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Friends Wife

Good Golly I thought this is incredible. How did this happen anyway. An hour ago, I was just driving around looking at houses that I might be interested in buying as rental property. Just so happens one is in the same neighborhood as my friends Phil and Sam (short for Samantha) and I just drop by to say hi.

Now I have his wife in my arms and my right hand on her left breast squeezing and fondling like crazy while our tongues are trying to be the first to reach the others tonsils. I have known them for over 30 years and we had always gotten along great with each other when I was married. We went dining, skiing, camping and sea cruising and always had a good time. We were there when she had natural breast enhancement (body fat from her body not silicone) and they were there when my wife had cancer surgery. While she was nice looking I had never thought of her as being really sexy or overly desirable but never turned down an opportunity to peek down her blouse or try to catch a glimpse of any flesh she might expose.

She had answered my knock and invited me in saying Phil was out of town. I could immediately tell she was upset and had been crying. Of course, I asked what was wrong and she would not tell me at first but instead asked if I wanted coffee. I said sure and we sat at the kitchen table and drank coffee while chit chatting. I was not surprised when she finally told me that she thought Phil was cheating on her. I knew he had before because I dated a lady right after my wife died that he had an affair with and was wondering when he would get caught. I did not know what to say and just patted her hand and gave her a hug to try to comfort her. She held on to my arm and began to softly cry on my shoulder. I stroked her hair and ran my hand over her shoulder and down her arm while whispering words I thought might be the right thing to say but darned if I can remember what it was. I was totally surprised when she held my hand and slowly placed it on her breast. I held my breath and then kissed her on top of her head and gently squeezed her breast. She turned her face up to me and I kissed her forehead then her nose and finally her lips.

It was like lighting a bonfire. She pulled me to her and we increased the pressure of the kiss as my arms slid around her and she pressed her body into mine. I tingled all over with excitement as I worked my hand through her shirt and felt the warm skin of her breast. It had been a year since I had been laid and I was not going to hurry anything about this adventure. I was thinking of how much better her natural boobs felt over the silicone boobs of my last girl friend. They were soft and warm and I wanted them in my mouth badly. I unbuttoned her blouse and slid my hand toward the hooks of her bra. Once I got her bra unhooked and it popped open she broke the kiss and said “Let’s take this to the bedroom” and squeezed my dick thru my pants for good measure. I followed her to the guest room and watched as she dropped her blouse along with the bra and then unfastened her pants and let them fall to the floor.

My shirt hit the floor at the same time and I quickly shed my pants. I gazed at her body while she slid her panties off and I got out of my underwear. She wasn’t a small woman with wider hips than I normally like but she was well proportioned and surprisingly firm from walking around the mall each week for exercise. I took her in my arms again and we kissed as we slowly lowered ourselves to the bed. I had to taste those breasts and I kissed my way down to one and slowly engulfed it with my mouth. It was incredibly soft and warm as I sucked it into my mouth and then pushed it out through my teeth. I kissed it from tip to base and teased her nipple with my tongue holding her in suspended anticipation for as long as I could stand it while caressing down her body with my hand to find her love canal with my finger. I ran my finger around and around then parted her pussy lips and entered the warmest folds of skin on her body. She was so wet and slick I wanted to taste her now.

Moving down her smooth belly and over her warm pussy I trailed kisses all the way down below her pussy to her legs and she opened them to accommodate my head. I kissed back up and ran my tongue through the hair on her mound and gently probed her lips and tasted her love juice for the first time. I flicked my tongue back and forth while parting and sucking each puffy lip into my mouth and swishing them around like I had done her breast. I found her clit and nibbled on it gently until I had to back off when she threw her hips up so hard I thought she had busted my lips. Her juices ran into my mouth and I savored the taste as I continued to suck and tease her clit until she took hold of my head and forced me up beside her again. “Oh my “ she said “ I haven’t been treated like that in years. He hasn’t done that for me in over a year and then it was just a quick tease. But now it is your turn.” She began to kiss down my body and slid her hand around my dick. Touching it for the first time since we had gotten undressed she raised her head to look at me while saying “ My goodness I have never had one this big before, I don’t know if I can take that thing.” I knew from our trips together that I was about 2 to 3 inches longer than Phil so I teased her by saying “ You don’t have to if you can’t but I promise I won’t hurt you” I grinned and added “unless you beg me” “We’ll see about that” as she lowered her tongue to the tip of my rock hard dick and began to run it up and down each side.

She didn’t try to take the whole length but instead spent the next 15 minutes driving me out of my mind by running her tongue around the tip and down the sides before taking me into her mouth more than halfway and sucking on it like she was trying to suck it off my body. I tried to shove it deeper in her mouth but she had her hand clamped around it at the base and was stroking it to the point I was about to explode. “Enough” I almost shouted “I need your pussy wrapped around my dick now” “Oh I need you in me too but I want on top so I can control this thing” She spread her legs around my body and held my dick at her opening and proceeded to move back and forth as she lowered herself down. I felt the warmth and wetness covering my cock to a little more than halfway. She stopped and began to slowly rotate her hips around and around then raised up and slid back to the same point and continued to tease me. I slowly massaged my way up to her breast and took one in each hand and squeezed them hard. She moaned and shuttered all over and I felt her warm cum soaking my dick as it ran down the length and onto my balls. She relaxed a bit then and I thrust upward getting a little more of my cock into her wet pussy.

She fell forward onto my chest and I rolled her over to her back while keeping my dick in her pussy and began slow, shallow strokes with each one getting a little more of my length into her. She was moaning low and again shuddered as she climaxed for the third time. I felt her clamp the walls of her cunt around me and I gave one last thrust driving all but the last inch into her and unloading my juice in three hard streams. Breathing hard we both collapsed onto the bed totally spent. “Wow -- are you alright?” I asked “Better than alright” she whispered. “I do think I could get used to that with some more practice” Practice makes perfect you know.

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