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(NOT) My Beautiful Bride

I’ve known Katie for going on eight years. She moved to the small town I live in and got a job working at my place of employment back in 2002. We became friends, and up until six months ago, that was that.

I turned 40 in September, but two weeks before my birthday was Katie’s wedding. Katie turned 28 last May, and it was at her birthday party that she asked me to be her wedding photographer. I do a lot of photography, and even make some money at it, but I am by no means a wedding photographer. Still, because it’s a small town I have done a few weddings for friends. It has always been kind of fun so I agreed to help Katie out.

You would have too, because Katie is a little hottie.

She is part Italian, part other stuff, but she definitely looks Italian. She has gorgeous big, brown eyes with long eyelashes and thick full lips, all on a beautiful round face. She has medium length brown hair with gold highlights throughout and her skin from her face to her toes is dark olive brown. It maintains this hue throughout the winter when everyone else is pasty white.

She is 5’ 4” tall, with a curvy, full frame, thick thighs, firm calves, round hips, a tight waist and flat stomach, and two incredible, perky breasts that are a large c cup with lots of cleavage. She likes to show off that magnificent frame. One thing that has always turned me on about her is a little strange – she has tiny hands and fingers. Not in a weird out of proportion way; they are just small, and when she grabs my hand with hers it turns me on to see how small it is in mine.

When we first met I was happily married, but two years ago that fell apart and since then it’s been tough for me to keep our “friends” relationship, but she was seeing this guy, Tommy, who was a guy from up north of here, and I liked Katie too much to fuck up her life when she seemed so happy.

We definitely have done our share of flirting. It’s easy to do because she has such a great personality, charming and sincere, and always happy. It’s infectious. When she smiles and flashes those big round eyes at you, you turn to mush, your dick gets hard, and all kinds of nasty thoughts run through your mind.

Still, there was only one time we ever came close to locking lips. It was about a year ago. We had been drinking at the bar after work, and I walked her home. At the door she gave me a hug. I leaned in to kiss her and she was looking up at me, but at the last second I pecked her on the cheek and went my way.

We never said a word about it afterwards, but that night I had a vigorous masturbation session in the shower imagining what those toned legs would feel like wrapped around my face.

So on to the day of the wedding…

We made plans to do some photos before the wedding at her place. These are the kinds of shots of the bride adjusting her dress with her bridesmaids, pulling up her garter, looking at herself in the mirror, etc.

She was dressing at her house, and her two bridesmaids were there, one her sister Saskia and the other her best friend from back east, Jessie. I arrived three hours before the wedding, and Katie answered the door dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. I could tell immediately she wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt was white and a little see though, and I got the first look at her breasts in all the eight years we’d been friends.

Her nipples were soft, but her areolas were huge and dark brown. I mean huge. They were perfect circles around her nipples and seemed to be a full half of the overall size of her breasts. I was surprised I hadn’t seen them before when she wore low-cut dresses and tops.

She must have seen me staring because she said she was just starting to get ready. Katie told me to have a seat on the couch in the living room and she would be out in a few minutes.

I heard her back in her bedroom and the voices of her bridesmaids. Sure enough, a few minutes later she came out and brought me a full glass of champagne.

“We’re all drinking and so should you, Nick” she said. “I don’t want any of us to be nervous during the wedding.”

She led me back to the bedroom as I guzzled my champagne. Katie had a big bedroom and her wedding clothes were all laid out on her bed. Besides the beautiful white strapless dress, what caught my eye was her lingerie; a white corset, tiny g-string panties, and silky-white stockings with attachable garters. Lying next to the bed was a pair of ornate four-inch heels.

I felt my heart beating faster just thinking that I might see Katie dressed in her wedding night outfit. I also thought about what a lucky bastard her future husband was.

Saskia filled my champagne glass and we all sat and talked about the shots we wanted to get. After, I left the room for a few minutes while the girls changed. When they called me back in I thought my jaw would drop.

The two girls had on their bridesmaid dresses, but Katie was in her corset and panties and nothing else. She held her arms up in the air and, twirling around, she said, “What do you think?”

The words that came out of my mouth were, “Wow, you look beautiful.” What I was thinking was that I wanted to lick her little bubble ass, which was bare and sticking full out, the g-string lost somewhere in between those two round cheeks that were as dark and smooth as the skin on the rest of her body.

There was a gap in between Katie’s legs where her panties covered her pussy, but it looked as if her labia were poking against the thin material. The insides of her round thighs came together a couple inches below where they touched – two soft bulges that then tapered down the length of her firm legs. Her feet were bare and small like her hands, her toes painted dark red. Her breasts were bulging from the top of the corset, and glitter was sparkling on her bare chest and neck. Her lips were painted the color of her toes and they looked larger than they ever had before.

