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Mother in Laws Panties Part 1

Part 1

“Hello.” “Hey hun, how’s it going?” “I’m just leaving work.” I say to my wife Amanda of 10 years.

She then says, “I have a favor to ask you, could you swing by my mom’s house on your way home? She is getting a dryer delivered tomorrow and she needs her old one disconnected so they can take it when they drop off the new one.”

“No problem, it shouldn’t take more than a half hour to do.” I say.

“Great, and one more little thing, she was also wondering if you could stop over tomorrow after work and connect the new one? She said in addition to the removal and delivery fee, Ray’s would charge her one hundred dollars to disconnect the old one and reconnect the new dryer. She said she’d buy you a twelve pack of beer.”

I laughed. “Tell her it’s not a problem, and she doesn’t need to buy me any beer.” “Thanks babe, she’ll really appreciate it. I’ll call her and let her know you’re on your way. See you when you get home.” My wife says.

I arrived at my mother in law Debbie’s house about fifteen minutes later. I get out of the car, pop my trunk, grab my tool bag and walk to the side door.

Knock knock. “Come in, I’m in the basement.” I hear Debbie yell. I walk down the stairs and find my mother in law folding some clothes. She is still in her work clothes, a knee high black skirt with a button up white blouse.

“Thanks for stopping over Dennis I really appreciate it. I can’t wait for the new dryer. This past week this one has really been acting up. Last night it took an hour and a half for this half load to dry.” Pointing to the basket of partially folded laundry.

“Yeah that sucks, how long have you had it?” I asked.

“Well let’s see, it has to be around twelve years old. I bought it when Jim and i split up.” She said as she folded the last pair of socks.

“Well in that case it seems you got your money’s worth.” I said starting to pull the dryer out so I could start disconnecting it.

“Well Dennis, I’ll leave you to it. I’m going to take a quick shower, and when I’m done I’ll bring you down a cold beer.” Ok, thanks Deb.” I reply. I grab my adjustable wrench out of my tool bag and wiggle my way to the back of the dryer.

I hear Debbie walking on the floor above me, followed by the bathroom door closing. I start by turning off the gas valve, as I start to loosen the gas hose from the back of the dryer I hear the shower turn on.

With the gas line disconnected I hop out from behind the dryer and start digging through my tool bag looking for my flat head screwdriver to undo the clamp that’s holding the dryer exhaust pipe. “Go figure.” I say out loud. “When you need it, you can never find it.” I glance around the room and see an old tool box on the tool bench in the corner. I walk over to the tool box and rummage through the drawers. “Bingo” I say as I find a screwdriver. I walk back into the laundry room and hear the shower turn off, the remaining water trickles down the drain.

Then I hear what sounds like a door open, then I see some clothes fall into the laundry chute followed by the chute door close. I immediately notice a white bra through the wooden slots of the laundry chute. Extremely curious I walk to the chute and slowly open the door. I carefully pull out the bra, I put the bra to my nose and I immediately smell my mother in law’s perfume. My dick begins to stiffen in my pants.

“What a turn on.” I think to myself. I flip the tag on the bra, 38D. I continue to hear footsteps above me. As I begin to place the bra back in the chute I notice a pair of white panties. I set the bra down and pick the panties up. They are still warm, and the panty gusset feels damp. I rub my thumb across the gusset of her satin panties imagining them cradling her most intimate and private part. I raise the panties to my nose and inhale the sweet aroma of my mother in law’s pussy.

I slowly run my tongue along the damp patch as I imagine it’s her pussy lips I’m tracing with my tongue. Above me I hear the bathroom door open, snapping me out of my panty induced trance. I take one last smell and place the panties back in the chute and close the door. As I close the door it makes a creak which seems a hundred times louder than it actually was. With my adrenalin flowing, and my dick hard in my pants, I clumsily climb behind the dryer, only to realize I left the screwdriver on the washer, I standup and grab the screwdriver. I bend back down and start to loosen the clamp.

I hear Debbie walking down the stairs and say “How’s it going down here?”

“Just finishing up.” I reply.

“I hope it wasn’t too difficult.” She says.

“Nope not at all, other than forgetting my screwdriver,” I added. “I borrowed one out of your tool box , I hope you don’t mind.”

“I didn’t even know that old thing still had tools in it. Here’s the cold one i promised you.” As she sets it on the washer, just below the laundry chute.

