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Pool Guy

I am a pool guy and have been for 10 years. I am sure you have all heard about the pool guy going to a home to clean the pool, check the water, add chlorine and other chemicals and then he gets laid. Well, that all happens except the getting laid part. It just doesn’t happen, at least not to me.

I usually call to remind a customer that their pool needs service and I have customers that tell me not to call but to just do what has to be done, but I still call to confirm when I’ll be there so I don’t show up and the pool is full of nude people having a party.

I have a lot of customers and the work isn’t hard but it is time consuming so a helper saves me time and allows me to service more pools. I have enough customers that in the fall when I get all the pools closed up for winter, I head for Florida or some place further south and just loaf for the winter,

I have always had a problem with help. The work is seasonal so I usually end up with a school bus driver or teacher or a young person that is out of college for the summer.

This spring I put my usual ad in the paper. I always say seasonal work, must be able to lift 50 pounds, driver’s license required, and the things that I require and expect from them. The young people that reply start out ok but then they don’t show up, don’t call, or just never show up after a few weeks because they want to play the rest of the summer.

The first day the ad ran I got a call from a girl. She sounded smart and was really interested in the job. I told her to come over for an interview the next day at my office at one pm. I thought if she showed up on time, it would be a plus for her. The next day I was working in the shop behind my office and it was twelve forty five. The girl shows up, goes in the office and takes a seat. I waited until five to one and I went into the office. We exchanged hellos and names. She, Kim, said she had just graduated from college and was 24. I asked why 24 and just finishing college. She said she finished high school, worked for a few years to get some money and then applied for a student loan and went to college. She was smart and looked like she could handle the job so I told her what I would pay and my rules, and dress code. She agreed so I hired her. We went out in the shop and I showed her some of the equipment and chemicals. I supply t-shirts with my company name and logo on them. I told her to take 5 in her size. I didn’t watch her to see what size she took. I told her we wear them and khaki Bermuda shorts with white tennis shoes. I asked her if she needed an advance in pay to buy any of those items and she said no. We talked a little more and I told her when she could start.

It is now the middle of the pool season here and Kim has been great with everything and is a model employee. I like talking to her when we are in the truck and looking at her body. She has the typical cheerleader body and from working outside has a nice tan. I thought she was coming on to me a few times and I shrugged it off as me being a horny guy. The past couple weeks it seems our talking on the way to and from jobs has been about sex a lot. Her likes and mine, her experiences and mine and I think she gets turned on talking about them.

This particular morning Kim asked me where we were off to. I told her we were going out to Westfield Road to Miss Page’s house at noon but I didn’t have anything scheduled for this morning so she could clean up the shop and I would be in the office. She asked if Miss Page was Lisa Page. I said yes, a great looking woman who wasn’t married and lived alone and always had another woman with her when I went to do the pool. I asked Kim did she know her and she said she did and had been to a few of her girl parties. I asked her what was a girl party. She told me Lisa Page was a lesbian and threw parties for her lesbian friends. I swallowed hard and asked Kim if she was a lesbian. She laughed and said, “No, I like a cock sometimes but like to play with a girl sometimes and be played with back, too.” I almost fell over. Here is a beautiful girl that could have any guy she wanted, and she was bi. I asked her if she would rather not go and stay here and she said that she didn’t have a problem going.

I thought about what she had said all morning and after lunch we headed out. When we arrived, Lisa met us in the drive and hugged Kim and they talked. She had on a very scant bikini and the top just covered her nipples and the bottom just covered her crack and her shaved pussy lips were sticking out the sides. Kim saw me checking Lisa out as she was talking. She must be naked all the time because she had no tan lines. I went around to the pool and checked things out. There was a nice looking girl laying on a lounge by the pool. She had a skimpy bikini bottom on but no top. Kim and Lisa came around and I told Kim to check the filter and pump in the pool house. The filter usually needed new diatomaceous earth and we had bags of it in the truck. The pool house had all the major equipment for the pool and was quite large and had a changing area and toilet. There were pool lounges, chairs and tables in there too.

I was cleaning the pool and talking to Lisa and Kim went to the truck for the filter stuff. Kim came back and went into pool house. I finished the cleaning, check the water and went to the truck for the necessary chemicals. When I came back around, Lisa and the other girl were gone. I added the chemicals and sat on a chair. I was thinking about the things we had to do tomorrow and thought I better go see how Kim was doing.

I walked to the pool house and heard moaning and talking. I went around to the side and peeked in the window. Kim was on her back on a lounge naked from the waist down and her shirt was pulled up around her neck. Lisa was kneeling on the floor and licking Kim’s pussy. The other girl was rubbing Lisa’s pussy and her own.

My cock got hard as a rock instantly. I watched them and undid my shorts and took out my cock and started stroking it. Lisa leaned back and said something and Kim got up. Lisa took her place on the lounge. Now Kim was on all fours kneeling on the floor between Lisa’s legs, licking her pussy. She had her ass in the air in a doggy position and she had her arm under her and was rubbing her pussy. The other girl was sucking on Lisa’s great looking tits and still rubbing her own pussy.

I thought what the hell, I’m going in and see what happens. I walked in and Lisa and the other girl saw me and they continued and smiled at me. Lisa said, “Put your cock in your hired help’s pussy. I know she would like that about now.” Kim turned and saw me and she smiled and said, “Yes, she is right, I would like that now. Please fuck me.” Kim turned and was eating Lisa’s pussy and I dropped my shorts and took out my cock. The girl that was sucking on Lisa’s tits smiled and said, ‘Wow, that is nice.” I guess she was bi too and liked a cock sometimes. Kim turned to see my cock and said, “Oh, I hope I can handle that.” Lisa said to Kim, “You’ve been working with this guy since spring and you didn’t have him fuck you with that beauty?”

I got behind Kim and felt her pussy and she was soaking wet. I eased my cock in her a few inches and started fucking her slow. Lisa and the other girl stopped their play and got to where they could see my cock pumping Kim’s pussy. Kim was moaning and told me she could take more. I put more in her and speeded up.

She was rocking back a little farther every few strokes and worked all of my cock in her. Lisa said, “Fuck her. Fuck her with that big cock.” The other girl was rubbing her pussy and said, “Yes, Yes. Fuck that bitch.” Lisa reached under Kim and rubbed her clit. Kim only lasted a few seconds and she said she was going to cum. I felt her warm juices flowing around my cock and I was cumming too and shot in her 4 times. I kept moving my cock slow and Kim moved forward and my cock came out. She leaned on the lounge and was breathing hard. I laid back on the floor and caught my breath.

My cock was still hard and the girl got up and sat along side of me and bent over and took it in her mouth and was sucking it. Lisa clapped her hands and laughed. She said, “You go girl. You look good with a cock in your mouth.” The girl kept sucking and my cock wouldn’t go down. She said, “If I look good with a cock in my mouth, how do I look with one in my cunt.” She got up and stood over me and lowered herself down on my cock. She worked getting it in but couldn’t get it all. She was riding it real good and she was super tight and I could tell she didn’t have a cock in her too much. She was going faster and Lisa’s mouth fell open. She acted like she couldn’t believe it. The girl came and she was wailing. We laid there and rested. We all jumped in the pool.

Kim and I left and didn’t talk much on the way back to the shop, but Kim and I would look at each other and laugh. We fucked a lot that summer. Lisa’s pool needed servicing every week and so did Lisa and the girl.

Oh, I did get to fuck Lisa that summer and she learned she liked cock too.

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