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Vacation With Girlfriend & Her Mother Part 2

As I debated whether or not the flashes were accidental, Amanda came out and told me they were ready to go. They both were wearing jean shorts with tank tops, must be a mother daughter thing I thought to myself. They both looked outstanding, but I’ll tell you seeing Debbie’s most intimate parts over the last few days has me obsessing over her. As much as I tried, I couldn’t get her off my mind.

Downtown was crowded, we struggled to find a spot to park so Amanda pulled off the main drag and we walked. The ladies seemed to be having the time of there lifes with all the little shops lining both sides of the street, I was assigned as the designated bag carrier. Don’t get me wrong I had fun, but after two hours of shopping, I was done.

We decided we’d stop in a famous barbecue joint they had in town for a late lunch. Apparently this place has been here for over seventy years, and with how good the food was, I could certainly see why. In addition to the food, I enjoyed watching Debbie licking the sauce off her lips and fingers throughout our meal.

On our way back to the car we stopped at a tourist attraction stand and looked at a few activities that we could do tomorrow before we headed home.

The one that jumped out at us was something called a”Jet Boat”. Apparently you get a one hour tour of the Wisconsin River on a boat that travels at fifty plus miles per hour, all while doing crazy turns and maneuvers. The guy at the stand told us if we were going to do one thing this would be the one we should pick, so Debbie bought us three tickets for the ten o’ clock tour.

We headed back to the hotel, the plan for the night being that we’d go to the amusement park in the resort. When we got back to the hotel we dropped off the bags from the shopping spree this afternoon. Debbie mixed up a cocktail and we headed to the indoor amusement park.

Now when I say amusement park, I mean amusement park. They had a fifty foot tall ferris wheel, go carts, and even a roller coaster, all located indoors. We did all of the above and even some arcade games. I forgot to mention the thirty lane bowling alley, which is were we headed next.

Debbie ordered two long island ice tea’s during our three games of bowling and I could see she was starting to feel it. She became extra chatty, school girl giggly, and she was becoming a little more hands on. Now let me clarify my hands on statement, it’s not like she was grabbing for my dick. But on a few occasions during conversation she placed her hand on my arm and even once she gently rubbed my shoulders as I stood waiting for the ball to return. Amanda would just grin because she knew the natural progression of her mother’s intoxication. She’s even warned me before the Deb has been known to get a bit touchy feely when she drinks. I was enjoying it, plus I’d let her get as touchy feely with me as she wanted.

After bowling we started to walk back to our room, we all agreed that after being on our feet all day that taking a dip in the jacuzzi sounded like a great idea. When we arrived in our room Amanda headed for the bathroom to get her suit on, while Deb didn’t waste any time mixing up a drink.

I sat at the counter in the kitchen sipping on a soda as Deb finished making her cocktail. Amanda walked out and asked her mom if we could order a pizza instead of going to the hotel restaurant like we planned. Deb told us that was fine with her and that whenever we got hungry to go ahead and order it. Deb pulled her credit card out of her purse and set it on the table before disappearing into the bathroom.

Amanda and I looked through all the advertisements that were sitting next to the hotel phone. We picked out a pizza joint that looked good, but held off on placing an order. Deb walked out of the bathroom grabbed her drink and announced that she’d be on the balcony.

I headed into the bathroom. Just like the past few days I immediately went for Deb’s underwear. I moved her tank top off of her jean shorts, then unfolded her shorts and found a pair of neatly folded white satin panties inside. Pulling them out I immediately noticed how warm they were. I flipped them inside out and began exploring the gusset, which was more moist than anytime before, I’d say they were boarder line wet.

As I looked closer I could see that the gusset of the satin panties were coated with a clear sticky film. I held the panties to my face and inhaled her arousing aroma before licking the film from the gusset. I couldn’t believe that I had Deb’s vaginal nectar on the tip of my tongue. I continued to lick off the remaining fluid as if I was licking it from her pussy before setting the panties on the sink.

Realizing that I lost track of time while I was in my panty induced trance, I quickly took off my shorts and boxers. My dick was leaking precum, so I grabbed Deb’s panties and squeezed out every last drop, replenishing her absent clear fluid with my own.

Part of me wanted Deb to know that I tampered with her panties, so instead of putting them back the way I found them, neatly folded, I decided to just set the panties inside the shorts. I put the tank top back on top, slipped my trunks on and made my way out of the bathroom.

