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The Librarian Pt 2

It had been a couple of days since I met my librarian lover Finola and I could not stop thinking about her. I had never experienced anything near as incredible as our chance meeting at the public library and desperately wanted to recreate the same excitement once again.

I called the library and when Finola answered the phone my heart began to race. Just hearing her soft, sweet voice brought all the images of her stored in my brain to the forefront. We agreed to meet for dinner after Finn was done working for the day.

The restaurant where we were to meet featured Asian cuisine. It was one of these places where the chefs prepare your meat in the middle of an island in the center of the dining area. I arrived ahead of Finn and took a seat at the bar, explaining to the bartender that I was waiting for a friend.

After fifteen minutes had gone by, I began to wonder if Finn had stood me up. I figured since I was already there and there was a bartender eager to serve me anything I wanted, that I would at least enjoy a tall, cold beer. I sipped my tall glass of Oberon and waited patiently for Finola, not quite ready to give up on her. Before my glass was half empty, one of the waitresses approached me and asked if I was waiting for a woman named Finn. When I told her I was, she informed me that Finola had called and said she was stuck at work but would be there within a half an hour.

Relieved to know I had not been stood up, I finished my beer and ordered another. It was incredibly refreshing on this hot, muggy summer day and it also did wonders at chasing away the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

The butterflies returned the second I saw Finola enter the restaurant’s bar. She was dressed in the same manner as when we first met at the library. She looked beautiful as she strode towards me, her long blond hair cascading over the shoulders of her grey jacket. She wore a matching grey skirt that went just above her knees and a simple white blouse under her jacket.

I rose to greet my dinner companion and Finola strode right into my arms. We shared a warm embrace and a deep longing kiss as our bodies pressed tightly together. It was obvious that Finn felt as I did.

“Mmmmm…You’ve been drinking while you’ve been waiting for me.” Finola said after our kiss. “I’d love to have whatever you’re having.”

I motioned to the barkeep to pour two more Oberons as we sat and began to get reacquainted. I could already see the excitement and anticipation in Finn’s lovely green eyes. Finn sat with her long, slender legs crossed kitty-corner from me. As we enjoyed our summer quaffs, I could not keep myself from placing my hand on Finn’s knee. I loved the way her smooth, soft skin felt through her nylons. Finn leaned forward, my warm touch igniting feelings within her. We kissed passionately, each of us wishing we were in a place where we could shed our clothes and our inhibitions. Before long, a waitress asked us if we’d like a table for dinner. I told her we would. We grabbed our drinks and followed the waitress into the dining area. Once there, the waitress explained how to order our dinners.

After we ordered our meals, we proceeded to the grill area. There the Asian chefs were clanking their spatulas on the steel plate grills as they busily cooked meals for some of the other patrons. Finn and I patiently waited our turn. I stood with my back against a wall and Finn stood in front of me, her back towards me.

I placed my strong hands on Finn’s shapely hips and pulled her towards me. Finn moaned softly as she felt the large bulge in my Dockers against her soft, round ass. Her arms went around my neck as she pulled my face towards her neck. I began kissing her neck as Finn slowly moved her hips from side to side, grinding her ass against my hard cock.

It mattered not to either of us that we were in plain view of the help and the other customers. Feeling Finn’s ass massage my cock through the material of her knit skirt was quickly making me forget about our surroundings. I wanted to pull her skirt up, bend her over the counter encircling the grill, and fuck her right then and there. I had visions of the Asian chefs watching the expressions on Finn’s lovely face as I rammed my throbbing cock deep inside her.

Our brief moment was interrupted by one of the chefs telling us we were next. As he cooked our dinner, Finn and I could not keep our hands off each other. At last our dinners were finished and we sat across from each other at our table.

Throughout our dinner, Finn and I exchanged countless glances of intimacy. At one point, Finn had kicked off her shoes and slid her nylon-covered foot between my thighs. The feeling of her foot rubbing my cock under the table was almost too much to bear. I leaned forward, my eyes urging Finn to do the same. We kissed deeply, our tongues duelling.

After we broke our kiss, I glanced over to the table next to ours. There was a family of five seated next to us; along with the parents were three teenagers. The father of the teens was watching us and leered disgustingly in our direction. When Finn noticed his disgust, she leaned forward again, her warm, full lips beckoning to me. Our tongues met once again as our kiss became much more passionate. I was ready to slide our plates and everything else on the table to the floor, throw Finn on the table, and ravish every inch of her luscious body in the middle of the restaurant.

I’m sure our meal was delicious, but I really don’t think Finn or myself gave it much consideration. We decided we wanted a little privacy, settled our bill and left the restaurant, much to the delight of the father of the family seated next to us.

After our encounter in the library and what I had just experienced in the restaurant, the last place I wanted to take Finola was to my place. Though I hardly knew her, I couldn’t help but think that she became much more aroused with having sex in a place where there was the element of being caught. I was parked on the third level of a parking ramp close to the restaurant. Telling Finn I needed to get something from my car, that’s where we headed.

My car was located right next to the elevator and the stairs of the ramp. I opened the door for Finn, but not until I had pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply. My tongue explored her mouth, tasting the spicy cuisine we had just shared, our bodies pressed tightly together.

