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Vacation With Girlfriend & Her Mother Part 1

This is a true story based on a two day mini vacation with my girlfriend and her mother.

My girlfriend of two years Amanda and I graduated from high school two weeks earlier. It was what we thought of as our last true summer vacation before heading off to college in the fall.

As a graduation gift Amanda’s mom Debbie wanted to take us to the Dells, a small town that comes alive in the summer. It has about five resorts with outdoor water parks, go carts, miniature golf courses, and tons of gift shops spread throughout the small city.


Part 1

The night before the vacation I slept at Amanda’s house so we could wake up earlier and get a jump on traffic looking to head north for the weekend. I slept on the couch, because Debbie wouldn’t let Amanda and I sleep together in the same room, her house, her rules.

Debbie’s alarm woke me up around six o’ clock. Through her partially open door I could see her light turn on. She opened her door and walked down the hall to her bathroom. She was wearing a white nighty that hung to about mid thigh. Debbie was a sexy MILF at the age of forty four. She was about five and a half feet tall, shoulder length brown hair, with a nice rack, and a even better ass. Deb was in an on and off again relationship with a guy named Jim, who I’ve only met a few times.

As I laid there on the couch with my morning wood I heard the shower turn on. I couldn’t help but to think about Debbie standing naked in the shower, lathering her sexy body up with soap. About five minutes later I heard the shower turn off, shortly followed by the bathroom door opening.

Debbie walked back into her room, with a towel wrapped around her. The way I was laying on the couch I had a great view into her room as she stood in front of her dresser picking out her panties and bra for the day.

Through my partially closed eyes all I hoped for is that she would drop that towel. My fantasy was quickly shattered as she walked to her closet out of view.

I sat up, hearing her closet door slide open. I slowly crept to the hallway figuring I could get a better view as I made my way to the bathroom. My heart was pounding as I passed her door. I continued slowly down the hall toward the bathroom trying to get a peek of Deb. It wasn’t until I reached the bathroom that I seen her reflection in her mirror, she was bending over to put her panties on. I seen her gorgeous tits hanging freely, and her amazing ass for a brief second as she pulled up her green panties.

I stood in the bathroom doorway with my dick rock hard, I couldn’t believe what was going on. She turned around and I quickly took a step back into the bathroom, but not before briefly seeing her dark areola’s and nipples. I lost sight of her in her mirror and was unsure where she went or if she had seen me when she turned around. Not trying to press my luck anymore than I already have, I swiftly closed the bathroom door, which ended up closing a bit louder then I intended it to.

With my heart racing I walked toward the toilet when I noticed Deb’s white nighty laying in the hamper next to the tub. I picked it up and out fell a pair of black panties. I picked them up, noticing how warm they were and that the gusset was damp. I held them to my face and inhaled the sweet smell of Debbie’s pussy.

I heard what sounded like Amanda coming down her stairs, then foot steps in the hall outside the door. I took one last smell of Deb’s panties before putting them back as close to the way that I found them. I took a piss, brushed my teeth, then made my way out of the bathroom.

When I walked out Amanda was taking the blankets off the couch while by the smell of it Debbie was making a pot of coffee. I walked in the living room, gave Amanda a hug then went upstairs to her room to get dressed.

I grabbed my bag and brought it down setting it next to the back door. Debbie was wearing a teal and blue sundress, which hung just above her knees. It had a V cut that modestly showed her cleavage, she looked amazing. Amanda finished getting ready as I loaded up the car. I would’ve swore we were going for a month with all the luggage they brought along.

Debbie insisted that Amanda drive, which she was more than eager to do seeing as she just received her license about a month ago. Debbie also demanded at I sit in the front passenger seat because of the leg room. That was more than fine with me as Deb sat in the center of the back seat, giving me a great view of her legs and potentially a peek or two up her dress.

Throughout the first twenty five minutes of the two hour drive conversation was flowing well. We were excited to get out of the city, even if it was only for two days.

