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The Cleaning Lady

I am 61 years old, divorced, semi-retired man. I live alone in a 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom house. I hired a cleaning service to come in once a week, as I am not that good at general house keeping. I do my own dishes, laundry, etc., but windows, dusting, vacuuming, and toilets and so forth are not my forte.

The one lady that had been cleaning the house for me suddenly quit. The cleaning service tried for two weeks to get someone else but to no avail. The lady that worked at the photo shop told me she could use some extra money and would clean my house.

The photo shop lady Cindy came by Monday after her shift about 6:00 PM. I showed her the house and she said she would return every Friday evening about 7:00 PM to clean. Cindy thought that about three hours would be enough time to clean. We agreed on a fair price and I gave her a key.

Cindy had been cleaning my house for a few months and I tried to stay away while she cleaned. On Friday nights I usually would sit at the local lounge not too far from my home, have 6 or 8 beers and get a taxi home. In good weather I would walk to and from, as it was within a half mile.

About six months after Cindy had started cleaning she arrived earlier than usual and I was just getting out of the shower. Cindy said she could come back later if I was uncomfortable. I told her I would dress and leave. During our conversation she asked if I had a girl friend and other rather personal questions.

She told me that her and her 20-year-old unmarried daughter Kelly, who had a child, needed to move as the landlord had almost doubled her rent. She wanted to know if there was any way that they could move in with me until they could find another place.

I don't like to be a hard ass but then again I don't want to be taken advantage of. I did have the two empty bedrooms, and a bath, I didn't use. Not too many excuses not to let them move in. The next week I am sharing house with 40-year old grandmother Cindy, a 20-year old unmarried mother Kelly, and a 3-year old sweet little girl,

The 3-year old and me got along great, as did the rest of the clan. I have a hot tub on the back deck and so I am really cautious about the little one being out there with no supervision. Both Cindy and Kelly were quite comfortable living there. After less than a week they would be walking around the house with not a lot of clothing on.

Sometimes a T-shirt and no underwear, so when they were picking up little Chelsea I got many a free shot. Both had shaved pussies and I was all eyes. Kelly also had a large set of tits. They would poke out at you for almost any occasion, large nipples. I told them if they got in the hot tub that no bathing suits were allowed because the soap residue clogged the filter.

Each time they used the hot tub I got a great view, of course not a lot to see chin deep in water. I liked watching them dry off though. One Saturday afternoon, I was on the back deck reading the paper. This was only two weeks after they had moved in. Cindy came out, and climbed in the hot tub.
She had nothing on of course, under the towel that she had wrapped around her. She asked if I was going to join her and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I went into the house and grabbed a couple of extra towels, then came out peeled off my sweat pants and climbed in.

She asked if I would like to share a bottle of wine with her, I told her I would just drink a beer. I figured nothing lost nothing gained. Cindy got out walked into the house got a bottle of wine, a plastic glass, and me a beer. Cindy had a nice set of tits. Not large, but not small either and not a lot of sag. Being served a beer by a nude woman while you are sitting in a hot tub is almost like heaven.

We drank, had small talk and decided to get dressed and go to my favorite lounge for some dinner. While at Charlie's Lounge we had hamburgers and several more drinks. It was almost closing time when I asked Cindy if I should call a cab. She said she would rather walk home as we had walked to the lounge earlier.

We walked or stumbled the half-mile home. When we got home a note on the kitchen cabinet from Kelly that said her and Chelsea would be gone for the night to a girlfriends house and would be back about noon Sunday. I went into my bedroom, prepared to go to bed when the door opened and there stood Cindy naked. She wanted to get in the hot tub again and wanted me to go with her. I am drunk, and shameless.

We go out on the back deck and get in the hot tub again. I am half hard with lust and she could see it. About five minutes after entering the hot tub Cindy rolls over straddling me and gives me a big hug. Thanking me for allowing them to move in. This was followed by a kiss and she stuck her tongue almost down my throat.

I am hard immediately. She is sitting on my lap and rubbing my cock with her shaved pussy. Cindy wants to know if she can pay the rent. I told her I didn't expect her to pay rent while she was getting back on her feet. She told me the least she could do was to make me happy.

Cindy told me she would fuck me as often as I needed and would even suck me off if I liked, and "Yes" I liked. She told me she had a hard time swallowing which was a disappointment. We started rubbing each other in the hot tub; she even tried to get the cock inside her in the water but no lubrication.

Cindy and I got out went into my bedroom and licked each other in a 69 position. Me having not been laid in a while shot my first load quickly and she tried to swallow some of it but it shot all over her face. She got up and washed her face then washed her mouth out and got a drink of water. She came back to assume the same position and I licked her with pleasure.

Finally when she could take no more and she had me hard again, she turned around. She mounted up on me and slowly rocked back and forth until I lost my second load deep inside her. I am feeling better then I have in years. I cuddle up to her backside and go to sleep.

In the morning I am aroused my cock throbbing against her ass cheeks. A bit embarrassed, I feel her hand on my throbbing cock and she slowly lifted her leg to insert my cock once again. I rocked back and forth slowly, feeling her pussy pulsate, hearing her low moan knowing she has just orgasmed again. I unload another time in this precious pussy.