“Thanks.” I say as I timidly standup trying to hide what’s left of my erection. I grab the beer and take a huge gulp.”

You must have been thirsty.” Debbie says.

“It’s been one of those days.” I reply, as I set down my half drinking beer. I unplugged the cord of the dryer and push it out to the middle of the laundry room and say “That should do it.” As I finished my beer we made small talk, but all I could think about was smelling her still warm wet panties moments ago. “I’m just going to leave my tool bag here if you don’t mind.

“Ok hun, just set it on the work bench.” Debbie says.

I set my tool bag down and we make our way upstairs. “Ok Deb I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Oh that reminds me, Dennis here’s a key to the side door. I’ll be leaving work at noon, stopping home to let the guys from Ray’s in, and after they drop off the new dryer I’m heading back to work for an office party to celebrate the company’s record sales for last quarter. They’re providing dinner and cocktails so depending on how good the drinks are, I may not be home when you get here. Just let yourself in and help yourself to anything you need as you hook up the new dryer.”

“Help myself to anything, well a pair of your worn panties sound good to me.” I think. “That sounds like a great time Deb, have fun and maybe I’ll see you tomorrow . If not I’ll leave you a note as to how the hook up went and lock up when I leave.

Thanks again Dennis I really appreciate it.”

“Anytime Deb.” I say as I lean in and give her a hug as she gives me a kiss on the cheek. The kiss and smell of her perfume immediately sends a tingle to my cock. I close the door behind me and make my way back to my car.

I get in my car and my heart starts racing just thinking of the excitement I just experienced, and the thought of me having her empty house to myself tomorrow floods my mind with endless panty fantasies.

When I arrived home the evening with my wife was like any other evening, uneventful. All I could think about was my mother in law’s white panties rubbing against her pussy all day long, and moments after her taking them off having them in my hands, on my tongue, and smelling the arousing aroma of her sweet cunt. After dinner and a shower I told my wife I was heading to bed because I was exhausted. She thanked me again for helping her mom out, and I went up to bed.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of my alarm, I sprang out of bed eager the get through the work day. The whole day was nothing but a haze. The only thing I could focus on were fantasies of my mother in law’s undergarments. When five o’ clock finally rolled around , I left work faster than I’ve ever left before. I made my normal call to my wife, and let her know that I was on my way to her mom’s house, and that I’d see her later.

Traffic was horrible tonight. An accident had the freeway down to one lane, turning a 25 minute ride into a 55minute drive.

As I pulled up to my mother in law’s house a wave of adrenalin hit me, followed closely by the feeling of my bladder beginning to burst due to the extended drive. I quickly made my way to the side door, as I approached it i noticed that Debbie’s car wasn’t parked on her slab near the alley. My excitement grew even more. “Yes!! Free reign of my mother in laws house.” I thought. Nothing was off limits. As the list of things I plan on doing runs through my head, the first being take a piss. Next a search of her panty drawer, followed by a more in depth examination of her clothes in the laundry chute.

As i was pulling the key out of my pocket, the side door opened, “I thought I heard your car door close.” Debbie said.

“Hey Deb.” I surprisingly say. “I didn’t see your car in back, I thought you were still at work.”

“Yeah well, those free cocktails I told you about yesterday got the better of me, and I thought I’d better get a ride home. My friend Tim just dropped me off about 5 minutes ago.” She said with slightly slurred speech.

As she was telling me about her night, my eyes started to explore her cleavage which was prominent due to the low cut of the flower patterned sundress she was wearing. I continued to gaze lower and noticed that the dress came up to mid-thigh and had what looked like a small chain linked belt wrapped around the waist. “I was just about to hop in the shower when I heard your car door close.” Debbie said. Snapping me back to the moment.

“Good idea on the designated driver.” I said. “Deb would you mind if I use your bathroom before you get in the shower? The extended drive here due to an accident on the freeway really did a number on my bladder.”

“Sure hun, go for it,” she replied.

I said “Thanks” as I jetted toward the bathroom. I closed the door and made my way to the toilet. As I was lifting the toilet seat the disappointment of my mother in law being home faded quickly as I noticed a pair teal green satin panties, grey spandex yoga pants, and a white tee shirt resting next to the sink. As the stream of piss began to flow I picked up the panties and held them to my nose, “These must be the ones she planned on wearing after the shower.” I thought to myself after smelling them.