Deb and Amanda were so immersed in their conversation on the balcony that they didn’t know I was missing. Both of them were sitting in lounge chairs, but I didn’t waste anytime, I went straight for the jacuzzi. I just sat back and enjoyed the setting sun in the distance.

The wind had picked up from earlier in the day, but it was a warm summer breeze, perfect for relaxing in a jacuzzi. Debbie was next to get in as Amanda ran inside to order the pizza. To my delight Deb sat directly across from me tonight, which meant we would be rubbing legs with each other inadvertently, or I was going to surely make it seem inadvertent.

After Debbie settled in her right leg was resting against the inside of my left leg. We talked about how gorgeous the sky looked and I thanked her for taking me along on this trip. I told her how much fun it was hanging out at the water park the last couple of days. Amanda walked out an said that the pizza would be here in about thirty minutes, and that we’d have to make sure to listen for the door.

Amanda climbed into the jacuzzi, and sat down next to me. We were having a good time talking about the fun we had the last few days. I tried my best not to stare at Deb’s cleavage, but the way the bubbles from the jacuzzi collected in between her big tits and the way the water glistened off them was mesmerizing. Amanda mentioned that she had a nagging headache and hoped eating something would help.

Almost like clockwork, there was a knock on the door. I hopped out and toweled off quickly as the girls poked fun about how it looked like I’d done this before, referring to the locked door incident from earlier this morning. I opened the door and brought the pizza to the balcony where Deb and Amanda were toweling off. I set the pizza on the balcony table and we sat down to eat.

During dinner I could tell the breeze was making Debbie cold by the way her nipples and areola’s were protruding from her bikini top. After we were finished eating Amanda and I cleared the table.

While we were cleaning up Debbie went into the bathroom to change. I wondered if Deb would notice that her panties had been tampered with, like I said I almost wanted her to know. I grew a bit more anxious as every minute passed by.

She came out wearing what I’d explain as a cross between a cotton nighty and a sundress, whatever it was, it looked great on her. It was black and it came down to about mid thigh. She stopped in her room to drop off the clothes that were sitting on the bathroom counter, before grabbing her freshly made cocktail and walking out to the balcony.

Amanda and I decided to take advantage of the jacuzzi while we still had it for one more night, so we hopped in. I was sitting facing Amanda who had her back to her mom. Debbie walked toward us setting her drink on the ledge of the jacuzzi. She asked Amanda if her head was feeling any better as she began to rub Amanda’s neck.

Amanda closed her eyes and told Debbie that her head was still throbbing. As Deb bent over to rub Amanda’s neck I was given a wonderful view down her gown, I could see everything with the exception of her nipples. The way her tits hung as she massaged Amanda’s shoulders made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.

It was strange, but Debbie seemed to avoid any eye contact with me. It was almost like she wanted me to look, without me having to worry about being caught. My dick was rock hard from the hypnotizing sway of Deb’s tits. After a few minutes Amanda decided to call it a night and head to bed in hopes of sleeping off her head ache.

Amanda went into change and Debbie went in to get the bed ready. Amanda came out of the bathroom and I gave her a kiss and told her that I hoped that she felt better. I was pouring another soda when Debbie walked out of the room, partially closing the door behind her. Deb asked me if I planned on laying down soon and I told her I wasn’t tired and still planned on relaxing in the jacuzzi for a bit. She smiled and said good because she wasn’t tired either and that she wanted someone to sit out on the balcony with.

As I was getting back in the jacuzzi Deb asked if I could give her a hand. I helped her as she climbed on the ledge of the jacuzzi sitting with her feet dangling in the water. I told her she should get her suit on and come in, she laughed and told me that she had more than enough chlorine for the day. I sat in the seat straight across from her hoping to catch a glimpse between her legs.

Debbie was very talkative and I’m sure the vodka had something to do with that. She was asking me all types of questions like whether or not I was glad high school was over, if I was looking forward to college, even what my long term goals were. Normally one may think getting bombarded with questions from your girlfriend’s mother may sound agonizing, but with a chance to see between her legs, I could’ve done this all night long.

Just like my father says, patience pays off, and it sure did as Deb repositioned herself. She parted her legs just enough for me to see she was wearing her white panties that I smeared my precum all over. I was truthfully hoping to see her bald pussy, but I’ve learned to take what I can get.

To my enjoyment, as our conversation went on she continued to give me quick peeks more often. There was no doubt in my mind that she knew what was going through my head as she caught me stealing glimpses. The few times she caught me she would close her legs but then over time she would relax them, revealing her panties again.