Debbie sat with her legs crossed most of the drive. Through my sunglasses I made every attempt to see the green panties that were covering her most private part, but to my disappointment, it never happened.

We arrived at our resort, and Debbie went to the front desk to check us in. My luck quickly changed as she got back in the car and made her way to the center of the back seat. As she slid across the seat I caught an eye full of those green satin panties that I seen earlier this morning. Unfortunately, I realized a second later that I no longer had my sunglasses on. My eyes met Debbie’s and I knew that I’d been caught. To my surprise a small grin appeared on her face as she told Amanda what route to take to get to our room.

After parking, I ran into the resort and grabbed a luggage cart, and made my way back to the car. I loaded it up and Deb and Amanda led the way to our room which was on the forth floor. As Amanda opened the door we all were shocked at how large and gorgeous the room was.

This wasn’t your ordinary hotel room, it was more like a high class condo. Two rooms, full kitchen, huge flat screen TV mounted above the fireplace, and a wrap around balcony that provide an great view of the resort’s massive water park below. I think I forgot to mention the four person jacuzzi that was tucked into the right corner of the balcony, this was going to be a great time.

Amanda and Debbie picked their room, and I carried my bag into mine. We all unpacked, then decided to get our suits on and head down to the water park.

Debbie was the first to get her suit on, and my oh my did she look amazing. She had a red two piece suit, with a top that barely contained her big tits. The bottom fit like a glove, showcasing her magnificent ass and the outline of her pussy.

I went in the bathroom next as Amanda help adjust her mom’s suit. When I walked in I noticed Deb’s sundress folded up on the ledge next to the sink. There was no way I could resist, I wanted to get my hands on her panties.

I carefully unfolded the dress and lifted out her bra, the size was 36D. I set the bra down and picked up her green panties, they were still warm. The gusset was moist and smelled so sweet. I slid off my cargo shorts, releasing my erection that was leaking precum. Using the gusset of Deb’s underwear I wiped the precum off the tip of my dick.

I knew I had already been in here to long so I placed the panties and bra back in the sundress, folded it back up, and slid on my swim trunks. I had to tuck my erection into the waistband of my trunks, that with my shirt concealed my dick fairly well. I walked out, Amanda walked in and after she finished changing we were off to the water park.

The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and eighty and the next few days were forecasted to be even warmer. Talk about picking the perfect stretch of days to go on vacation.

We started off with a few simple body slides then worked our way to “The Plunge” which was a slide that you lay feet first, then plunge about two hundred feet, nearly straight down. I went first, followed by Debbie. As I was walking back to the viewing area Deb went sliding past me, I turned around and watched her.

As she stood up, I noticed that the slide turned her bikini cut bottoms into a thong. She either didn’t notice or didn’t mind giving the lifeguard and I a great peek at her flawless ass, because she took her time readjusting her swimsuit.

Deb walked toward me as Amanda slid by the both of us and once again, instant thong. Smiling, Deb sarcastically made the comment to me that it was clear why I wanted to go first. That caught me off guard, I smiled back and told her that I didn’t need to go first, just before her. She gave me a wide eyed look and a little smirk as Amanda walked toward us.

We made our way to a ride that all three of us could go on together. The line was extremely long, but with Debbie standing in front of me I didn’t mind. Her suit fit her a tad bit tight in all the right places, and the way she was standing it showcased her ass to perfection.

Just then she turn and leaned against the railing, putting her mound on full display. Not to mention her erect nipples and areolas that were poking through her bikini top. I struggled not to stare at the outline of her pussy or her tits but I couldn’t help it and she definitely caught me a time or two.

After about thirty minutes of pure cock torture, we made it to the top of the wooden tower. We watched the group in front of us load into the circular yellow raft, then off they went. The lifeguard pulled our raft off the conveyor belt, set it in the waiting pool and we got in.