My dick started to stiffen in my hand as the last drops of urine trickled out. I began stroking my dick while wiping the soft panties on the head of my cock, this caused a driblet of precum to surface on the tip of my dick. I opened the panties up and wiped the drop of precum on the gusset of my mother in law’s teal panties. Immediately after doing so I realized that may not have been the best idea, as the spot on the gusset that I wiped the precum on darkened. “Nothing I could do about it now.” I thought.

I flush the toilet and turn on the faucet as i put my dick away, and attempt to fold the panties and place them back on the pile of clothes as I found them, minus the cum stain. I turned off the faucet and opened the door and walked back into the kitchen. “Thanks again,” I say, “I don’t think I could’ve held it another minute.”

“No problem hun.” Debbie said with a grin.

“Well I better get to it.” I say as I head down the stairs.

“Thanks again Dennis, I’ll bring a cold one down for you when I get out.” She says as she walks toward the bathroom.

When i get down stairs i notice the new dryer. I walk over and grab my tool bag and set it down next to the dryer. I hear Deb’s footsteps above me. My nerves are all of the place, the worry that she’ll notice the precum I wiped on her panties, and the excitement of waiting to see what panties she throws down the chute today. Speaking of the laundry chute, I walk over to it and slowly open the door. I see the white satin panties that started this panty infatuation, I reach in for them, and as I grad them I hear the laundry chute door open. I pull my hand out of the chute, and see a black pair of panties with pink pinstripes, a black bra, and the sunflower patterned dress fall on the pile of clothes in front of me.

My heart starts to race. I’m delightfully surprised that today she threw her clothes down prior to taking a shower. I begin to pull the sundress out of the chute. As I get the dress out of the chute the small chain belt that was attached to the sundress unravels and bangs on the lid of the washer below, as only a chain would. I instantly hear the footsteps above me pause. Then after what seemed like an eternity, I hear her foot steps and the shower turn on. I take a deep breath, hoping that she didn’t hear the chain belt hit the washer.

I carefully set the dress on the ground and reach back in the chute for the black bikini cut panties with the pink pinstripes. “No wasting time on the bra today.” I thought. Like yesterday I pulled the warm panties out and began exploring the gusset. They seem more moist today, I’d almost go as far as to say they were wet. They had a thin layer of creamy clear film running along the length of the gusset. I rub the thin layer of film with my thumb, it’s very similar in texture to the precum I left on her teal panties upstairs.

“Her friend Tim must’ve really excited her on the ride home.” I thought to myself.

The thought of how warm and wet her pussy must be made my dick harder than it’s ever been before. I inhale the smell of the black panties deep through my nose. I licked the clear creamy film with the tip of my tongue, enjoying the sweet nectar that dripped from my mother in law’s aroused pussy. I unbutton and unzip my pants and let them fall to the floor. I pull my dick through the opening in my boxers. I begin stroking my dick while rubbing the head of my cock on the warm, wet, and creamy gusset of Deb’s black panties. I can’t hold back much longer, as I imagine it was my dick that made her pussy so wet.

I heard the shower turn off as I begin to unleash rope after rope of thick, hot, milky cum all over the gusset of my mother in law’s panties. I shot so much cum that some of it spilled off the panties and landed on the flower patterned sun dress laying on the floor. I hear footsteps above me, I carefully set the cum soaked panties on the sundress. I tuck my still erect cock back in my boxers and pulled up, zipped, and button my jeans.

Now reality hits me. Above me my mother in law is probably about to put on a pair of panties that I drizzled with precum, and below me are a pair of her panties that have a puddle of sperm so large the gusset can’t contain or absorb any more.

I start to hear my mother in law singing above me. I can’t make out the song but i think to myself, “That’s a good sign, maybe she didn’t notice.” As i begin to hear her walk around in the bathroom i feel a sense of urgency to get this messed cleaned up. I carefully fold the panties up not letting any more sperm spill out, i then wrap the sundress around the panties and carefully place them both back in the chute. I close the door and hear the same creak i heard yesterday, not thinking twice about it today.

I grab the dryer and push it about two feet closer to the wall so I can start connecting the dryer vent. I make my way behind the dryer. I hear the bathroom door open above and Deb’s footsteps making their way to the kitchen. I get the dryer vent on and begin tightening it was my borrowed screwdriver. As i make my way out from behind the dryer I hear Debbie humming as she’s walking down the stairs. As i stand up after grabbing my wrench, I turn around and Deb’s holding a beer in her lefthand and what smells like a rum and cola in her right.