As much as I was enjoying the peep show, if I had stayed in the jacuzzi a moment longer, I swear I would’ve turned into a fish. I told Deb that I was going to go change, but then realized I should’ve waited for my erection to subside. I figured screw it, I stood up and for once caught Deb looking at something she shouldn’t have. It was a quick look, but a look no less.

I stepped out of the jacuzzi and Deb reached out for me to assist her in getting off the ledge. As she swung her legs she gave me the best flash of the night, full spread and I made it clear that I was looking. After she hopped down I grabbed my towel and began drying off with my cock at full attention. The best part was I caught Deb taking a couple more peeks as she was talking about making one final drink.

I opened the balcony door and walked into my room to get my shorts, I grabbed them and went into the bathroom to change. As I walked across the hallway I noticed that Debbie was in the kitchen topping off her drink. I closed the door and put on my tank top. I slipped off my trunks and slid on my shorts.

I walked out of the bathroom and made my way to the balcony where Debbie was standing at the railing looking at the dark water park below. As I approached I noticed the wind was blowing her gown all over the place exposing her panty covered ass. She either didn’t mind or was to drunk to care, either way I was enjoying it and took my time getting out there.

I closed the screen door behind me which seemed to startle her, causing her to hold her gown down. I stood next to her making mention of how the breeze had really picked up. She chuckled realizing the show I must’ve seen. She smiled and began to apologize, saying that her outfit surely wasn’t wind appropriate. I smiled back and told her that was a matter of opinion. She laughed and put her hand on my arm and told me that if I kept what I’ve seen tonight between us, she’d do the same.

We sat down at the table and made small talk as I finished my soda and Deb sipped on her cocktail. I could sense a bit of awkwardness between the two of us, and I wondered if I over stepped my bounds with my comment. Figuring I shouldn’t press my luck anymore then I already have I told Deb I was going to hit the sack.

She said that after her drink she’d be doing the same. Deb added that she’d like to take a quick shower to get all the chlorine out of her hair, but with the bathroom being across from my room she didn’t want the noise of the shower to keep me up. I told her that I’d be sleeping as soon as my head hit my pillow, and that she shouldn’t worry about the noise.

I stood up and bent over to give Deb a hug, taking one last glance of her marvelous cleavage. I thanked her for the great night, telling her how much I enjoyed spending time with her. She hugged me back and told me she enjoyed every minute of it as much as I did. She kissed me on the cheek and told me good night.

With a semi hard on I headed inside, peering into the room where Amanda was soundly sleeping before going to my room to lay down. The comment Deb made about her enjoying every minute of it as much as I did, ran through my head over and over. I think she was referring to intentionally flashing me.

About ten minutes went by and I heard the screen door open, then close, followed by the sound of Deb’s glass being set down in the sink. She walked in the bathroom and partially closed the door, leaving it open a foot or so. She disappeared behind the door as I heard the shower turn on. Next I seen her black night gown followed by her white panties being tossed on the counter next to the sink, Then I heard the sound of the shower curtain closing.

I knew this was a prime opportunity to see Debbie completely naked, but it would be risky. I sat up and got out of bed and quietly walked out into the hall. I crept to the bathroom door and ever so slowly opened it. As it opened I could see the reflection of the shower curtain in the mirror. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it and feel it in my ears. I continued to cautiously nudge the door until it was nearly fully open, then I snuck back into bed.

I had second thoughts about what I had done, and I contemplated getting back up and closing the door like Deb had it originally. That all went out the window when I heard the water turn off, I just laid still and waited.

Debbie slid the shower curtain open and stepped out with her gorgeous tits leading the way. She didn’t seem to notice the door yet as she turned around and bent over to ring the water out of her hair into the shower. The profile of her hanging tits as she bent over was a sight for the ages. Deb turned and the look on her face told me she’d realized the door was open.

She reached for a towel off the towel rack above the toilet. I figured she would close the door next, but to my disbelief she turned towards me. I knew that it was dark enough in my room and that there was no way she could see me, but I’m sure she figured the door didn’t open itself.

The tan line from her bikini enhanced the darkness of her large areolas and erect nipples. She started drying her hair, causing her pale breasts to sway with the movement of her arms. Deb’s pussy was completely waxed, I mean totally smooth and hair free. She worked her way down, drying her tits next, then her tight firm stomach.

Deb turned around then bent over as she slowly dried her legs, putting her perky asshole and pussy lips on full display. She spread her legs and ran the towel over her cunt, then her tan free ass. She stood up and placed the towel back on the rack and walked toward the sink. She stood in front of the mirror and began to brush her teeth. The contour of Deb’s body would put most women to shame, her curves were in all the right places and she knew it.

