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Wife's First Black Cock

That isn’t exactly what we started out to do. I have a friend from work named James. He is 23 years old, Black, 6’-0” tall and 145 lbs. Rather skinny. Anyway, I always thought that James was gay. He was very neat in appearance and mannerisms and didn’t date much at all. My wife, Valerie is what you would call a BBW. She is 5’-5” and 185lbs. Big boobs and ass and dirty blonde hair – naturally. I was only her second lover – we met in school and fucked on our third date.

Anyway, we had a small gathering at our house for Christmas and invited several friends from work, including James. The party went well and everybody got a good buzz. Towards the end of the evening Valerie came to me and said that James was seen talking to Lori and making out with her but she had to leave to go home to her boyfriend- (slut!!). Anyway, Lori sent a text message to Valerie saying that James had a very large lump in his pants – it was apparently the largest “lump” Lori had ever felt. Valerie comes up to me and tells me this story about James and his “lump”. I look at her and tell her: “would you like to see it?” Val shyly looks at me and says it is a fascination – but nothing more. Meanwhile James and a few others are still partying and I stroll over to him and ask him if he would like to show my wife his huge cock! He looks at me shocked and says: “How do you know it is huge!” I tell him what Lori did and he kind of smiles and says that he would be embarrassed but, as his Boss If I told him he had to, he would.

I made sure that everyone had left and told James to go to the Family Room and wait for me. I then told Valerie to follow me to the Family Room. As we entered she saw James and started to pull back a little and nervously laughed. I told the both of them that everybody had gone home and that Val wanted to see her first black cock and a huge one at that! James nervously got up on his feet and walked over to the couch where we were sitting. He then proceeds to slip his shoes off then take his belt loose, then his trousers. He stood there in his blue plaid boxers and then started to pull his boxers down. It seemed like forever before his cock was fully exposed! I looked over at Val and she was in shock! Biting her lower lip with erect nipples peering out of her satin blouse.

When he finally stepped out of his boxers his balls hung down a good 5”-6” inches. His cock must have been at least 6” long and was soft. Now, I think I have a pretty fair sized cock at 7” when erect, but his was almost as long soft!!! I looked at Val and she was still staring. I then broke the silence and asked James if he was gay or what. That I had never seen him with another girl before tonight and never heard him talk about pussy like the other guys at work. He stammered and said that he was bi – with a leaning towards guys. I then asked him if Val could touch his monster. Val chimed in and said, “Oh, I don’t know!” “I’m happily married to you Ben!” I looked at her and told her it was ok that I was fine with it all.

Val then grabbed his cock and held it in her chubby hand for a minute or so, then squeezed it a little bit. She then did something that I will never forget! She pulled the foreskin back and pinched the pink head of his cock between her thumb and forefinger then licked the head of his dick! James sighed. She then started to stroke his big meat more and more then started to suck it into her mouth. I could see James starting to enjoy it and begin to get an erection! That thing grew to a little over 10” (yes, I measured it). Valerie then got on her knees and began to lick his big black balls and sucked his cock for what seemed like two hours.

I then noticed that James was starting to fidget. I asked him is he was going to cum and he nodded his head then all of the sudden he grabbed his cock and stroked it rapidly then moaned and let loose with a HUGE stream of jism, then the 2nd, 3rd, fourth and so on. I looked at Val and she was soaked in his cum, as was our couch, as was my pants leg, as was the wall behind our couch!! Holy shit he shot his spunk a good 2’-0”!!! He dropped his cock and it made a small thud noise at it swung between his legs.

I asked Val if she wanted to try and ride that big black cock. She looked at me kind or scared and said: “Maybe, but it might hurt!” I looked at James and asked him if he would go easy with my wife and he looked at me and said: “But Boss, it’s your wife Man!” I asked him if he wanted to screw some white pussy and he smiled and said” “well yes, but it’s your wife Man!” I told him it was ok that I would just sit back and watch. With that, Val started to take her clothes off and laid her body down on the floor in front of me on her back. Her big hairy pussy looked so good. James then got between her legs and started to eat her pussy out. I jumped up took my clothes off and placed my hard cock in her mouth. Val started to suck me like she had never done before. In a few moments she pushed James head away from her pussy and said that she was going to cum!! He got the message and got up on his knees and grabbed his huge cock, which was now half hard and started to rub it up and down her slit.

With in a few moments she was moaning and James was pushing his big black snake into my wife’s pussy! I could actually hear it going in and out! She was as wet as I have ever seen her. Her nipples were screwed up tight as a drum and James was now fucking her good and strong. I asked him to pull his cock out so I could see how wet she had made it. He did and I was surprised to see white foam surrounding her pussy entrance! He then plunged it into her pussy and she gasped and started to buck her hips and shouted out that she was going to cum!!! And cum she did her face blushed, her tits blushed and she pinched and tweaked her nipples furiously. James then put his head down and really started to slam her pussy he then pulled his cock out and it started to leak cum then he blasted 4-5 good thick white ropes of cum on her big belly, her tits and even a small amount on her right check and into her hair. He kept stroking his cock and even more oozed out onto her pubic mound! The next thing I know he is placing my cock into his mouth and sucking my cock! Val reaches up grabs my right nipple and squeezes it when I shoot off into his mouth. He keeps stroking and sucking and just about sucks my balls back through my cock!! Holy Shit.

I looked down at James and said, that was freaking amazing. He smiled and said I had a beautiful cock also. We rested for about an hour then started to play some more. I told James to lay down on his back and then told Val to slide onto his cock. She did and started to ride him up and down. Once she got going and was in groove I lubed my cock and got behind her from a little anal fun. I poked my cock head into her asshole and she howled like a bitch in heat! In the next few minutes she was being double penetrated and was really enjoying it. We did this for the new 10-12 minutes when I heard James say he was going to cum. So, I started to work my nut and then next thing you know I can feel him get harder and then I can feel his cock convulsing as he is shooting his black seed into Val’s pussy. With that I stiffen up and start to shoot also right into her bowels. Val’s then goes limp and passes out from too much stimulation. As she softly falls to the right my cock slips right out of her asshole and so does my cum. Then James limp pecker slips out and her pussy gushes out his foamy thick load of cum! In a few moments she comes to and says, that she has died and gone to heaven that sex will never be better that what she just experienced.

We sit and relax and talk for a few moments when James asks if he can show me a few of his tricks for his male friends. I look at Val and tell her, “hey, I’m not gay, but this sound fun!” Val smiles and says, “we’ve been married for 12 years, I know your not gay! Go ahead”. James then tells me to sit on the edge of the couch and pull my legs up above my head. I do this and realize that my asshole is now exposed!! He then gets between my legs and licks my asshole and reams me but good. He then grabs my cock and starts to suck it like a pro. Next, he manages to wiggle his middle finger up my asshole and then hits my prostate gland. I just about leapt up off of the couch. He then proceeds to message my prostate and suck my cock all at the same time! With in minutes I am cumming like a fucking Porn Star. Now mind you I had already cum 2 times that night. But, with his special little “trick” I shot a load as if I was 18 again. Val then cum up and licked me clean and said my cum tasted “clean” not salty like it usually does when she tastes it. James smiled and said that was a trick the gays use as it gets the “good stuff” out.

James ended up staying with us that night. We pretty much were slept the rest of the night but did have some fun the next day.

James told me of his roommate a lovely black woman with a huge ass and a taste for white cock. I am hoping that Val will allow a four some in the near future. Oh by the way, James’ roommate is very bi and would love some more white pussy! She had some in college and loved it!!!

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