“Here you go Dennis.” As she hands me my beer.

Immediately I notice she is not wearing a bra. She looks amazing in her white V neck teeshirt, the shirt is so tight her nipples are poking out and so thin i can faintly make out her areolas. I have never seen her like that before. I feel my cock twitch and start to lengthen.

“So what do you think about the new dryer?” She asks.

“Looks nice,” As I take my eyes off her tits and turn to take my first real look at the dryer. I continue “the super capacity is the way to go.” I take a sip from my beer, “I should have it hooked up and ready to go in ten minutes or so.” I set my beer down on the laundry table and begin to walk to the rear of the dryer to connect the gas line.

“Oh that’s great, really ten minutes?” She says. “Well in that case I can throw a load of wash in the washer, I can’t stand clothes piling up in the chute.”

My heart drops to my toes, thinking about the cum covered panties in the chute.

Debbie sets her drink down and says “You don’t mind if I move your tool bag do you?”

“Not at all.” I reply. When she bent over to grab the handles on my bag I noticed how good the yoga pants make her ass look. I also notice the waistband of her teal green panties peeking out. She sets my bag next to the laundry table and walks to the laundry chute. Deb opens it up and starts pulling out clothes and throwing them on the floor. The sundress with the sperm coved panties are now near the bottom of the main pile. She proceeds to start making two piles. Every time she bends over I sneak a peek of her amazing ass and her teal panties that have my precum on them. From what I can see it looks like she is sorting light and dark colors.

The moment of truth arrives as there’s only a few articles of clothing remaining and the sundress is one of them. She picks up the balled up dress and shakes it, the black cum filled satin panties fall to the floor. She tosses the sundress, and scoops up the panties. I see her freeze, “Busted” I think to myself. My heart is pumping so hard it feels like it’s going to explode knowing that she must have seen and felt my warm cum on her panties. Peeking around the corner of the dryer I see Debbie start to turn towards me. I quickly tuck my head behind the dryer and make some noise with my wrench. It’s silent for a second and then I hear her walk to the washer and open the lid. She turns the dial and pulls it out, the water starts to flow. She adds detergent, and loads the dark pile of clothes into the washer and closes the lid.

“Dennis,” Deb starts.

“Here it comes.” I think.

She continues, “Will you want another beer after that one? I have to run up stairs and get the new box of dryer sheets I bought.”

“No thanks Deb, but I am just about done with the dryer.” I reply.

“Ok” she says as she heads up the stairs. With my head spinning and heart racing I think “What the fuck just happened?” I double check the connection of the gas line to the dryer and stand up. I reach for the dryer cord and plug it in and turn the gas valve to the on position. I maneuver my way out from behind the dryer, and push it back so it’s in the same location of her old one. I notice the other pile clothing on the floor, which has her white satin panties laying on the top. “No time for those now.” I think. I place my wrench in my tool bag. I grab my beer, take a huge gulp, and then another. I set it down and return the screwdriver to its place in the old toolbox in the corner.

As I walk back, I hear My mother in law walking down the stairs. “Oh thank you so much.” she says as she noticed I finished connecting the dryer. She extends her arms to give me a hug.

“No problem Deb, I’m happy to help you out.” I reply as I step forward to return the hug. I could feel her braless tits press against my chest as we embraced. “Maybe she didn’t see her cum filled panties after all.” I thought to myself. I release her and turn around and walk towards my tool bag and beer. I grab the beer and step toward the dryer. “Well should we test it out?” I ask.

“Let’s do it!” Deb replies.

“You get to do the honors.” I say to her.

“If you insist.” She replied.

Deb walks over and turns the dial, and presses the start button. It starts to spin. “Hey it works!” She says.

“Did you doubt me?” I ask sarcastically, feeling a bit more relaxed.

“Of course not hun.” She replied with a smile.

“One last thing to check.” I say, “Open the door and check if there’s heat.” Debbie opens the door and bends over to reach in the dryer. As she did this I noticed the back of her shirt ride up, I expected to see her teal panties, but I didn’t. Instead I notice she was wearing the black satin panties with the pink pinstripes that I came on minutes ago. “Wow, thats warm, it’s definitely working.” Deb replied.

With adrenaline flowing, my heart racing, and dick hardening I say, “Well that’s good, and you know what Deb, on second thought I will take you up on your offer of another beer.”

To be continued……

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