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Dirty Details

I call this story, “Dirty Details” because that’s what I gave my husband, Shawn when I returned home from a night out with this hot guy that I know.

You see, while my husband and I were in Florida on vacation, I met up with this guy I used to fuck a long time ago when I lived down there. His name was Jay and he had one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen to this day. Meeting up with Jay this time was a very rare encounter for me because Shawn wasn’t with me. Usually, when it comes to the hot wife lifestyle, we do everything together but this guy would have been freaked out by that so Shawn said I should just go alone and have some fun on my own as long as I promised to give him all the dirty details.

I was very surprised he suggested that and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea but I really wanted to see this guy because he’s hot, he has a huge cock, and he use to fuck me sooooo good! So that night, I got all dressed up in my little black dress and high heels and drove to a local restaurant where I met my hot stud. I was relieved to find that he was still very cute. We had dinner and drinks as we talked about the past and caught up on the present. We had lots of drinks and the night really flew by because of the great conversation we had. Next thing we knew, it was last call and it was time to pay our tab.

Like a gentleman, he paid for everything, which I thought was very classy. Then, we decided to hop in his car and go back to his place and that’s when the night heated up! All night I had been wondering if his cock was really as big as I remembered it to be so on our way to his apartment and I leaned over and started rubbing his cock while he was driving. He got hard right away and I couldn’t believe how big he felt. I just had to unzip his pants and pull his cock out so I could suck it. It was even bigger than I remembered it. I could barley fit my mouth around it, it was soooo big! I put the head of it in my mouth and sucked it very gently as I circled my tongue all around it. He must have wanted me to deep throat him because he reached down and pushed my head down on his cock and I had no choice but to take it as deep as I could. I was actually surprised how far I could get it into mouth.

I really liked the way he controlled by head with his hand as I took his hard prick deep in my wide open mouth and stroked the shaft with my hand at the same time. My pussy was getting wet and all I could think about was getting this huge cock shoved into my tight little pussy. I would have been glad to have him cum in my mouth but we arrived at his apartment complex so we decided to go inside before somebody saw what we were doing. We grabbed a few beers from his place and went and sat by the community swimming pool. There was no one around because it was pretty late so we ended up going for a swim. He was completely naked and I just wore my panties and went topless. We started to make out in the pool and then he ate my pussy right there on one of the pool chairs and it felt amazing. This guy had skills. He had me so worked up, I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. I knew I was going to be loud so I took him by the hand and led him into the little pool house bathroom I bent over the sink, inviting him to shove that huge cock of his right into my pussy.

I felt his hands grab the sides of my ass and slide my wet panties down to my ankles. Then I felt the head of his hard cock press up against my pussy. I was a little concerned that he wasn’t wearing a condom but before I could say anything he started to push his big, hard prick into my pussy. I was so fucking wet that his cock just slid right in. My mouth was wide open but I couldn’t make a sound because the pleasure was too overwhelming. He fucked me nice and slow at first until I got use to his big dick and I started to want it harder. Then, he just pounded me and he started talking really dirty. He was saying, “You like that big cock in your cunt? Yeah, you little whore, take my big cock in your dirty little cunt!” I was so fucking turned on! Having him talk to me like that made me feel so powerless! He made me feel like such a whore and for some reason, I was getting off on it. He made me cum in less that 5 minutes and he just kept fucking me.

Then he started saying, “Are you gonna tell your husband that I bent you over and made you cum like a little whore? Are you gonna tell him you had my big cock in your dirty little cunt with no condom?” I just kept saying, “Yes, yes, I will” but I could hardly talk because it felt so good and I was moaning uncontrollably. My pussy never felt so full! His cock was so hard and his balls were slapping against my clit with every thrust. Just as I was about to cum for the second time, he pulled his cock out of me and emptied a huge load all over my ass! It felt like about a weeks worth of sperm! It was all over my ass and up and down my back too.

I turned around and got down on my knees and sucked the rest of his load out of his big cock. Then, he just stood me up and tongue kissed me until we both caught our breath. I really wanted him to fuck me again but he had just shot his load and I didn’t think he’d be able to stay hard. Plus, at this point it was 3:00AM and I knew I should get back to my husband. This actually worked out good because when I finally made it back to my hotel, I was still very horny and my husband and I had some of the best sex that we have ever had while I told him everything that I did with Jay that night! I have never seen my husband so turned on! One thing is for sure; Next time we go to Florida, I will definitely be seeing Jay again!

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