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Becoming Stunning Wife Pt2

In part one I told you that our house was in the middle of a 3 acre plot that adjoined another property that I owned. Our drive came off a drive to the unused farmhouse with the front yard of our house facing this common drive. The acre to the left and right of house both have a thick covering of trees that block view from the road or from the farm house. There are trees blocking any view from the neighbor on the other side of the farm. There are 2 lots meeting behind our house but to see our front yard you would have to be standing just right to see between more trees or on our property. To catch someone sun tanning in the front yard, someone would have to come up the 200+ foot tree lined drive. I used these facts to work on Jean to suntan nude.

Jean continued to suntan in her one-piece suit after the day I described before. I continued to tease her as I put lotion on her. One day she decided that she wanted to get some sun on her boobs. I encouraged her saying," you'll have plenty of time to cover up if someone comes up the drive.” She was still nervous about being caught but pulled the top of the suit well below her boobs.

I rubbed lotion on her breasts noted some excitement. Jean's boobs have many looks according to her arousal. If she is simply relaxed her areola spread out to the size of a 50-cent piece and are pale. The nipple does not stick up much. With moderate stimulation the nipple swells to the size of eraser and the areola begins to get smaller. When she is heavily aroused the areola has become the size of a quarter and pushed up becoming darker.

The nipple is now the size of the end of my little finger and hard. Taking the chance of being caught with her boobs exposed, Jean had reached the middle stage of excitement. I wanted to reassure her so I could get her to go farther. I offered to sit near the edge of the yard near the drive so I could easily tell if anyone was coming. She didn’t want me that far away she wanted me to be sitting close to her. Fine with me I enjoyed to view.

The next time she needed some more lotion I worked on exposing more skin. I acted like it was difficult to get lotion everywhere she might need it with the suit in the way. I thought I might be pushing it too far because she didn't say anything or make any move to remove her suit. She stood up and looked around and slowly began to slide the suit down her body. Gradually her butt and pussy were exposed.

This was the first time I knew of her being totally exposed outside except to answer natures call or once before when we had sex outside. This time she intended to stay exposed in the open for some time tanning. As she lay back down on her stomach I began to rub lotion on her back making sure that it felt more like a massage than just putting lotion on.

Jean has back troubles and I massage her for long periods of time. Usually the massage gets more and more sensual as they progress. Jean has called me a dirty old man before. The application of the lotion was heading this way. When I applied lotion to her pale bottom I worked it in good. I tease her by working her cheeks and legs apart so it is also spreading her lips and causing them to rub against each other. Of course I had to put lotion on those most sensitive lips and work it in thoroughly so they didn't burn.

Jean seemed very content now and suddenly said, " Why am I the only one naked here. Get those shorts off too. If I get caught so do you." Again what could I say I thought this could lead to something good. I dropped them and she asked me to come closer so she could help me get lotion on spots she didn't want to burn. She lay there putting lotion on my butt and then stroking it on my expanding dick. To my distress she stopped and laid back quicker than I hoped. She said, " We will work on that later."

Now having the blue balls, I told her I was going to the bathroom and would be back with some cold drinks in a few minutes. I went inside and got one of my digital cameras and decided to record her sunning nude. At this point I wasn't sure if I could get her to do it again and didn't want to miss the chance. I went to one of the front windows and started taking pictures. I then quickly went back with the drinks.

When Jean turned over I again helped her get lotion on all the pink parts. I rubbed lotion in to the sides of her pussy lips accidentally giving her lips and clit a good rub too. To get an even tan where the suit had been, Jean began what some of you have seen in her pics in both sections. She bends her knees and spreads wide to be sure the sun gets to all the skin around that beautiful pussy.

I sure she loves this warm feeling on her clit and lips. Seeing her spread this way I found excuses to go inside and get some pics. Some of the pics from that day didn't turn out clear enough so I got a better camera to get better details. Jean pretended that she didn't know why I was going in the house, but I felt like she was looking right at the window I was at taking her pictures. She was smiling too for some reason.

We had put up an above ground pool for Jean and the family to cool off from the summer heat. Jean decided she needed to cool off from all this laying out. She eased into the pool until all you could see was her head. She invited me in with her so I got in close and put my arm around her. We kissed with tongues exploring. I began to rub her breasts while we kissed.

Soon her nipples were the size of my little finger, swollen and hard. She rose out of the water and sat on my leg to make it easy for me to lick and swirl my tongue around her nipple. I continued to alternate between licking and sucking her nipple hard. My fingers slipped down lower to massage her pussy lips. I managed to get my finger inside her to massage her g spot. As I fingered her faster, she said,” we need to get out now and find a make a place to lay down." We grabbed the blanket she had been laying on and laid it on the tailgate of our truck.

With her leaning bent over the tailgate I spread her lips apart and worked my aching dick into her from behind. Once I was fully in, I started a slow steady all the way in and out until only the head was in rhythm. After a few minutes she came with me just after. I held deep inside until I was emptied and started to shrink. We were both satisfied and exhausted.

From this beginning she continued to lay out nude even when she was alone. Both her daughters began to tease her about her "all over tan". Her tanning has lead to some interesting situations and some revealing pictures.

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