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Communal Pussy Pt 1

I met Amber a little more than a year ago when I was living in D.C. We dated four times and the sex was unbelievable. She had an amazingly statuesque body, muscular yet feminine in every way, and at 25 her libido was out of control. She tried working as a stripper for a while but didn't stick with it because it was just a tease; she wanted the real thing, and lots of it. We hardly did anything else when we got together. I was fine with that since she was the first woman to match and maybe even surpass my capacity for sex.

We had only begun to explore what seemed like the makings of a beautiful relationship when, as bad luck would have it, my career took me to L.A., 3,000 miles away. We tried to stay in contact but obviously it wasn't the same and we kind of lost touch with each other. Then almost a year later I got a message from her saying she'd moved to San Francisco.

Still she was 400 miles away but I was thrilled by her contacting me at all. I looked at her online page and under relationship status she put "it's complicated." Oh well, I wasn't expecting her to wait for me obviously. But I called her and she was excited to hear from me. She sounded good, really good. I didn't want to pry into the relationship thing but we did set up a time when I could take a drive up the coast and visit with her. She said she was in a really cool living situation, the first one she's felt comfortable with in her adult life.

She described it as an artist commune and said she was staying there rent-free in exchange for work, various odd jobs—she wasn't specific. There were twenty-five to thirty other people living there at any given time and people would come and go so she hadn't met everyone yet. For some reason that was a concern for her because she was afraid of being judged, which I didn't really understand, but I didn't question her about that further. So I was on my way there to see her for the first time since I left D.C. and to see her new home. It sounded interesting.

I showed up at the door and a guy answered and greeted me warmly.

"Hi, welcome! You're here to see Amber right?" he said.

"Yeah, thank you. Is she around?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, she's always around, you can't miss her."

"How can you miss her If she won't go away?" I kidded.

"Haha! No, no we love Amber; she's a real kick in the pants. We're all "different" in our own ways here so Amber fits right in. Very intense woman. Oh there she is out back watering the garden. I'm Gil by the way," he said.

"Nice to meet you Gil," I shook his hand but forgot to mention my name. I was too distracted by what Amber was doing. She was out in the backyard watering the garden with several other people walking around, and she was just chit-chatting nonchalantly. I was stunned! She was just casually working, going about her business. There were two young men who seem to be helping her. I couldn't believe it, they were just acting like everything was perfectly normal. What the hell was she thinking?

Oh, I forgot to mention: Amber was butt naked! No, not completely she was wearing a pair of fishnet thigh-highs and high heels and a lot of make-up but other than that her very buoyant 36DD tits were just bouncing around happily and her nipples were clearly erect, her entire ass was showing, and her clean shaven pussy was right out in the open for all to see. Everyone there seemed used to it, like she did it all the time.

Amber is an extremely voluptuous natural blonde with very fair skin so when she's naked she really looks exposed, plus she's beautiful even without make-up and she had herself all gussied up like a movie star or something so here's this drop dead gorgeous sex goddess looking chick, working in the garden with all the goodies hanging out. What the hell was going on?

I started to go back there but I was too embarrassed for her. I decided to have a seat in a little nook off the living room where I could just watch her in the garden from a window without being noticed for a few minutes. As I sat and watched her in disbelief I noticed that almost everyone out there was pretty much just gawking at her. And I really don't blame them; she was quite a sight to behold.

Some guy walked up to her and said something. She turned around to greet him with a big smile and he just grabbed her tits and started fondling them like it was nothing. And she was just letting him do whatever he wanted it seemed. He put his hand on her pussy and she widened her stance to give him better access. She was just standing there with her legs apart looking kind of awkward but grateful while this guy fondled her. She seemed oblivious to the fact that there were people all around and of course at this point they were all watching what she was doing. I mean how could you not?

