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Annual Physical

I never liked going to my physician. I had been stuck, poked and prodded during my annual physicals by my doctor over the past ten years. I had even done the stress tests and EKG but knew that some day as I continued to get older, he would ask that I get the feared proctology exam. He had mentioned that in addition to the routine blood work, it might be time to do an initial prostate exam with periodic follow-ups.

So it was with a bit of nervousness that I sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, twiddling my fingers and observing the variety of people in the room as a way of attempting to relax. It was almost twenty minutes before an attractive woman in her mid to late twenties appeared from the hall to my left and called, "Richard." Realizing I was the only Richard in the room I stood and followed the woman, who wasn’t my normal doctor nor one of the office nurses. She then ushered me into her office at the far end of the corridor.

"Please sit" she said and gestured to the patient chair as she closed the door behind her. She seemed very professional, introducing herself as a new doctor in this office, Dr. Lynn Shein, and mentioned that Dr. Meyers, my normal doctor, had to leave on an emergency call and that she would take care of his appointments this afternoon. She briefly sat at her desk, crossing her long legs in front of her, which immediately caught my eye.

"So Richard" she said briefly looking at my file before setting it on the desk beside her, "What seems to be your need today?" I couldn't help but notice how attractive this woman was, and this in turn made me question why she said it the way she did. "Well, I normally go by the name ‘Dick’" I began, avoiding eye contact. "and .. I am here just for my annual physical.” Dr. Shein responded, “It also says here that Dr. Meyers requested an initial prostate exam too.”

At this Doctor Shein seemed to pay more attention, obviously intrigued by what my response would be. "Yes?" she continued. "Well yes, he said that it might be about time to start periodic exams." I responded hesitantly. "I see. Do you know what that entails," she said as she began to get up to grab what she needed to begin taking my blood pressure. She added, “Prostate exams would be good to start for early detection of any prostate issues. And as the exam proceeds, you need to be able to relax and maybe think about something else.” “OK”, I responded unintentionally agreeing to the procedure. "Well Richard, let’s get your blood pumping. We will need to draw some through those nice big veins." she continued, which seemed to raise some sexual connotation in my brain.

She quickly recorded my weight and height. As I stood there, I was beginning to feel embarrassed by my interpretation of her comments with possible sexual overtones. Was it just my in appropriate reaction to this new beautiful doctor who seemed probably twenty years younger than I, now in my early fourties? "Please move over to the examination table and remove your shirt." I moved over to the high examination table and sat down. She then moved behind me and put the cold stethoscope on my back. “Breath deep…slowly” she said, as she listened to my lungs.

Then she took my pulse, then my blood pressure, wrapping the cuff around my bicep and pumping it up, squeezing my arm, and then releasing as she listened. With her standing next to me, I could smell the sweet perfume, and I had the fleeting thought of a pussy with that vice-like grip squeezing around my cock. She then asked me to hold out my arm so she could put the tourniquet on to take a blood sample. She instructed, “Straighten out your arm for me, make a fist, and put the back of your hand on your knee.” She stepped up with needle in hand and pressed her inner thigh against my fist locking it tight against my knee. I couldn’t believe that my fingers were just inches from her crotch. She grabbed the back of my elbow with one hand and had the needle in my vein in seconds. “Now open up your hand,” she continued as part of the normal procedure to get the blood flowing again and reduce the pressure on my veins.

But she did not back away so as my fingers opened, they brushed against her inner thigh. She had taken the three tubes of blood in what seemed less than a minute. Or maybe I was just distracted enough not to notice anything else than where my hand was currently located.

Then she said, “Now for the prostate exam, please take off your pants. ” My heart had begun to race faster than I could ever remember. Hesitantly, I did as she instructed, and slipped off my pants, knowing that my cock had begun to stiffen from the recent thoughts. As I sat back down, my cock became immediately visible, pressing hard against my boxer briefs. "Those too" she said gesturing to my underwear. I stood up, and slowly followed her instructions, peeling off my underwear. My now rock hard cock was clearly visible for anyone to see the precum starting to dribble from the tip.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed seeing my throbbing cock but then returned to her professional demeanor, "This procedure maybe awkward for some so I am glad you have found something else to think about,” she added in light humor of the situation, and then continued. “Now please, bend over the examination table." I turned myself around and bent over the examination table while Doctor Shein made her way over, wielding latex gloves.

“Let’s start the prostate exam,” she said as she gently began to probe my ass with her well-lubricated fingers. She had gotten two fingers inside and seemed to be able to feel everything she wanted. After a few minutes, she removed her hand and put on a new pair of gloves saying, “Let’s check for any testicular lumps while we are here. Turn around, please.”

Dr. Shein took my balls into her hand, feeling me jump as she did, and proceeded to examine it, which did absolutely nothing to help my erection, except make it throb visibly and leak more profusely. She thoroughly examined the sack and each testicle before making her way up the shaft to the head. She massaged each area feeling and looking for anything out of the ordinary.

She continued to rub it a bit more than probably was necessary, obviously getting lost in some arousing thoughts, as she seemed to stroke it sexually, but then stopped. She went back to her desk and disposed of the gloves as I then sat up on the table. "Richard there seems to be nothing wrong with your prostate and no signed of testicular lumps, good news" she explained. "In fact you seem to be very well endowed, so the only thing else for you to assess is if it has any trouble working." She glanced over at me to find my eyes exploring her tender, hourglass body.

