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Airline Adventure

It was on one of those long flights to Paris that left New York around 9pm. I was in the first seating group and had just gotten settled into my window seat. I arranged my pillow next to the window to get comfortable for the long flight so I could get off to sleep after a stiff drink and the meal.

I was wondering who was going to end up in the two seats next to me in the row. Just then a slim attractive business woman in her mid-thirties sat down in the isle seat. ‘Damn, I wished she had the seat next to me’ I thought as she would be better to chat with than some over-weight person who wouldn’t shut up or make me too uncomfortable in the coach seats to sleep.

As the plan was filling up, the seat between us remained open. Then, the flight attendants indicated that the cabin doors were now closed and to turn off all electronic devices and get ready for departure. I turned to her and smiled, saying, “I guess it is our lucky day to have an empty seat between us so we can get comfortable. It will be a long journey across the pond.” She gazed in my eyes and smiled back, responding, “Yes, this could end up being an enjoyable flight after all.”

Once we got up in the air, we made small talk as the flight attendants were serving drinks and dinner. She said her name was Maggie. As she talked, she seemed to have this air about her that was just amazing, very confident, alluring but not overtly sexual.

To help me sleep on these flights, I usually order a vodka tonic. When the flight attendants came by, I offered her a drink too. She chose some wine before dinner. When the meal was over, Maggie turned to me and asked, “Another? Vodka tonic was it?” “Sure, that will be great” I replied. We continued to chat about the purpose for our flights to Paris.

She was going to represent the sales information at their annual meeting for the US Division for a global clothing line, the name of which she wouldn’t divulge. I was off for a business trip also but was related to manufacturing of Wind Turbines to generate clean electricity. We had both been too busy with our careers to find a steady relationship yet. We talked about our past dating experiences and chuckled.

The plane’s interior lights were soon dimmed and I got ready for a snooze. I sat back and draped the blanket over me. Then I hear Maggie ask, “Do you mind if I tip up the arm rests and use this seat between us to get more comfortable. As I was already comfortable leaning next to the widow, I said, “Sure, go right ahead.” Then I turned to her and registered a now obvious and alluring look on her face.

She smiled and said, “I have trouble sleeping on these flights unless I can snuggle.” She tipped back both of the other seats as far back as mine and proceeded to get comfortable. I was too tired to have it register and must have dozed off for a while. But I was awoken by Maggie, sliding over in her seat as she dozed, and ended up with her head in my lap. I was still comfortable so I let it be and dozed off just briefly again. This time I was awoken by Maggie’s hand under my blanket, sliding up my thigh.

I then heard her whisper, “I can’t sleep. Can I snuggle up here?” Before I could even respond, I felt her hand slide over my crotch. Her delicate touch caused an immediate surge of blood in my dick. I swelled rapidly, rising to the occasion and making a bulge in my pants. “Oh, I like your quick response” she said as she continued to stroke my swelling cock through my pants.

I looked around a saw that nearly everyone around us was asleep, so I moved my hand under my blanket and unzipped my fly, saying, “I hope I’ll be able to return the favor.” “Bet on it” I heard Maggie say as her hands reached inside my pants and snaked my now hard cock out through my boxers. Maggie began gently sliding her fingers up and down my shaft. It soon was pointing straight up making a tent out of the blanket in my lap. She continued exploring around my cock and cupped my balls. “Oh, nice and cleanly shaven, I feel” she purred.

Then she placed the palm of her hand on top of the swelling head and with her fingertips rubbed the ridge of the head where it met the shaft. Her index finger then started moving up and down the underside of my shaft, while her other fingers and thumb did their dance. This was driving me out of my mind. Maggie then whispered softly, “Imagine that it is my mouth sucking on you. Would you like that?” “Yes, very much so.” I whispered, barely able to get out a response.

She then pulled the blanket up and she slid in underneath, covering herself and my exposed cock with the blanket. Maggie opened her warm wet mouth and slid it down over my aching hard-on. Her tongue started swirling around my shaft as her head bobbed up and down ever so slowly. She started massaging my balls with her left hand, rolling them around between her fingers. Maggie alternated her attention between my cock and balls.

She knew she was doing a good job on me as my breathing became erratic and my cock began to twitch. Her lips squeezed tight around my shaft just below the head as her hand squeezed tight around the shaft. She then began to quickly stroke my cock while she sucked hard. It seemed that she was trying to suck the cum out of me and boy, it was beginning to work.

