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Red Rooster

I had this dream and it starts out with me walking into a room with you tied spread-eagled sideways on the bed so that your hips are towards the side and your ankles tied high up to the bedposts. You are smiling at me as I enter, and then I notice that we are not alone. There is another woman there and she tells me to sit down and I do. Then she proceeds to whipping your pussy and asking you what you like about me.

One of the best I have seen post is Ivy Lynn. She is an exhibitionist who likes to post pictures early and often, including some great action pictures. While I have never actually met her, I feel as if I know her. This is a fantasy about what I would like to do with Ivy Lynn and her husband, Chief.

Ivy Lynn and Chief were on vacation in Las Vegas, and we coordinated so we could meet and have some fun together. The first night we decided to go to the legendary Red Rooster, since they had never been there and had heard how much I enjoyed the place.

We met early in the evening, at their motel room. The plan was to go out to dinner, and then spend the rest of the evening at the Red Rooster. Las Vegas being Las Vegas, Ivy Lynn was dressed appropriately: thin blouse, no bra, short skirt. The blouse wasn’t see-through (unfortunately), but didn’t leave much to the imagination, either. The skirt was nice and short.

For a restaurant, we considered going to one of the many places with a buffet dinner, not so much for the food but since that would mean Ivy Lynn would have to walk around a lot, and more people could check her out. But, we decided that maybe we could do that another time, and settled for a relatively conservative restaurant not far from their motel.

The drive to the restaurant started the fun for the evening. Chief drove, but Ivy Lynn and I shared the back seat. In just a moment, I had one hand on her leg, and moved it up under her skirt – good news, nothing under Ivylynn’s skirt but her! I reached over with my other hand, and slipped that hand under her blouse, so I was having fun really quickly with a very hot woman!

Ivy Lynn didn’t stay uninvolved; she was playing with my dick though my pants. That didn’t last long, either, she unzipped my pants and spent most of the trip to the restaurant giving me a really good blowjob! Ever since, I’ve wondered if anybody saw us playing in the back seat, but we were both too involved to notice.

While it was a quick trip to the restaurant, it was too quick, and we pulled ourselves together and got out mostly dressed. Others in the parking lot must have figured out that something had been going on.

We went in, and got a booth. I was having a great time watching the reactions to Ivy Lynn (as I’m sure Chief was also). It was obvious that we would be getting good service, just from watching employees trip over each other try to help us. Well, really, help HER. As we slid into the booth, Ivy Lynn was in the center with Chief on one side and me on the other. This was going to be a fun dinner!

To nobody’s surprise, there was physical contact as soon as we got into the booth. I ran my hand up Ivylynn’s leg, only to find that Chief had beat me there. While everything we did had to stay under the table, Ivy Lynn got finger fucked by both of us, while trying to retain her demure appearance. The restaurant staff must have known what was going on, with all the times they stopped by to fill out water glasses.

Actually eating was a challenge!

The drive to the Red Rooster didn’t take long, and was a lot of fun as Ivy Lynn and I were in the back seat together again. This time, I kept my hand out from under her skirt (mostly) and unbuttoned her blouse enough to play with her tits. She reciprocated by unbuttoning my shirt. We parked and got out, and this time didn’t really worry about straightening up, since all three of us knew that we wouldn’t be straightened up for long.

We went in and got the tour of the place. Ivylynn showed obvious interest in just about everything, from the couple’s area to the room with the swing. We decided to start in the central area with the dance floor, got drinks and sat down, again with Ivylynn between Chief and me.

With music and a dance floor, it didn’t take long to get things going. Ivylynn and I got up to dance, and it was a really fun dance. I quickly grabbed her ass, and kept one or both hands there for the entire dance. One hand did slip up to play with her tits from time to time, and I managed to unbutton her blouse a few more buttons. Now, while her tits were covered, they were barely covered and it was really obvious that she was braless. And everybody knew that this was a good place to be braless!

She danced with a few others, again there was a lot of physical contact, mostly with her tits and ass.

After a bit, we decided to check out the hot tub. Fortunately it is a large hot tub; there were already people in it. Ivylynn quickly unbuttoned the few remaining buttons on her blouse and slipped out of her skirt. She turned to me and unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my shirt (which felt great) and undid my pants, letting them fall to the ground.

Since I had felt that underwear would get in the way, there was nothing stopping her from playing with my dick for a moment before I stepped out of my pants and the three of us got into the hot tub, Ivy Lynn leading my with her hand on my dick. We got in, again with Ivylynn between Chief and me. The underwater physical contact started immediately, of course. Ivylynn was obviously enjoying being in the middle, and after a few minutes I was able to convince her to sit on the side (which really didn’t take much convincing).

