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It was a late afternoon day. The sun was past its height of intensity, and the haze along the beach was thick and heavy with humidity.

I had just ridden my horse along the surf, relishing the feeling of a connection with the great beast that was below me. The wind in my face helped considerably to ease the sweltering heat of the day.

I found myself at the mouth of a small stream that ran off into the forest, and feeling adventurous, steered my horse in its direction. It wasn’t long before the trees and bushes became too thick for me to guide my horse safely through, so I dismounted and continued on foot. The forest seemed to breathe from the soft wind, whispering through the bows of the enormous trees that seemed to tower over me.

I came to a secluded area where the stream opened up to a small pond. The wind did little to disturb the glass like surface of this seemingly perfect body of water. I decided to sit next to this wonder of nature and relax, drinking in the view. I just sat there transfixed at the view, when something out of the corner of my eye caused me to shift my direction.

There off to my right, was a woman wearing a white dress, with long flowing dark hair.

She seemed oblivious to my being there, and walked to the edge of the pond, dipping her exquisite foot into the crystal clear surface, causing a ripple in the water, that seemed to travel right to my side of the pond. I felt like somewhat of a voyeur, spying on this lady of the woods, but her simplistic beauty gave me no other option but to continue to watch in silence.

She looked around absentmindedly, as if looking to see if she was alone. I found myself leaning back from her gaze, not wanting her to see me and run off. It seemed to work, for the next thing I saw was this sensuous siren slowly undo the buttons of her angelically white dress. My heart jumped into my throat as it slid off her shoulders, exposing her soft white skin, and I continued to catch my breath, it slid off completely, exposing her lacey bra and matching high cut panties. In my life, I had never seen such a sight such as this strange woman standing there, clothed only in her undergarments. I felt my manhood start to swell as she slowly waded into the water.

I found myself move strategically closer, being careful not to step on any fallen limbs, not unlike a hunter stalking his prey, but for me my eyes would devour this creature and keep it in my mind as a trophy.

As I continue to watch she slowly reaches behind her and unclasps her bra, exposing the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen in my entire life. The way the sun caressed the milky skin of her breasts caused my mouth to go instantly dry, longing to touch, and kiss these wondrous visions before my hungry gaze. She then slid into the pond, like a mermaid returning to the sea. Graciously as a swan she covered the short distance to the other side, seemingly floating across the water. Oh how I longed to join her in Mother Natures grasp, but for fear of her running away, thinking I was some kind of pervert, my feet remained firmly planted next to the trunk of a large tree, seemingly chained there as if by the roots of the very tree I hid behind.

It wasn’t long before she returns to her point of entry, slowly rising out of the water, with the water glistening off her soft skin like small diamonds. The sight of her was enhanced by the way the material of her panties clung to her bottom, like a second skin draped over her bottom half.

She stood there for a moment, letting the soft wind caress her wet skin, leaning her head back, much like a woman would to a lover who was setting her skin ablaze with his hungry touch. She seemed lost in a thought of past passions, for her hands traveled up her sides, softly stroking the naked flesh, causing her nipples to become erect. She continued her touches, gently cupping her breasts in her soft hands, feeling the areas of her body only she and her lover could possibly know would bring such a response such as the obvious response she was feeling.

My manhood was bursting forth in my shorts and I had to free it, for fear of it bursting. The wind felt like the warm breath of a woman as my manhood was freed from its confines, almost reaching out to this lovely woman before me.

I continued to watch her as she slowly bent forward to remove her wet panties. Her bottom was so perfectly proportioned, with soft curves that seemed to form a heart shape. Her womanhood was covered by a soft tuft of hair, seemingly softer than the hair of an angel, with a heavenly secret hidden in its curls. She stood there, seemingly lost in the feeling of being totally free of the confines of restricting clothing, and free to feel Nature as it was meant to be felt. Her mouth opened slightly, and I could almost hear the soft moan escape her lips, as her hands explored the softness of her body. Her hands moved much as mine would when presented with such a wondrous creature to touch and feel, and to melt into one with.

I found my own hands touching myself much in tune with her movements, my eyes slightly closed, imagining that my nerve would allow me to approach such a woman, and feel, rather than watch her touches.

As my gaze returned to her, she had laid down in the soft grass, legs slightly open, and her eyes seemed to drift closed as if someone falling asleep, but from the way her hands continued to touch herself, I could tell she was having visions not unlike my own of a lover replacing her hands with his own. Gently I move ever so quietly closer, feeling her heat seemingly emanating from her as my heart races at the sight before me.

