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Gloria's Panties - Chapter 1

Gloria’s Panties is about my obsession with panties. I’m not sure when it started, however as I get older the most intimate of a woman’s garments, just seems to fascinate me more and more.

This series is also about Gloria, a woman who I’ve fantasied about for years. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear.

There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at the end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Chapter 1 - Stolen Panties

I was sitting in my basement office on a Saturday morning, ready to look at some porn. I do it every chance I get. I look at pictures, watch videos, and read erotic stories. My favorites all revolve around panties. White cotton panties turn me on the most, however pastel colors and floral prints, drive me crazy as well. I also like the sight of bras, especially white, however panties are my true love.

There is something about a woman in panties or half undressed that is more erotic to me than full nudity. Sometimes the woman or girl in a picture may turn me on, however I usually fantasize about someone I know, while zooming in on a pair of panties wrapped around a woman’s beautiful curves.

The most frequent object of my fantasies is my wife’s friend Gloria. She is a middle aged brunette, with small breasts and a nice full ass. Although somewhat petite, she has filled out in all the right places over the years. My wife gets jealous easily, and on more than one occasion has said that she thinks Gloria has a thing for me. I usually just shrug it off and tell her she’s crazy. If she only knew though, how much I wish it were true. If she only knew, how many times over the years I have fantasized about having sex with Gloria.

Although we don’t see Gloria as often as we have in the past, each encounter renews my lust for her. I’ll take in every detail of what she’s wearing and save it for my next moment alone. In all the years I’ve known her, I still remember every flash of panties peeking above her pants, or a fleeting glimpse down a loose fitting shirt when I’ve been close by and she’s leaned forward. Those fantasies are the most exciting, because I can not only picture unzipping a pair of her pants or unbuttoning her shirt, I also know what’s underneath.

So by now I’m sure you figured out, I masturbate a lot, and most of the times that I do I think about Gloria. I have several pictures of her, fully clothed unfortunately, that I’ve pasted into PowerPoint. Next to those pictures I’ve pasted all types of erotic images I’ve collected from the web. A lot of panty pictures of course, bra pictures, down blouse pictures, naked breasts, and some of the most beautiful ass and pussy images that I think might resemble her most intimate parts. I also have a lot of pictures of women in various stages of dress with cum on them. My favorite picture is a close up, waist to mid-thigh shot, of a woman with a load of cum sprayed across her white cotton panties. That picture side by side with a candid picture of Gloria never ceases to turn me on.

So back to looking at porn in the basement. I was more excited than usual because Gloria had spent the night with us. Everyone was still in bed, so I assumed I had plenty of time to surf the web while I fantasized about her. She showed up yesterday wearing blue jeans, and a long sleeve dark blue t-shirt. The t-shirt disappointed me, because I wouldn’t get a chance to peek down the tight fitting collar and catch a glimpse of her small lovely breasts. Breasts that most likely were covered by one of her sexy little white bras. I’ll explain the bras in a moment. The only thing I could hope for was that she’d put on something a little more revealing before she went to bed.

Then the gods smiled down on me. Gloria bent over to pull her phone out of her purse. As she did, her shirt lifted slightly and her jeans tightened around her hips, exposing the waist band of a pair of bright pink cotton panties. The bright pink color of her panties was a stark contrast from her dark blue jeans. An exposed sliver of pink cotton, just below the waistband, showed that the panties were all the same color. To this day, I can still picture in my mind that brief image of her panties.

For the rest of the evening, all I wanted to do was to get a moment alone. I couldn’t wait to rub my cock, while imagining Gloria pulling off her jeans for me, then letting me rub my hands and cock all over her bright pink panties. Between thoughts of fondling her through her panties, and pulling the crotch aside to drive my cock into her hot little pussy, I started to think of how I could steal them.

Years ago, I had a few minutes alone in Gloria’s bedroom and stole a pair of white panties from her dresser. The panties were satin with a thick border of lace around the waist band. I took them because she had several others just like them, so I assumed they probably wouldn’t be missed. Needless to say, those stolen panties have been wrapped around my cock more times than I can count. If only I could get my hands on the bright pink panties she was wearing right now. If only I could wrap them around my cock, and feel the soft cotton rubbing against my skin until I filled them with cum.

When I stole those white satin panties, I also discovered that most of Gloria’s bras were almost identical. With few exceptions, her bras were white and made of cotton. They were very simple in style, but to me they were very sexy. Sexy because they covered her gorgeous little breasts.

