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Wife's First Sex With Another Man

I think SexStoryLand is absolutely the greatest! It's a pleasure to view real life Mothers and Housewives who share their beauty with others. And the stories are so erotic!! I have read many of your stories and love them. I wanted to submit a real life event, which happened to my wife and I some years ago.

When I met Janice I was 19 and on my way to Vietnam. She wrote me every day, and we became very close friends. After my military obligation, I moved to Texas to be with her. We fell in love. I was the first man to have sex with her. She was so innocent, and I loved her.

We soon married and began a life together. One nite while lying in bed, watching a well known late night show, she commented she would like to have sex with the host of the TV show! I was shocked!! I knew she had never had sex with anyone other than me, and the idea turned me on. We began sharing fantasies of her having sex with another man. This was a tremendous turn on for both of us. We continued with our little "fantasies" for many years. She knew I wanted her to have sex with someone else, but in reality we both knew she wouldn't. She was raised believing you only had sex with your husband.

I had a male friend, John, who was single. We always talked openly about sex. He was a little older than me, and it was very easy to talk with him. I learned he had quite a collection of "naughty" movies at home and would go borrow one occasionally. Janice knew where I got them, and was ok with it, and loved watching them with me. We had many a blissful night in front of the TV, having sex on the living room floor! She went with me one night to select a movie from him, and met him for the first time. He asked her how she liked the movies, and she blushed, telling him, it was fun. He told her about all the movies he had, and asked her what she liked. He invited us in to preview a few and I let her choose one. She was enjoying being "naughty" in front of another man. He would tease her about sex, and she loved it. She knew it turned me on, and I think it got her hot talking to another man about it. I raped her when we got home. I told her how much it turned me on listening to her talk that way with John. She admitted it really got her hot.

One night I told Janice that I wanted her to "star" in a movie with me, and let John watch it. I told her I would like for him to see her naked in front of the camera and watch me fuck her. Much to my disappointment, she said no. She did agree, however, to let me make movie for our own use. One night I set the camera up and we made our first sex movie! It was such a turn on to see my wife acting sexy in front of the camera. She bought a sexy outfit to be filmed in. She always kept her pussy shaved for me, and she liked to show it off on film. Janice is 5'2" tall, and medium build, with short blonde hair and beautiful firm tits. We soon had a couple of movies of us in our bedroom. I should mention we were both in our late 40's at this time.

I had told my friend about me filming the movies with my wife, and he hinted that he would love to watch one. He assured me he would never let her know he saw it. The thought of another man watching me fuck Janice really excited me. I knew she would kill me if she found out, but I took the video to his house and we watched it. It was a strange feeling watching him getting turned on by Janice's naked body. I felt a bit of jealousy, but at the same time, I was turned on by it. He commented several times how he loved watching she and I having sex. I finally told him of our fantasy of wanting to involve another man in our sex life. He hinted he wished he could be the lucky one! As we watched the movie, we both had throbbing hard ons. I noticed him rubbing his. It appeared huge.

One night I told Janice I had let him watch the movie of us. Quite to my surprise, she wasn't angry. She seemed embarrassed, but asked if he thought she was sexy. I assured her he thought she was very sexy. When we had sex, she would always ask me about what he and I did while we watched that movie. I told her we both got huge hard ons and talked about him coming over to fuck her while I watched! She responded, "Oh my God, you didn't!" She worried that she would be embarrassed the next time she saw him, although I could tell it turned her on. She loved being the center of attention. When we would have sex, she would ask me how big his dick was, and wondered how it would feel inside her pussy. Although I knew it turned her on, I knew it would never happen.

I told John that Janice was ok with him seeing the movie of her. The next time we went to his house to pick up a new one, he invited us in and we soon retreated to his bedroom where he kept his movies and VCR. I had brought one of Janice and I for him to watch. Janice was unaware of this. He commented to her that she was sexier than any porn star, and he wished he could watch another one of her in action. She blushed, and said if he was nice she might let me make another one. I produced the one I had brought for him, and Janice almost died! She begged him not to watch it until we left. I told him to put it in, and soon we were watching my little 46-year-old porn star in action. Janice was so embarrassed. She and I lay back on his bed while we all watched the movie of her. After we got home, she related to me she had never been so turned on in her life knowing he was watching her. Needless to say, we jumped into bed and screwed our brains out.

When it was over, I held Janice in my arms and we talked. She asked me if I really wanted to watch another man fuck her. I told her I did. She told me she liked John and felt comfortable with him. She asked how I would feel about her after it was over. I convinced her I'd never stop loving her. She told me if I was sure, to set it up and she'd try, but I had to promise not to get mad if she couldn't go through with it. I notified John who was ready by now.