My eyes were travelling up the curves of her long legs, sizing up her breasts, as I fully checked her out. “Are you able to reach orgasm with your partner?” she continued. I hesitated again for a brief moment assessing what she has said, then continue saying in a slightly joking manner, “Well it hasn’t had this kind of stimulation in a long time and have been worried if it is working properly.” I looked down at my still fully erect throbbing cock, then back at her, but I couldn't bring myself to make eye contact.

I continued down this playful line saying as I pointed at my cock, "I think this may be a good time to check, and it would be quite easy given the current state, just to make sure." I wondered if this could turn into a ‘full-service’ examination. She looked at me, almost like a teacher scolding her misbehaving student, but clearly offering by saying softly "There are tissues over there if you wish to masturbate for me."

"I can't do it if you are just going to watch," I blurted out in a playful manner, not believing that I’d just said that to the doctor. "OK, I will leave if you wish," she now responded hesitantly, not wanting to show her displeasure. "Then how would you be able to complete the exam?" I said continuing the playful mood. "Your right" she admitted, her voice almost apologizing to me. There was just a second or two of silence, while neither of us did nor said anything. Finally, Doctor Shein looked straight into my eyes and made her decision and said. “Yes, let’s make sure that the entire nice package, Dick, works well.”

She stood again, kicking off her shoes so that her stocking feet nestled on the carpeted floor, and quickly began to remove her skirt and peal off her panties, throwing them aside. "Do you have a condom?" she asked moving over to the examination table. Although, the word play now had definitely turned sexual, I couldn't believe what I was hearing or seeing. She was going to let me have sex with her! In her own office while patients waited only a few feet away! "" I admitted getting down off the table.

Now she bent over and placed her hands on the examination table. She then spread her legs slightly and raised herself up on her tiptoes. "Then you better make sure you pull out before you cum," she told me, "and try not to make too much noise." The nervousness of a prostate exam, which had worried me in the lobby only moments before, had evaporated as I stood there looking at her cute round ass and realizing this young woman was going to let me fuck her, and without a condom! She must have given it a clean bill of health during her thorough exam. Oh well, she’s the doctor, I thought, and what a doctor she was. Rather than only getting poked by the doctor, this year I get to poke the doctor. This is one prostate exam that I will never forget.

I waited no longer, sliding up behind her and grabbing onto her waist. I reached between her legs and stroked her lips and clit a few times with my fingers, making sure her juices were flowing. I started kissing her on the neck as I grasped her hips and pulled her back into my groin. My cock rubbed across her lips and trimmed mound. She responded with a deep moan. A moment later my cock found the wet lips of her pussy, and the dripping tip of my cock lightly touched her opening. The head just parted her lips as she said, "Go easy" but in a wanting way. And with that, I thrust forward and, in one long push, buried the entire length of my cock deep into her hot and very wet hole.

"Ohhhh!!!!" she gasped as her nails dug into the examination table, as I began probing her pussy with my thick cock. I started to thrust in long slow strokes. I grunted and started to go harder into her, lifting her up to the very tips of her toes with each thrust into her tight opening. I thought she mustn't get around a lot as she was very tight, even though the fact that she was letting a complete stranger fuck her might suggest otherwise. "Ohhhh!! OH! OH! Oh god!!!" she panted and gasped as I moved harder and faster, sliding in and out. She reached down with one hand and pressed it into her groin as she felt me move inside her.

I knew I couldn't hold out for long, I was getting far too hot, and wondered where she expected me to cum when the time arrived. I started to pump faster and faster and her moans became quicker and more urgent as her orgasm approached. I began to grunt in rhythm with my pumping and my balls began to swell and tingle. I did my best to hold out for as long as possible always wanting the woman to cum first.

I reached around her, and flicked her swollen clit. Suddenly, she came violently, her muscles contracting around my penis as she gripped the table and screamed out so loud, people in the other rooms were sure to hear. This sent me over the edge. At the same time, she pushed herself back into me in a fit of animal instinct. She pushed back hard, forcing me deeper into her, as her cunt milked my cock, I exploded inside her convulsing body. "God no!" she protested in panic as she felt my cock blast streams of cum deep into her pussy.

But she did not try to pull away as my cock pulsed and squirted more and more. I held her tight, and it was only a second before she surrendered and gave into her body’s overwhelming need for my seed. I held her tight until I had deposited my entire load into her cunt, splashing and soaking her inside. I leaned over her and wrapped my arms around her waist as we melted together. I then pulled out with a sloppy slap, and we got dressed. She looked satisfied but said nothing about cumming inside her, and I left a moment later. I thought to myself, well she’s a doctor, she can always take the morning after pill.

Five months later I had to return to my doctor’s office, and thought about the escapade during my prior visit. When my doctor finally called me in to the exam room, I stopped dead in my tracks, as there, standing down the hall, was Doctor Shein, her stomach swelling and pregnant.

When my appointment finished and I was checking out at the front desk, Dr Shein was there. She said nothing to me about what had happened at the last appointment, until finally when it was time to leave I turned back to her just before exiting the door and asked, "Is it…..?", as I pointed to her swelling belly. She nodded yes and said “It is. You can be assured that you have a clean bill of health and it all works very well, thank you.”

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