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Cleaning Lady

When I was a younger, both of my parents worked. Mom always complained about the housework so one of her friends convinced her to get a cleaning lady. Mom got the name of a lady who would come by the house while everyone was at work every Friday morning for 4-5 hours. Her name was Sherrie and she was newly married and 23. I met her a few times when I was off on Fridays, but for the most part I didn't see her until summer. Our part of Canada can have very hot summers and this particular summer was no exception. On the first Friday when I was off, Sherrie came into my room when she was cleaning the upper floor of our house. I always sleep in the nude so if I was not covered by the sheet, Sherrie would probably see morning wood.

This occurred for several weeks until one week I decided to wake up early. I jumped in the shower then went to my room. I had closed the door and was stroking my cock a little when Sherrie barged right in. She caught me with my cock in my hand and said sorry. Once I got dressed I went to get some breakfast and Sherrie was sitting at the kitchen table having a coffee. I finally got to look at this goddess. She was perfect.

She was a part-time model, 5'7, probably 34B, and she wore a tight t-shirt and the shortest gym shorts a woman could wear without getting arrested. She stood up to get more coffee and she asked me if I wanted one. When she went to fill up her cup I could see every curve on her body. She was making me horny just looking at her. When she walked back to the table I could see the outline of her pussy lips. She looked so hot I thought I was going to cum in my shorts right there on the spot. We talked about many things. She apologized about walking in on me and that she was embarrassed that she caught me touching myself. She asked me if I did that often and I told her that I would tell her if she told me if she touched herself.

She told me that it was natural to masturbate, but that she was traumatized when she was young, an older man flashed her and her friend and jerked off in front of them. So she didn't make it a habit because of that situation. I asked her if she was disgusted by what she saw with me and she said, no not at all. She said that I am a young guy with racing hormones and she rather enjoyed catching me. The conversation changed to another topic and off she went to continue with her cleaning. I went to watch TV downstairs. I was watching for about ten minutes when she came into the room and was dusting the baseboards.

She bent over and I could see the outline of her cunt from behind. There was no way she was wearing panties. My cock was as hard as steel. I had gym shorts on with no underwear. I had easy access to masturbate without her knowing, so I started jerking off with her facing away from me. She spent way too long cleaning this area so I figured she was giving me a show.

I was dripping precum all over my hand when she abruptly looked back and smiled. She came over to me and said that she wanted to help me. She pulled my shorts off and started planting little kisses all over the inside of my crotch. She held my cock with one hand and reached down between her legs with the other. She was masturbating while sucking my cock and balls. She licked my balls while she jerked my cock and that was a first for me. I loved the way she did this. Precum was dripping down my shaft and she licked up most of it like it was an ice cream cone.

When I told her I wouldn't last long she placed the head in her mouth and let me cum down her throat. Sherrie loved swallowing my cum and when she was finished she told me that she had made herself cum when I was cumming in her mouth. She kissed me on the lips and I tasted my cum in her mouth. I asked her if she would let me smell her fingers and sure enough they were wet with her juices and they smelled wonderful.

She told me not to tell anyone. She had only been married a few months and this was our little secret. I told her that this was cool as long as we could do this again when there was no way of getting caught. She said ok and she went back to cleaning the house and I went golfing with my friend for the afternoon.

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