We took some photos of her sitting on the bed, then some shots with the bridesmaids. Then I was thrilled to get some pictures of Katie putting on her stockings and attaching the garters. Then we did a series of photographs where the bridesmaids helped her into her dress, bringing it down over her head, and her looking at herself in the mirror.

When we were done, they took the dress back off and took Katie to the living room where they worked on doing up her hair for the wedding. I got a few shots and then put the camera down for while trying to quietly collect my breath. I needed to. I thought I was going to pass out.

After a few minutes Katie asked me to run to the bedroom and grab her purse for her. I went in and saw it on the nightstand. Right beside it on the bed was a pair of black silk panties. Knowing it was safe I picked them up and brought them to my face, taking in Katie’s scent. I put them back down and brought her the purse.

With about an hour to go before the wedding, Katie was dressed and ready. She asked the two bridesmaids to head down to the church and make sure everything was ready to go. I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she said that I could give her a ride to the church, as we might want to get a few more photos along the way. I said sure, and the two bridesmaids were off.

We sat and had another glass of champagne. I was feeling it too. There were four empty bottles lying around by this point and I figured Katie was more nervous than her cool exterior could let on.
Katie said we should get a couple of photos with her shoes on and asked me if I could give her a hand. We went to the bedroom and she sat on the bed and stuck one foot out.

“Could you put them on for me, I can’t bend down in this dress,” she said.

Trying to make small talk while I guided her tiny foot into her shoe, I said, “So are you excited?”

I must have been trembling because she cocked one eyebrow and said, “Are you?”

I stammered and said, “Well, a little. You look incredible.”

I set her foot down and reached for the other, taking it into my hand and raising it up. Just then, Katie jerked forward and said her leg was cramping up.

“Push my foot backward,” she said.

I pushed on her toes, but she was still grimacing with pain.

“Here, rub my calf, Nick. See if you can work it out,” she said, lifting her dress up to her waist, exposing her bare thighs above the spot where her stockings ended. Her garters clung to her luscious thighs, and her panties were peeking out just a little from below the dress.

I held her foot with one hand and rubbed her calf with the other. Her stockings were smooth in my hands. I could feel the muscle in her calf – tense at first, and then slowly relax. Katie let out a little moan. When I looked up she was staring at me with those big eyes and biting her lower lip.
“That feels a lot better,” she said. “Can you rub a little higher? I feel like my thigh is tensing up too.”

Needless to say I was incredibly turned on. I was also so caught up in the moment, and numbed by champagne, I just did what Katie asked, enjoying every second of it.

As I worked up her leg, over her knee, and onto her thigh I had to get up onto the bed to be able to reach. Katie spread her other leg out to make room for me and bent it at the knee. She laid back and pulled a pillow under her head so she could stare down at me. With her legs further apart I could see the crotch of her panties, and a small wet line right down the center.

I could also see her breasts heaving while she lay there in her wedding dress, my hands slowly working up her leg, sliding from off her stocking and onto her smooth, bare skin. The little bulge on the inside of her thigh was soft. I brushed my fingers over it and Katie shuddered.

I am not sure what got into me, because I am usually not forward at all, but not really caring about the consequences I leaned forward and brought my lips down onto those tender spots on the inside of Katie’s thighs and gently kissed each one, right then left. She lifted her other leg up, flexing her knee. I looked up and saw her still staring down at me, right into my eyes. She was spread right out before me, radiant in her wedding dress, her hands flat on the bed. I kissed up one thigh while I pulled her panties aside with my hand.

Katie’s pussy was shaved bare around her thick labia, with a little runway just above her clit. Her pussy lips were pink and full and dark brown along the hanging edges, just like her areolas. They were glistening like the sparkles on her neck. I put my lips around them and sucked them into my mouth.

It occurred to me that I was tasting Katie’s pussy before I’d ever kissed the lips on her mouth, but that turned me on even more.

I treated her pussy like it WAS her mouth, kissing it, sucking on it, and gently sticking the tip of my tongue in between those sweet opening lips. Katie’s hips were gyrating and pushing forward into my mouth. She began to make little sighing noises.

When her pussy lips were fully spread out in front of me, I ran my tongue up from the bottom of her slit to the top. I flicked her clit with my tongue and then stuck it as deep as I could inside her cunt. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands and forced my head between her legs. I could feel her legs around my back, her bare thighs clenching around my face.
“Fuck me with your tongue,” Katie said, but it was she who was doing all the work. I was just trying to keep my tongue out as far as it would go. Her pussy got wetter and her smell muskier. It was just like the smell on her panties I had sniffed earlier. She was rubbing her cunt all over my mouth and chin. I could feel her sticky sweetness all over my face. Then I felt her body vibrate and I knew she was cumming.

