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Coming out of my shell

Growing up I was a single child, did well in school but didn’t have many friends. The later part was because of my weight. At one point in 8th grade I weighed 250lbs. The summer before my freshman year I ate very little, exercised more, and became more active. I quickly shed the pounds to drop around 150lbs. Unhealthy I know, but I was happy to look different. I joined our volleyball teams and basketball teams and lettered in both of them my final three years of school. I also got a part time job working as a lifeguard at a local YMCA. In addition to all that I had my first serious boyfriend. All those factors led to me having a higher self-esteem but it wasn’t until I was out of school that I began to come out of my shell, especially in my sexual nature.

This story takes place the summer that I graduated. I was out one night with some girlfriends at a local country bar for some dancing and music. About an hour into the night I began feeling somewhat ill so I went outside for some air. While out there I came across Mr. Conrad, the father of a teammate I played volleyball with. We got to talking and I mentioned I wasn’t feeling quite well but since I rode with the girls I had no immediate ride home. He offered me a ride home, as he knew where I lived because he had picked me up for games in the past. I went inside and spoke to the girls and updated them with what was going on. With that Mr. Conrad and I were off.

About ten minutes into the ride home our conversation started getting a little sexual which surprised me. What surprised me even more was the fact I was being an open book with Mr. Conrad. He asked me about my boyfriend, how far we had gone etc… I replied that I had lost my virginity the day after Christmas the past year. I told him how I had given him blowjobs and engaged in intercourse but that seemed to be what he was going for because we had broken up shortly in April. Mr. Conrad just sat and listened to me and then asked me if I was feeling a little better.

I told him I was and he asked if we could go somewhere to talk some more. I agreed and he took some back roads to a deserted part of town and parked the truck. We talked some more sexually and I learned he wasn’t getting lucky with his wife but I could tell he was hoping his luck would change tonight with me. He would end up getting what he had hoped for soon enough after I noticed the bulge in his pants.

I undid the zipper of Mr. Conrad’s pants and he slid them off as we sat in the front of his truck. I leaned over and I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I could. Then I released my lip lock and my mouth descended downward. I took about half of it into my mouth and began to bob my head up and down. Unexpectedly to him I went to work on his balls. They were very large and I could only get one at a time in my mouth. After I had sucked each one into my mouth and swirled it around I let his cock fall back down. I started sucking on his dick again. I varied the pressure with which I sucked. I bobbed up and down slowly and then I moved so fast that my head was a blur.

Then I stuck my tongue out so that it was flat along the bottom of my mouth and sticking out passed my bottom lip. I put my mouth back on his dick and watched his face. He was waiting for my tongue do something special and couldn’t figure out what it was. He watched as more and more of his cock went into my mouth. I think he realized that I was going to try to deep throat him (he told me later he was 7 inches).

I stared into his eyes as I took his length down my throat. There was only about 2 inches left and I showed no signs of stopping. The muscles in my throat were tight around his cock and seemed to be pulling it even farther down. It was then that he pulled my head up and asked me to stop. He was close to cumming and he didn’t want that to happen just yet. He insisted on returning the favor. He got out of the truck and came over to my side and had me turn my body so that my legs hung out of the truck. I knew what he was planning to do, he was going to eat my pussy, something that had never been done to me in my life. I told him this and he got a huge grin on his face, he mentioned he prided himself in his skills of eating a woman out.

I removed my shorts and underwear and I watched him crawl between my parted legs. He parted them wide, taking time to look at my wet pussy in detail. Then he slowly lowered his head, breathing in deeply, smelling my pussy. I could feel his breath on my pussy when he suddenly opened his mouth and licked the length of my slit. I moved with pleasure and started playing with his hair. He teased me with his tongue for a while and then he used it to part my lips, encountering more wetness than before. He lapped up my juices and started flicking his tongue across my clit. I moaned out louder and louder.

He seemed to know exactly how to please my hungry cunt. He sucked on my clit for a while and then he slid his tongue inside my tight hole. He tongue fucked me, faster and deeper, applying pressure to my clit with his nose. I pulled at his hair with my hands, I wrapped my legs around his shoulders and I thrust my hips up to feel more of him. When I couldn't hold back anymore I cried out loud and released one of the most intense orgasms of my life. He may have been 46, but he sure as hell knew what he was doing. Neither of us were done and he asked me to get in the bed of his truck, which I obliged to.

He laid down in the bed of the truck and got aboard him. I grinded my pussy against his cock to get it fully hard again. Within moments I achieved that and I guided his cock into my awaiting pussy. I felt myself stretching to accommodate his full size. He felt great inside me. I know knew this was what a cock was supposed to feel like. This slow, torturous pleasure was what fucking was supposed to be like. When he was buried all the way inside my cunt he stopped, smiled at me and started sucking my tits. We lay like that for minutes. His cock was firmly lodged in my hungry cunt and he was sucking my nipples. I was impatient to feel more but he refused to move. He was in control of my pleasure.

When he was ready he placed his hands on either side of me to give himself support and then he slowly slid his cock almost completely out of my cunt. Only the tip was still inside my hole and I moved my hips upwards to get him back. I wanted him to fuck me. He quickly pounded back inside me again. His balls slammed into my ass as he filled me. He pulled out again and slammed back inside. With an ever increasing pace he was burying his cock deeper and harder inside my tight hole. He slammed inside me harder and harder and every thrust went straight to my clit, sending an electric shock through my body. I was breathing faster and faster. I couldn't believe the pleasure he was giving me. I was loving every moment of fucking.

I moved my hips to meet his thrusts, to get as much of his cock inside me. I could hear the sounds of our fucking get wetter and wetter as my hungry cunt worked overtime to produce more juices. I knew that I wouldn't last much longer. He kept fucking me at the same pace as before while my pussy shivered and convulsed around his cock. When I finished with my orgasm he pulled out and he looked like a child on Christmas Day. We just sat there, naked, in the bed of the truck and talked about what had just happened.

For that summer we ended up becoming fuck buddies until I had to go away to college. We had some wild times but that night was just the start of me coming out of my shell.
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