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Mother or Daughter Pt4

This was scintillating. We were both kneeling in front of each other almost completely naked except Stephanie was blindfolded, still had on a pair of white briefs and I had on a pair of black boxers. We are in a field enjoying what was to be one of the hottest summer evenings on record.

Stephanie had her arms around me pulling me ever closer. She was seated on her heels but I had raised myself up so that I was looking down on her. My cock, still restrained, was pressed into her midriff. My hands were in her hair and we were devouring each other. She slid her hands up the back of the leg openings on my boxers and caressed the cheeks of my bottom, then squeezing and pulling me in even closer. She gently pulled the cheeks apart and I felt her run the tips of her fingers down the crack and stroke across my anus. How I never shot my load into my boxers at that precise moment I’ll never know. She started to move her hands around the outside of my legs, still keeping them within the leg of my boxers. “Not yet” I whispered, “I haven’t finished with you yet” and pushed her hands down. “I am SO glad I showed you my breasts yesterday” Stephanie replied and we both started laughing.

I reached over and picked up 2 of the pillows I had brought and laid them out behind Stephanie. I then guided her down so that her head was resting on them and she was lying on her back. She had a wide smile on her face and for a while I was content to lie next to her and just admire her almost naked body. There was a warm breeze blowing over our bodies. We lay there and rested for a while, just enjoying the feeling of being open to the elements and talked.

The talk was very different than before. This was overtly sexual. It was as if I’d found the key to Pandora’s box and someone had removed the boundaries that exist between people in normal day-to-day conversation. I could tell the graphic talk was again arousing Stephanie. She started subconsciously rubbing her hands lightly over her breasts whilst talking. This was such a turn on for me and I told her so.

I reached into the picnic basket and took a few raspberries into my hand and sat up so that I was looking down on her. While she was still talking, I held my hand directly over her mouth and began to squeeze. The juice dripped into her mouth and she stopped talking. “What is that?” she asked. “It’s a game. If you guess right you get a surprise.” “OK, try that one again”. I squeezed some more out but I let some run down her chin and on to her neck. “Raspberry!” she exclaimed with joy. “Well done. Here’s your surprise.” I started at the bottom of her neck, kissing and licking the juice, following the trickle that led from her chin. As I reached her mouth I licked all around her lips, finally inserting my tongue into her mouth. She sucked the juice from my tongue with vigor. “I like this game” she giggled.

Next, I took a handful of strawberries and did the same. “That was an easy one, strawberries,” she laughed. “Correct again!” This time I dripped some juice onto each of her nipples and in a circular motion on each breast. Slowly, very slowly, I circled each breast from the outside to the nipple with my tongue. Every now and again I would bite and the reaction was instant. With her right hand she squeezed her breast and pushed it further into my mouth for me to bite again. What seemed instinct to me, she slipped her left hand down over her stomach and started rubbing her pussy with her hand on the outside of her panties.

(This was a fantasy of mine. The thought of a woman masturbating in front of me, with or without my contribution, was the basis of many masturbation sessions of my own. Yet it is real. I am in the middle of a field, on a rug, with one of the most intelligent beautiful girls I have ever met. I am sucking and licking the juice of various fruits from her almost naked body, whilst she is blindfolded and masturbating! I remember thinking, if I wake up and this is another dream I am going to be so pissed!)

I reached over her and squeezed her other breast whilst biting the erect nipple a little harder. Her body twisted towards me, her chest pushed up towards my mouth, her legs raised and parted whilst the forefinger of her left hand circled her clit with even greater urgency. I couldn’t help myself. I moved slightly away to watch Stephanie in action. I had to release my cock so I unbuttoned the flies on my boxers and let it free into the warm air. I took Stephanie’s right hand and placed it on my cock. She twisted further towards me and rubbed the head of my penis around her nipple. She stopped fingering herself and took hold of the base of my penis with a firm grip. She started wanking my cock fast and hard and I could feel the skin around my balls getting tighter.

Before I was beyond the point of no return I took hold of her hands, rolled her onto her back again and pinned her hands to the ground on either side of her head and kissed her again. I released the grip on her wrists and she started stroking my hair and kissing me very, very gently. “What are you doing to me?” she whispered. “Whatever I want and I haven’t finished with you yet!” I replied. “Are you ready for the next taste test I asked?” “Bring it on!” came the reply. Up until this point I had not touched Stephanie below her stomach. This was about to change.

This time I grabbed the pouring cream we had earlier on the fruit. Very slowly I dribbled it into Stephanie’s mouth, down her chin, between her breasts, along her stomach and into her belly button. She could feel what it was straight away. She didn’t need to answer. Without prompting she rubbed the tips of her fingers in the cream on her stomach and massaged it into her breasts. I wanted to watch what she was doing so I removed my boxers and sat astride her, my dick pointing directly north from just below her belly button. I leant forward and started to lick the cream from each breast in turn, sucking her fingers and kissing her lips with real intent. She could feel my hardness on her belly getting covered in the cream from her belly button. She wetted her hands in the cream and massaged it into my penis. The cream was cool and arousing. This time she was using a much slower rhythm, one I could control.

“What I’d really like next” Stephanie started “is something in my mouth with a little more texture!” I didn’t need a written invitation but, as I said earlier, I’m taking control. With this thought in mind, I returned to kneeling by the side of Stephanie’s head. I placed my hands on the other side of her head and let the tip of my penis hover just above her mouth. She was still blindfolded and totally unaware of how close I was. “Open you mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can” I instructed. She did exactly as I asked. Very slowly I lowered the tip of my cream covered manhood onto her tongue. Her right arm was between my legs. She raised her arm and it followed the curve of the crack of my arse until her hand came to rest at the base of my spine. She turned her head to face the direction of my cock and with her right hand pulled me towards her. Slowly to start. Deeper into her mouth I went with each thrust. After a while she grasped the shaft with her left hand and keeping the head in her mouth, started pumping hard. I let her continue as long as I dare and then pulled away. Stephanie rolled onto her back again. “I hope the next taste test I get is something warm and salty”. “Maybe” I replied. “Not just yet though”.

“I want to watch you masturbate yourself,” I whispered in her ear. “Now!” She smiled, slid her hand down over her panties again and almost immediately started writhing in ecstasy, working her hand up and down. I moved to lay between her legs looking up at her. She opened them wider to accommodate me at the same time she slipped her hand under her panties. I could see her middle finger slipping in and out of her pussy. Each time writhing and tensing her body a little bit more. I reached around her thighs, took hold of each side of her panties and started to pull down.

As I did, she lifted her pelvis into the air so I could remove them with ease. I started kissing her inner thigh, just below the knee, moving very, very slowly towards her pussy. As I got there I kissed the back of the hand she was stroking herself with. She then brought her other hand into play. Sensing what I was about to do, she parted the lips on either side of her clitoris. I moved in with my tongue.

To be continued ...

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