Once inside the car, we were quickly in each other’s arm once again. Our hands greedily roamed over each other’s bodies. Finola looked longingly at me when she felt how hard I was through the fabric of my pants. The look in her eyes was one of pure unadulterated lust and excitement. I quickly undid my pants and struggled to release my cock from its’ confinement. Finola immediately bent over and hungrily began sucking my manhood. I watched in amazement as my dinner companion gobbled up her dessert.

I occasionally gave the rear view mirror a peek and noticed people walking behind my car, but no one was noticing what was taking place inside. In just a few short moments, my raging cock, covered with Finn’s saliva, felt like it was ready to erupt. I pulled her lovely, innocent face from my lap and kissed Finn deeply, tasting myself on her tongue and full, pouty lips.

“Tilt your seat all the way back.” I instructed Finn, breaking our kiss just long enough to do so. “Is your pussy wet?”

“Very!” Finola replied as she did as I had instructed and lay back on the passenger seat, spreading her shapely legs as far as her skirt would allow.

Sliding my hand under Finn’s skirt, my hand quickly found itself between her creamy thighs. Finola began to thrust her hips up and down, urging my hand towards its’ destination. I looked into Finn’s eyes with a mischievous look when I found she was not wearing any panties.

“Did you forget something this morning?” I jokingly asked.

“No, I took them off before I left work.” Finn answered. “You don’t know how badly I wanted you to fuck me in the restaurant while the chef cooked our food!”

“Oh, I think I do.” I added as I recollected my thoughts of the moment Finn referred to.

My finger easily slid between the full, wet lips of Finola’s soaked pussy. She moaned loudly as I slid my finger deep inside her tight pussy under her knit skirt. Arching her back, Finola pulled her skirt up around her svelte waist. She reached between her thighs and taking hold of the rings on each of her pussy lips, she spread her pussy open for me. I immediately began lightly stroking Finola’s hard, tiny clit. It didn’t take long before the light touch of my strong hands had her moaning loudly and writhing uncontrollably in the front seat of my car. Finn shuddered and trembled as she climaxed, clutching at my hand as I continued to tease her wanton pussy.

“Fuck me!” Finn cried as she tugged on my arm, desperately trying to pull me on top of her. “Pleeeease….Fuck me….nooooow!”

Struggling to climb over the center console, I slid in between Finn’s soft thighs. She wrapped her slender legs around me, took hold of my massive cock, and positioned its’ head between her soft, wet pussy lips. Slowly, I felt the head of my cock penetrate Finn’s unyielding pussy. She wrapped her legs around me tighter, eager to feel my cock deeper inside her.

By this point, I could have cared less if anyone had noticed what was happening in my car. The feeling of Finola’s warm, tight pussy clutching my cock, pulling me deeper inside her, had consumed every atom of my being. Our kisses were on fire, raging out of control, as Finn’s pussy took every inch of me. Filling her completely, I began grinding my cock deep inside Finola’s hungry pussy. Finola’s legs, wrapped tightly around me, kept my cock buried deep inside her as she began rocking her pelvis, rubbing her clit against the base of my hard cock. Her moans became louder and louder and echoed off the cement walls of the parking ramp through the open windows of the car.

When I felt the muscles in Finola’s legs clamp tighter around me, I sensed she was about to climax. Her breathing, as well as mine, had become much heavier and faster, her moans, increasingly louder. Finola’s body tensed and trembled as her violent orgasm consumed her. For several moments, Finola kept her legs clasped tightly around me, savoring every second of her orgasm and the feeling of my cock filling her pussy.

As Finola’s orgasm began to wane, she relaxed her grip of me. I began fucking her with long, slow rhythmic strokes. Finola’s eyes were transfixed on the sight of my long, thick cock penetrating her drenched pussy. Her excitement quickly began to rise once again each time she saw my glistening cock plunge deep into the delves of her womanhood. The feeling of Finola’s pussy, massaging and squeezing my cock with each tantalizing stroke, was exhilarating. My pace quickened, as did our breathing.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, Finola pulled me close to her. Our lips met as our passionate kiss was fuelled by the intensity of the maddening feeling of my cock thrusting deeper and deeper inside Finola’s pussy. Faster and faster, I rammed my cock deep inside her. Sliding her hands down my back, Finola clutched my ass, pulling me deeper with each thundering stroke.

Our breathing quickened and was in perfect time with my throbbing cock pummelling its’ prey. When Finola began moaning loudly once again, I knew she was nearing another orgasm. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock, trying to exude my cum from me. As Finola’s pussy clamped tighter and tighter on my cock, I could not hold back longer. Finola screamed as wave after wave of my warm cum shot into her cervix. She wrapped her long, slender legs around me again, holding me deep inside her as my cock twitched and throbbed as her pussy squeezed every drop from me.

Exhausted, I collapsed on top of Finola. We lay there for several minutes, relishing the afterglow of yet another earth shattering orgasm. Finally realizing we were still in the parking ramp, I rolled back over the console and into the driver’s seat as we both hurried to straighten out our clothing.

As I drove Finola to her car, my mind raced trying to figure out what lay ahead for us. This shy, demure librarian had twice now shown me a side to her I would have never believed had I not experienced it for myself. It was as if I had somehow unleashed years of pent up sexual desires, stored within her, yearning to be set free.

We kissed deeply as we bid farewell to each other. I watched the gentle swaying of Finola’s graceful hips, her soft ass undulating under her knit skirt with each stride, as she strolled to her car. Just before she got there, Finola glance over her shoulder towards me. The look in her eyes told me she was as anxious as I as to our next rendezvous.

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