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The Avon Lady Encounter

This story begins one Spring day a number of years back when I was in my mid 30’s, but this event is firmly etched in my mind. I was divorced less than a year and living in a large Texas city. I’m a fairly average guy, 6’2, 190 pounds, and keep in pretty good shape, mostly through swimming. I have a slightly larger than average cock, being about 7 inches at full excitement, with a sturdy girth, and a set of large, low hanging balls. I keep my pubic area clean shaven, and I do not have a lot of body hair.

At that time I worked in an engineering office 3 days a week, and at home on Tuesday and Thursday. I am a naturist (a.k.a. nudist), and typically am naked whenever I am home and conditions allow it to be comfortable.

One pleasant morning when I was at home the doorbell rang. Not expecting anyone, I looked through the peephole first to see who it was. At my door were two women who were approaching middle age, dressed somewhat conservatively. I stood behind the door and opened it enough to speak to them. They could not see my nakedness, but it was obvious that I was not wearing a shirt.

They introduced themselves as Helen & Paula, and asked if I would be interested in any body care products. I informed them that I lived alone, that there was no lady of the house, and that I likely did not have any use for any of their products. They quickly pointed out that Avon had a number of products suitable for men, and asked if I had time for them to make a presentation.

After a brief moment of consideration I let them know that I would be glad to hear their presentation. I also quickly explained that I am a naturist, and what that meant. I informed them that they were welcome to come in, but I would be naked, unless of course they would prefer that I at least put on a pair of shorts. The puzzled looks on their faces were priceless.

Helen said, “Yes, I’ve heard about that practice of social nudity, but never met anyone who actually did it.” I replied that she had likely met them, but just did not know it. It is pretty well known that social & open nudity is not widely accepted in American Society, so most folks are not very obvious about it. Paula interjected that she could care less about what state of dress I was in, and that if I wanted to invite them in and stay naked, she was OK with that. We all agreed to have their presentation in my living room without any delay.

As they entered they worked hard to avert their gaze, but could not resist taking a furtive peek at my nakedness now and again. Helen was a tall blonde sporting a thin frame with an amazingly wide ass, accompanied by a nice set of tits, a good C-cup for sure. Paula was a redhead, shorter and a bit on the thick & curvy side (at least a Double-D chest), and carried herself quite well, along with an overt air of sexiness about her. Both women were quite attractive in their own right, while also maintaining a somewhat conservative air of Suburban Soccer Mom.

We arranged ourselves in my living room, the two of them on the couch, me in a chair on the other side of the coffee table, my nakedness quite exposed. They gave me their sales pitch and presented a nice collection of products. I was impressed by their presentation, and appreciated their enthusiasm. In the end, I agreed to buy some body lotion, sunscreen, and a bit of cologne. With their presentation complete they began to ask questions about my choice to go clothes free, especially in front of strangers. They were quite curious about my naked lifestyle. I proceeded to tell them how I evolved into this way of thinking, that I found it quite liberating. At a very early age I was always fascinated by being naked outdoors. As a kid I occasionally had opportunities to go skinny dipping in rural areas, which I always found fun & exciting. As an adult I would go out of my way to seek out such opportunities. I had only recently discovered that there was a whole network of resorts & organizations of varying types, even entire residential communities, that catered to a naked lifestyle.

All throughout the visit they could not resist an occasional stare at my nakedness. By the end of their visit they had relaxed quite a bit, and thanked me for bringing this alternative lifestyle to their attention. I showed them out the door, and figured that was the end of it.

A few hours later the doorbell rang once more and I saw Paula on my doorstep. She told me she was quite fascinated by my naked lifestyle, and asked if she could come in again. I let her in and we returned to the living room in the same seating arrangement.

Paula began by explaining how she had been raised in a very conservative environment. However, while in college she had been introduced to many ideas that were much more liberal, and that after college her life took a far different path from how she was raised. Old programming does not die easily though, so meeting me had really gotten her to thinking. Living naked was not something she’d ever even considered.

She then confessed that she was so intrigued by the idea that she would like to try it, and asked if I had any suggestions on how to go about that. I said that if she wanted to try it now, I’d be happy to introduce her to the practice. She started to protest, but soon decided to give it a go. I got a large towel, showed her to the bedroom, and said that she could change there, leave her clothes on the bed, and meet me on the deck in my backyard. I assured her that it was quite private, that no one would be able to see us.

It was a lovely Spring afternoon, so it was quite pleasant to be outside and naked. She joined me on the deck, bundled up in the towel. We were seated across from each other, around a small table. As we chatted she revealed that her husband was the only man that had seen her naked as an adult. Even all the medical professionals that had seen her naked were women. She went on to explain that her husband was quite different from me, him being shorter, heavier, and covered with body hair.

Paula also confessed that she had only had sex with her husband, and had never before seen a clean shaven cock & balls. She then surprised me by asking if it was OK for her to feel them. I paused for a moment to consider her request before getting up and crossing over to stand beside where she was seated. She gingerly fondled the smooth skin for a few moments and then thanked me.

After I sat back down Paula finally got bold enough to remove the towel. She almost immediately remarked at how freeing it was to feel the sunshine and breeze on her naked skin. She also commented on the fact that while she was initially quite nervous and skeptical about being naked in front of a strange man, she was amazed at how comfortable she felt now. That I made her feel so relaxed she hardly even noticed that we were naked. I told her that in my experience, everybody being naked tended to remove all pretense, and level the playing field so-to-speak. That when everybody is naked, there is not much place to hide, both physically and intellectually. We chatted a while more before she eventually announced that it was time for her to go. I waited in the living room while she got dressed again to leave.

As Paula left she thanked me for the experience and asked if she could come visit and do it again. I gave her my phone number, informed her of my usual schedule, and said that she was welcome anytime I was at home and not too busy. I felt pretty sure at the time that the call would never come, which was OK. Curiosity is a powerful force, but so is a lifetime of social programming.

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