talked a short time and all but Rachel said they were sorry but they had to leave. Rachel sat on the porch glider next to me and whispered, "Terri says you have a big cock, do you?" I looked at Terri with a very surprised look on my face, she grinned, shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well they asked me about my good looking friend. And I told them I walked in on you stepping out of the shower this evening. They are my friends, was I supposed to lie?"

"They," I asked? "You told them all?" I tried to act embarrassed, Rachel was grinning ear to ear. I turned to her and asked, "Do you expect me to pull it out and show you right here on the porch?"

"No," she answered quickly, "Not out here. How about my house? My parents won't be back until tomorrow and Terri agreed to take me home later. You could show me then." Her gaze shifted to Terri, they both grinned and giggled. "Sure, why not," I said, "Why not? Of course if I show you mine, you have to show me yours." As I stood I brushed my hand along her bare leg up under her skirt. She walked up to me, pressed herself against me and whispered, “If you have what Terri says you have it’s going to be a lot more than show and tell." She reached between us and rubbed my hard cock through my pants. Terri, Rachel and I walked back inside together.

Grandma told me Dad was coming and would be here in the morning, I hadn't seen him in about a month and a lot had changed with me since then. We greeted relatives and neighbors with the family for an hour, and then Terri asked her Mom if it would be okay for us to go to Rachel's house to watch TV. She said, "Mom, I don't want to seem disrespectful, but I would really like to get away for a while, tomorrow is going to be a long day."

'Aunt Kate', being her usual self said, "Nobody will think you disrespectful, you go ahead. I understand and we probably won't stay more than another hour or so anyway." Grandma chimed in, "You guys go on, nobody will think bad of you. We will stay here with your Mom and take care of her, so go." We all piled into Terri's car and drove to Rachel's house. Rachel was about 2 inches shorter than Terri, about 5 foot 3, maybe 100 lbs. Soaking wet, brunette with big doe eyes. Her tits were somewhat smaller than Terri's, but she had a great ass, from what I could tell, and nice legs. Terri and Rachel rushed to the front door; I just played it cool and walked kind of slow.

Terri was waiting to close the door behind us. She did and locked it. "What's the matter, afraid I'll try to escape," I asked? She just laughed, took me by the hand and led me into the family room. Rachel was nowhere in sight. We sat on the sofa and Terri turned on the TV. She turned her back to me and asked me to unzip her, I did and she slid out of her dress. She started to take off her stockings, but I asked her to leave them on, so she took off the black lace bra and released those gorgeous tits.

"What do you think of the movie," she asked? Rachel's parents must have had some money they had a beautiful home and every convenience, including a VCR so you could watch movies at home. (They were new then.) The movie playing was a porno, the people were in the midst of an orgy scene.

"It's okay, but I like real life better," I answered. It was then that Rachel came into the room, dressed in nothing but a smile. Her bush had been shaved except for a little patch of dark trimmed hair just above her slit. She looked at Terri, smiled and asked, "Why has he still got his clothes on?" Terri shrugged her shoulders and they both began removing my clothing. I stood there and let them have their fun; my cock was straining for release from my boxers. Rachel pulled them down my legs, hers eyes glued to my cock that almost hit her in the chin.

"Damn girl, you weren't exaggerating a bit. I do believe that's the biggest one I've ever seen." She grasped my dick with both hands and wrapped her pretty lips around the head. She licked and sucked while she stroked my hard member, my knees felt as if they were going to buckle under me. I said, "Let me lie down on the carpet, that way I can eat some pussy."

Rachel never released her grip on me as I lay down, but she moved into a 69 position with her twat directly over my face. I grasped her cute ass and pulled her down onto my waiting tongue. Now I could feel two tongues working on my dick. Terri was getting into the action too. Rachel said, "I'm first, and she rose off my face and slid down to my hips facing away from me. She raised her cute ass and used both hands to guide me inside. I gestured to Terri to come and sit on my face. Her nylon covered legs on either side of my head; she lowered her sweet pussy onto my tongue while her friend was fucking me silly. Rachel was a screamer, I was glad nobody else was around, she was yelling, " Damn right, fuck me, and fuck me back. Oh Lord, I 'm Cumming, I'm Cumming. Yes, Yes, Yes." I felt her grind her snatch hard onto my rigid cock and she started to shake. Terri was almost there too I could hear her moaning loudly, "Me too, I'm Cumming too."

