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Gloria's Panties - Chapter 4

Gloria’s Panties is about my obsession with panties. I’m not sure when it started, however as I get older the most intimate of a woman’s garments, just seems to fascinate me more and more.

This series is also about Gloria, a woman who I’ve fantasied about for years. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear.

There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at the end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Chapter 4 - Forced Panties

I had just finished masturbating with a pair of light pink and white, striped cotton panties. They were a gift from my wife’s friend Gloria. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought about the last couple of days. For years, I have had countless fantasies involving my wife’s friend. I had even stolen a pair of her panties once. Other than that one act though, my secret love of panties, and my infatuation with Gloria, had never been anything more than harmless fantasies. Until three days ago.

It started last Saturday morning when Gloria caught me masturbating. Later in the day, I stole a second pair of panties from her. Things just escalated from there, with us actually masturbating together on two separate occasions. The second time, which occurred earlier today, I violated her after she had passed out. When I left her, she gave me the soiled pink and white panties I had just filled with cum. And just like that, my harmless panty fetish and fantasies about Gloria had turned into an adulterous obsession. I finally fell asleep, feeling like the luckiest guy on earth.

The following morning, Gloria called me at work. After a quick hello, she asked, “Did you like your present?”

“Yes I did. I used them last night as a matter of fact, while I thought about you and what we did yesterday afternoon.”

“You’re so naughty.”

“I’m naughty? What about you? I believe you gave me the panties we’re talking about.”

“Well maybe I’m a little naughty as well. I’m glad you liked them.”

“I loved them. My only regret is that I didn’t see them on you first.”

“I have two other pairs just like them. Maybe I’ll wear them sometime.”

“What color are they?”

“Light blue and light green.”

“With white stripes like the pink pair you gave me?”


As I pictured, in my mind, how Gloria would look in each of the striped panties, I started to get hard. I then asked her to hold on a minute, got up from my desk, closed and locked the door, and then sat back down.

Gloria has always seemed a little shy, almost reserved. I could never have imagined I’d be sharing a conversation with her about her panties. As I rubbed my cock through my dress slacks, I said, “When I opened the box, the wonderful little pair of panties you gave me seemed fresh.”

There was an awkward pause, and then Gloria said, “I wore them to the diner. The thought of giving them to you had me so excited I could barely concentrate on driving.” She then said something that was music to my ears. “I think your thing for my panties is so erotic, I get excited every time I think about what you do with them.”

“See, you are naughty. So what are you wearing right now?”

“I have on the light blue shorts and white blouse I was wearing last weekend.”

“What else?”

“What do you mean?”

“I think you know what I mean.”

“Are you curious about my panties?”


“If I told you, would that turn you on?” Gloria teased. I responded with yes, it would excite me more than she could imagine. She then said, “I’m not sure, I would have to unbutton and unzip my shorts to see. Do you want me to unbutton my shorts?”


“You really want me to?”

“Yes! Where are you?”

“I’m home.”

“Are you alone?”

“I am. Too bad you’re not someplace private.”

“I’m in my office with the door locked.”

“What are you wearing?”

“I have on a pair of dark gray dress pants and a blue dress shirt.”

“I bet you look handsome.”

“Thanks. I should add that I just unzipped my pants and pulled them down, along with my underwear.”

“I should have known. If I undid my shorts and showed you my panties would you like that?

“Yes, please show me your panties.”

“Would you touch yourself for me?”

“I’m rubbing my cock for you right now.”

“Is it hard?”

“Yes! I want you to touch your hot little pussy. Are you wet?”

“You’re so naughty!”

“Are you?”

“Am I what?”

God she had me so turned on. “Are you wet?”



“Because I’m thinking about you rubbing your….”

After a moment of silence, I added, “My cock?”

“Yes. You’re so bad. This dirty talk is so naughty.”

“I think you like talking dirty. What panties are you wearing?”

“Did you know you wanting to see my panties turns me on?”


“I’m unbuttoning my shorts. I can see a thin border of pretty white lace. The lace has a tiny scalloped pattern along the edge.”

“What color are they? Please Gloria tell me.”

“I’m unzipping my shorts. I’m slipping my hand inside them. My panties feel so soft?”

“Are they cotton?”


“What are you doing now?”

“I’m touching myself. I am so turned on. My panties are getting damp.”

“What color are they?”

“Are you excited?”


“What are you doing?”

