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We have been married for twenty five years and I always thought my wife was a virgin when I met her aged 18. It seems that was right for when I met her but just a few months after we met she went on a working holiday to supplement her college grant; she left home a virgin but I now know she was not one when she returned.

All this I discovered just the other night when I casually asked her if any guy had seen her nude before we married. I expected her to say that she had been on the beach topless so guys had seen her tits, but not completely naked. How wrong I was!

It seems that she got a job fairly readily working is glasshouses where they grew tomatoes and on the first day she met a guy who was about ten years older than her who showed her the ropes. It was very hot in there so she wore short shorts and a loose blouse, which gaped open as she bent forward.

So he showed her the ropes and she showed him her tits. Although she wore a bra which provided some modesty it was half cup and as she found out later it did not always conceal her nipples. He seemed happy with the arrangement!

Being new to the island she did not know anyone and when he asked her if she would like to go for a drink after work she agreed. As she was living in a tent she was travelling light and did not have many clothes to choose from but she chose a white cheesecloth blouse and a short denim skirt to wear that evening. He was good company and she had a good time and he was the perfect gentleman but he flirted with her (which she enjoyed) and she noticed that from time to time his arm brushed against her breasts and she became aroused; since she wore no bra her nipples grew hard and show through her blouse.

From the way he looked down at her chest from time to time it was clear that he had noticed – as indeed had some of the other guys in the pub! Despite this he took her back to her tent, gave her a quick kiss and said he would pick her up for work at 6 the next morning.

It was 5.30 when he arrived next morning and she was not even awake but he said he would wait. He must have noticed that she slept nude but he turned his back (or so she thought) while she got dressed and then he drove her to where they were working. They chatted as they worked and he told her she had great legs, which pleased her, and she noticed that he enjoyed the view down her blouse. She liked him; he made her feel sexy and she enjoyed flirting with him and teasing him.

That evening when they went out he told her that she had a great body but he was finding it hard to concentrate on his work when she bent forward. She knew this of course but said it was all in his mind as she wore a bra and he could not really see anything. When he told her that with such a small bra he could see everything she was surprised and when he told her that her boob popped out from time to time she didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or amused. She did she decided think it terribly funny and he told her that she might as well not bother wearing a bra!

That night when he took her back to her tent he kissed her with more passion and she didn’t object when he squeezed her breast. Once again she was wearing no bra. He promised to take her on a tour of the island the next day after work and to show her the sights.

He was early once again the next morning and this time she caught him peeking when she was getting dressed. When she told him not to peek he told her that he was only flesh and blood and she did look particularly lovely first thing in the morning so she forgave him and since she was flattered she said nothing when she saw him looking at her again. He was true to his word and after work the next day (when he made little attempt to pretend he was not looking down her blouse) he took her to the pub and then took her on a tour of the island before it was dark. This time she wore a summer dress that fastened with four buttons down the front and small cotton panties.

One of the places he took her to was a small beach with a few picnic tables. It was deserted and when he asked her if she would like to go for a swim she said that she would but had not brought her bikini. He told she could swim in her underwear but she told him that she was not wearing a bra (as if he didn’t know!)To which he replied with a grin that he had already seen her breasts and there was no one else around so it didn’t really matter. She thought he was a bit cheeky but didn’t really mind so she took off her dress and went into the water in just her panties. He swam nude.

She only intended to have a quick dip but a family came down to the beach and stayed awhile so they had to stay in for twenty or thirty minutes and all the while he fooled around, putting his arms around her and feeling her tits when she let him. She noticed that his penis was growing hard when he rubbed against her and in a fit of bravura took hold of it and said, “what’s this?” to which he replied that it was all her fault.

Eventually the family left the beach and they were able to go back to the car where they had left their clothes. By then she was quite aroused and made no objection when he kissed her and ran his hands over her body. She liked it when he said how lovely she looked and she let him take her panties off when he said he would like to see her completely nude. He was surprised that she did not shave and had a hairy pussy but he said he liked it that way and it was far more womanly. As he looked at her his cock grew stiff again and when he kissed her she felt it between her legs rubbing on her clit and she felt her pussy getting wet.

He was now feeling her all over and she loved the feel of his hands as he explored her body. She made no objection when he ran his hand down over her belly and through her bush where his fingers started to rub her clit and she opened her legs so he could rub it and slide a finger into her pussy which was now so wet that it was only a few minutes before he slid two fingers in and started to push them in and out gently. She loved it! It was clear that he was an experienced lover and he took his time obviously realising that she was a virgin. No one had ever played with her pussy like this before and no one had ever put their fingers up her cunt. Even so she did not want unprotected sex and she tried to stop him but though he took his fingers out he gently pushed her back onto the bonnet of the car and kneeling between her legs he started to lick her pussy.

No one had ever done that to her before and in no time she was practically begging him to fuck her but he would not be hurried and he carried on licking her until she could stand it no longer and she felt her orgasm overwhelm her and her cunt flood with her juices. As she felt her orgasm subside he stood up and as her sucked her nipples she felt his cock slip up her thigh and slide into her wet cunt without a pause as far as it could go. Now he started to fuck her, gently and still not hurrying he thrust his penis into her, sometimes pausing at the entrance so that her pussy almost closed and then thrusting his way in again. In no time she was flooding again and as she reached her second orgasm she felt his cock stiffen even more and he thrust more urgently until she felt his juices squirt deep inside her.

After a while he stood up and looked at her grinning. “First time?” he asked and she said, “Yes”. She thought it was wonderful but crossed her fingers and hoped that she would not get pregnant. They were both dripping in perspiration and she was still excited so when he suggested she ride home naked she agreed, tied her panties to the car aerial to dry, threw her dress into the back seat and he drove her back without even a hanky to cover her. She even walked to her tent naked where he gave her dress and she gave him a lingering kiss goodnight and was pleased to see the bulge in his trousers as he walked back to his car.

They agreed that he should pick her up at six next morning but she knew he would be early! He was; they were late for work because he fucked her again before work and before she returned home three and a bit weeks later he had photographed her nude all over the island, he taught her how to suck his cock until he finished in her mouth and how she could be pleasured using a banana and various other fruits and vegetables. All this I learned from her the other night.

Virgin indeed! I often wondered how come she was so sexually inventive. He fucked her for twenty four consecutive nights and had her three times on the day she left for home! For her part she stopped wearing a bra in the glasshouses and took to wearing no bra or panties at all when they went out in the evening. Just four buttons and she was naked! So much for the shy little virgin who went on a working holiday. She has (she says) never seen him since.

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