He appeared to be having a grand old time as he rubbed her pussy with one hand and played with a nipple with the other. At one point he stuck his finger up her twat and was kind of working it around. She was writhing and getting all worked up right in front of everybody. Has she no shame? I couldn't believe what I was seeing. After a few minutes of that she started pumping her hips and her legs were trembling. I could hear her moaning loudly like she was starting to cum!

Right out in the open, in broad daylight, with everyone staring at her, she completely lost control and made a spectacle of herself. It must have been really embarrassing, I was embarrassed for her but I was also hard as a rock from watching this little show she was putting on. Then it got even better as Amber got down on her knees and started undoing his belt.

He was also hard, understandably, and she wasted no time wrapping her lips around his full length while he fucked her face vigorously. I'd forgotten about her deep throat prowess, and it only took a minute or two before he came in her mouth. It was surreal with all the people watching and Amber with a mouthful of cum.

He gave her a little peck and he was on his merry way. She sat down on her ass in the grass. I knew what she was thinking when she looked around to see who was watching. Her legs went up over her head. She started to masturbate right in the middle of the lawn. She just didn't care. She was gonna take care of her needs no matter what's going on around her. In fact, the audience seemed to be what inspired her. That's what I didn't realize at first about Amber: she was a total exhibitionist.

Just as she was really getting into it two guys in jumpsuits walked in the gate. Contractors or something. I didn't know what they gonna think when they saw Amber like that. They were stunned and stared agape at her.

I realized this was what she was worried about; strangers coming through and judging her. She spotted them and did a double-take then quickly looked away. She looked so fucking embarrassed, red in the face, but she couldn't stop. She was trying not to make eye contact but I could see she was getting a thrill out of the sheer awkwardness of doing that right in front of them. As they slowly approached she popped her head up and said something to them.

They were certainly happy to stop and stare at her while she spoke. They had a seat, apparently forgetting all about what they came for. She had their interest piqued. I tried to imagine what could she possibly be talking about with two total strangers while sprawled out with her legs wide open masturbating right in front of them. Judging by their undivided focus it could have been, "nice weather we're having isn't it?"

She seemed to be talking about her tits, inviting them to a tactile tour and of course they obliged, though a bit awkwardly. Then she said something, clearly embarrassing herself again, and even the guys seemed taken aback. "No way" I could tell one of them said and he looked really embarrassed. His buddy was getting into it though.

She must have asked them to fuck her or get their cocks out or something because after just a little convincing they looked at each other, shrugged, stood up and whipped 'em out. Then they got down on their knees and started whacking off on her face, slapping her with their erections while she tilted her head back and held her mouth open. they both managed to get some on her tongue but most of it went on her face and hair. They laughed, exchanged a few words and were outta there pretty fast. Amber came in the house but didn't see me and went into the bathroom. She came back out with her make-up refreshed and went back to her gardening. I wasn't sure what to do. Should I tell her I was watching her that whole time or pretend I'd just arrived? I decided to be up front and honest with her since that seemed to be what she was all about.

"Amber, I got here about twenty minutes ago and i was watching you from the window there..."

Amber looked at me and got a big smile on her face, then wrapped herself around me, "Hi Ray! It's so good to see you, you look good. So you've been watching me, eh?"

"Yeah I have to admit I was a little shocked when I first walked in and saw you."

"I know I'm pretty weird huh? But I'm having so much fun! The people here are so cool, they're really into exploring alternative lifestyles and when I told them what I wanted to do they talked about it like I was conducting a social experiment. I told them straight up it's not really that, and that I'm just a really horny chick who can't get enough sex. They understood and said that was okay too. I know they were interested in me as more than just a study of human behavior, ha ha! They even admitted it themselves and it's working out pretty well so far. The women weren't as enthusiastic about me as the guys were but they didn't object and I'm starting to get a couple of the girls to loosen up and actually be friends with me which I've never had before. Miranda, the short Mexicana, has been watching me and she thinks she might be bisexual, hee hee isn't that cute?"