As it got later, Gloria changed into a set of light pink cotton pajamas. The thin material clung to her body and looked soft to the touch. The pajama top had a small V-neck, with a thin border of lace along the edge. The top ended at her hips, just low enough to hide the waistband of her pajama bottoms. The pajama bottoms fit tightly across her hips and thighs. As she walked towards me, I couldn’t help but stare at the snug fit of the soft pink material where her sexy thighs came together. The pajamas bottoms had thin borders of lace around the ankles as well, which matched the V-neck. Judging by the slightly raised points at the center of her breasts, I could tell she no longer had a bra on.

After Gloria had walked past me, I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful ass. Panty lines were clearly visible beneath the thin pink pajama bottoms. The lines highlighting the fact that she was wearing a pair of bikini style panties. I assumed that she still had on the bright pink pair I saw earlier and it made me hard. God I wanted to just grab a hold of her, and run my hands over her sexy full ass that was now covered in two layers of soft pink cotton. Or reach up and touch her now bra less breasts through her cute pink pajama top. When she turned to say something to me, I’m sure she caught me lifting my eyes away from her gorgeous ass.

I’ve often wondered if Gloria knows I have a thing for her. If she knows I undress her with my eyes. She must sense something. If she only knew how often I’ve laid in bed at night, rubbing my cock, and thinking it’s her hand or mouth or pussy wrapped around it. If she only knew how many times I’ve shot streams of hot cum onto my stomach while thinking of her. If she only knew how much she turns me on. If she only knew how badly I wanted to be with her.

Shortly after memorizing Gloria’s current dress, I had to do something about the hard on I’d had for most of the night. So I said goodnight to her and my wife and went upstairs. I quickly got into bed and started rubbing my fully erect cock.

I had wanted to slowly undress Gloria in my fantasy. To unbutton her jeans and slowly unzip them to reveal the bright pink cotton panties. Next I would remove her t-shirt and lightly caress her hardening nipples through her small white cotton bra. I would then pull her jeans down…. At that point I came. I came so hard that it landed on my chest and neck. It was unbelievably powerful. It felt so good I would have given anything, at that moment, to feel that same sensation again.

Gloria had turned me on so much, I couldn’t get past the image of her in only a bra and panties, with her jeans pulled down just past her hips. Sorry it was over so quickly, but satisfied just the same, I cleaned myself up and fell asleep. As I drifted off, I thought about how tightly those pink pajama bottoms fit around her thighs, mound, and beautiful full ass. God she was sexy.

When I woke up the next morning, it was early. As I walked to the bathroom, I noticed the door to the guest bedroom was ajar. As quietly as I could, I walked up to the door and peeked inside. Gloria was there, still asleep. I was hoping I would see her in some form of undress, however I could only see her face and part of her pajama top above the blankets. She was lying there with her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted, and her hair in a state of disarray. Without really thinking about it, I reached down and started to caress my hardening cock through my pajama bottoms. It was unbelievably exciting to be actually looking at her, while I touched myself. So much better than a picture of her, or the images in my mind that more often than not get foggy over time.

At that moment, I wanted to go up to the bed and kneel next to Gloria. I wanted to kiss her soft lips, while running my hand under the covers and finding her light pink pajama bottoms. I wanted to slip my hand inside those pajamas, and feel her pussy through her bright pink cotton panties. By that point, my cock had slipped through the opening in my pajamas and I began to rub it at a steady fast pace. I probably would have finished myself just watching her while she slept, however suddenly she moved, rolling over and facing away from me.

My heart was in my throat with the fear of being caught when Gloria first began to move. As she rolled over, the blankets moved with her, leaving her entire backside exposed. Unfortunately she was sleeping with her pajama bottoms on as well, however I could see the waist band of her hot pink panties peeking just above them. I was in heaven.

Gloria was now laying on her left side, with her left leg out straight and her right leg bent at the knee. This caused the fabric of her light pink pajamas to mold tightly against her gorgeous ass. I could see the full outline of her panties, from the waist band just above her pajama bottoms, to the panty lines running just under the curves of her ass and around her hips. Her knee was lifted high enough that I could see, just a hint of, the sexy shape of her pussy pressing against the layers of soft pink fabric.

If no one else had been in the house, I think I would have laid down behind Gloria, pulled her pajama bottoms down, and slipped my cock between the fabric of her panties and pajamas. I imagined her awakening in surprise as she felt my hardness against her. The thought of dry humping her with my cock pressed against her ass and pussy, while sandwiched between the two layers of soft pink cotton, sent me over the edge. I had to reach down and cover my cock with both hands to prevent cum from flying all over the hallway.

