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A Wanting Load from My Hubby

"Really? You saw him cum? Like you saw this guy get off?” And I knew the second that I said it that is my in-experienced and innocent past showing itself for my friend to see.

“Yeah …. I love watching it sometimes. I like to see a man cum, and it is a bit sexy to have him do it on me” My friend replied, just like that

“Do it on you? You mean cum on you?”

“Yeah ….. It feels good, and it looks even better, hold on …. Please don't tell me you've never seen Lee cum?”

“Not …………. Really, well kind of? I mean I have in a way but never admired it. Never really thought anything about it. Never just sat there stroking him until the he is about to cum and I sit fascinated. He takes too long when I touch him like that …… errrrrhhh I mean there has been times, but normally I have my eyes closed, I don’t know why” I said with a bit of wonder in my own mind about this.

Pausing, before adding…..

“I have never seen him cum when I’ve been the one …… you know, playing with him. Then there were the times he sent me videos of him when he lived in England ……. I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but it was amazing, but it kind of doesn’t count as it was a video” I said whispering shyly.

“You have videos of Lee shooting his load?” my friend said smiling, curiously.

“yeah…. Like I said from when he was in England”

“Let me see, friends should share! …..”She almost shouted at me

“No way, never” laughing

“Go on, he doesn’t have to know”

“Noooooooooo No way ………… why so interested, he’s all mine ha-ha” teasing

“Jilly, don’t be stupid, not like that …… is he you know ……”Moving her hands apart, asking me if my husband had a big dick.

“I’m not saying anything my girly, I’m not giving you a size ……. But yeah, he is big and that’s all I am saying. I can’t believe I even said that to you hahaha... anyway what about the guy you were with, was he large” repeating what she did with her hands, laughing.

“Actually not really, it felt like a peanut inside me, not that I put peanuts inside me”

We both started howling laughing, it was hilarious.

“So Lee is BIG then hey? Lucky bitch ………… you must have pictures though, just one pic, just one …. Lee won’t know”

“Hahaha Jesus, you never give in. Lee would probably like that if I told him actually” rolling my eyes

“Well, I won’t show anybody and how will anybody know it’s him if I did anyways right” me friend replied crooking her eyebrow

“Jesus girly, I might email you one ……… just one, Maybe!!!” Laughing at her, shaking my head

“Ha-ha fucking awesome …. OK, so you mean to tell me that you have been married to Lee for nearly 2 years, love him dearly and you have never seen him cum............. well, Really as you put it” She said with amazement.

“No ……… oh shut up ……..Ha-ha what is this, pick on Jilly day ….. You!" my voice grew smaller as I giggled in embarrassment.

”You have got to be kidding me!” my friend sounding astonished

“Well ……….. He has done it on me a few times and obviously when we have sex, I feel it inside me and maybe ……….. In my mouth once, but I have never actually seen it. I can’t believe I am telling you this, I’m going to hell. “With this my mind started to give me images of what I thought it would look like.

“Ohhh please, its what friends talk about” My friend said while shaking her head from side to side without thinking about it.

“Well, since we have fully exposed my lack of experience, what's it like?” I said trying to twist it back onto her.

“Its cool and it depends. Sometimes it is a big deal, and at other times, its not, but every time it is amazing and you better be ready because it shoots, I tell ya …….. With more force that you would ever expect. I have seen it shoot a long way.”

“You're kidding! I thought it just barely spurted out the end. I’ve seen videos online, but I always thought they weren't real.”

“Oh, no. It always shoots, but the speed and volume of sperm depends on how you do it. I have found that if you take it slow, bring him to the edge of his orgasm several times in different ways over a half hour or so and you will get a geyser. If you just jump the man and have him shooting inside of 5 minutes, you will get a nice show, but not the full encore, if you get my drift.”

“Oh ….. Uh huh” I said while thinking about Lee's thick cock and seeing it up close when it went off.

“Jilly, honey… if you have never seen Lee cum, you really need to do it and start enjoying it. Give him a good hand job and stand back! He will enjoy it too. I usually do it to my guys when I am on my period and don't feel like sex, but I know they need relief and I want to show them special attention. He will love you for draining him and relieving some of his pent up sexual stress. Trust me, he will really appreciate the fact that you thought of him. Just another way I get my men to climb all over themselves to give me the attention I deserve.” My friend said as we both started to giggle.

“Hmmmm.” was my response as we moved on to other topics. Even though we spent a good deal of our talk time on girl scout stuff, what latest issue was on the agenda with our daughters and our friends love lives, my mind kept going back to the fact that I had never really seen Lee cum in nearly 2 years of marriage. I could not believe it myself.

