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Becoming Stunning Wife Pt1

This is my second story about my wife Jean and our sex life together. Her pictures have been in both the Homemodels and Blue Sections as Sunning Wife. I thought I would tell about how she started sun-tanning nude. After we were married we decided to fix up an empty house I owned on a 3 acre lot next to my 16 acre part of my family home place. We worked on the house for almost a year before moving in finally in the spring. I may later tell about some of the things we did while we were remodelling.

As the weather got warmer, Jean started to lay out in the sun in a one-piece swim suit. Because of her Indian blood she began to tan nicely, getting quite a contrast between the parts exposed and what the suit covered. I loved seeing her laying out.

Her D cup boobs showed nicely even in a one piece. I loved seeing her round butt trying to let the one-piece slip into her crack. Like most men I know I love helping her with her lotion. You know I only want to keep her from burning. The fact that I got to massage her beautiful thighs and butt had nothing to do with it. Of course I had to get some lotion on her cheeks to keep her from burning when her suit moved to show her butt. And when you are being through your fingers might slip into her suit and touch the sides of her lips a few times.

Lets not forget when applying lotion you have to pull down the shoulder straps enough to be sure to get lotion on the sides of those lovely breasts. It became a game to see how far I could go applying lotion without being too obvious that I was more interested in exciting her than in applying lotion. Since Jean loves me to massage her, it didn't bother her too much that I was taking a lot of time applying her lotion.

I noticed that the crotch of her suit was wet between her legs. She noticed I had a bulge in my shorts. She told me "I think we to go inside and take care of something." We head inside and strip off quickly and she lies down on the couch. I kneel between her legs and begin to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples. As I roll her nipples between my fingers the areola begins to contract and push upward. The nipple swells to the size of the end of my little finger. I run my tongue around her areola and suck the nipple into my mouth pulling it lightly with my teeth.

As Jean is moaning and arching her back pushing her boob into my mouth, I slide my hand down to begin teasing her lips with my fingers and her pea sized clit with my thumb. As her wetness increases I slide a finger inside to rub her g spot while I rub her clit with my thumb. I move down licking and sucking her clit while I continue to massage her g spot with my finger. I alternate between sucking her clit and lips. Both become swollen with my attention. She loves me to eat her. Jean tenses with a strong orgasm and I continue suck and pull on her clit still rubbing her g spot with my finger inside her until her orgasm eases.

As she catches her breath, Jean says " I want you inside me now."

I pull her to the edge of the with her legs on my shoulders. I have an average size dick but the head is large and smooth. I spread her swollen lips with my fingers, rubbing her lips teasing her with the tip. I decide its time for me. I slide in and back out repeating this motion until I am in all the way. I try to keep slow and steady because I want to extend both our pleasures. Jean says, "Faster, faster please". I continue getting faster until I decide to change things a little. I slide out and roll Jean on her side. I straddle her leg and slide back in balls deep. I know this position will press the head of my dick hard against her g spot because we have done it many times. This is the position I save until last because I know with steady firm strokes her g spot and the head of my dick lines up perfect for us both. We both will be moaning loudly soon.

After a few minutes we come together. Her muscles squeeze my dick tight while I try to force myself to keep sliding in and out until all my cum is emptied in her. When I finally pull out her lips are swollen and wide open. As I grab my shorts to wipe the cum is starting to run out of her spread lips, I love to see this. I start to think about how to get her to tan nude and what new opportunities this could create.

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