It was coming up New Years Eve, and I thought what better time to do it. I told Janice I wanted to invite him over for drinks. She was so nervous! I told her I wanted to go shopping with her and help get her ready for him. We went out to a hair salon and she had her hair done. I took her to a nail salon where she got a manicure, and pedicure. We then went to Victoria's Secret and bought her some sexy panties, a bra, and naughty little Teddy. She loved the pampering she was getting.

I couldn't wait for him to arrive that evening. When he finally did, we all talked a while. I put on some sexy slow music, and he asked her to dance. I am not a dancer, and it was exciting seeing her enjoying herself with him. We had some snacks and a few more drinks. Finally midnight arrived and she kissed him on the mouth. It was just a friendly kiss. When she pulled away, he pulled her back and gave her a long, wet kiss. She was reluctant at first, but soon kissed him back.

When she pulled away, she laughed, saying she hadn't kissed like that in a while. She was really getting turned on. She excused herself and went into the bedroom. A few minutes later, she called me in. She had the lights off, and a candle burning on the table next to the bed. She was wearing the Teddy we bought her, with nothing on under it except her panties and bra. She was breathing hard, and had goose bumps on her arms. She was nervous. I kissed her and told her how much I loved her. As I ran my hand between her legs, I could feel how wet her panties were. I knew she was enjoying it. She asked me if I was sure, and I told her to enjoy herself. I called John and she got on the bed. That was all we needed. We both got undressed got on either side of her. I was right about John's dick. He had a huge erection! When he laid down next to Janice, she felt his erection, and said "Oh my God"!! It was almost twice the length of mine. Janice had never had anything that large!

We all began playing and touching. Janice likes to be kissed, and got plenty of that. John took off her Teddy and bra. He sucked her breasts as she looked at me. She was running her fingers through his hair, and he had his hand in her panties. I knew he was enjoying one of the wettest, tightest pussies he had ever seen. Janice was moving her hips around as he played with her. From her sounds, she was close to coming. She told John to stop or she would come. She pushed him back and went down on him, taking his 10" dick in her mouth. She could hardly get half of it in. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My beautiful wife in the arms of another man.

She continued to suck him as I slid my fingers into her panties and into her wet pussy. Again she made me stop before we made her come. She laid back and pulled John to her. He began kissing her again. He then started to slide her panties down over her hips. She grabbed his hand at first, but then let him lower them a little. She finally raised her hips and he took them off, revealing her freshly shaved pussy, which was wetter than I had ever seen it. John kissed his way down to her pussy, and ate her until she screamed for him to stop. Janice pulled him up and he got on top of her. Janice looked so small as he mounted her. She spread her lovely legs, and reached between his legs to take his penis and guide him into her pussy. As his penis touched the lips of her pussy, I thought I was going to die.

My wife was about to be ravaged by a cock larger than she had ever seen. He began easing it into her a little at a time. She came before he was half way inside her. She screamed so loud I thought he had hurt her. She asked him to stop for a minute. He then resumed entry into my wife, and began fucking her with long slow strokes. She was loving his huge dick. I couldn't believe she took it so well. She had her arms around his back and one in his hair as he fucked her. They kissed a lot. Janice looked into my eyes as he continued to fuck her to another orgasm. When she closed her eyes, I knew she was coming. He stopped for a moment and then continued. They fucked for almost an hour. I was watching my wife getting fucked like she never had before. She had 2 orgasms as he fucked her. He finally began to pump into her faster as she held him tightly. He began to moan and she knew he was about to come in her. She looked at me and smiled as he started coming in her. He finally slowed to a stop.

As he pulled out to get up, I could see her pussy lips open with loads of cum running down her legs. He rolled off and I slid up beside her. I felt her pussy, which was full of his come. She was loose and sloppy after him fucking her. She pushed my head down and asked me to eat her. I did, and couldn't believe how much come she had in her. I finally got on her and fucked her for all I was worth. She held me for a long time after I had finished.

After it was over, we all got up and Janice put on a short robe. We went into the kitchen where she made breakfast for us. It was 3:00am. After eating, we all agreed John would spend the night with us. She slept in the middle. During the night John fucked her again as I watched. She was worn out and sore by morning. She couldn't believe she had taken such a huge dick in her.

We all got up and had coffee, then John left. We all agreed since we were friends it had been a fun experience. That evening John came back over for a repeat performance.

I love Janice, and we talk about our experience when we're bored in bed. That was her first and only time with another man.

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