We said our goodbyes” Oh, yeah …… don’t forget my ONE pic ….. Maybe” she whispered. “Ok, maybe” and I left her to get her day started and headed home. On the drive home, I could not get the thought out of my mind. I wanted to see Lee cum, like properly and I knew if I wanted it, I would get it, and I would get it when I wanted it, which would be tonight. Since Lee has been working a lot lately, he finally has a couple of days off and Madison is off to my dads. We had not had sex or made love in four days, which lately is a long time …….. I was hot, and I knew he was horny too.

I made myself do some housework when I got home to pass the afternoon away, but could not quit thinking about the evening. It was silly, but the one thing I have learned about my new sexuality is that if I am curious about something, it eats at me until I do it. This was a case in point. My curiosity was getting the better of me and it was all I could think of all day.

That evening, I took a nice long hot shower, shaving my legs and pussy until they were silky smooth. Putting on my PJ’s that Lee got me for Xmas last year. The bottoms to them are just normal PJ pants, but the top is very revealing and low cut. Its almost see through and I have wore it once in almost 12 months, due to the fact that it doesn’t really hold my tits ……. So it was very revealing. Anyways I put them on and admired myself in the bathroom mirror. LOL My god my boobs looked enormous. I knew Lee would approve…… I brushed my hair and put my contacts in. …….. I found Lee in the living room reading sports illustrated.

“I rented us a movie from blockbuster” I said as I walked into the living room where Lee was sat, giving him a whiff of the perfume I had lightly sprayed myself with.” Do you want to watch it?”

“Why did you rent one from there? We could have just had a look from the movie selection” pointing to the TV

“Yeah, we could of ….. I guess”

"A romantic comedy with either bullock or Jennifer Anniston in it” Lee said rolling his eyes

“Actually, its not” mocking him

“OK something stupid ……… like …………….. Remember mama mia? I was the only guy there!!! Actually no there was 2 of us, I mistook the other guy for a girl, the one who was singing like a fucking girl sat next to me” shaking his head

I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. My laughing caused Lee to start too, until I gave him the title of my rented movie.

“Its called, Loose Lips Sinks Big Dick” I said and showed him the DVD case where two women in navy hats were sitting on some guys face and one of them had her pussy about to impale on this guy’s fat dick.

“Oh Shit ….. Errrrrrrrrrrrrr …. What’s going on? You ….. Went to blockbuster and rented THAT and didn’t feel embarrassed about it….. I know you,” He said with a sly grin.

“I didn’t just rent THAT ……. But yeah, kind of but I thought it would be awesome ……. I take it then that you want to watch it with me” I replied teasing him by scratching between my tits.

“I’ll be right back. Why don’t you get us both a drink and put the dogs in the hallway” Which I did while he disappeared to change. It is amazing how the hint of sex will set a guy in motion.

Lee came back wearing his blue boxer briefs. The pair that shows his bulge off very nicely. I don’t think he knows this, but I love watching his fat dick inside his boxers as he walks around the house. So, I started the movie and we lazily got comfy on the couch.

“So, do you think you will like this one baby? I hope it’s not like the one we rented in that hotel for my birthday” he sighed.

“I hope not. It shouldn’t be …….. I mean look at the guy’s dick on the box. How does that even fit up somebody?”

“What ……. Baby!! Where did that come from? …………………. I knew you liked huge dicks ………hahahaha Knew it……….. To be honest, I get turned on knowing you do. Do you?” Lee said shocked at first and then sexily.

“Nooooooooooo ………… It’s not that …. Of course I like the look of dicks, I’m a woman …. But, I mean I have always been you know …. About the thought …. It’s the thought of being stretched open and having something big inside me …. And not just a dick, does this answer your question” I said and reached over and stroked the front of his boxers, feeling his already solid shaft and balls as Lee started the movie?

The movie opened with several women dressed as navy personnel working on a ship. Each had the perfect body of course. Have you ever seen one where they used normal women? Even under the navy top, you could see that they had large breasts, and the outfits were probably a bit tighter than navy standards (like they were painted on). They were moaning about the lack of sex at sea, and how they were tired of pussy and needed a real dick when a helicopter lands on the deck and a man gets out. You could tell he was a CIA type with broad shoulders and tight pants himself. The girls helped the spy to inspect the ship, but before he had completed the inspection of the first room (the mess hall); the girls were fighting over who would have him first.

