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Aunty Josie

Recently, my favorite aunt passed away, so I thought the time was right to tell you my lifelong story about her. This happened a long time ago. Accompanying my parents to coastal Carolina for their high school reunion, we stayed with my Aunt Josephine. She was a widow---my uncle Larry, a lifer and ready to retire from the army, never made it back from Vietnam and Josie had never remarried. The reunion was being held at a holiday inn about 30 miles away and my parents had a reservation. After they left, we had dinner and while I helped her clean up, Aunt Josie told me she was going to shower and then do her nails while we watched TV.

In a short while, she came back downstairs in a long terrycloth robe carrying a small case with her ‘nail stuff’. In her 40’s and about 5’9, she had a well-proportioned body (a little on the plumpish side) long shapely legs and was very attractive. She had blond wavy hair to her shoulders, which she’d dried before coming downstairs. After finishing her nails in a bright red, which matched her lipstick, she let out a Damn! ‘What’s up, Aunt Josie?’ ‘My nails are wet and I want a cigarette. Could you help me out?’ It seemed that everybody back in the 60’s smoked and Aunt Josie was no exception. Retrieving a fresh pack of Marlboros and her lighter I held them at arms length and she laughed. ‘Open them and please light one for me honey, would you? I don’t want to muss my nails.’ When I hesitated, she laughed ’It’s OK, I know you sneak one occasionally and I can keep a secret if you can!’ Exhaling as I handed it to her, she invited me to have one with her and I complied, feeling incredibly ‘adult.’
Not paying much attention to the TV, we started talking and she asked if I had a girlfriend. Grimacing, I admitted that I’d never even French kissed. She patted the couch and I moved over to next to her.

She put her arm around me and said ‘Nothing to be ashamed of Rick---everybody learns in their own time. You’re Uncle Larry and I were both virgins and didn’t know anything on our wedding night, but we went on to have an incredible sex life together. How I do miss him! I hope I’m not embarrassing you talking about this because sex is such a beautiful and enjoyable thing!’ Sensing my embarrassment, she suggested another smoke. As she put it in her mouth, she leaned and took my hand in both of hers as I sparked her lighter and allowed them to linger as she inhaled. Her robe opened slightly giving me a glimpse of her ample bosom with just a peek of dark areola, which gave me a demi! ‘You know in the old country, young men were introduced to the joys of sex by older women in their village, sometimes even by relatives.’ Laughing, I told her there sure weren’t any women like THAT in my village. ‘But we’re not in your village now’ she said smiling and rested her hand on my thigh.

Taking a long drag, she reached over to the ashtray on the coffee table and stubbed out her Marlboro. Tilting her head up, she exhaled as she held the ashtray out to me so that I could do the same. After setting it down, she took my head in both her hands, looked me in the eyes and kissed me gently on the lips then hugged me. ‘Just relax and we’ll have a great time tonite’ she whispered; ‘remember, I can keep a secret if you can!’ Moving her lips back to mine, I felt her gently push with her tongue and thought I’d shoot off in my pants as our tongues met! As I tried to follow her example, copying her movements with my lips and tongue, she ran her hand down my neck and chest and took hold of my hard on, rubbing it. I couldn’t believe how it felt and just hoped that I wouldn’t blow my wad off in my pants! Putting a pillow under my head on the couch, she worked my jeans and skivvies off and cupping my balls in her hand, massaged them. Her other hand on my cheek, she said ‘Young guys are quick on the trigger at first, so just let go when you’re ready.’

As we started kissing again, she moved her hand to my cock and started working it up and down the shaft. She was right! It wasn’t long until I felt ready and started making little moaning sounds; she responded by quickening her stroke! She watched as I came and shot my first big load out up in the air and onto the floor. I laid there still spazzing and she milked out the last few drops of cum and then sucked her fingers. She draped herself across my chest and kissed me deeply giving me a little taste of my cum mixed in with her saliva.

She stopped and finished undressing me; then she stood and removed her robe, letting it fall to the floor at her feet. My eyes were probably as big as saucers as I took in the first naked woman I’d ever seen. Back in those days, ANY kind of porn was rare. Her breasts were large and a little droopy with puffy, dark brown areolas almost entirely covering the front of them and long fat nipples sticking out from her gorgeous tits. Her bush was ample and black and glistened in the candlelight. She knelt next to me and cupped her tits in her hands lifting and squeezing them as she worked the nipples---rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers then pulling and pinching them as she let out little yips. They responded by standing out even more---oh how I wanted them in my mouth! While still cupping her right tit, she used her left hand to work the nipple, moving it in circles then pinching and pulling at it. Still cupping it, she leaned over and put it in my mouth! As I sucked at it hungrily, she let out a soft moan.
‘That’s it honey. That feels so good. Oh suck it! Bite it gently, nibble on it. Mmmm, suck it harder, baby! Harder!’ While I feasted on her fat juicy nipple, I didn’t even notice I was back at full staff again until Josie took hold of it, running her long red nails up the underside from my balls then over and all around the head.

Leaning back, her sweet nipple slipped from my mouth. ‘You’ll get all you want of auntie’s nipples later, but it’s my turn now,’ she said as she leaned and started kissing my chest. After kissing my nipple, she sucked on it hard while I enjoyed the brief sensation of pain. Doing the same to the other one, she kissed and licked down to my stomach and then knelt on the floor next to me pushing my legs apart. As she leaned forward, her beautiful breasts swayed in front of her, the nipples still hard. Cupping my balls in her left hand and taking my cock in her right, our eyes locked as she kissed the head and started licking it all over. I was about to get my first blowjob!
After a little more teasing, she sucked just the head into her mouth---all the while with her eyes on mine and sucked on it the same way I sucked on her nipple…hard and hungrily! Releasing my balls and easing the pressure, she slowly slid her mouth all the way down and back up again, finishing with a big lick! I can only imagine the look on my face as she smiled and started moving her luscious red lips up and down my cock, slowly and gently while increasing the sucking pressure. It was then that I realized that she’d moved her hand between her legs and was rubbing herself. She took her fingers and ran them across my lips, pushing them into my mouth giving me a taste of her juices. The scent and taste were intoxicating! I greedily sucked on them until she moved them back to her pussy.

‘You’ve got me so turned on, honey, my cunt is dripping wet! I’m so hot for you!’ When I heard her talking dirty to me all I could blurt out was I love you, Aunt Josie! I just want to please you! ‘You are baby, you are! And I love you too, now just lay back and enjoy. I want your cum,’ she said as she rubbed my cock along her cheek. Her mouth went back on my cock and she now sucked in earnest, her cheeks sunken in on my glistening cock as she squeezed the base of it tightly. With her eyes now shut, her moist red lips circled my cock and moved rhythmically up and down. Her fingers still working between her legs, she moaned softly then started stroking my shaft in unison with her mouth. It wasn’t long until I felt the spasm in my balls and slightly bucked my hips in synch with her mouth. The feeling was unbelievable and I was afraid it would fall out before I could shoot my load, but she stayed right on it, her head moving faster and sucking harder than ever! I screamed when it shot and she let out a little gurgling noise, but never took her mouth off of my cock and kept furiously sucking until she’d pulled the last drop out of me! When she finally took her mouth away, she rubbed my cock on her cheek and I watched her swallow my load of cum. Smiling she climbed up on the couch and melted into my arms with a slow, gentle loving kiss. With a contented sigh, she reached over grabbing her Marlboros and lighter. Flipping open the top, she offered me one smiling. ‘Nothing like a smoke after great sex,’ she said sending a plume skyward!

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