The lifeguard instructed us to sit with our legs crossed, similar to a yoga pose and to hold on tightly. Debbie was sitting across from me and with her thighs spread wide. I could actually see a few of her short pussy hairs that made their way past her suit. Amanda was sitting to my left and was clueless of the view of her mother’s bikini covered pussy I was taking in. However, Debbie knew, as she again caught my eyes wondering to places they shouldn’t.

As the raft started it’s way down, into the pitch-black tube, Deb and Amanda started to scream. The first half of the ride consisted of dark fully enclosed tubes. The second half, we were outside in a half tube with tons of high banked corners.

When we emerged from the darkness, I immediately noticed the gusset of Debbie’s suit was slid off to the side, partially exposing her pussy and neatly trimmed bush. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Did she expose herself to me or did the movement of the ride and waves of water cause her suit the shift? Either way, the thrill of this ride had nothing to do with the ride itself.

As we plunged in the final pool, I took one last peek of Deb’s exposed cunt. Amanda was the first to get out, followed by Debbie who’s bikini had now straightened out, but still gave me an eye full of ass. As I made my way out I realized that I had a semi hard cock from the show that I was just treated to and did my best to hide it.

We went on a few more rides before heading back to our hotel room to get ready to go to dinner. Amanda was first to go in the bathroom, follow by Deb, who came out wearing her sundress and the panties that I had wiped my precum on earlier in the day. Last but not least it was my turn to change.

After closing the bathroom door I went right to Deb’s swimsuit bottom and grabbed them off the shower rod. I wanted to cum on it so bad, just the thought was enough to get me hard. But with Amanda and Debbie waiting for me I decided to hang them back up knowing there would be a better opportunity. I finished getting dressed and walked out of the bathroom.

We left the hotel and drove to the restaurant. When we arrived we were seated right away. Other than sitting across from my girlfriend’s mother who was wearing panties that had my precum smeared on the gusset, dinner was good, but uneventful.

When we return to the hotel Amanda and I decided to head back to the water park. Debbie opted to stay back and relax in the room. Amanda was the first the get her suit on, then I went in the bathroom. I slipped off my shorts and reached for Deb’s bikini bottom which were still wet from earlier today. I figured now would be as good of a time as ever to cum in her swimsuit seeing as she wouldn’t be going to the water park until tomorrow. My heart was racing as I began rapidly stroking my cock with her bikini.

Right before I was about to cum, I placed the tip of my dick on the gusset and shot load after load of milky cum, covering the gusset with a layer of warm thick sperm. I grabbed her top off the rod and scooped a thick wad of cum up and wiped a glob in each cup of Deb’s bikini top.

I hung the cum covered top on the shower rod along with her swimsuit bottom that still had a very noticeable layer of warm sperm on them.

I slid my wet trunks on and walked out of the bathroom. I seen Amanda standing on the balcony and started to make my way towards her. As I did Debbie passed by me mentioning how she couldn’t wait to test out the jacuzzi. My heart dropped as she closed the bathroom door.

On the short walk all I could think about was how busted I was. There wasn’t a chance that she wouldn’t notice the loads of warm cum when she put on her bikini.

I walked out onto the balcony and stood next to Amanda taking in the view while I waited for the impending humiliation that was sure to follow.

Deb walked out on the balcony wearing her swimsuit that was literally covered in my cum. She was carrying a cocktail which she placed on the glass top table while she pulled over a lounge chair. She told us to head down to the water park because we were blocking her rays, adding that we better behave ourselves because she would be keeping a close eye on us. Sensing the sarcasm in her voice I thought maybe she didn’t notice after all.

During the walk to the water park all I could think about was how I lucked out. I’m not sure how Deb didn’t notice, but I was sure glad she didn’t.

After my nerves calmed down, I did enjoy the fact that my girlfriend’s mother was sunbathing, while literally bathing in my cum. The fact that my fresh sperm was all over Debbie’s huge tits and covering, hell by now invading her pussy was making it a struggled to keep my erection in check.

Amanda and I had a great time at the water park and before we knew it the sun was setting in the distance. We decided to head back to the room and go for a quick dip in the jacuzzi.