Soon, one of the girls had removed her top to show her puffy tits. The second girl dropped her pants to reveal her panties, which she pulled up into her shaved pussy creating a camel toe. The third girl was not to be beat, getting completely nude and laying on the table with her knees almost behind her ears, tugging her pussy lips back to expose as much of her hole as possible.

The first girl immediately dropped to her knees and pulled his huge cock from his pants and after they got over the initial shock, I have to add that I was included in this. As soon as I seen this enormous dick with thick veins, my pussy started throbbing and I could feel the wetness between my legs. ‘Fucking ….. Hell hahaha ‘ Lee laughed. ‘You like baby ‘. I had to admit, It really did make me gasp and I could only manage ‘ uh huh ‘. Anyway, the second girl removed his shirt and began to suck and bite his nipples. Soon he was getting the blowjob of his life while frigging the table girl with two fingers.

From that point on, it was continuous sex for the guy with at least twenty different women. In every scene he had at least two women and as many as five at a time. It was obvious that he was going to inspect every compartment on the ship and in every girl with his dick. Lee was still tenting in his boxers and I knew I was more than wet enough to take four fingers myself, had I tried.

I pulled his boxers down and released his throbbing dick as one of the brunettes was using the handle of her mop as a dildo. I ran my hand from its base to its tip and it jumped as my fingers left it. He was rock solid hard. From watching this guy’s huge dick on the TV to having my husband’s thick dick in my hand, I was close to creaming down my thighs.

I felt his hand reach into my loose PJ’s to find my juice everywhere. My legs were slightly closed, but his finger slid down my slit into my moist center without any extra pressure. We were both ready for action. As one of the girls on the screen deep throated the spy, I ran my fingertips softly over Lee’s big cock head. Each time it strained to follow my touch.

With Lee sitting on the couch, and me kind of lying down on my elbow next to him, his cock was not more than eight inches away from my face. I could see the pre-cum glistening around the tip. I watched it closely as I caressed its length. I also spread my legs to give Lee full access to my aching pussy. Soon he was thrusting three fingers in me, working in and out in a steady slow rhythm. I was tossed between what my mind wanted and what my body craved. My pussy wanted his cock buried deep within my walls, and my mind wanted to see Lee cum, which was my initial plan. This along with this guys gorgeous dick on the TV, I decided that I would get both. Lee would cum for me, and I would make sure he got it up a second time to satisfy my sloppy cunt.

As a girl on the screen was attempting to sit on the spy's cock, sliding up and down with many moans of pleasure, the way her pussy lips had to gape open to accept his fat dick. I placed my lips on the end of Lee's dick and slowly sucked him in, swirling my tongue around the head. "Ahhhhhghhh." Lee moaned, never taking his eyes off of the girl on the TV who was now bouncing violently on the spy's dick. If I had to guess, his dick was about 9 inches and very thick. Her tits were bouncing up and down to the point where they could have hurt someone.

I fondled his balls while he started to rub my clit. Soon it was I who was on the verge of Cumming as Lee quickened the pace. It didn’t take long and I came with a huge wave of pleasure as I had his cock in my mouth and watching the other dick on the TV. Getting off of the couch, I pulled my top up and over my head and threw it to the ground as I got on my knees between Lee's legs. I took his cock and ran its tip over my nipples, which brought them to full attention. The feeling of his hard, but soft helmet on my nipples was a wonderful feeling that made my pussy contract hard.

I spat on his cock to provide lubrication and smooched it between my breasts, where I then sucked down on the head. Lee was soon bucking his cock in and out of my mouth and between my tits. I could tell he was about to explode, so I eased off and let him settle down a bit while watching three women share the spy's dick in a three-way blowjob. He then lined them up, bending them over a table and plunged his hefty dick into the first girl's pussy from behind, pumped her a few times and then moved on to the second girl, then the third and kept up this rotation for several minutes. The girls flipped over onto their backs and he continued his rotation only this time pinching and sucking their hard nipples as he went. I kept wondering if the guy had been blindfolded if he could tell the difference between one woman and another or if all pussy's felt the same to a man's cock?

Turning my attention back to Lee, I licked my way up the full length of his shaft. I found the smooth taste of his pre-cum on the tip of his cock head, which I licked clean. This time I focused my sucking on his whole shaft from tip to balls. Lee's whole body tensed with the sensation and soon he was on the verge once more, so I released him, allowing him to settle down some. Meanwhile, I was tonguing and sucking his loose and floppy balls and running my hands over his nipples.