Thinking back to all the times I’ve fantasized about Gloria that was hands down the most exciting climax I’ve ever had. At that point I was unsure how long I’d been standing there. The fear of being caught made its way back into my perverted mind, so I quickly went to the bathroom to clean myself up. As I was finishing up, the thought occurred to me that I had to have a picture of her laying there. I knew it would instantly become one of my favorites for many masturbations to come.

I quickly got my cell phone and returned to the guest room doorway. I was worried about the shutter sound my phone makes when you take a picture, so I knew I only had a chance for one, maybe two pictures. Maybe a full shot and then a close up of her ass, panty lines and all. I actually had to take four pictures, because I was shaking so badly I could barely hold the phone still. Again the fear of being caught took hold so I went downstairs.

So back to looking at porn in the basement. Although I had just cum, I was still turned on. Sometimes if I’ve masturbated not too long ago, or I have just been aroused for too long it can be difficult to get off. When this happens I have a special video I watch. It’s a twenty five minute amateur video with a young bride who is wearing a white bra, white panties, white thigh high nylons, and a white garter belt. She eventually loses the panties, and then the bra, getting fucked in every position imaginable. The most exciting thing about the video is that she’s a brunette with small breasts, a nice ass, and an uncanny resemblance to Gloria.

The best scene in the video is with the bride on top facing the camera. She is leaning slightly forward as she drives her pussy onto this lucky guy’s cock. Her small breasts move up and down as she moans, head tilted back, and her eyes closed. This is when she looks like Gloria the most, and it is the point in the video when I cum almost every time.

Although I had the new pictures of Gloria on my phone, I wanted to save them. So I quickly located the bride video, pulled my cock out, and began to rub it as the movie progressed. I had the volume set on low. I had figured by the time someone got up, I would hear them moving about the house, and could easily make myself presentable in the unlikely event anyone came down to the basement. I couldn’t believe how horny I was, given the load I had just let go upstairs in the hallway.

As the video made it to my favorite part, I felt the sensation to cum start to build. The feeling just before I cum is the most thrilling and I was there. At that point I closed my eyes. I don’t know if the volume was too loud, or if I was just too far gone by the sensations coursing through me as I rubbed my cock, but I never realized I was no longer alone. As the moans from the girl in the video increased, I half whispered, “Oh Gloria!”

To my surprise, I heard a sharp intake of breath. Opening my eyes I saw Gloria standing at the bottom of the cellar stairs. Her face was flushed and her lips were slightly parted. She was still in her pink pajamas, standing only a few feet away, catching me masturbating and calling out her name. She just stood there looking at my hand, which never stopped rubbing my hard cock. She looked up into my eyes, a puzzled look on her face, then down again at my hand. I should have been embarrassed by being caught. I should have tried to cover myself up, however I was too excited to stop.

Gloria finally spoke and said, “You’re thinking of me while you…?”

After a moment of her leaving the question unfinished, I just said, “Yes.”

Gloria seemed to tense up a little then. Was she turned on? Did seeing me rub my cock excite her? Did she want to do more than just watch? I should have asked. I should have tried to know what she was thinking. Instead the thought she may be excited and the thrill of her watching me, caused me to quicken my pace. I just stared at the beautifully erotic look of surprise and maybe arousal on her face and I erupted! I didn’t cum as much as I had just done in the hallway, however I still needed to use both hands again to prevent a mess in my lap.

I continued to milk my cock until it began to soften, never taking my eyes off of Gloria. She never said another word. She just watched me until I finally reached for some tissue to start cleaning up, then she turned away and went upstairs.

Shortly after being caught, it sounded as if my wife was now up as well. I was not sure what to do. Would Gloria tell my wife what she saw? I needed a moment alone with her. To tell her I was sorry. To beg her to keep it between us. How was I ever going to be able to face her again?

I couldn’t hide in the basement forever, so I decided I might as well get it over with. I went upstairs and found them at the kitchen table eating breakfast. I went over to give my wife a good morning kiss and Gloria said, “I didn’t know you were in the basement. I would have asked you if you wanted some breakfast.”

I responded with, “That’s okay, I’m good.”

What a relief. I think Gloria noticed me instantly relax, because she smiled as she looked back down at her bowl of cereal. My wife then said that they decided to go to the canyon for the day and asked if I wanted to go along. She said they would probably be gone all day, and if they got back too late, Gloria might stay another night. I told them I’d love to go but I had to cut the grass and get some stuff done for work. Gloria then said she had first dibs on the shower and ran off.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Not only did Gloria keep what she saw to herself, she seemed to be okay with it. If she wasn’t, then she would’ve been trying to get away from here as quickly as she could. She definitely wouldn’t be thinking about staying another night. And then it hit me. She was in the shower. She would be putting on clean clothes. Those bright pink panties would be in her bag. Her bag would be here with me while they were gone for the day. I started to get hard again, so I went back to the basement to wait my turn for the shower.