The two girls rolled off me and left my cock standing at attention, I knew they needed a minute to recoup. When they caught their breath they moved on their knees toward my face. "Alright for you two, but what about me," I asked? "Well, we aren't quite finished with you yet," Terri answered, "My turn now." She moved down and placed her dripping cunt over my still throbbing cock, lowered herself down and guided me into heaven. She was moving her ass up and down on my dick ... slowly for a few strokes then furiously for a few, then she would grind her clit against me by moving her sweet ass back and forth.

Rachel had straddled my face and lowered her almost completely shaven bush onto my tongue and I was tonguing her clit furiously. I reached up and caressed her breasts, and massaged her nipples while I tongue fucked her. She was moaning loudly, and almost screaming, "Where the fuck have you been all my life? Eat my pussy, that's it that's the spot, damn, damn, what a tongue. Suck my clit, that's it. Oh fuck, I'm going to cum again yes, yes, now oh yes I'm Cummingggg." Terri was seriously fucking me, she was really getting into it, I don't know if it was just the fucking or a combination of that and her very vocal friend getting her rocks off. She started moaning, "Me too, damn I'm almost there, now, now, now I'm there." And she was grinding her hips and pussy against me.

We all three came at almost exactly the same moment. The two girls fell off me, I was sated and apparently so were they. We lay there for a while, and then one of them suggested we shower together. Rachel's family had a huge walk in shower, there was room enough for five or more, but we were all pressed together like sardines. Luckily I was in the middle of two beautiful, sexy and hot young women. Soaping each other and taking liberties with one another.

At one time I was fingering both of them at once. I encouraged them to soap each other’s bodies, fingers massaging, caressing and even probing. Soon the two girls were rubbing tits and pussies; it was like you see in the movies. They tongue kissed and fingered one another; I was kind of left out but enjoying every minute of it. I braced Rachel from and rinsed her body with the shower spray. Terri' lips and tongue were kissing Rachel on the neck and down across her shoulders to her pert, firm breasts, playing and sucking on her nipples, all the while fingering Rachel's swollen clit.

Down on her knees, Terri made her way across Rachel's flat, taut stomach, to just below the small patch of hair of Rachel's bush. When her tongue first touched Rachel's pussy, I felt her shiver and I thought she was going to melt in my arms. She spread her legs to give Terri better access and Terri made the most of it. I couldn't see all of what was happening from my perspective, but Rachel was describing it in detail, "Oh yes, suck my clit, please don't ever stop. That feels so good, yes right there, I’m going to cum, please oh please keep it up. Yes, yes, yes."

I was behind Rachel, holding her with my arms under hers and my hard cock pressing into her lower back. It's a good thing I was or I believe she would have collapsed when she came. Her knees buckled and she went limp for a second, then she reached down to Terri and pulled her up so they could kiss. Then she traded places with Terri and began kissing Terri's neck and ears, then down to her gorgeous breasts and began sucking on her nipples. Rachel's hands were wandering over every inch of Terri's luscious body, gently caressing her soft skin as if searching for something. When she reached Terri's sweet pussy, Terri moaned with delight. Rachel dropped to her knees, still fondling Terri's breasts, kissing her way toward Terri's clit. She kept fingering her pussy as she sucked and licked at Terri's pussy.

Terri was directing her, "Put two fingers in me while you suck my clit. Oh God yesss, that's it right there, make me cum, please make me cum." I could feel her body tense as Rachel's had just before she came and her ass rubbing against my swollen cock almost made me blow my load on her back without even penetrating that fantastic pussy of hers. Terri was cumming now, she told the world, "oh fuck, I'm Cumming, I'm cumming now, damn, damn, damn."

Terri went limp for a few seconds as Rachel had, but I was there to catch her. She regained her composure and pulled Rachel into a loving embrace, they kissed long and hard. I was so turned on I couldn't take it anymore and began jerking off and when they noticed both went down on their knees and took turns sucking and stroking my cock until I came, which didn't take long. The girls sucked every drop of cum from my erupting cock. We all held each other under the warm spray of the shower and took turns kissing and massaging one another. Finally we left the shower stall and dried one another. We dressed, kissed Rachel and reluctantly said good-bye to her and headed for Terri's house.

As we drove we talked some more. Terri asked, "Are you angry, that I told Rachel about us fucking before we went to the funeral home? She is my best friend. "I assured her," hell how could I be mad at you? You got me fucked and sucked by a pretty brunette. And I got to sample that fantastic pussy of yours again."

"Yeah," she said, "and you just might get to again later if you are up to it. Or should I say if you can get it up again."

"I can handle all you want to throw my way," I answered. We were still joking with each other when we pulled up in front of Terri's house.

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