“Baby ……. Are you teasing me ……… hahaha It feels so good I need to cum”

It was time.

“Lee, stand up.” I said with a very sexy voice. And, he did while I sat on the edge of the couch cushion. His cock was so hard it was almost tight against his body rather than just sticking out. I pulled his dick into my mouth which I noticed was exactly what was happening on the movie. This redhead was nude and fingering herself while on her knees and sucking the spy for all he was worth. I didn’t take my eyes off the movie whilst I continued what I was doing. I began to jerk Lee’s cock, first slowly and then with greater speed while I massaged the end with my tongue.

It did not take much time before he was moaning about Cumming and I could feel his cock actually getting harder. I removed it from my mouth, pointed it at my tits and pumped him as fast as I could. The girl on the TV was doing the same thing, only she had the fingers of the other hand firmly buried into her shining wet pussy. I did the same, shoving three of my fingers as deeply inside my sloppy cunt as I could. Just as I did, the spy came all over the woman in the movie, covering her face and tits with his cum. It was hot watching that and now I wanted the same ……… I paid close attention to my Lee’s gorgeous dick, taking in the detail. The veins in his dick and how big his cock head is, the way the skin slides over the end and how his balls swing nicely. My god it looked beautiful. I never really examined it before like this and I was practically having my own orgasm just looking at it.

My fingers were wrapped around his thick shaft firmly, short stabbing strokes through the palm of my hand. His dick felt hot to the touch. The way is glided through my hand. How turned on I was when he leaked a little out of the tip. The feel of his soft purple dick head as I rubbed it in ‘ Ohhhhh fuck baby …….. Mmmmm ‘

“Give me your spunk Lee …….. Shoot your load onto my tits” I encouraged him along.

“Arrghhhh I can feeeeeeel, I’m gonna cum” he warned me. With that I began frigging my whole pussy violently ……. As I waited.

I watched closely and pointed his dick down, jerking his hot shaft like it was the last dick on earth as Lee sighed heavily and huge rope of thick cum sprayed from the end of his cock with a force I could hardly believe. It splashed between my tits and ran down to my stomach, before the second shot came with even more force and more volume, an enormous load shot out landing on my neck and running down onto my right breast, down onto the nipple where it hung and swayed. I kept pumping him as I watched greedily, more blobs of sperm rolling out and down onto my hand with every deep stroke. I’ve never seen anything as damn sexy in my life as I drained his balls of his load.

“Oh My ……….. Oh fuck yeah ……….. Arrrghhhh Mmmmm Ohhhgghsh” was all I could manage as my pussy juiced around my fingers.

Taking his cock back into my mouth, cleaning his head of remaining sperm, tasting it, I could already tell that he was softer. As I sucked him, his cock reached a place between hard and soft and stayed there, Lee was moaning the whole time while I relished being able to get his whole cock in my mouth.

My friend was right. It was amazing and I knew I would be doing this again soon as it was spectacular to watch Lee explode, and it was pretty sexy to have him do it on me. I would never have guessed how hot it made me having that control over him.

Lee pulled his dick out of my mouth and went onto his knees between my legs and grabbing my ankles, pulled them up in the air and spread my legs giving him a close up view of my pussy.

“Show me your pussy.” he said in a husky voice.” Pull back your lips……….. Holy fuck ……… you’re dripping”

I reached down and pinched my lips with my fingers and pulled them out and apart. I wanted to give Lee a show. I spread them as far as I could, knew he could easily see deep within me. I let them go with a snap, and pinched up my clit up for him to see with one hand, while I thrust the fingers on my other hand deeply within me.

I closed my eyes and continued my show for him, fingering, and masturbating myself for him.

“Eat me!” I whispered as I again spread my lips for his viewing.

“Fuck, I can see deep into your pussy like that.” Lee said as he lowered his face into the folds of my cunt. He immediately sucked in my swollen hole, while sliding one finger deep inside my hungry cunt. Licking his way up my slit, he soon found what I wanted him to find and ran his tongue over and around it, which sent sparks of passion through me. My body arched and I pushed my pussy into his face like I wanted his face inside me. The feeling was urgent and electrifying. I reached down and held his head into me while I began fucking his face.

I felt his middle finger enter me to join his other finger. These he slowly slid in and back out, spreading them and bringing them back together in a rhythm that stretched both my pussy walls and my imagination. The sensation was incredible. He removed his middle finger about the time I was going to scream with pleasure only to poke it at me anal opening, bringing on a whole new level of enjoyment.