When we walked in Debbie was still in her bikini sitting on the balcony reading a book. We grabbed a can of soda and headed out to the balcony. Deb asked us how the water park was and Amanda told her about the new rides we went on and how she would have to ride them with us tomorrow.

I stepped into the jacuzzi, followed by Debbie and Amanda. Deb mentioned to us how she was so relaxed earlier that she nearly fell asleep in here. I could see how, the water temperature was perfect, it wasn’t to warm and with the massaging jets you could comfortably spend an hour in it. As nice as the water temp was, the view of Deb’s big tits and cleavage was even better.

As we relaxed Debbie told Amanda how she booked a manicure and pedicure for the two of them tomorrow morning in the resort’s spa. When I heard this the first thought that came to mind was me being able to freely explore Deb’s undergarments while they were gone, I couldn’t wait.

The rest of the evening was pretty boring other than Debbie’s outfit which consisted of a blue V neck tee shirt and light gray yoga pants that perfectly outlined Deb’s camel toe. By the way her tits swayed while she walked I could tell she was going braless, but with the darkness of her shirt her nipples were difficult to see.

It was around eleven o’ clock when we called it a night and headed to our rooms.

Morning came quick and I awoke to the sound of Debbie blow drying her hair in the bathroom. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen where Amanda was sitting eating an english muffin. I gave her a kiss and sat down and grabbed a donut. Amanda told me the plan was when they got back we’d go to the water park for a couple hours and then head into town for the afternoon. As I listened to Amanda I couldn’t help but to count down the minutes until the ladies would be leaving for their appointment at the spa.

Well it was finally that time, but before walking out of the door Debbie sarcastically asked if I was sure I didn’t want to go with them. I just smiled, knowing that in about a minute I’d have my face buried in her worn panties. The girls were giggling as the door closed behind them. I locked the secondary lock so in the event that they came back early they wouldn’t be able to catch me in the act.

The first thing I did was walk into their room and open the dresser drawer. I recognized a couple pair of Amanda’s cotton panties, bras, and pajama pants. I closed that drawer and opened the one below, jackpot I thought as Debbie’s panties and bras greeted me. I picked a pair of pink panties up and held them to my nose, then doing the same with a white pair, but the only scent on them us the smell of laundry detergent. I wanted to get my hands on her worn panties, so I quickly went through the remaining drawers, no luck though.

I seen Deb’s suitcase in the closet and I pulled it out, laying it on the floor. I unzipped it and opened it up. A smile came to my face as I seen the green panties that she wore yesterday through the mesh pocket of the suitcase. I took note of their position, then unzipped the zipper and carefully pulled them out. I unfolded them and placed the gusset to my nose and inhaled the arousing aroma of her pussy. My semi hard cock went to full hard on in two seconds flat.

I gently rubbed the gusset across my lips, picturing Deb’s exposed pussy from the water ride yesterday. I took her panties into the bathroom and pulled her swimsuit bottom off the shower curtain rod laying the slightly damp bikini on the sink. I pulled down my boxer shorts freeing my rock hard cock and began stroking.

With the smell of Debbie’s pussy stimulating my senses it didn’t take long for that all to familiar feeling to hit me. I placed the tip of my dick over the gusset of her bikini and not a half second later the first shot of cum exploded out of my dick, overshooting Deb’s bikini. The remaining blasts of sperm landed on the intended target, creating and huge creamy mess. After taking one last smell of Deb’s satin panties, I used the gusset and wiped the remaining cum off the tip of my dick.

I folded up the panties and thought about just putting them in my suitcase, but figuring how obvious it would be that they were missing, on top of the fact that it would’ve been even more obvious who stole them I decided to carefully placed them back in her suitcase as I found them.

After sliding the suit case back in the closet I walked back into the bathroom and began to hang her bikini on the shower rod, but not before admiring the generous amount of fresh cum that was covering and absorbing into the gusset.

