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Mother or Daughter Pt5

She was so wet. I knew that this foreplay was building up to a huge release from us both. There is no finer taste in this world than the juices released before and during a female orgasm. I wanted more. I stretched down as far as I could with my tongue. Starting just in front of her anus, I brought my tongue upwards, very slowly, tasting every last drop. I stopped at the opening of her vagina, licking the edges before pushing my mouth hard into her, extending my tongue even further. Slow to start, and then fast, very fast. Flicking it in and out, in and out. Her body contracted in pleasure with her hips pushing upwards forcing herself against my tongue even harder. She moved her hands on to my head and held my hair between her fingers. I slowed down the pace to let her recover a little. Just as she was getting her breath back I started to work on her clit.

Again I circled with my tongue, flicking the top very slowly, speeding up ever so gradually. I could feel her nearing an orgasm. She was turning the air blue with expletives every time her body contracted and each time I would slow down. Her hands were grasping my hair and each time I slowed she would pull me in again. I kept this up until finally her whole body started shaking. She pulled my head up hard. “Fuck me NOW!” she screamed, almost dragging me up her body. I was ready. With my arms on either side of her, I lifted myself until my cock was pushing against the opening of her vagina. She wrapped her legs behind me. With her hands she grabbed the cheeks of arse and with all her strength pulled me into her. In that instant, I felt the lips on her vagina spread as my whole penis slid deep into her.

Again she grasped my hair and pulled me down into a passionate kiss. At the same I withdrew completely. I re-entered with the head of my cock only. In and out, in and out. With all my remaining strength I pushed back in as fast and as hard as I could, riding even further up her body. We both released ... We both held our breath ... We held each other as tight as we could ... We said nothing ...

After a few minutes we relaxed our grip on each other and Stephanie let her arms fall to the ground on either side of her head. I raised myself up to look down on her. Her breasts were still heaving up into the air as she took long deep breaths. Her beautiful neck still circled by her white pearl necklace “Don’t move. I’ll be back in a second” I said as I rolled off of her. I went to the boot of the car and took out one of the blankets then returned to where Stephanie was laying. I helped her up until she was seated again. “Don’t take the blindfold off just yet. There’s something I want you to see.” I sat down behind her with her now seated between my legs and wrapped the blanket around us both. She pulled my legs tightly around her. “Close your eyes for a moment, I am going to take off the blindfold now”.

“You can open them now” I said. As she did so all she could say was “WOW!” It was now nearly 10pm and the sun was setting. The sky had turned into amazing shades of red across the whole of the horizon. It gave the clouds a depth of texture rarely seen and all along the valley below the harvest colours were changing, minute-by-minute. “I don’t know how you thought of the blindfold but that was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever had. To open my eyes to this is just breathtaking”.

“Are you ready for a dance then?” I asked a little while later. “I don’t know about you but I am starving and the BBQ will be starting about now.”

“I’m famished too” came the reply so we both got to our feet to go. We were in hysterics trying to clean each other’s naked bodies with wet wipes. We smelt of fruit juice, cream and sex! Finally, using the blanket as a towel, we were clean enough to put our clothes back on. Before dressing, Stephanie came up to me, kissed me and said she “I hope you don’t mind but I am not going to put my underwear back on. It will only be coming off again later, so why bother putting it on now?” As she said this I felt my cock hardening again. I looked her naked body up and down, taking in every curve. She took my now rigid cock in her hand “and this” she said “is going to give me that warm, creamy, salty taste test I wanted earlier!” and with that she turned and walked towards the car. She looked at me over her shoulder and added “later!”

As it was still a mild evening, I left the top down as we cruised towards the party. I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had done so far this evening and the fact that I had taken Stephanie’s virginity tonight, on our first date! I was wondering how she felt inside about the whole issue and if she had thought she had done the right thing.

Stephanie’s eyes were shut and she was relaxing, letting the breeze blow through her hair. She stayed like this for about 5 minutes. Then she unbuckled her seatbelt and knelt on her seat so that her head was above the top of the windscreen. She leant on the top edge of the screen with her chest and held out her arms, in a not dissimilar fashion to that of Rose in the ‘Titanic’ movie. I kept looking at her and every now and again the billowing wind would catch the bottom half of her dress lifting it into the air. As it did so I would keep getting glimpses of the cheeks of her bottom. I couldn’t help myself. I took my left had and placed it on the back of the ankle on her right leg. (This was a right hand drive car). Very slowly I started caressing the back of the lower part of her leg. As there was no objection to this I moved my hand further up so that the palm of my hand and fingers started to caress the inner thigh of her right leg, up to her arse. Her skin was as smooth as silk.

As I did so, she crossed her arms and rested them on the top edge of the screen. She then turned her head to look at me, smiled and then rested her head on her now folded arms. Without saying any thing, she parted her legs. With her body movements, she was inviting me into her pussy with my fingers. I pushed against her clit with the tip of my thumb before moving it up and slipping it effortlessly inside her. I then started massaging either side of her clit with the first 2 fingers as if I were opening and closing my hand. She opened her eyes to look at me and I saw her biting her bottom lip as I again slipped my thumb into her engorged pussy.

Again, she was turning the air blue with expletives. I could hear her even above the sound of the wind rushing past. I love a girl who lets it be known when the feelings are that strong. I moved my hand up further and replaced my thumb with the first 2 fingers. She was so wet now they too slid in and out of her vagina with ease. I then started pressing the now lubricated tip of my thumb against the opening of her anus. I was intrigued as to how she would react. To my pleasure she reached behind her with her right hand and proceeded to pull on the right cheek of her bottom, again inviting me to go further. I gently pushed the tip of my thumb forward and into the tight hole. She opened her eyes again, looked at me and screamed, “FUCK. That feels good!”