“I have my hand wrapped around my cock and I am rubbing myself slowly. I wish I was with you so I could see your panties, so I could feel the soft cotton covering your wet pussy. What color are your panties?”

“They are light gray, with white lace around all the trim. They have a little white bow. They’re simple, yet sexy. And the cotton feels so soft.”

“I wish I could touch them.”

“I wish you could touch them too. I’m putting my hand inside my panties. I am so excited. Do you like it when I touch myself for you?”

“Yes, I love to watch you touch yourself. You are going to make me cum.”

“You’re so naughty. My fingers are inside me. I am going to cum soon too. Would you cum inside my panties if I held them open for you?”

“Oh god, Yes!”

“I want to feel your warm cum on me! Will you?”

“I want to cum inside your panties. I want you to feel my warm cum covering your hot little pussy.” The thought of Gloria holding her panties open while I squirted cum all over the inside was too much.

“Oh god! I’m cumming Gloria! I’m cumming!”

“Yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, aaaauughh.”

I heard heavy breathing for a few moments then Gloria said she couldn’t believe how wonderful that was. As I cleaned myself up, I told her I agreed. I then asked her when I could see her and her gray panties and she said she wasn’t sure. She then said I owed her a pair of panties for the pink and white pair she had given me. I told her I would buy her all the panties she wanted. I then asked her again when I could see her and she was hesitant to respond. She finally said she’d call, said goodbye and we hung up.

Although Gloria seemed to enjoy the phone sex we just shared, she seemed troubled. She probably felt a little guilty like I did. I knew what we were doing was wrong, however there was no way I wanted it to stop. As I thought again about all that had happened the last few days, I was startled by a knock at my office door. I made sure I was presentable and reluctantly went back to work.

Two days went by before I received another call from Gloria. I had been going out of my mind. I wanted to call her, however she had said I couldn’t. I wasted no time, asking her when I could see her. She responded again with, “I’m not sure.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I just feel so guilty. We shouldn’t be doing what we’re doing.” Gloria paused for a moment, then added, “Do you remember when we were at the diner and I told you I might have had a few fantasies.”

“Yes I remember.”

“Well whenever I did, I always felt guilty after. So guilty that I would pretend you were forcing yourself on me. When I imagined it that way I didn’t feel so bad.”

“Listen I started this, not you. You shouldn’t be feeling guilty. This is my fault. I need to see you. I want to make love to you. Maybe we could fulfill your fantasy by me taking you against your will. If I forced you to, it wouldn’t be your fault.”

“I don’t know. Maybe we could do that. But if I can’t go through with it, you would have to stop.”

“Agreed. So when can I see you?”

“I have another showing tomorrow at the house we were at on Monday.”

“What time?”

“Tomorrow at one, you can come over at two.” I was about to respond, when Gloria surprised me by asking, “Should I wear a dress to make it easier for you to attack me?”

I almost said yes as I thought about throwing Gloria on the bed and forcing myself between her legs. As I spread her legs, her dress would ride up exposing her panties. While I held her down with my body, I could pull her panties to the side and drive my cock into her hot little pussy.

“Well?” Gloria asked.

“Sorry. I’d like you to wear what you had on when you showed up at the diner.”

“The knit top and the black leggings?”



“Yes, I thought you looked great in that outfit.”


“Let’s just say I loved the way the leggings accentuated your beautiful curves.”

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

We said our goodbyes and I thought again about how lucky I was. Gloria really looked good in those tight leggings and I couldn’t wait to get the chance to run my hands over them. Lately it seemed that almost everywhere you went half the girls, of all ages, were wearing those black cotton blend leggings. I’ve said in the past that a dress or skirt were the next best thing to just a bra and panties, however I was starting to believe it was leggings. They are basically waist to ankle panties. Leggings are form fitting and soft to the touch, just like a pair of panties, only worn in public. When a girl has them on you can admire every curve, and more often than not, there is a good chance of seeing some panty lines. Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

The following day I arrived at the house just before two. There was a car in the driveway behind Gloria’s SUV, so it was apparent the potential buyer was still there. I parked across the street and waited. A little after two, a young couple exited from the front door. Gloria stood in the doorway, until they left, then waved to me. As I walked up to the door, she disappeared inside. I caught a quick glimpse of the tight black leggings that clung to her beautiful ass as she turned away.