She cooperated by spreading her legs and I quickly moved in and started licking her as all watched. I couldn’t see her smile from where I was, but was told later that her smile was really great!

Ivy Lynn moved back into the hot tub, but this time she stayed in the center, allowing anybody and everybody who wanted to fondle her to do so. Her hands were busy, I moved behind her and she played with me, and I know others played with her too. When we got out, Ivylynn left behind several very happy and very horny guys, and a few even got out following us into the large room with the multi-tiered beds. We got dressed, sort of, Ivylynn didn’t bother buttoning up her blouse, nor did Chief or I button up our shirts.

We watched at first, with me standing closely behind Ivylynn and playing with her tits as she kept my dick hard. That didn’t last long, there was a vacant bed and the three of us got on it, with the guys from the hot tub watching and obviously hoping to be invited.

Ivylynn got naked really quickly, of course that was easy with her unbuttoned blouse. She sat on the side of the bed, and was grabbing at my dick before I could even get my pants off, as Chief looked on. I finally got my pants off as Ivylynn leaned back on the bed, pulling me with her. We were surrounded by interested me, all obviously younger than us, as Ivylynn worked on my dick and somehow got me hard again, even with all the play so far.

I plunged my dick into her hot cunt as spectators surrounded the bed. I fucked her as hard as I could, in and our of her hot, wet, and very well-used cunt as our spectators got more involved, there were hands all over Ivylynn, and two guys even squeezed between us to suck on her tits. Chief stood back and watched it all.

Soon, I shot into Ivylynn’s cunt, and she lay on the bed, and I slid off of her to cram in next to her for some post-fucking cuddling and fondling. Some of the spectators were still playing with her, but I had to push some out of the way.

After a few minutes to recuperate, Ivylynn picked up her clothes and we moved out of that area. She was curious about the couples area, so she and Chief climbed the stairs, telling me that they would find me soon. I went back into the hot tub area, and sat outside watching what was going on.

Soon, I went back into the hot tub, and wound up with a very willing woman next to me. I had to explain that my dick was worn out, but she had a good time playing with it, and she was good enough to get me sort of hard again.

It wasn’t long until Ivy Lynn and Chief came out the building to the hot tub area, Ivylynn smiling even more than before. They got in close enough for us to talk, and Ivylynn explained that they had found another couple to play with before she got fucked yet again. My new-found friend kept playing with my dick, which got Ivylynn to move over next to me again. In a moment, I had both hands on the two women, and was finger-fucking both at once. Great place!

Before long, we decided that it was time to slow down, so we all got out of the hot tub. Never one to overdress, Ivylynn put on her skirt and blouse, but made no effort to button any of the buttons, just loosely tying the tails of her blouse, leaving her tits to be seen by anybody and everybody.

We went into the dance floor area and found some seats. Ivylynn was a very popular dance partner, with me, with Chief, and with others. It was fun dancing with a sexy, smiling woman who was letting me play with her tits and ass as much as possible while dancing! And it was fun watching Chief and others do the same! And a few times, I had been able to get a finger into her cunt and discretely finger-fuck her while dancing (and did so a few times while she was sitting between dances). She was still wet!

It was late, so we decided that it was time to go, at least for the night. It was obvious that Ivylynn and Chief had both enjoyed the experience, as had I. We were so tired that we didn’t play much on the trip to their motel.

The next day, when we finally got up, we went for a different adventure. About forty miles from Las Vegas is a recreation area called Red Rocks. It is an open area with nothing much more than some really good hiking trails and some impressive red rock formations.

Ivylynn has been photographed in places like that, so she had dressed for the occasion. Another thin blouse, again not quite see-though, but no bra, and another short skirt. We went to one of the hiking trails, and headed away from the roads and visitor center.

We found an area that would work for the photographs, and Chief and I took turns taking pictures of Ivylynn, some dressed, some partially dressed, and some with Ivylynn wonderfully naked. We took advantage of the area, and Ivylynn got to play with some hard things other than the rocks.

Some of the pictures went a bit further than most of the pictures that Ivylynn has posted, with us doing as many sexual things as we could under the circumstances. It was fun having Chief taking a close-up picture of my finger in Ivylynn!

After a while, we had enough of the Nevada heat, and there are very few trees at Red Rocks. So, we headed back to Las Vegas, and I left Ivylynn and Chief at their motel.

Now, my question is, did they go back to the Red Rooster that night?

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