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Mother or Daughter Pt1

My name is Paul and this story is based on actual events that took place some time in the early 80’s. Looking back now, I know I should feel nothing but shame about what happened. To be honest when I think about it now it just makes me feel horny! Let me briefly set the scene and try to recreate the scenario I found myself in all those years ago.

I was about 23 years of age and had been dating a not so shy 18 year old who for the sake of this story will call Stephanie. Having gone to an all boys’ school, I was a comparatively late starter in the dating game, being hampered by severe shyness. Stephanie changed all that for me. My aunt kept horses and Stephanie used to tend to them on Saturdays in exchange for free rides. This is where we met and is the first part of my story.

My uncle was a farmer and at weekends during the summer I would lend a hand with the harvest. It was hard work but I needed the extra money for a new car and to get a place of my own. We were clearing a field of the last straw and my uncle asked me to take the final load down to the stables where the horses were kept. It was probably the hottest day of the summer that year and on the way to the stables I was glad to know I could soon return home for a cool shower.

As I backed the tractor and trailer up towards the barn I glanced into one of the stables, as the door was open. I will never forget the sight I saw. I was looking at a female from behind. She was leaning forward over a water trough. All I could see was her beautifully shaped bottom and long shapely uncovered legs leading down to a pair of Wellington boots. At that moment she appeared to be naked and all I could do was stop the tractor and stare. It seemed like an age before anything happened. She then turned her head, looked over her shoulder and saw me staring. She stood up turned and smiled as she walked towards me through the stable door. It was then that I realised she was wearing a one-piece bathing suit as well as the pair of green Wellington boots!

Some girls are attractive and then there are some girls who look like Stephanie. She was stunning! She was about 5’5”, a slim waist, curvy feminine hips and breasts that looked so youthful and firm she would need nothing for support even though they were at least a 38” DD. Embarrassed, I jumped down from the tractor to introduce myself. Before I could say anything she looked at me and smiled. She had a modern ‘bob’ haircut of shiny black hair that framed her face. Her skin was as smooth as silk and she had eyes that just drew me in. I couldn’t help myself. I had to fight to keep my eyes from wandering from her gaze. Neither of us knew what to say. She was as embarrassed as I was having been caught wearing a swimming costume and green wellies mucking out stables! We both went red and just burst into laughter simultaneously. The ice had been broken.

The late afternoon was drawing into early evening. We had been sat outside one of the stables talking for what seemed like hours. It was still hot. The chemistry between us was evident but I still felt that this was way out of my league as far as a possible romance was concerned. I had to ask. It was make or break time. My heart was pounding my chest. I could feel tingling throughout my body but I had to ask. “Would you like to go out tomorrow evening?” She looked me straight in the eyes and said “I have been waiting for you to ask me that for the past hour ... ” She smiled, tilted her head to one side, leant forward and kissed me. I was on fire! I slid my fingers gently around her neck, up through her hair and pulled her head closer, our lips still locked together. After a few minutes she stood up in front of me. “Before you go, there’s something I want to show you” she said. She then took my hand and led me inside the stable. She gestured to a food bin to one side. “Sit down for a minute.” I did as I was told. I was curious.

Once I was seated, she took 2 steps backwards away from me. With her left hand she reached over her right shoulder and took the strap of her bathing costume. Without breaking eye contact, she slid the strap of her costume down her arm. She then did the same with the other strap. Slowly, she placed the palms of her hands on the top of her chest. Gradually she drew her hands down over her breasts taking the top of her costume with them. With the costume resting across her nipples, she took her hands, placed them behind her head and ran her fingers through her hair. At this point it felt as though my cock was about to burst out of its trouser tent!! Her smile grew wider and her eyes dropped to the ever-increasing bulge in my trousers. “I think you like what you see!” I could only nod. “I just didn’t want you to forget to pick me up tomorrow,” and with that she stepped forward and kissed me again. She then stepped back, replaced the top of her costume and walked out of the stable.

To be continued ...

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