When I got inside and closed the door, Gloria was already halfway up the stairs. I ran up after, following her into the master bedroom. She was already sitting on the bed, when I caught up with her. She was wearing a long sleeve white cotton top with the leggings. She asked if she looked okay and added that she decided against the knit top because it was too warm out. I told her she looked wonderful.

I sat down next to Gloria and wasted no time, pulling her towards me and finding her lips with mine. After a few minutes we came up for air and I told her I was so happy to see her. She just smiled, and then gave me another kiss. I then stood up and told her to lie down. She moved back on the bed, and I climbed on next to her. I laid down on her right side trapping her right arm under my body. I then lifted her other arm and grabbed her around the wrist with my left hand that I had slid behind her neck. By doing this she couldn’t stop me from fondling her with my right hand.

“You shouldn’t be doing this.” Gloria said.

I was already excited, even more so as Gloria was already into the fantasy. I tried to kiss her again and she turned her head away. I turned her head back to me and gave her a quick hard kiss. She pulled away again, so I decided it was time to really get started. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up, exposing the sexiest little bright blue cotton bra. The bra had a little bit of lace between the two cups and along the sides. It fit wonderfully over her small breasts. When I started to rub and squeeze her left breast, she tried to twist away while telling me to stop. I gave her another quick hard kiss and squeezed her breast even harder.

As Gloria continued to twist beneath me, I ran my hand down her body. My hand slid across her stomach and found the waist band of her leggings. I traced the band with my fingertips to her hip, and then ran my hand down the side of her thigh. When I ran my hand back up, I reached behind her cupping her beautiful cotton covered ass in my hand. I gently squeezed at first, then harder, as I pulled her lower body into me, pressing my rock hard cock against her thigh.

Gloria yelled at me to let her go, so I did as I rolled on top of her. I then grabbed her shirt that had slipped back over her bra and pulled it over her head. With her arms still tangled in the sleeves, I pulled it down behind her, pinning her arms to her side. I quickly undid my pants and pulled them off, along with my underwear. I then straddled her thighs and pressed my rock hard cock between them. The feel of the black cotton leggings on my cock was fantastic. She just laid there, breathing heavy, as I drove my cock between her cotton clad thighs. Her body betrayed her, when the head of my cock found its way to her mound. I could feel the warmth through the material, as she involuntary pressed back.

Gloria seemed to remember that she was supposed to be a victim and yelled, “Get off me!”

I took a moment to take in what was before me. Gloria’s shoulder length black hair was disheveled. Her face was full of color and her chest, covered in the sexy blue bra, was rising and falling as she tried to move her arms. With all the moving around, the waist band of her panties was now visible. I am always amazed at how such a little glimpse of the elastic band of a woman’s panties can turn me on so much. I wanted to see more, so I grabbed her leggings and pulled them down enough to fully expose her panties. They were bright blue and matched her bra. The cotton panties had little patches of lace near her hips. I reached down and touched them, roughly finding her pussy and squeezing. Again her body betrayed her and she pressed against my hand.

“Stop, please stop this!” Gloria almost screamed.

I ran my fingers back and forth, along her panty covered pussy. I marveled at the feel of the soft cotton, and the heat that emanated from her most private part. I wanted to feel those sensations with my cock, so I forced it between her panty covered mound and her leggings that where still bunched up just below her waist. I then leaned forward and tried to kiss her. She twisted her head away, so I grabbed her hair tightly with my left hand and forced her to turn back to me. I kissed her roughly again as I drove my cock between her panties and the leggings. The feel of the two fabrics against my cock was driving me insane. As I broke the kiss, I grabbed her bra straps and started to pull them from her shoulders. As I moved back to pull her bra completely down, Gloria screamed, “No don’t! No more!”

“God your breasts are beautiful.” I exclaimed.

Although Gloria and I had started this little affair a few days ago I had yet to see her naked breasts. They were firm little mounds with sexy little nipples. Nipples that were as excited as her now wet pussy. I devoured them as I took each one in my mouth. I licked and sucked and gently bit each one. At that point she was beyond pretending I should stop. She was now forcing each breast against me when my lips found them.

I was crazed and couldn’t prolong this anymore. I pulled back from Gloria’s wonderful little breasts and grabbed her leggings. I pulled them off, and then grabbed her panties. I took in the view of her bright blue covered mound for a moment. The soft cotton material clung to her, the bright blue elastic trim digging gently into her flesh. God I loved panties. I then pulled them off as well. As I got the panties past her feet, she drew her legs up and started to twist away. I grabbed her by the knees, twisted her body back towards me, and forced her legs apart. I quickly moved between her legs and found her hot wet pussy with my cock.

