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Curves in the Right Places

It has been sometime since I met her for the first time but it still excites me when I think of what happened. We met over the Internet, she an executive from Toronto and me a business man from Cambridge. After exchanging several emails we agreed to meet and go to a Toronto Blue Jays game. We met downtown at a restaurant in the building where she worked in the financial district. She described herself as middle age blond about 5’8” woman wearing black Capri slacks and matching blouse. I immediately picked her out as she walked confidently across the concourse towards the restaurant we were to meet at. She had a beautiful face with such a pretty smile. Her body was curvy and sleek and you could tell that she took pride in her appearance. As she approached I said Marilyn and she responded yes, you must be John.

We enjoyed a light snack with a bottle of red wine before heading off to the ball game. It was a beautiful September evening and a light sweater was all that was needed. We sat along the 3rd baseline and continually touched one another not inappropriately but making contact and holding hands. After a few innings I suggested we move out to the bleachers behind left field were there were only a few fans and we choose seats in the last row. There we were able to sneak a kiss or two as we continued to keep our eye on the ball game. We both knew this would not stop here and after an inning of light petting we decided we had seen enough of the ball game and headed out to a bar back near her office.

We arrived at a small bar and ordered some red wine and found a nice little private corner to carry on what we had started. This was also filled with talk as we got to know one another better. We enjoyed each others company and the passion was building in both of us as we continued to kiss and touch lightly. We had the odd brush up against one another’s thigh and I was lightly feeling the outside of her breast as we embraced. After finishing the wine we wanted to go somewhere more private and it was suggested we could go to her office in an office tower on Bay Street. We went up in the elevator several stories as we passionately kissed which was now the first time we had not been in public.

We arrived at her floor and got off and went down a hallway to an office suite, which was locked, and she opened. We had met the cleaning staff in the hallway and she said she did not want to be disturbed. She truly was a very successful executive with a big office overlooking the city. She had a huge desk as well as a couch and chairs in the corner of her office. We immediately settled onto the couch our lips met in the fullest deepest kiss we had enjoyed all evening. Our tongues touched and we locked in each other’s passion. We continued to suck face with each other and as we did it was my natural reaction to move my free hand to her breast. I fondled her breast from the outside of the blouse she wore as we continued to kiss. As we broke away from our kiss I moved to unbutton her blouse, which she put up a mild resistance to at first. We locked our lips again as I went about unbuttoning her blouse. Her breasts pushed up from her black lacy bra and I leaned and planted a kiss upon her exposed skin. I gently massaged her breast with her bra in place and planted kisses upon her lips, neck and top of her breast. As we broke the embrace my hands went to her back to unhook her bra again minimal resistance then laughter as I fumbled with the hooks on her bra. She reached behind and with the hands of a pro and had the hooks unfastened. As the bra fell away I was greeted by two beautiful white perfectly round breasts with pink hardened nipples that just begged to be sucked.

I didn’t waste a minute and had my whole mouth on her left nipple as I tweaked her right nipple with my fingers. We broke away for a moment to kiss on the lips then I went right back to her breasts. As I did I let my hand slide between her legs and gently pressed up against her pussy. She started to squirm to meet my touches as I continued to tongue and suck on her beautiful breasts. It was then that she reached over and touched my raging hard on through my slacks. I knew we were at the point of no return. Instead of showing signs of resistance she was now aggressively touching me and gyrating her hips against my touch.

We broke from our embrace and stood up to remove the rest of our clothes only to realize we were in an office building overlooking the city of Toronto with the lights on and no curtains. We could see into other office buildings in the area but there were no signs of activity. I embraced her as I gently slid her Capri slacks off leaving her in her black thong. I stepped back to take in the beauty of this blond goddess with a trim fit body and killer legs that were so shapely and athletic looking. I pressed firmly against her pussy and could feel her heat as I slowly removed her thong and was greeted by a full bush of blond pubic hair. I pushed my face into her pussy and took in her aroma. I then quickly removed my own shirt, slacks and underwear as my cock sprang out of its hiding place. We embraced as I pushed my cock against her stomach. I reached down and parted her pubs so I could have full access to her honey pot. I gently slid my fingers in and found her wetness as my thumb found her clit. I gently lowered her into a seating position on the couch as I got to my knees, spread her legs and looked directly into her wet hairy pussy. She seemed surprised as I moved my mouth towards her womanhood. I took quick flicks with my tongue as I found my way through her bush to her warm wet pussy.

She now seemed more relaxed and slouched back on the sofa as I worked my tongue from the bottom to the top of her opening. I used my finger to pull her pussy lips further apart and stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. By now she was squeezing and playing with her nipples and her eyes were closed and she gently moaned from her pleasure. I continued to suck her pussy stopping to dart my tongue onto her clit. I could feel her losing control as she began to press harder against my face and all at once I felt her lean forward and push the back of my head hard against her pussy as she reached her orgasm.

She fell back and on the couch and let her right hand find her pussy which she stroked gently as her left hand went to her breast. For a moment it was almost like I wasn’t there as she regained her composure. She said that was marvellous and that she wanted to return the favor. She asked me to lie down on the floor as she hovered over top of me with her beautiful breasts swaying just above me. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips and her hand slid down to grasp my rock hard cock. I knew she could taste herself as she sucked my face. She then slid down and took my swollen cock into her mouth. She seemed very relaxed and was quite experienced in oral sex and she was able to provide all the pleasure a man could ask for. She took only the tip in as she stroked the base then let her lips trace the entire length of my cock like she was licking an ice cream cone. She could sense my arousal and broke away to ask if I wanted to come in her mouth or did I want to fuck her.

Both offers were more than I could have ever imagined based upon this being a first time meeting for us. I am not sure what my thought process was as I said I wanted to fuck her. We initially tried this on the hard wood floor but decided the desk provided a better option. We both stood naked to the outside city as we moved to her big desk. I had her lay down on her back as I stood between her legs looking directly at her glistening blond hairy pussy. Before entering her I once again lowered down and slid my tongue up and down her slit. I then thrust my hard cock into her wet pussy feeling it go in as far as it could with her pushing back to meet my thrusts. For just a moment I forgot where I was as I stood above this beautiful lady stretched out naked on her desk with her breasts relaxed and swaying with our movement. I looked out the window as I continued to fuck this lady thinking to myself this can’t be happening.

I then realized the exquisite view I had of the city as she looked at the ceiling. I suggested we do it doggie style as we both looked out the window wondering if anyone was in darkened windows of the adjacent office watching us. I clutched her by her hips as I started to loose control and politely asked her where I should deposit my load. Was I to pull out and shoot it all over her back or desk or what was I to do. She said she wanted my hot cum in her pussy and this excited me beyond my wildest imagination. I shot spurt after spurt into her waiting cunt as I collapsed onto her back and held her tight. We now stood up and my throbbing dick slid out of her slippery hole. She turned and as she dropped to her knees she grabbed my throbbing cock and took it gently into her mouth to suck the last of my orgasm from it.

She quickly grabbed a handful of tissue and put it to her matted hairy pussy which had begin to drip with my cum leaking out. As she stood up she looked so beautiful her naked silhouette against the background of the Toronto skyline truly a gorgeous woman with such a sleek and trim body it was the perfect picture. We quickly dressed as it was now quite late. I followed her down to the parking garage where she had previously instructed me to park.

We embraced in a final kiss before getting into our cars to drive off. She had a parking pass and I had to pay $20 bucks but I consider it money well spent.

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