As I get closer , I notice that she has laid next to some wildflowers, that seemed to pale in comparison to her beauty, but somehow only add to the painting only a man of wondrous ability could even begin to imagine to paint.

I am almost standing above her as her hands explore her most secret and tingling places, touching the soft folds of her womanhood, feeling its wetness as she thinks of her lover, of how he touches her this way and makes her feel so complete.

As I continue to watch, her eyes open slightly, she sees me, and as if still dreaming of her lover, slowly opens her arms to beckon me forward. I am shocked at my good fortune, and slowly lie down beside her, feeling her warm soft skin touch mine, sending shockwaves along my skin. She pulls my head down to hers, and I gently place a soft kiss on her lips. The taste of her lips is far greater than any wine ever created, leaving me feeling somewhat intoxicated. I continue the kiss, as my hands feel the softness of her body, gliding along its surface much in the way she was doing it earlier, sensing that this was how she liked to be touched.

She seems pleased by my way of thinking, for she moans softly, like a symphony of sounds only a lover could appreciate. She is responsive to my touches and she slowly runs her fingers along my stomach, slowly, almost painfully so, to my swollen member. Her dainty hand grasps its hardness, causing a moan to escape my lips as she slowly strokes its length. My mouth travels down her face lightly kisses first her cheek, then her chin as my mouth moistens as I make my way to her breasts. As I reach them, her nipples are erect, almost pleading to be kissed as I place my lips on one, then the other. Seemingly like magic, they become more pronounced, almost begging for more, as my tongue slowly circles them, my strange woman arches her back, gently tightening her grasp on me, as her senses become alive as if by a force of their own.

She smiles up at me as my mouth continues its magic on her, making her feel as only a woman can, and for that matter, should. She shows her appreciation by increasing her tempo on my manhood. I fear that all this excitement and foreplay may cause me to lose control too soon, so I raise up slightly, and slowly whisper in her ear that I would love to taste her. She seems surprised that a man would offer such a wonderful present, but seems quite eager to offer her to me.

I smile seductively as I slowly kiss a trail down her stomach, gently nibbling, and licking my way closer to her wetness.

As I approach her womanhood, I am taken aback by the heavenly scent of her excitement. My heart races and senses reel at the smell of her sex, and I have to use every ounce of control to keep from diving in, for I know a woman such as this needs to be eased into it. I kiss the folds along her womanhood, tasting the Ambrosia like nectar that has escaped from her. Moaning softly as my tongue slides along her slit, lapping softly at first, then with increased enthusiasm, for I know she is not far from the wonderful throes of orgasm. I increase my rhythm as I feel her body start to stiffen up as her first orgasm rips through her body causing her to scream out her true feelings. She is quite flushed from her volcanic bliss, as it gently subsides, her body still tingly as she smiles up at me, and pulls me to her.

I gently raise myself above her as her hands once again reaches for my erect member, and to my delight she slowly slides the head of it along her moist opening before guiding it inside her. I gently move forward, allowing just the head to enter her, pausing long enough for her to adjust to the thickness before sliding the length of it deep inside her velvety glove.

My nerves are on fire as I feel her womanhood grasp my member tightly in its grasp as I slowly move back and forth. She matches my rhythm with enthusiasm, grinding her body to mine as we move in a heavenly ballet of lovers, feeling as one as we flow to the motions of our bodies.

My own excitement is building at a feverish pace as I piston in and out of her, gazing into her soft brown eyes, seeing into her soul as our bodies strive for the mutual pleasure that is not far from our grasp. I feel as if this woman and I are soul mates as we stare into each other’s eyes feeling a bond between us as only lovers can.

Soon I feel my own orgasm building and my pace becomes a blur as I wish nothing more that to have this beautiful princess reach her height of pleasure as I do.

I moan loudly as I feel my seed shoot forth, filling her with my hot fluid just as her womanhood pulses around me signaling her reaching the peak of orgasm.

We fall together as one, panting , and glistening form the heat we generated with our lovemaking. I feel her softness next to mine and smile at the afternoon I know I will not soon forget.

Suddenly I awake with a start. I gather my surrounding and find that I am lying alone next to the pond. I quickly get up and look around, searching for my secret lover, but alas, she is nowhere to be seen.

Did I imagine it? I wonder as I gather my things and head back to my horse. When I return to the animal I reach for the reigns, suddenly aware of something tied to it.

I undo it from the reigns and hold it up. It is the pair of panties from my secret lover. I hold them close to me, and realize it couldn’t have been a dream after all as a smile creases my face. A dream? More that you will ever know.

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