Within the hour, they were heading out the door. Halfway to the car, Gloria said something to my wife then returned to the house. I watched her as she walked back in and grabbed her phone, which she had forgotten on the kitchen counter. She had on a white short sleeve blouse and a pair of light blue shorts. The blouse had the top two buttons undone. The faintest outline of a white bra could be seen underneath. The shorts fit tightly against her beautiful ass. I could clearly see the panty lines from another pair of bikini style panties. I couldn’t help but wonder what color they were. I should have looked through her things while she was in the shower. I started to get hard again. Still in only my pajamas, there was nothing to hold back another inappropriate moment so I tried to control myself. As she hurried out I started to say, “About this morning….”

Gloria stopped in front of me, glanced down at the slight bulge in my pajamas, then up at my face, smiled, and said, “Our secret.” Then she was out the door.

As Gloria looked up at me I was able to see down the front of her shirt. The quick glimpse of the tops of her breasts, which were covered by a small white cotton bra, was enough to break the minimal control I had exerted and I became fully erect. Since she had shown up yesterday, I had been in some state of arousal almost continuously, and had cum three times. I was starting to think I was going to hurt myself.

I watched them drive away through the window, then went upstairs to the guest bedroom. I quickly found Gloria’s bag and opened it up. At first I thought they weren’t there and then I saw the bright pink cloth near the bottom of the bag. I grabbed a hold of the panties that had started the last few crazy hours. They were perfect. Soft, vibrant pink, and large enough that I could easily wrap them around my cock. I unfolded them and found the inside of the liner to be a darker shade of pink. It was damp. I brought the panties to my face, inhaling the exhilarating scent of Gloria’s most intimate garment. I loved the fact that at some point this morning she had been turned on enough to moisten her panties. I was sure that it occurred when she caught me masturbating. Reluctantly I folded up the panties and set them aside to see what else was in the bag.

I emptied almost everything from Gloria’s bag. I pulled out her jeans and the blue t-shirt from yesterday, along with the sexiest little white bra, size 34A. The soft cotton cup was just big enough to wrap around the head of my cock, so I did that for just a moment, before returning my attention to my search. She had no other panties, which unfortunately made sense seeing she was originally only going to stay one night. Going through her bag was such a turn on. My only regret was that I didn’t look through it while she was in the shower. I would have known what she was wearing right now.

The only other items were some cotton socks and the light pink pajamas. I grabbed the pajamas next. They were so soft. I held them against my face and inhaled. It was a flowery mixture of baby powder, soap, and Gloria’s scent. They were just as erotic as the panties. They were softer though so I took a handful of the fabric and started to slowly stroke my cock. I was already fully erect from my improper activities, and knew I wouldn’t last long.

I couldn’t believe how excited I was. Gloria has always turned me on, but the last day had been over the top. As I rubbed my cock, I focused on the feel of the soft pink cotton, then thought of the bright pink panties I was going to keep, her watching me, the pictures on my phone, the image of her little white bra wrapped around my cock, the view down her shirt a few moments ago when she said my little show was our secret. I wanted to enjoy it all, yet I wanted to save each moment for their own special time. So I settled on her pajamas because I would have to put those back. With the crotch of the bottoms pressed against my face, I rubbed my cock with the soft cotton top.

I needed to be careful not to leave stains on Gloria’s pajamas. If she stayed again, at some point tonight she would be putting them on again. It didn’t take long for me to reach the point of no return. One last stoke with the soft pink cotton, and I threw it aside as I shot cum all over my stomach and chest.

I went and cleaned myself up, then returned to put her clothes back in her bag. I tried to leave things as I found them, however I knew she would eventually discover I had been through her things when she realized her panties were missing.

I was exhausted. I hid the bright pink panties, moved the pictures from my phone to a drive, and then finally took a shower. Most likely they wouldn’t be home for hours, so I wanted to enjoy myself some more. Maybe with Gloria’s pajamas again, however I really had to cut the grass and get some stuff done for work. A few hours later it started to rain. So much for mostly sunny.

I called the wife to see how they were doing. She said they got caught in the rain, and they were soaked. They would be home in about half an hour. When you’re aroused you don’t think very clearly. Although I had no plans of putting Gloria’s panties back, I was second guessing whether I should have taken them or not. Either shortly after they were back, or when Gloria went home, she would discover the missing panties and know I’d taken them. What would she think then? Fantasies are one thing, acting on them is a totally different matter.