With one finger in my pussy and the other up my ass, the pumping sensation raised me to a new high. I did not believe it could get any better until he sucked my clit between his lips and suckled it. I did not think my clit was large enough for this, but he was able to suck on it like it was a nipple. It was unbelievable. My whole being shook and a feeling like I was going to faint from the pleasure. I felt like every stress in the world was being lifted from my body as lightening struck in the form of an orgasm that started deep within me and ran around every part of my body, inside and out. Like an earthquake, it had its massive moment and its aftershocks where the pleasure continued one after the other.

Grabbing his now hardening cock,” Shove that dick in me please ……… Fuck me.” I again glanced over at the movie and started to imagine I was the girl who had managed to slide the guy’s fat dick into her pussy as she squatted over him bouncing. I imagined it was my pussy trying to open for it. What it would feel like having something that big inside me. My pussy stretching around the thickness, just slowly opening myself to get it in …….. Oh my god that thought was such a fucking turn on.

Lee obliged by ramming home in one swift movement. As wet as I was, he slid in until it hit the end. I think it could have been twice as thick or like the guy from the movie and it would not have made any difference. With the angle of entry, his cock head hit the full depths of me. It felt wonderful to have my pussy stretched around his cock and having him bump against my back wall.

Lee saw me watching the movie as he slammed me hard ……. Our fucking just went on and on. My pussy eating his dick easily.

“You like that big fucking dick don’t you” he said roughly

“Y …….. Ye……….yeah, it feels ………….. Fucking so good” I somehow managed to say

“I’m talking about the TV ………. Tell me what you’re thinking”

“Arrrghhhhh Mmmghhhmmmm Just fuck me please” as my eyes rolled back, wanting to say, thinking about it.

Lee pulled his entire cock out of me

“Lee, please……. I’m nearly Cumming again, Fuck me” not taking my eyes off the huge thick hard dick on the TV. The thick veins ran the whole length of the guy’s dick and his sac was heavy and full.

“If you tell me what you’re thinking, I will slip it back in” he smiled

“Ok ……………….. Mmmmm …………. I ……… I …………… (pausing a little) was picturing I was the girl sitting on that guy’s dick and you were watching me, stroking your dick as I rode him” I fantasized.

“Oh fuck yeah ……… tell me more ……… that’s …….. Holy shit “he shouted as his dick stabbed back into my aching twat and his hands grabbed for my wobbling tits.

In an instant my eyes saw stars again as I continued our little game with Lee’s dick ramming me.

“I’m fucking his huge cock …………… aarrghhhh and your watching me fuck him ……… I’m facing away from him, bouncing on his cock as I look you in the eyes …… I’m watching you stroke yourself in the corner Mmmmm Ohhhhh fuck yeah, Fuuuuuuucck me hard …… I can imagine my pussy being so fucking full around this guy’s dick ….. Using him, for my pleasure, for our pleasure…… Now you have walked over to me and I start blowing you ……… and now I have my pussy stretched, being fucked deeply, gloriously and mouth with your fat dick at the same time.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god ……. Yeah ……… You’re fucking that dick good huh?”

“uh huh, Mmmmmmmm” I managed as I stared, watching his dick piston in and out of me. Wow!

Lee held my ankles high and pounded in and out of me like a man on a mission. I massaged my clit giving myself another climax, coating his cock with my juices, until he finally, in a mad rush emptied his second load into me, spraying my pussy walls with spunk. This time I had a far better image of what was happening in my pussy as he thrust as deeply, imagined his cum deep into me, flooding my snatch with more of his sperm. My god where did it all come from …… LOL

We lay there on the couch for a while and I kept thinking of how beautifully hot it was jerking my husband’s dick to a climax. I kept imagining how the first shot looked like and then the huge amount that splashed onto my neck and tits. The noise it made as it hit my chest ……….. My friend was right. I think this could be another addiction of mine. I had finally admired my man having an orgasm; actually I’ve seen that many a time….. What I meant was, the way his sperm shot out of his dick. I really can’t wait until I see it again …..

We cleaned up and headed for bed for some sleep. We held each other and talked for a while

“Oh, by the way guess what” I started

“Huh, what?”

“I was speaking with my friend today and she wants me to send her a picture” I continued rubbing his chest.

“A picture ….. Yeah …. What you talking about?”

“Well ….. we were talking about this and that and she wants …. You know… a picture…… I am not going to send her one of course …….. But I might let her look from one on my phone”

I started to explain to Lee about the conversation we had. To cut a long story short, it wasn’t long before we were making love again.

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