Gloria lifted her hips slightly allowing me to drive my rock hard cock all the way in. She was soaking wet. Her pussy was so warm and tight, I thought I was about to cum. She almost grunted when I forcefully entered her. As I started to quickly move in and out she began to moan loudly, clearly enjoying the assault on her. When she had passed out the other day, and I had violated her, her pussy had offered no resistance. Today however it felt so tight I was worried I was going to hurt her.

I felt ready to cum. I had entered Gloria quickly and forcefully and the quick rhythm we’d established was too much. I tried to slow down and enjoy it, to prolong the inevitable. As I slowed my thrusts, she surprised me by almost shouting, “Harder!”

I did as I was told. I pulled my cock almost all the way out, and then rammed it into Gloria’s hot wet pussy as hard as I could. She half moaned, half screamed, rocking her hips to meet my thrust. She said it feels so good, as I continued to pound into her. The friction on my cock and her body’s response was pushing me over the edge.

“I’m going to cum soon!” I shouted.

“No please not inside me!”

I knew Gloria wanted me to stop then, but I couldn’t. This time she really meant it. This time she really wanted me to stop. I was now really forcing myself on her. It was more exciting than when I violated her, because she was aware of what was happening and was no longer a willing participant. It excited me beyond belief. I drove into her again and erupted. Her warm wet pussy now felt even warmer. As I shouted I was cumming, she did as well. I felt her pussy grip my cock, release it, and grip it again. As I slowed to a stop she shuddered beneath me, her grip on my cock loosening.

Gloria’s orgasm was much more intense than the last time, so I was surprised she didn’t faint again. We kissed then, softly and passionately. After a few moments I realized she was still tangled in her remaining clothing so I moved back and helped her to finish removing her shirt and bra. We laid there together for a while holding each other. Finally she said, “You are so bad. It was wonderful, but you shouldn’t have cum inside me.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop. You felt so good. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, it did feel good didn’t it?”

“Yes it did. Are you okay? I wasn’t too rough was I?”

“No it really was wonderful. I haven’t made love with anyone in a very long time. I’ll probably be sore later.” Then she smiled and added, “It was worth it though.”

After a few minutes, I asked, “Do you feel guilty?”

“Maybe a little. I don’t know. I probably will later”

I kissed Gloria again, and then looked at her naked body. I ran my eyes over her beautiful breasts, and then her full thighs coming up to meet the sexy patch of hair that wrapped around her mound. Even the little roll of her belly was sexy. As I took in all of her, she asked me, “What should I wear the next time we see each other. Is it just my cotton panties that turn you on, or are there other naughty things that you fantasize about?”

I couldn’t be happier to hear that Gloria was already thinking about next time. I thought about it a minute then responded with, “Looking down a partially unbuttoned blouse turns me on. When I saw a glimpse of the top of your breasts concealed only by your little white bra the other day it made me so hard. Knee length skirts and dresses are also a big turn on. Trying to see a flash of panties up a skirt, when a girl is sitting, is erotic as hell”

“The two together sounds like a schoolgirl’s uniform. Too bad I don’t have one. You could look down my blouse and peak up my skirt. You would like that I’ll bet.”

“Maybe I would. Maybe I’ll surprise you with a new outfit. We can call it interest for the pair of panties I still owe you.”

“That’s right! You still owe me a pair.”

“I don’t suppose I get a pair today?” I asked as I found the bright blue pair Gloria had been wearing and brought it to my face. I inhaled her aroma and my cock started to harden again.

Gloria watched me fondle her panties. She seemed mesmerized, and then said, “Sorry but you can’t have those. I don’t want to break up the set.”

I reluctantly handed Gloria her panties, then asked her when I could see her again. With tomorrow being the weekend, she said maybe Monday, but most likely Tuesday. I didn’t want to wait that long, so I suggested Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately this was the weekend the owners would be home, so it wasn’t possible to come back here. She added sometimes they don’t leave until late Monday so we should plan for Tuesday.

It was already almost four, so although I didn’t want to, I was the first to get up. I went to the master bath and reluctantly washed as much of her scent from me as possible. When I was done I found her still on the bed. I went over to her, gave her another kiss and left.

As I drove away all I could think about was how great life was.

Story by murphybrown537

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