The rain wasn’t letting up so when Gloria and my wife came through the front door, any chance they had to dry off during the ride home, was eliminated by the run from the car. I felt like I just kept winning the lottery. Gloria’s white blouse was now slightly transparent. I could clearly see most of the white bra she was wearing. A bra that was identical to the one I had wrapped around the head of my cock just a few short hours ago. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Fortunately the wife had run off to get towels and missed me staring. Gloria noticed though. She seemed a little embarrassed and gave me a puzzled look. Although I couldn’t turn away, I did mumble a halfhearted, “Sorry.”

Gloria just blushed and smiled, before turning away to take her shoes off. I took a quick peek at her back, from the bra straps that were evident through her wet blouse, to the curve of her ass and the visible panty lines beneath her tight light blue shorts. God I was such a pervert.

Gloria decided to stay another night. I was still semi hard from seeing her in a wet blouse, and was looking forward to another night of her walking around in her sexy pink pajamas. That changed though when she asked the wife if she could throw her clothes in the washer. Fear reared its ugly head again with the certainty that she was about to discover she was missing her bright pink panties. I was torn with trying to somehow get them back in her bag, versus wanting her to know I had taken them.

When Gloria came back down stairs, she was wearing the pajamas. Her face was flushed again and she wouldn’t make eye contact with me. I quickly noticed the light pink pajamas that hugged her full ass so well were not revealing any panty lines. No panties just the soft cotton pajamas covering her hot little pussy and ass.

While the laundry was going we were all in the living room watching TV. Gloria and my wife were sitting on the couch, while I sat on the floor with our dog. When the alarm went off, that noted the washer was done, my wife went upstairs to throw the clothes in the dryer. I guess it would have been weird if I had volunteered to do it. I thought maybe I could get at the dryer later and see what Gloria’s other pair of panties looked like.

I was feeling a little uncomfortable being alone with Gloria, yet excited as well. A moment later she nudged me with her foot. From where I was on the floor, when I turned to look up at her, I got a great view between her legs. The thin layer of her soft pink pajamas, without a pair of panties beneath them, did little to hide the outline of her pussy.

As I thought about spreading Gloria’s legs and burying my face between her thighs, she leaned forward and whispered, “You took my panties, didn’t you?”

At first I was going to say no, then I thought about her keeping what she saw this morning a secret, and answered, “Yes.”

I didn’t know what Gloria would say. Surprisingly she just responded with, “You’re bad!”

I wanted Gloria to know how bad. I wanted her to know how attracted I was to her. I wanted her to know how excited she made me. She was still leaning forward. I couldn’t help myself from trying to look down her pajama top. I could just make out the tops of her beautiful little breasts. When she realized where I was looking, she blushed again, and placed her hand over her chest holding her top tightly in place.

Gloria then asked, “Why did you take my dirty panties?”

Before I could answer we heard the dryer door close. Gloria got up and went to the bathroom, as my wife was coming down the stairs. I watched the motion of her beautiful ass covered only by the soft pink pajamas, and couldn’t help a quick squeeze of my stiffening cock.

I hung around a little while, then went upstairs when Gloria and my wife went into the kitchen to start dinner. I went to the dryer and saw the laundry only had 5 minutes left. As quietly as I could, I opened the dryer door. As the drum was coming to a stop, the clothes inside tumbled around a few more times, and I immediately saw what I needed to find. A pair of white cotton panties with little purple flowers all over them. There was purple stitching along the fabric covering the elastic bands, and the cutest little purple bow. They were innocent looking yet sexy. I pulled them out, and fondled the warm soft cotton in my hands. I wanted these as well, however I felt like I had really been pushing my luck and needed to have a little control. So after holding them up as if they were being worn, so that I could remember how they looked, I reluctantly threw them back in the dryer. I softly closed the door and went downstairs.

I told Gloria the dryer was done. She looked at me as if to say you better not have, then disappeared upstairs. As she walked away I couldn’t help but once again follow the curves of her cute ass. A few minutes later she returned. She was still in the pink pajamas, however as she walked by, I could see by the panty lines that she had put on the white panties with the little purple flowers. I was definitely turned on now.

As we ate dinner, the only thing I could think about was Gloria sitting there in those white cotton panties with the little purple bow. I was so hard I needed some relief, however I was trapped. After dinner my wife excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Gloria who had been sitting across from me during dinner, leaned forward, and asked again, “Why did you take my panties?”

I knew I didn’t have time to explain, so I just said, “It’s a long story.”

Then I was saved by the bathroom door opening.

Story by murphybrown537

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