My cock throbbed in her grasp, and then just unloaded, spraying into her tightly sealed mouth. Maggie just kept sucking and swallowing as my cock continued to give up it’s cum one shot after another. She kept my cock in her mouth until it got soft and then came up for air. “Wow, was that a thrill or what” she said with a giggle and then continued with “Want to return the favor?” “I can’t wait” was my reply as I adjusted myself and zipped up my pants.

She adjusted herself and then laid back across the two seats next to me. She covered herself with the blanket and draped her legs over my lap. In the darkness, I saw her pants and panties slide out from under the blanket and onto the floor. I slipped my hands up under the blanket and started off gliding my hands from her knees to her thighs, moving further up.

I found out she was clean shaven as well. Her lips were protruding out and all wet. I spread her swollen lips and sandwiched them between my fingers and pulled gently. Maggie begins to moan as I tease her with my fingers dancing around and finding her clit, getting swollen as well.

I slide my thumb up and down her slit getting it all wet but not entering her. Then I bring it up to her clit and begin a slow circular rub on it. She gasps as her body flinches with excitement. With my other hand, I glide it up under her shirt and begin to massage her lacy bra-covered breasts. Her nipples are hard and press out against the delicate fabric. While my thumb is continuing its massage, I get two fingers poised for their entrance.

With them, I slowly rub and spread her lips, which are now sopping wet. Without any warning, I slide them in her quickly, thrusting hard and burying them deep. Maggie begins to let out a moan, but then bites her lip quickly. After managing to undo the front clasp of her bra, her breasts are freed from their confinement. My one hand continues to massage them as the other is working her pussy into a frenzy. She begins to thrust her hips up as my fingers bear down hard with each in and out motion, causing my thumb to continue sliding back and forth across her clit.

I can tell she is ready to climax, so I pinch one of her nipples and probe for her G-spot. I get the response I was hoping for. Her body spasmed and squirted as she climaxed, trying to be as quiet as she could. She settled back in down across the seat and whispered “Wow, that really felt good. Thanks.” She continued, “You up for a trip to the bathroom for one better?” She wrapped the blanket around her as she adjusted herself in the seat.

She got up and gave me a wink as she headed for the back of the plane. It was nearly 3 am and the only ones awake were two attendants back by the kitchenette. Maggie chose the bathroom furthest from them. After a minute, I made my way back and began to open the door to the adjacent stall but then made my way into the same stall as Maggie. She folded blanket up on the small counter, saying, “What took you so long?” I put my finger over her lip as a sign to be quite and then I kissed her.

Maggie immediately undid my belt and had my pants and boxers sliding to my knees. There was barely enough room to move in there but I managed to push her back against the sink counter, raised her leg and placed her foot on the toilet seat cover. He grabbed my throbbing cock and worked it up to her well lubricated pussy and I pressed forward, burying just the tip up inside her. I grabbed her waist and worked her closer as more and more slide deep inside.

She mentioned that she had never actually fucked on an airplane before and neither had I. This was just an amazing turn on and I did not know how long I could last. I was thrusting in and out of her as she was getting into a matched rhythm. I held her close as we moved together toward our own orgasms. Maggie, then whispered, “Take me from behind.” I slid out of her and stepped back against the door as I turned her around and bent her over. She grabbed the rail behind the toilet for balance. I spread her lips with the tip of my hard cock and thrust forward, ramming it back in her again and again.

She squealed as evidence that she really liked this position where the downward curve of my cock enabled the head to press up against her G-spot with each trust. I could feel my balls begin to tingle just as she reached between her legs and grabbed a hold of them. She was getting really close to cumming again to so I reached around and flicked a finger across her clit.

Her body convulsed in a sexual rage, her hand accidentally pulled hard on my balls as she squirmed. This felt so good with me buried deep in her wet hole that I exploded too. Jet after jet of my hot cum blasted up inside her. She wiggled her ass up against me as the throbs subsided. “Now I’ll be able to get to sleep” Maggie said coyly.

As I pulled out of her, our mixed juices dribbled down her leg. I pulled up my pants and handed her the blanket to cover up. We exited the stall and made our way back to our seats, wondering who if anyone was aware of what we just did. Fortunately, the two attendants were also dozing off, unaware of our sexcapade back in the bathroom.

Maggie retrieved her clothes from the floor and slid them on under the blanket. She looked up with a smile and a very content look on her face. I was equally content and said “Thanks, you are awesome.” I laid back in my seat, and she curled up in the two seats next to me. She put her head back on my lap. We both slept for the entire rest of the flight, awoken only by a flight attendant saying, “Excuse moi, sil vous plait. We will be landing soon in Paris.”

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