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We are looking for people to submit stories that can be displayed for all to read.


Latest stories submitted :-

Becoming Stunning Wife Pt2
Becoming Stunning Wife Pt1
An Hour with My Masseuse
Airline Adventure
Adventures with Stunning Wife
PC Help
Party Sex
The Librarian Pt1
The Librarian Pt2
My Friend Terri Pt4
My Friend Terri Pt3
My Friend Terri Pt2
My Friend Terri
My Wifes Doctor
My Sister in Law
The Neighbours Girl Pt1
Mother or Daughter Pt5
Mother or Daughter Pt4
Secret Fucking
Wife's Horny Cousin Pt2
Mother or Daughter Pt3
Mother or Daughter Pt2
Wife's Horny Cousin Pt1
Mother or Daughter Pt1
Wife's Aunt Judy
Sex in the Neighbourhood Pt1
Sex in the Neighbourhood Pt2
The Cleaning Lady
Teresa and Patty Pt1
Teresa and Patty Pt2

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