"Well how can anyone not get a little turned on watching you cavort the way you do," I said with a chuckle.

"I know, right?"

"You're bisexual aren't you? You must be," I asked.

"Honey, I'm trisexual, I'll try anything. If it's human I'll fuck it," she laughed.

"Aw, you're discriminating? Poor aliens."

"No, not really, I like a good anal probe every now and then," she giggled.

"Why do you do this?" I asked for some reason.

"What can I say, Ray, I'm a born exhibitionist, and I'm horny all the time. It makes me happy to let everyone see me naked. I want to be touched and looked at and felt up by anyone who wants to. I even like being embarrassed. It's an adrenaline rush when I'm in a social situation where everyone else has clothes on and I realize I'm standing there naked and they're all staring at me. I can't cover myself up so I just have to be on display for everyone, like a conversation piece. it's liberating to overcome that fear. Especially when It's inappropriate, I can't help it, I just have a really strong urge to do something sexual like masturbate in front of everyone.

"I never told you this but I had an ex-boyfriend who would show me off a lot. He'd invite his friends over and call me into the room and tell me to strip in front of them. I would have to lay on the floor and spread my legs or get on my knees and show everyone my asshole. Then he'd tell me to stand in the middle of the room and bounce my tits or jiggle my butt. He'd invite the guys over for a game and I'd have to put on a little tiny apron and high heels, nothing else and answer the door that way, usually with my pussy showing or my tits out. One time they walked in and the first thing they saw was me bent over with a big dildo sticking out of my ass.

"He'd make me ask his friends, "Will you feel my tits please," or I'd lay across someone’s lap and ask them to spank me. He kept taking it further and further. One time we went to one of his buddies' bachelor party and he had me go all the way there, to and from the car, wearing nothing bit a little piece of ribbon and a bow on my pussy. When we got there he told everyone I was the sexual party favor and he had me ask each guest "May I please suck your cock" and he told everyone it was my idea to do it but they didn't believe him. So after that I had to beg him in front of everyone to let me masturbate or expose myself.

Once he gave me 25 dollars in five dollar bills and I stood in front of everyone with it in my hand and said, "This is all the money I have but I'll pay you each five dollars to fuck me in the ass." Or I'd say things like, "Would anyone like me to lick the sweat off of their balls." Every sexually overt, outrageous, humiliating or embarrassing thing he could think of I had to do it. He had me blowing every guy we met, even the mailman. He made me masturbate in the most awkward situations, like at a truck stop in front of a bunch of truck drivers and I'm standing there naked in the middle of the parking lot fingering myself. He even let them walk up and grope me for $5 each and I couldn't stop doing it until I came and he knew when I was faking. And I always had to look right in the eyes of the people I was doing all these things in front of."

"Why would you let him do that to you?" I asked incredulously.

"Because I wanted to do that stuff and he knew it. I was too embarrassed to admit it but I secretly wanted him to make me do it and I wanted him to make it seem like he was making me say it was my idea but really it WAS my idea. He was the first person that understood me and he was just helping me get what I wanted. A couple of times other guys thought he was abusing me and they would try to protect me. So I had to admit it was all my idea. They usually didn't believe me and thought I was defending him under duress. But I don't have him to use as an excuse anymore: this is the way I've always wanted to be.

So I told everyone here to regard me as a sex toy. I'm here to provide sexual pleasure for anybody who wants it. I announced to everyone at the last meeting that anytime anyone wants to fuck me, or if they want me to suck them off, just tell me and I'll do it. Or if they just want to feel my tits or stick a finger up my ass they should just go right ahead."

I was getting a hard-on thinking about this. I wanted to fuck Amber right then and there but I was also intrigued by the idea of watching her fuck and suck anybody who came along and asked her.

"So you're officially the communal pussy and you walk around naked all day long." I said.

"Yup," she said, "Can you accept that about me?"

"Why the hell not?" I said, "If more girls were like you the world would be a happier place."