After Deb brushed her teeth, she brushed her hair. Next she reached for a tube of lotion and squeezed some in her hand. I couldn’t believe that my girlfriend’s mom was standing completely naked in front of me about to rub herself down with lotion, I thought this couldn’t possibly get any better.

Debbie started by rubbing the lotion into her arms, then she turned to face me again. She grabbed the tube squeezing more lotion into her hand and began to massage her tits. Debbie cupped her breast and slowly slid her hands along her slippery boobs, squeezing them together. When Deb’s fingers reached her thick erect nipples she seemed to pay extra attention to them as she gently rubbed them in between her index finger and thumb, while she gently bit her lower lip.

Needless to say I’ve never been so hard in my life. I mean this was fantasy shit, hell it was better than any fantasy I could’ve ever imagined. I was hesitant to pull out my dick because I didn’t want to jeopardize the show going on right before my very eyes, so I laid still, and took it all in.

Deb turned around and grabbed more lotion before bending over to rub her legs, prominently exposing her lovely ass and stunning pussy again for me. This time she kept her legs together as she rubbed all the way down to her feet then slowly back up to her thighs, wiping any remaining lotion on her ass cheeks.

Debbie picked up our swim suits off the floor and hung them back on the shower curtain rod. She grabbed her panties and gown, turned off the light and walked naked into the dimly lit hallway. I expected her to take a right and head back to her room, but she took a few steps forward toward my doorway. For a split second I thought she was going to walk into my room, but she stopped and whispered, “Sweet dreams”, before disappearing down the hall.

I pulled the blanket back, pulled my shorts down and started to stroke my cock, replaying what just happened in my mind. It didn’t take long before I was spewing cum all over my tank top. I slipped off my shirt, cleaned myself up, and faded off to sleep with the biggest smile on my face.

Amanda woke me up the next morning with a kiss while stroking my dick through the covers. I wondered if I dreamt everything that had happen last night. I quickly realized it was no dream when I seen my cum covered tank top laying on the night stand, I hoped Amanda hadn’t noticed that.

I asked her how her head was feeling and she said her head ache was gone. She told me we’d be leaving for the jet boat in about forty five minutes. I sat up and we walked out into the hallway and I headed for the bathroom.

As I brushed my teeth I noticed that my swim suit was the only suit hanging from the shower rod. I finished up in the bathroom and walked back into my room to get dressed.

I went into the kitchen were Debbie was sitting. She was wearing a light blue sundress, that just like everything she wore looked amazing on her. When I saw Deb I expected things to be a bit awkward, but with a vibrant smile she said good morning and handed me a glass of orange juice. I sat down as Amanda wheeled her suitcase out of her room, setting it next to Deb’s.

The plan for the day was to take the jet boat tour, grab a quick lunch, then head home because Debbie had plans with some friends later tonight.

I finished my OJ and told the ladies I was going to start packing. Debbie told me that earlier she noticed that my swim trunks were still damp and if I didn’t want them sitting in my suitcase all day, I was more then welcome to toss them in with their swimsuits, pointing to the beach bag on the floor. I told her that was a good idea, so I grabbed them out of the bathroom and tossed them in the bag.

After I finished packing I carried my suitcase and set it near the door. I grabbed a luggage cart from the hallway and rolled it into our room. This time we almost could’ve used two luggage carts with all the additional bags from shopping yesterday, but with my skillful packing, I made one work. After a final look through the room, we headed for the car.

When we walked outside we could just tell it was going to be a hot day by the way the warm air hit us. I loaded up the car as Debbie and Amanda squabbled over who was going to drive. Amanda maintained that her headache was gone and she insisted on driving. When I came back from returning the luggage cart, to my delight, Debbie was sitting in the back seat.

The ride to the jet boat dock went quick, we were all pretty excited. We pulled into the parking lot and we were just shocked at how many cars were here at nine thirty in the morning. Apparently this lot is shared with a few of the other boat tours that are all docked in the small bay. We ended up parking damn near in the back of the lot.

We hiked to the “Jet Boat Dock” sign and got in line. There were about a dozen families in front of us. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, but we quickly noticed that we were the only one’s in line that weren’t wearing our bathing suits.

This one lady approached us with a huge smile and asked if this was our first time. We simultaneously replied that it was. She went on to say that no one informed them their first time either and by the end of the tour they were soaking wet. She then pointed out that it warns you in small print on the ticket, sure enough it did.