Today I was feeling a little more brazen and decided to leave all the cum on her swimsuit bottom. It was a huge turn on knowing that in less than an hour my sperm would once again be spread all over Debbie’s gorgeous pussy.

I had about a half an hour before Amanda and Deb returned so I decided to slip on my trunks and relax in the jacuzzi. As I sat back and took in the quietness of the empty water park below, I could tell that this was going to be another beautiful day.

Before I knew it, twenty minutes had went by and there was a knock on the door. Oh shit I thought to myself as I realized that forgot to unlock the secondary lock. As every long second passed by while I dried off and made my way to the door, I knew the ladies suspicion grew more and more.

I finally unlocked and opened the door, and the look on their faces said it all. I explained that I must have locked the door when they left without realizing it, and the reason it took me so long to open it was because I had to dry off. While they weren’t upset, I knew they suspected something must’ve been going on.

When they walked in I could see Deb was carrying a bag from the hotel gift shop. Trying to quickly get past this moment of awkwardness I asked how their spa treatment went. The enthusiasm in their voices told me they enjoyed it and had some good mother and daughter bonding time as well.

By now we could start to hear the sounds of excitement through the screen on the balcony door echoing from the water park below. Debbie went into the bathroom with the bag she brought back. After the whole locked door incident I didn’t feel as confident about Deb not noticing the cum spewed on the gusset of her swimsuit, after all I could tell she didn’t quite buy what I was selling with my explanation.

Debbie walked out of the bathroom modeling a new blue bikini that still had the tags on. Amanda told her how much she liked it. Deb turned toward me and spun around, I told her she looked amazing, as Amanda nudged me. Smiling Debbie walked back in the bathroom, calling for Amanda moments later. I wondered what was going on, did Deb see my cum in her swimsuit?

After a minute or two Deb walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She was carrying the empty bag and her cum covered red bikini as she walked toward me.

My heart started to race ever faster as I tried to act as normal as an nineteen year old who was being approached by his girlfriend’s mother, who was carrying a bikini that was full of my freshly spewed sperm. Deb set the bag and the bikini on the table, then asked if I could help her, pointing to the straps on her new swimsuit top. She told me that Amanda and her didn’t want to risk messing up their newly manicured nails, but that her top needed to be adjusted.

I couldn’t help but to take a deep sigh of relief. Talk about an emotional roller coaster, seconds earlier I thought I was going to face the single most humiliating moment of my life and now I was about to get as close to Amanda’s sexy mother as I’d ever get.

I stood up and carefully slid my hand under her left strap, gently brushing her shoulder with the backside of my hand. I sarcastically excused myself for my lack of inexperience in strap adjusting and told Deb that she would need to instruct me on what to do.

As she was telling me to pull this and push that, my eyes were taking in all of her gorgeous body. From over her shoulder I had an unbelievable birds eye view of Deb’s cleavage, and her ass, her ass, damn she had a good looking ass. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen up. I pretended to have a more difficult time adjusting her straps then I actually was, because I knew the opportunity to be this close and hands on would never happen again.

Amanda walked out of the bathroom, which refocused my attention to the true task at hand. She walked around us and stood in front of her mom as Deb asked her if everything looked even, I thought about how I would’ve loved to be the judge of that. After getting her daughter’s approval Deb put the red bikini that I grew so attached to away and we headed to the water park.

We rode a few of the rides we went on yesterday that had shorter lines and we tried a few new ones as well. My favorite ride of the day was called The Scorpion’s Tail, it was a ride in which the three of us sat in a row, in a canoe shaped raft. It was my favorite because we had to sit heaviest in back and the lightest in front, which to my delight put Deb in the middle.

As we loaded into the raft I sat down first, followed by Deb who bent over putting her ass that was barely covered with her new blue bikini on full display, the outline of her pussy left nothing to the imagination. She sat down in between my legs, with her ass inches from my cock. As the ride began I could’ve swore I felt her slide back, because her ass was now pushing against my cock that was starting to get hard.