Amber gave me a big hug and a kiss and before I knew it we were rolling aground on the lawn making out wildly. "Jeez I wanna fuck you right now." I said.

"Go ahead," she said looking around to see if anyone was watching. "Yeah, that's what I'm here for, hurry!"

"Oh my god, okay!" I said as I stripped naked trying not to think about where I was or who might be watching and plunged my cock right into Ambers wet fuck hole.

"Aaah yeah! I always did love that dick of yours, just act casual about it nobody will even notice."

I fucked Amber for a few minutes and when I looked up there were about six or seven people hanging out in the garden reading or chatting or just casually watching us. I'd never done that before and I felt very inhibited and self-conscious but after about 20 minutes of fairly intense fucking I worked through it and started feeling comfortable with it. By now more people had come out and I realized we were putting on a show.

I've always had good endurance and even when the sex is really good sometimes I won't come at all. I've gone for several days or a week without coming. So marathon fucking is easy for me as long as I'm in good shape. I do yoga and bicycling a lot so I didn't feel self conscious about my body either. Not to mention Amber is such a sex goddess and her body and mind are such a turn-on that I didn't ever want to stop.

We ended up going at it in every possible position for over an hour and when we were done a couple of people clapped, just as a joke but it was funny and we thanked them asking them to come back next time and bring a friend. That was a good ice-breaker and the four of us got to talking. The man, a nice looking fellow of Hispanic descent, but born and raised here in the states introduced himself as Carlos and his wife, also Latina, very attractive and petite said her name was Amanda.

"Oh is this the Amanda you mentioned?" I asked Amber.

"Mm-hmm," she nodded.

"What were jou saying about me," Asked Amanda looking a little embarrassed.

"Oh I told Ray about that really sweet comment you made to me," said Amber.

Amanda looked a little shocked but, smiling broadly, said, "Oh jou mean about being bi maybe?"

"Yeah," said Amber "I thought that was really nice and it made me feel very comfortable and accepted by you. It was a lovely gesture y'know."

"I wasn't yust saying that to make jou feel good, jou was really getting me hot," Amanda confessed shyly.

"Is this the first you've heard about this, Carlos," I said with a smile.

"Oh no, not really we've had some threesomes with friends of hers, I usually just end up watching, hahaha!" Carlos laughed, "I think it's a beautiful natural thing for women to do that. It's not really the same with men but I think that's because of the way our society conditions us as men. Also we're just not as attractive as they are, haha, you know? I mean look at them, with the beautiful faces and the boobs and…everything else. haha, they're just made for love. Men are made for…I don't know what men are made for, hahahaha!"

"I don't agree with you Carlos," said Amber, "I think men are beautiful too."

"Ye-e-eah Gwadda jou talking about," said Amanda gesturing to my naked body which I'd almost forgotten I was. "Look at this guy ri' here with de muscles and that…that…Hahaha!"

We all burst out laughing as Amanda suddenly found herself making an exaggerated gesture as if she had a giant penis and was stroking it.

"Well at least it’s some comfort to know Amber hasn't completely changed your sexual orientation," said Carlos to Amanda.

"Amber made a move toward Carlos and put her hand on his leg, "I think you're beautiful too, Carlos," she said.

There was a tense moment where everyone was wondering if boundaries had been crossed, so I blurted out, "I think Carlos is gorgeous too. If it weren't for my societal conditioning I'd do him in a minute."

We were all in hysterics. Carlos came over and gave me a hug and the ladies joined in and now we were in a pile. Suddenly it became more serious as Amber and Carlos connected. Amanda looked at me and I looked at her. We both had the same thought at the same moment and looked over to Carlos. Amber was already on top of him, unbuttoning his shirt.

Carlos was mesmerized and helpless to do anything about anything. He glanced over at Amanda and me; saw us looking at him; immediately knew what we were asking; shrugged; and said, "Looks like a free-for-all to me!"


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