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Mother or Daughter Pt3

We picked out a flat piece of grass and parked the car alongside. From where we were positioned we couldn’t be seen from the road but we could see the whole valley stretching away into the distance. I had planned this picnic in detail during the day and I hoped Stephanie would approve. I had tried to think of everything we could possibly need. There were 2 picnic rugs and 2 extra blankets in case the weather turned too cold. The picnic I had packed was small but I hoped sufficient. We had a bottle of champagne and 2 flute glasses, various summer fruits such as mango’s, strawberries and raspberries. I had even brought cream to have with the fruit. I had also brought 4 pillows in case we decided to lie down rather than sit. I knew that the barn dances always had the usual variety of bar-b-q foods on offer so I thought that the fruits would be a form of aperitif.

We unpacked everything from the car. Stephanie laid out the rugs whilst I opened the Champagne, poured the drinks and spread out the food offering. “My god, you have gone to so much trouble!” Stephanie exclaimed in surprise. “That’s what happens when you reveal your breasts to a man in a stable!” I returned. We both laughed and sat down on the rug. We drank the champagne, we ate some fruit, we giggled, we laughed but mostly we talked. Well Stephanie talked and I mostly listened! I’ve always preferred it that way. I don’t talk about myself unless pushed but I love to hear personal talk in detail from others. Other people’s lives always seem so much more interesting than my own.

In the time we were talking I learnt that she was an only child. I also learnt that Stephanie was well educated and had many friends. She was on a break after her final exams and trying to decide what to do next. Although filled with an outward self-confidence it became quite evident that she was really a shy person. The more we talked the more she opened up to me. She ended up confiding in me that she had only had 2 boyfriends before. I was even more stunned when she told me she was still a virgin. She had felt neither old enough nor close enough to either of the boys in question to let things get that far. I remember thinking what a wise head she had on such beautiful young shoulders. To my delight she said that she felt totally different with me.

Her mother, Kate, was a medical secretary. It wasn’t the need for money so much as the social interaction work gave her that she enjoyed. Barry, her father, was a construction engineer on major projects. He was normally away from home during the week and at home for maybe 1 or 2 evenings at the weekend. Apparently even that was too much for Kate! They had drifted apart over recent years and Kate was certain in her mind that Barry was seeing someone else. Stephanie thought the same. That would explain the atmosphere at the house earlier in the evening between Kate and Barry. I could tell this was upsetting to Stephanie so I gently pulled her towards me and wrapped both my arms around to comfort her. At the same time she rested her head on my left shoulder. This changed the atmosphere between us completely. I felt that she had wanted someone to listen and hold her this way for a long time. I could feel the stress draining out of her as we sat there, motionless, silent, and comforted.

Suddenly Stephanie was on her knees a few inches in front of me. She smiled and said “I have more things that I want to show you tonight” and with that, she started unbuttoning the top buttons on her dress. As she did so her cleavage came further into view. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t assuming too much so I asked “if we’re moving faster than you are comfortable with please say so.” Her reply was what I wanted to hear, “tonight I am ready and I want to feel everything - with you.” In my few previous relationships I had always let the girl be in charge. To control everything from when, how, where and even how far we could go. For the first time in my sexual life I was going to take control and Stephanie had made it clear that she wanted the same as me. “Do you trust me?” I asked. “Yes” came the reply. “Close your eyes and stay where you are” I instructed and she complied with my request. I went to the car and picked up a silk neck scarf that Stephanie had brought with her and returned to where she was kneeling with her eyes shut. Standing behind her, I gently brought the scarf down around her head, covering her eyes. She raised her hands to hold it in place while I tied it at the back of her head. I explained that if you remove one of the senses, in this case sight, the other senses become heightened to compensate. The simple fact that she helped me with the scarf made me realize she was ready to try anything!

I knelt down behind her and gently ran my fingers through her silky black hair. I closed my fingers and pulled her head back at an angle exposing the right side of her face, her neck and shoulder. Starting just below the hair line, I began kissing, as gently as possible. Her ear, neck and down, all the while gently pulling her hair. Her breathing became deeper and small moans of pleasure every now and again just made me more eager. As I reached where the neck met her shoulder she pushed her chest forward and took a deep breath. I had hit the spot. I could feel my cock stiffening harder and harder as each second passed. Looking down I could see her white bra fighting to contain her breasts. I bit down on the sweet spot I had found and again she pushed her chest forward and moaned and again her breasts were fighting to be released. With each hand I pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and down her arms. Once free, she raised her right hand, clasped the back of my head and pulled me harder into her shoulder. She wanted more and I was there to oblige.

I worked my way along the top of her right shoulder to her arm, kissing, biting, softly and then harder. She was now writhing with pleasure. With her right hand pulling my head down I slid my arm around and placed my hand on the top of her right breast. Again she moaned and pushed her chest forward but this time I moved my hand down, pushing the bra down past her nipple. I squeezed and pulled. “Fuck me” she whispered. This was not said as an instruction but as an involuntary expression of pleasure. My dream of the previous night was becoming a reality.

I wanted her to not only feel this pleasure, I wanted her to feel the pleasure this was giving me.

Without asking, she undid the rest of the buttons on her dress and it fell to the ground. I picked it up and laid it in the car out of harms way. While I was doing this she removed her bra and threw it to one side. She was still kneeling, seated on her heels. I went back and knelt in front of her. We kissed passionately and she removed my shirt. I pushed her hands away. I’m taking control.

“Do you still trust me?” I asked again. “You’re driving me insane – do whatever you want – do it now!” was the reply. “I feel so fucking horny I could explode.” This was music to my ears and these words alone nearly made me shoot my load. I knew when she touched me I would come in seconds I was so hyped. Still blindfolded, I took her right hand and placed it on the bulge in my trousers. At the same time I leant forward and pushed my tongue into her gasping mouth. With both hands I lifted her breasts, squeezed and pushed them together whilst gently running the tips of my thumbs over her hard nipples. She was gasping for air. I let go of her breasts and let them hang naturally. She squeezed my cock hard through my trousers. I sat back and looked at her as she explored with first one and then two hands. She was simply beautiful. Her hands fumbled to undo my belt followed by one, two, three, four buttons. I fell backwards away from Stephanie to remove my trousers and socks. I left my boxers on and returned to kneel in front of her. She wanted to taste me there and then, but I wasn’t ready. This isn’t where the dream ends.

To be continued . . .

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