Amanda and Deb were screaming and yelling throughout the length of the ride. There were only two things that were on my mind, one was whether or not Deb felt my dick pressing against her sexy ass, and the second being how I was going to cover my hardening cock when we got out of the raft.

Before I knew it we plunged into the pool at the bottom of the slide. The lifeguard pulled us to the stairs and helped Amanda out, followed by Deb. The act of getting out of one of these rafts was anything but graceful, but it provided an opportunity to gawk at Debbie’s ass as she crawled out. The bagginess of my shorts and the adjustments I made caused me to feel a little better about concealing my semi erect dick.

To my surprise Deb insisted that we go on that ride again, throwing in the fact that there was practically no line. Amanda agreed and I was certainly all for it, so we made our way back to the stairs.

As I stared at Debbie’s ass as we were walking back up the stairs I wasn’t sure if my cock was misleading me, but the thought crossed my mind that Deb has been intensionally teasing me. Not that it mattered one way or another, it’s not like I was going to make a move or call her out on it, but the thought definitely crossed my mind.

When we arrived at the top of the platform there were about four or five groups of people ahead of us. I took this time to check out Deb’s nipples that were poking their way through her blue bikini top. I absolutely couldn’t wait to get in the raft and see her bend over in front of me again.

After a few minutes it was our turn, this time I sat down as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t miss a moment of the show. What happened next made me ponder my teasing theory even more. As Deb stepped in and crouched down to sit, I noticed that the gusset of her suit was partly slid to the side revealing her pussy lips. I also noticed that Deb had a little more than her nails done at the spa this morning, from what I seen she must have been waxed because she was completely smooth and pube free.

Again I’m not sure if it was just me, but it almost seemed like she paused for a second giving me the longest view possible before sitting down. That is an image that to this day is still as clear and crisp in my mind as the day it happened.

By the time Amanda sat down my dick was beginning to harden. As the lifeguard was waiting for the previous raft to reach the end of the slide I made an adjustment in my shorts anticipating Debbie sliding back as she did before.

The lifeguard released us and just as she did before Deb readjusted herself, but this time there was no doubt she could feel my dick pressing against her ass cheek. My cock which was trapped in between my inner thigh and Debbie’s ass continued to harden as we made our way down the slide. Without making it to obvious I lightly thrusted my dick as we went over a bump or took a corner, I wanted her to feel it. I didn’t want the ride to end, but unfortunately like all good things, it came to an end.

As Debbie crawled out of the raft again I was able to steal another glimpse of her partially exposed pussy. To my relief Debbie suggested we head for the lazy river which was connected to the pool that we were currently in. I was all for that suggestion seeing as there wasn’t a chance of hiding the bulge that was in my shorts if we had to get out of the water.

The lazy river was nothing more than a three foot deep, man made river with a concrete bottom and sides. The strong current guides riders on inflatable tubes to various locations throughout the park. Amanda and I shared a double tube while Debbie relaxed on a single tube.

After a good twenty minutes, Amanda and I decided to get out of the river and go on a few more water rides, while Debbie decided to let the river carry her where it would. Deb told us to meet her by the lounge chairs where we set our beach bag in about an hour.

I realized that an hour goes quick when you’re having fun, and after going on a solid half dozen rides we headed back to our meeting spot. Debbie was laying back in her lounge chair as we approached her. I grabbed my towel and as I dried off couldn’t help but to check out Deb’s camel toe that was on full exhibition for anyone to see. Amanda and I sat in the sun with Deb for a few minutes to warm up and dry off our suits, then we headed back to our room to get ready to head into town.

I was the first to get in the bathroom and get dressed as I knew the ladies would need damn near an hour to do their hair, makeup, and whatever else it was they needed to do before we left for town. While they were getting ready I sat on the balcony replaying the sight of Deb’s pussy over and over in my head. I couldn’t believe this was the second straight day of seeing her cunt while she was in her bikini. There was no way I was that lucky, she must have meant to flash me.

To be continued……..

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