She relaxed her legs and I got up onto my knees. She watched me through the tops of her eyes as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my raging hard cock. She glanced down for a look, then back up at me.

She looked incredible there on the bed with her brand new weeding dress pulled up over her waist, one foot in a shoe, and a glaze of sweat mixing with the glitter on her chest. I grabbed her knees and held them apart while she reached down wrapped her tiny hand around my cock, pulling it toward her waiting pussy.

When my swollen head was just inside of Katie she let go. I teased her for a minute and then slowly shoved the entire length of my cock inside her. I watched Katie’s full pussy lips clinging to the shaft of my cock as I pulled it almost all the way out of her. When I thrust again, she clenched around me like a vice and her body vibrated. Her eyes shut tight and I knew she was cumming again already.

When they opened she looked wild with lust. She pushed me off of her and guided me onto my back while she shuffled off the bed. She popped off her one shoe and stood next to me by the bed for a few seconds before pulling her dress up and climbing on top of me. We were both fully clothed, but she managed to grind her way onto my cock and work it into her cunny.

Katie let her dress down and it was draped all around us. I reached under it and grabbed her hips with my hands, slipping them under the garter clasps, then worked them back to her ass and squeezed while she rode me faster and faster. She started to grind down onto me like she was doing some kind of hula dance. Her pussy was clenching and releasing and I could feel it all along the length of my cock.

Her titties fell out of her dress and were bouncing up and down as she rode me, her nipples hard and pointing up. Katie came again, then leaned down closer to me and thrust her ass up and down in a rhythm. She was really into it, her eyes were closed, and her pussy felt tight, hot, and wet around my dick.

She suddenly stopped and pushed her hips down hard onto me. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands grasping them as hard as I could so I could get even deeper into Katie’s sweet little cunt. I pulled her hips toward me as hard as I could, and she flexed her pussy muscles like a clamp. I was bottomed out inside her, and she just kept flexing while I did the same, both of us gyrating our hips.

Katie brought her face to mine, staring right at me. Her eyes looked huge and she smelled like perfume and sex.

“Cum for me, Nick,” she said. “I want your cum deep inside me. Don’t close your eyes. Keep looking at me.”

To tell you the truth, I don’t know if women can feel it when you cum inside them, but when I shot my load in Katie, her pussy was flexed tighter than any woman’s I’ve ever felt. Our eyes were locked together. In a hoarse moan Katie was cooing, “Yeah, Nick, give me every fucking drop. Fuck Nick, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” her cries got louder, and her face was writhing in pleasure as she came, her pussy just holding me inside, milking me. Her eyes started to water and beads of sweat were forming on her forehead.

I could feel each squirt of cum being massaged from my cock, blast after blast into the deepest parts of her tight little body. Her cervix rubbing the swollen head as it burst one load of spunk after another, my hands gripping her sweet little ass and spreading it open.

We were pumping each other in this way that was new to me. Our hips were barely moving, but my cock and Katie’s pussy seemed to be vibrating with electricity.

I had always heard of it happening, but this was the first time it ever happened to me; I came twice in that magnificent cunt. I just wanted to be deeper inside her, and maybe 30 seconds after what I thought was the last drop of cum shot from my dick, another orgasmic wave came over me and I could feel cum oozing from the head of my cock. It wasn’t powerful like the first wave, but it felt just as good. It was so surprising, it was actually better in some ways.

It might have been because our eyes never left each other’s. Or it could have been the incredible turn on of fucking this girl I had always had the hots for, in her wedding dress on her special day. Or the way her ass felt in my hands as I held it open and flexed my cock while watching Katie’s eyes as she came on top of me, screaming obscenities for what seemed like a lifetime. One thing was certain; Katie looked sexier than I’d ever seen her, and that’s saying something.

I could have fucked Katie all day and night, but after a few minutes staring wide-eyed at each other she got up and went to the bathroom to fix herself up.

I did the same and I took her to the church where she was successfully married less than an hour later. As Katie made her way down the aisle I could see a little stain at the bottom of her dress, and I knew as she exchanged vows that the dried blemish had been caused by some of my cum that had leaked out of her pussy.

We did have sex again a few weeks later, purely by “accident,” and a few times since then. Those are also good stories, but maybe not as good as the one about Katie’s sister Saskia, the bridesmaid who saw something neither Katie nor I thought she had seen. At the reception she confronted me and all hell broke loose.

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