We decided it’d be best to get our suits on. I volunteered to run back to the car and grab the beach bag with our suits in it. With twenty minutes before we boarded the boat I sprinted across the parking lot and returned with the bag. We changed, putting our street clothes, purses, and anything else we didn’t want to get wet in the bag, which I swiftly returned to the car.

By the time I made it back in line, they had the boat started and were just about to begin boarding. I didn’t even have time to admire Debbie in her red bikini. Thinking about it, the last time I saw that bikini it was on the table covered with my cum as I helped adjust her blue top. I wondered if Deb noticed the dried cum on the gusset when she slid them on. In any event from the sounds of it that gusset wouldn’t be dry for long.

We boarded the boat, I ended up sitting in between Debbie and Amanda. The captain went over how to properly fasten the safety belt, and all the other safety instructions in the event of an emergency.

With that behind us we were off. I swear that boat spent more time in the air than on the water. We were flying over waves, doing spins, and something called a power stop where we went from full speed to a dead stop in about two seconds. With as hard as that boat hit the water a few times I observed that Debbie had to hold her tits to keep them from popping out of her top, she noticed that I noticed and gave me a sexy smile.

Aside from the dare devil maneuvers, the view up and back down the river was jaw dropping. From the huge sand stone cliffs and formations, to the wildlife and beautiful mansions that lined the shores, this was the best way to tour the river. Before we knew it we were pulling back into the bay to dock.

After we got off the boat I offered to run and grab the bag from the car. I told Deb and Amanda I didn’t plan on racing to the car this time, they laughed. Debbie told me not to rush and that they would be in the gift shop. I started off walking, but as soon as I turned the corner, just like before I sprinted to the car. I wanted to buy myself a few minutes to explore Debbie’s panties. I popped the trunk and grabbed the bag. Pulling my clothes and Amanda’s clothes out before finally reaching Deb’s blue sundress. I carefully unfolded the dress revealing a black bra and the pink pair of satin panties that I seen in her drawer yesterday morning. I held her panties thinking about my next move.

One thought was I could either put them in my suitcase and have Deb spend the rest of the trip, including the ride home pantyless. The second option was to cum in them and put them back in the bag and make her make the decision to wear them or not.

Both were solid options, but with time working against me I knew I had to act quick. I decided on a slight variation of option two. I wasn’t going to rub out a full load, but I wanted to wipe enough precum on the gusset that Deb would notice. I grabbed the panties, closed the trunk and unlocked the doors, sitting down in the backseat. I made sure there wasn’t anyone around before pulling out my semi hard dick from my shorts.

Just smelling her panties and thinking about the strip tease last night cause a generous amount of precum to accumulate on the tip of my dick. I flipped her panties inside out and used the gusset to wipe off the cum, causing that area to darken. I repeated this a few more times which left a noticeable amount of clear, sticky, gusset darkening precum on Deb’s panties.

Satisfied with the outcome, I put my dick away, hopped out of the car, and popped the trunk. I folded the panties in away that would keep the precum right where I wanted it, on the part of the gusset that would rest against her pussy. I placed Deb’s black bra and pink panties back in the dress, folded it back up and threw it in the bag, followed by Amanda’s clothes, then mine. I grabbed the bag and closed the trunk. I sprinted back, slowing down before rounding the corner near the gift shop.

I noticed Amanda and Debbie who were just walking out, perfect timing. I grabbed my clothes out of the bag before handing it along with the keys to Debbie, and we made our way into the bathroom slash changing rooms. As I got dressed I again felt some regret about my actions. I wondered how Deb was going to react when she seen my pre cum on her panties. To late to worry about that, I knew I’d just have to wait and see.

I was the first one out so I sat down on a bench outside the gift shop. Debbie and Amanda walked out shortly there after, Deb had a slight grin on her face, but she was tough to read. We started the trek back to the car and all I had on my mind was whether or not Debbie noticed what I left in her panties and if she decided to put them on.

After what seemed like an hour walk we finally reached the car. Amanda popped the trunk and Debbie tossed the bag in. I was standing outside of the car with the front passenger side door open letting the hot air that was in the car out. Amanda started the car as Deb closed the trunk. Before Deb opened the rear passenger side door to get in, she gave me a sexy smirk and shook her head.

Well that answered one of my questions. Now did she decide to put on her panties that were obviously coated with my cum? That I hoped to find out soon.

