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A New Me

This all started about 20 years ago. My life went down the crapper I lost my job and then lost my house, all due to a car accident. I was laid up and could not work. Then the company closed the branch office I was working in. I became very depressed and started mopping around the apartment and started to eat. I blew up to 350LBs at 5”10” I was not attracted to any one, and depressed most of the time. After 2 years I was able to go back to work and found a new job. Now instead of being 185LBS I was 350LBS had trouble walking or standing. And forget about the ladies.

Now fast forward to spring of 2008. I meet a woman at work who was single who took a liking to me. We became friends. She was 49 years old and in very good shape went to the gym 3 times a week. She loved to swim. We became close she started to talk to me about my weight. At first I did not want to hear it. But after a while I started to listen. I went on all sorts of diets, but could not stay on any. My weight impacted me so much I could not even get an erection. I came down with many different aliments. She convinced me to go for a lap band. In March of 2009 I went. I started to loose weight. I was still depressed. My friend gave me an incentive that was all I needed. She told me if I got down to 225lbs she would give me a blowjob and swallow. If I got down to 190lbs she would fuck my brains out. Now who could pass this up since I have been dry for 20 years.

I started to loose weight then started to go to the gym every day and the weight started to come off. In Sept. 2009 I hit 224lbs. the night was here I could not wait. As I was getting ready for the night I jacked off so I would last longer with her. We went to dinner then back to her place as soon as we were inside her door she told me to get undressed, which I did but slowly I had not been undressed in front of a lady in 20 years. She saw my reluctance and she took off her dress to make me feel better. Here is a woman who has become my best friend and now she was standing in front of me in a bra 36C and a thong. She looked beyond fantastic to me. So much so I started to get a hard on with out even trying. She sat me on the end of the bed and pulled my shorts off. There stood my 7” cock in all it glory. I could not believe this was going to happen to me.

I was glade I jacked off since I came in just 5 minutes if I didn’t I would have lasted 1 minuet or less. She told me how good my cum tasted, and how my cock was bigger then most but not to big this is why she was able to take me all the way down. When she was done I kissed her and thanked her and asked her if I could return the favor. She looked at me and said not tonight but maybe some other time. We sat there and made out on the bed for over an hour while I became hard again from feeling her up and her playing with me. So she did it again and this time I lasted about 7 minuets. I was in heaven. The next morning I sent her a $100 bouquet of flowers. With a note that read I can’t wait to return the favor.

I went back to my regiment gym in the morning before work and running 5 miles after work. Six days a week. Dec 21, 2009 I hit the scale at 188.6lbs. I could not wait to tell her at work. She was not in I called her home no answer. I called her cell phone no answer I became very worried, I asked around and no one new where she was. At about 4:30 she called me to tell me she was at her mother’s home in another state. She would be home on the 24th.

The 24th Xmas eve we were closed she called me about 12 o’clock and told me she went home early so she could spend Xmas with me. I was instructed to dress up in a suit and tie and pick her up at 8pm I was taking her out to dinner.

I made reservations in one of the best steak joints in town the kind that the bill would be $200.00 before drinks. I went out and bought a new shirt and tie, and a new pair of shoes.

At 8PM I was ringing her bell with a bouquet of roses. When she opened the door there stood a vision of pure loveliness. She was wearing a little black dress that went to the top of her knees, 3” heels, No stockings and a great smile. She took the flowers thanked me and gave me a kiss that I felt all the way to my toes that said this is going to be your night. We went out to dinner and we talked about my transformation we danced a few slow dances and a lot of hinting about what was going to happen later. All the while we sipped drinks neither one of us wanted to get drunk. Some time during dinner she slid closer to me and put her hand on my thigh and gave it a squeeze to let me know this was the night. She also gave me a sly smile and said I have a surprise for you. She would not tell me what it was. We finished dinner and went for a little walk looking at the Xmas windowed in the stores. We walked arm in arm and talked for about an hour. At which point I suggested we go back to my place. She said no to hers who was I to ague.