We finally shower together and dress. After we eat breakfast the phone rings and it is Kelly saying she has an opportunity to go to work the next week, good news. The following week Kelly starts her new job and I end up part time babysitting 3-year-old Chelsea, I have the time of my life with this little one. We go to the park, the zoo, McDonalds, you name it we do it.

Kelly told me she was trying to get a full time babysitter but wasn’t having much luck. After 2 months Kelly got home from work early about two hours before her Mother got home. She quickly showered and when she came out half dressed as usual, asking about Chelsea. I told her she had just laid down for her nap so she would be out for another hour or so.

Kelly asked what she was going to have to do to pay me for babysitting. I told her a good blowjob occasionally would be sufficient. Knowing her Mother was taking care of that; I figured she would tell me to fuck off. She startled me by asking when I wanted to start. I jokingly said any time and now is as good as any. She said, “lets do it”, I said “ok, how about on the back deck we can leave the door open to her Chelsea when she wakes up”.

I walked out on the back deck sit down on my bench. I have my summer shorts on, no underwear. Kelly walks out peels off her T-shirt nothing on underneath. She reaches down and starts massaging my cock. The sight of those large tits and shaved pussy was great. I stand and allow my shorts to drop to the deck.

Kelly starts licking and sucking on my cock. In just a matter of a few minutes I cum down her throat. She gags a bit but swallows all she can. I have to lie down, as my knees are weak. Kelly continues to suck and lick, getting my cock aroused once more. My cock is hard as it has ever been and with that Kelly sits up straddling me. With my cock inserted in this twenty-year-old shaved pussy I am in ecstasy.

I am looking at and rubbing a pair of huge firm titties. We slowly move with each other. I can take no more I roll her over on the deck and climb on top pulling her legs up over my shoulders and slam my cock in as deep as I can get it spilling another load. We lay quietly for just a few moments and I thanked her, she thanked me. We heard Chelsea fussing so we quickly got up, covered our selves, and went in to the house to get Chelsea.

Two days later Cindy comes home and told me she found someone that she wants to go live with. I told her I didn't see a problem. She said Kelly was going to have to find her own place. I told her for the time Kelly could just stay here if she wished. When Kelly got home her mother gave her the news and it hurt her feelings you could tell. I reassured Kelly it was ok to stay here until she had a handle on everything.

The next week Cindy moved out. It was Kelly's day's off, she and I helped her mother move. After moving all day we got home and she went out to soak in the hot tub. Chelsea had just gone to bed. Kelly asked if I had an extra beer or two. I pulled two beers out of the fridge and went out to the hot tub. I opened them and handed her one.

I dropped my shorts and climbed in the hot tub with her. I got out three more times to get beer for each of us. My cock is almost hard from the warm water and her leg moving up and down my leg under the water. After four beers Kelly was getting a good buzz on. Kelly finally got out and partially dried off going into the house. I closed everything up and turned out the lights going in to go to bed.

I checked Chelsea and she was sleeping. The light was off in Kelly's room so I figured she must be asleep already. I started to crawl into bed when I felt a strange feeling. Kelly was in my bed. I slid in trying not to awake her. She was awake and cuddled up to me as soon as I had lain down. I felt her hand rubbing my stomach and on down grabbing my cock. She stoked it a few times and it was hard immediately.

She crawled on top of me and started rocking back and forth ever so slowly. I reached up and rubbed those big beautiful tits of hers. I asked her if I could lick her pussy. She slid up the bed allowing my cock to fall out of her and placed her shaved pussy right on my face. I slowly licked and sucked her womanhood like I had found a new flavour of ice cream.

Damn it was nice; she started breathing heavily and suddenly stiffened her entire body. When she caught her breath she slid back down allowing my hard cock to enter her once more. She started kissing me and told me she had never tasted her own pussy before. Kelly got really turned on licking her cum from my beard and moustache. All this time she is moving up and down ever so slowly on my cock.

I rolled over on top of her. Her legs spread out wide and they went up into the air. Kelly's butt came off the sheets meeting my every stroke. She started shaking and stiffened as she orgasmed and I followed filling her pussy with my cum. Kelly never did go back to sleeping in her bedroom, she slept with me every night. We wouldn't have sex every night but close to it.

Six months after Cindy had moved out she came by the house and asked if she could move back in as her and her lover were not getting along. She moved in the following week and was rather surprised Kelly was sleeping with me. She didn't like it, you could tell but she didn't say anything for the first three or four weeks. One afternoon Kelly and Chelsea were gone and Cindy wanted to talk.

She asked what was going to happen, I told her we were just good fuck buddies and Kelly was free to go date whoever whenever. Cindy said I missed the question, the question was would I continue fucking her as well as her daughter. I told her I would do my best. Two months later Kelly found a real nice guy and started dating him and moved in with him shortly there after.

Cindy has since moved back in to my bedroom and I don't think she has plans of leaving again.


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