We decided to go to a local burger joint for lunch. During the short drive there I tried to answer my remaining question by sneaking a peak up Deb’s skirt as we talked about how much fun we had on the boat. The smile on her face told me she knew what I was trying to do, but she wasn’t having anything to do with it.

We walked into the restaurant which ended up being more like a pub. After looking over the menu we placed our order. We continued our conversation that we were having in the car as we waited for our food, which didn’t take long to arrive. As we ate I thought that with the tall bar stools we were sitting on I would’ve surely got a quick glimpse between Deb’s legs, but just like in the car, no luck.

We finished our lunch and used the restroom before the two hour ride home. Debbie sarcastically asked Amanda if she was sure she wanted to drive before we loaded back into the car.

We made our way through the overcrowded little town before getting on to the interstate. We were a few miles into the drive casually discussing our favorite water rides when I turned around to listen to Deb, that’s when I seen the answer to my second question. As she was telling us her favorite ride, which was the Scorpion’s Tail, she generously parted her legs.

I was shocked to see that Debbie put on her panties that were covered with my precum, I didn’t expect that. It was obvious she enjoyed the feeling and thought of my cum on her pussy because there was a significant discoloration of her gusset and it definitely wasn’t just from my precum, Deb’s pussy was soaking wet.

I was enjoying the sight of Debbie’s drenched panties and didn’t want to turn around, but as Amanda began to tell us about how much she liked the jacuzzi I was forced to. She went on to tell her mom that they need to get one on their deck at home.

I turned around as Debbie started saying that she enjoyed relaxing in it to and that Amanda’s idea might not be a bad one. Debbie began to slide her right hand in between her thighs as she went on about how nice it would be to relax in that after a long stressful day of work.

Deb’s fingers reached her panties sliding the gusset off to the side revealing her glistening wet pussy lips and visibly aroused clit. I intently watched Debbie as she slipped her index finger into her sopping wet cunt. Looking Deb in the eyes I told her that if they ever got a jacuzzi I’d never leave their house, because once I got in, I’d never want to get out.

Debbie smiled as she slowly pulled her finger from her saturated pussy, her finger was completely glazed with her creamy vaginal fluid. Deb proceeded to gently rub her clit before covering her pussy with her panties, wiping her finger on the outside of the gusset. I nearly came in my pants right there.

We continued talking as if none of that ever happened. Debbie did keep her legs partially spread and I continued to steal glances every chance I could. Amanda told us that she was going to pull off at the next rest stop which was about forty minutes from home. I’m glad she did, because after that show I needed to make an adjustment or two.

Debbie stayed in the car as Amanda and I used the restrooms. When we came back out Debbie was just closing the trunk, she had grabbed three bottles of water from the cooler. Unlike the first half of the drive, the remainder of the ride home was uneventful, not even a flash from Deb.

When we were a few blocks from my house, I turned around to thank Deb for everything, putting an emphasis on everything. She smiled and said anytime, and that she had fun too.

Amanda pulled over in front of my house. I leaned over to give her a kiss and told her that I’d call her later tonight. I open the door and stepped out of the car. As I made my way to the trunk, Debbie opened her door spreading her legs wide as she got out. I noticed that she was no longer wearing her panties which gave me an incredible close up look at her absolutely flawless pussy.

I grabbed my suitcase out of the trunk, and Deb met me in back to give me a hug. I thanked her again for everything and before we broke our hug she quietly told me to make sure my mother doesn’t unpack my bag. I gave her a strange look, and she grinned before hopping back in the car.

I waved as they pulled away. As I walked up to my door I noticed my parent’s cars weren’t in the driveway. I grabbed my keys out of the side pocket of my suitcase and opened the door.

I couldn’t get my bag in my room fast enough. I carried it through the kitchen and down the hall, before setting it down on my bed. I unzipped the main zipper and flipped open the top.

There were Debbie’s pink panties, laying on my clothes. I picked them up, they were soaking wet. I figured she must’ve taken them off when Amanda and I were using the restroom at the rest stop and then tossed them in my bag. I couldn’t believe that she gave me a pair of her panties, worn wet panties on top of it.

After they dried the scent of her pussy lingered for nearly a year. Needless to say I had many, many good times with those panties over the next serval months.

After that trip Deb and I went on as if nothing had happened at all. Not a peek, a flash, or even a glance of anything from Deb. As a matter of fact I hadn’t even seen another pair of her panties until about ten years later when I installed a dryer for her. By that time she was my mother in law, but that’s another story in itself.

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