As we got to her door she stopped looked at me and kissed me with full tongs. She gave me the keys and I let us in. This time there was no rush we both know I was staying the night. We sat and had a drink and made small talk. Then I asked what, is this surprise you said you have for me. Her face lite up and she said all in good time. She then tapped the seat next to her. As I sat down she hit the remote and the gas fire place lite a fire. She then lowered the lights and sat down next to me. She looked at me and said I have been thinking about this night for almost a year and kissed me. We sat in the den and made out for about a ½ hour. Kissing and feeling each other up. She then said lets go to the bedroom. But give me a few minuets. I sat there and thought of how great this was going to be. When I walked in she was sitting on the end of the bed fully dress with the lights off and the room filled with candles. I walked over took her hand and pulled her up so I could hold her and kiss her.

We stood there playing tonsil hockey and holding each other so close that we could have been one. After a while I let my hands drop to her checks and kneaded them. She moaned as I was doing this. With this she pulled back and started to undo my tie. Then my shirt, and took them off. Now I was half dressed. She went to her knees and took my shoes and socks off then opened my belt and removed my paints. Now I was standing there in my boxers.

She stood up and kissed me again this time I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. There she stood in a matching lace Bra and thong, and her heels, nothing else.
She said now its time for you to return the favor that you owe me. I picked her up and gently placed her on the bed. I took off her shoes one at a time and sucked each toe till she could not stand it any longer. At which point I slowly kissed and licked my way up her legs. I was amazed how soft her legs were. When I got to her thong I started to lick the outside and nibble on her lips. She was moving around a little and making noises, which encouraged me to go on. As I reached for her thong to remove it, she stopped me, and said you are about to come to your surprise.

As I removed them kissing her skin I found it to be bald. She had shaven clean for me. I started to lick her outer lips slow and deliberate, she was in heaven. I did this for a while then I stock my tongue in and fished around. The more I did the wetter she became. I found her clit and took it in my mouth and sucked in it till she was having her first orgasm of the night. As she was coming, she grabbed my head and tried to push it in her. Her legs were pressing the sides of my head I thought I was going to die BUT I would not stop her. She came in buckets and drenched my face and the bed. I did my best to get it all but there was too much. When she let my head go I slid up and kissed her she asked if I liked her surprise. I told her if she keeps it like this, I would do this as often as she wants. She hugged me and kissed me with genuine love. We stayed like this kissing for a few minuets.

We the started to kiss and make out like teenagers. As I removed her bra I took her nipples in my hands a played with them till they were standing almost a ½ inch out and were as hard as a rock. At which point a started to suck on them she was mooning and moving around she loved it she yelled never stop that feels so good. At which time she reached for my cock and we realized I still had my boxers on. She stopped me straddled my legs and slowly removed my shorts. Kissing my flat stomach and down till she reached the tip ok my cock. She sat there and played with me for a few seconds then she started to kiss it and swirl her tongue around me all the way to the bottom then she deep throated me. She did this till I exploded in her mouth. She caught it all. Then she licked me clean. We rested in each other’s arms for a while.

She started to play with me and I was getting hard again. This time I know I was going to fuck her till she asked for me to stop. I seemed to be harder the ever. She rapped her hand around my shaft and said please put this in me I said ok but first let me play with you to get you ready she said ha ass I am ready do it already. I rolled over onto her; she grabbed me and rubbed her lips with my cock. I went slowly I want to remember this feeling she was trying to get me to move faster. Once I got all the way in I took her legs and push them back against her chest so we can get full penetration. As I was moving slow she said fast as you can and make me cum. So I went at it and I did make her come and then come again. I was not coming so I said lets try it doggy style she got up on her hands and knees and I put it in this felt great I was about to come after about 4 minuets but she was also ready to come. We both yelled and came at the same time. It was the most increasable feeling ever.

We fucked and made love all 3 days. And have been together since. I am amazed that loosing all that weight and being 55 I don’t need any little blue pill. But we are going to try it one night to see what will happen. Thanks for reading I am sorry I went on so long.
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