At that precise moment, our car, the road, the sky and the trees lining the road all lit up in a blaze of white light. Night had become day! A split second later, a noise that sounded like the loudest horn I’d ever heard went off. I thought “what the fuck…!”

I then switched my gaze to the rear view mirror attached to the windscreen to see what was behind. What I hadn’t realised was that with the amount of concentration and attention I was giving Stephanie’s rear end I had forgotten that I was actually driving! My speed had dropped to about 40 kph and I hadn’t noticed that when Stephanie had leant on the windscreen she had very slightly moved the mirror so that I couldn’t see what was coming from behind. Instinctively I removed my hand from Stephanie’s backside and corrected the mirror only for it to reveal that there was an 18 wheel articulated lorry about 15 feet behind our car with about 20 halogen spotlights on full blast lighting up the entire area! It was that close that I could see not only the driver but also his female passenger pointing at us and laughing hysterically whilst repeatedly blowing their massive air horns! What did I do? I floored it!

I momentarily forgot that Stephanie was leaning against the windscreen and I didn’t think of telling her first. As I floored the accelerator she flew backwards into her seat. Such was the acceleration of this car it took her a while to regain her normal seated position and engage her seat belt. We couldn’t talk to each other because I was now traveling at the speed of light with the roof down. I managed a quick glance at Stephanie only to see her staring at me with her eyes wide open and her hand over her mouth. I looked forward and kept going until the still flashing lights of the articulated lorry disappeared from view in the mirror.

My heart was still pumping. Moments later I drove into the grass field that was the car park for the barn dance, found the nearest space, turned off the engine, slid down in my seat as far as I could go and buried my head in my hands! I thought “that’s it, evening over, relationship over, shamed!” Then I heard a muffled sound from beside me. I was expecting some sort of screaming verbal abuse from Stephanie for what I had inadvertently allowed the truckers to witness. I opened my fingers and peeped through, glancing left to look at Stephanie. She had tears streaming down her face, her left hand over her mouth and her right hand around her waist. She was sort of bouncing in her seat and looking straight at me. “Are you OK?” I asked tentatively.

With that, Stephanie removed her left hand from her mouth and put her arm around her waist. She was laughing. She had been laughing since we left the lorry behind. She had been laughing so much that she couldn’t stop the tears and her stomach muscles were hurting! When she could finally speak she said, “I’m sorry but that has to be the funniest thing that has ever happened to me. Can you imagine them trying to tell their friends in the pub what they saw tonight?” and with that, she burst into riotous laughter again. I began to see the funny side and we spent the next 20 minutes just reliving what had happened. We agreed to keep it a secret (for now!).

We secured the car and made our way to the barn. I took Stephanie’s hand. “Wait” she said. We were standing about 50 meters from the barn. She stood in front of me and we started kissing. After a few moments, Stephanie stepped back a little and took each of my hands in hers before starting to talk. “Whatever happens later or in the future, I just want you to know that I don’t regret a single second of what has happened tonight. If your friends don’t like me or you don’t think we’re right together and you don’t want to see me again, I will still be glad that I had tonight with you.” “However I do still plan to fuck your brains out later!” she added and laughed. I was right. She was beautiful, intelligent and outwardly confident but so insecure inside. We hugged and walked to the barn.

I had a group of about 12 friends (both male and female) who were members of the ‘Young Farmers’ club that I would meet with several times a week. Sometimes only a couple of us would meet and at other times, like tonight, we would all get together. Being employed in the farming industry in one way or another meant working long hours, especially during the summer harvest so these dances always got going late into the evening and usually finished when the sun was rising. As we entered the barn I could see that everyone else had already arrived and were standing together by the bar. I was usually the butt of their jokes as I rarely came to these dances with a partner so I was expecting a barrage of comments not only because I had actually brought someone but also because she was so attractive my friends would consider her out of my league. I began to wonder how Stephanie was going to cope. I thought it was a bit like being thrown to the wolves.

As with all animal packs there is a leader. Dan was the leader in our pack and everyone was happy to accept him as so. He was harmless. Confident, humorous, good looking and rich! Bastard! As we approached the group I could see Dan with a smile coming on his face as soon as he had clapped eyes on Stephanie. Before I could introduce Stephanie, Dan was off. “So you must be Stephanie. What is a gorgeous creature like yourself doing with someone like Paul?” Without hesitation she replied, “well, for a start he wouldn’t use a friend to boost his own self esteem and secondly, he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had! Can I get anybody a drink?” The lads all stood motionless with their mouths open and the girls all cheered, laughed and high fived Stephanie with calls of “go girl, go!” Dan shook my hand and acknowledged he had met his match. From that single moment she was accepted into the group without question.

We weren’t living in each other’s pocket for the evening, which was great for the group and us both. Around 2am the DJ started playing some slow music and this was my opportunity to get close to Stephanie again. Once on the dance floor we pulled each other close, Stephanie with her arms around my shoulder and me with one hand on her back and one hand on her waist. As soon as we touched I could feel my cock getting stiff again. After a long passionate kiss Stephanie whispered to me “I want you to take me outside, find somewhere secluded, remove my dress, fuck me senseless again and do it now! Oh, I nearly forgot, when you are about to come let me know first!”

To be continued ...

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